cancellations – The flight has been canceled by the airline but the travel agency's website still displays scheduled times?

I have a flight (flight number RS704, Air Seoul, Date: April 3) which has been canceled by the airline. They posted a notification about it on their official website.

But the online travel agent (GoIbibo) that I used to book this ticket still shows that the flight is operational. Currently, due to locking in India, Goibibo support is not available and there is no way to reach them.

I do not want to cancel it on their website as I am concerned that normal cancellation fees will apply. Should I just wait for their offices to reopen (hopefully on April 15)?

The topic has been canceled.

The topic has been canceled.

Flight canceled due to COVID19, and they offer a voucher instead of a full refund. Is it legal?

The airline is Tap Air Portugal. My flight leaves the United States for Lisbon. Can i do something?

cancellations – Can I just request a chargeback on my credit card if my flight has been canceled and I cannot reach the airline?

As explained in a relevant question, my flight with Condor was recently canceled. I sent them an email to request a refund 5 days ago, but so far I have received no response. Today, another flight with British Airways has been canceled and, similarly, they only offer a voucher if you request a refund online. To get your real money back, they ask you to call them and their lines are all connected.

Since I can't reach the airline right now, can I just request a chargeback on my credit card? If that matters, I have a credit card issued in the United States and I live in the United States.

uk – Flight canceled – forced to extend stay abroad. Compensation?

I booked an easyJet flight from London to Zurich several months ago. I also have a Coverwise annual travel insurance policy. I am a Swiss citizen but resident in the United Kingdom.

I was scheduled to return on March 23, but easyJet canceled this flight. I am able to get a refund or change my flight date on easyJet, but the next available date is unclear and it looks like it will be after the 23rd.

Is there compensation for additional hotel costs (not yet booked) and for additional days in Switzerland from the airline or travel insurance?

Air travel – Can I get a refund for a flight canceled due to COVID-19?

I got a plane ticket from Madrid (MAD, Spain) to Miami (MIA, US) to fly in March with AirEuropa. I received an email telling me that the flight had been canceled 13 days and 21 hours before the flight. Am I eligible for a cash refund? Am I entitled to additional compensation?

The flight was canceled the day after Donald Trump barred the entry of non-residents into the United States due to COVID-19.

The answer from an AirEuropa agent is no, I am not. They offer a voucher which is to be spent by 2020, which the IMO is very limited.

If I understand the EU rules well, I can choose to get a refund, unless the carrier can prove that the cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances. I guess COVID-19 is extraordinary, but Trump did not ban flights to the United States, but the entry of some people, so AirEuropa could have flown that day.

Am I entitled to a refund on a non-refundable reservation that has been canceled by the hotel

I made a non-refundable hotel room reservation via The hotel contacted me to inform me that they will not be open for business during my stay due to the Coronavirus. I know that I made the reservation under the title "non-refundable", but I understand that I am only entitled to a refund if it is I who cancel the reservation. I assume that, since the cancellation is not made on my part and my order is not executed, I am entitled to a refund under contract law the EU.

Edit: the hotel did not charge me for the reservation. My card was charged by If I cancel the reservation on the website, it is stated that I will not be refunded.

Cancellations – What to do after Air Canada has canceled its return flight

A friend of mine is currently in Cuba and was due to return to the UK on April 2 to travel to Holguin> Montreal with Air Canada, then to London Gatwick with BA (single PNR, booking made directly via the Air website Canada).

Yesterday she received an email canceling her flight but without giving any other alternative. Long distance communication from Cuba can be difficult, so far she has not been able to contact the airline to find out if she would book it again on a previous flight.

I have tried to help her from the UK, but the "manage my reservation" option simply directs me to a toll free number which does not connect. I tried to call their customer service number in Canada but, unsurprisingly, I guess, I couldn't get through.

FWIW, she is a British citizen married to a Cuban citizen / resident but will have to try to extend her visitor visa by 60 days (generally the maximum allowed) if she is trapped in Cuba. It is 15 hours by bus from Havana and, if possible, must leave Holguin. Only a few airlines serve Holguin, the only realistic alternative would be Condor via Frankfurt, then Lufthansa in the United Kingdom.

To date, I do not remember seeing many questions about Air Canada and flight cancellations. I am aware that they are currently offering a flexible change policy.

My question is:

  • Has anyone else been in this situation with Air Canada since the COVID-19 emergency broke out? Given that his canceled flight was more than 48 hours away, can we expect Air Canada to email him again in the next few days with information about another flight? Any advice (aside from the obvious on the ongoing efforts to contact the airline)?

usa – What are the chances that flights from the United States to the United Kingdom will be canceled in the next 2 weeks?

I am traveling from London to San Francisco next Wednesday and will be returning 10 days later. Although it seems like I can get a one-way flight, I don't want to stay in the U.S. indefinitely due to the restrictions of the Corona virus.

(1) Are there any estimates as to whether the UK would cancel flights from the US before this date?
(2) If a government cancels flights for these reasons, how much advance warning can it give?
(3) If the United States cancels flights from the United Kingdom, would that also affect return flights to the United Kingdom?
(4) How easy do you think it would be to postpone my departure date by a few days?

(For reference: at the time of publication, there were around 800 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the UK, and the daily growth rate was exponential at around 1.4, so the estimated number of cases at the departure date is approximately 4,300 and ~ 90,000 per initial departure date, if these growth rates continue).

Any help is appreciated.

Indian citizens – Due to the crown, is Thai visa on arrival canceled for all countries?

Here is the latest information from the IATA website:

"7. Nationals of Bulgaria, Bhutan, China (People's Rep.), Cyprus, Ethiopia, Fiji, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mexico, Nauru, Papua -New Guinea, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu and passengers with a Chinese Taipei passport (on the cover: Republic of China Taiwan) can no longer obtain a visa at arrival. "

The update was released today Check back for more updates