SQL Server – How to use SQL Profiler to capture a single stored procedure

With the help of SQL Server SQL Profiler, which configuration can be used to monitor a single stored procedure? I would like to capture everything EXEC sprocName include the list of parameters. I would like to capture this procedure to be able to test it using realistic parameter data.

I have tried the following in a new SQL Profiler trace:

Events Selection > Column Filters > Text Data > LIKE: 'exec sprocName%'
Events Selection > Column Filters > Text Data > LIKE: 'exec sprocName'

None of the above configurations capture my procedure. I have also tried to delete the name of the procedure with the following configurations:

Events Selection > Column Filters > Text Data > LIKE: 'exec%'
Events Selection > Column Filters > Text Data > LIKE: 'exec'

The above configurations do not capture any procedure.

Finally, I tried to run the same profile without all column filters and I can confirm that it captures all SQL queries sent to SQL Server.

I envisioned a workaround consisting of capturing ALL of the stored procedure executables and performing a post filter on my sproc of interest, using SQL queries or Excel. Power Query. However, the high frequency of sproc executions in the environment that I want to model makes this operation impractical.

linux – IIO Buffered Data Capture

I have a device – ADS8688 – that supports buffered data capture via IIO. I've verified that it exports both a directory & # 39; buffer & # 39; and a directory & # 39; trigger & # 39; via sysfs.

What are my options for triggering a data capture for this device?

In my current environment:

  • There is currently no triggering device listed in / sys / bus / iio / devices
  • the / sys / kernel / config / iio / triggers the directory is empty

applications – Quickly capture your thoughts in a permanent location like Dropbox

I try to minimize friction as much as possible in order to capture all thoughts in a permanent place.

An example: I click on a widget on my home screen, which opens the text box in which I type elements and which, for example, are added to a file in Dropbox with the timestamp.

(Later, I would write a script on my computer to process this file and view all kinds of things)

Is there an application that does something like this?

Capture and replay of UDP feeds

I capture the audio from a radio device on my Android using tcpdump.
How can I take this cap file and replay the UDP stream that it contains? As I want to replay the audio that I have received from the radio.

5th dnd – Can you capture and use an enemy as an improvised weapon?

Citing the section of the 5th SRD on improvised weapons:

Sometimes the characters do not have their weapons and have to attack with
all that is at hand. An improvised weapon includes anything you can
handle in one or two hands, like a broken glass, a table leg, a frying
pan, a wagon wheel or a dead goblin. Often an improvised weapon is
similar to a real weapon and can be treated as such. For example, a
the table foot is apparent to a club. At the GM's choice, a character
competent with a weapon can use a similar object like it was that
weapon and use his skill bonus.

An object that does not carry
resemblance to a weapon deals 1d4 damage (MJ assigns a damage type)
appropriate to the object). If a character uses a remote weapon to
make a melee attack, or throw a melee weapon that does not have the
Property thrown, it also deals 1d4 damage. An improvised weapon
has a normal range of 20 feet and a long reach of 60 feet.

You will notice that improvised weapons are described as "objects". And the closest example of what you are trying to use is "a dead goblin". Keeping this in mind, I would say that if the enemy is alive and actively resisting, you can not use it even if he is trapped because the fact of keeping it does not allow to make someone an "object". .

If, for whatever reason, they are not able to resist (that is, they are dead, unconscious, paralyzed, etc.), then the enemy A is now a improvised weapon that deals 1d4 damage.

How to capture images of discs (CDs, DVDs) that highlight scratches and flaws?

I tried to find a configuration that would allow me to take pictures of the backs of video game discs that would show any scuffing or scratching discs. I tried a lot of variations but I did not manage to get a good shot.

Change the data capture in MySQL / PHP by writing to a MySQL table (rather than streaming it to Kafka / Rabbit / etc)?

I have a small internal web application that I develop with PHP and MySQL. I am trying to synchronize client web pages to a server by requesting all changes from a certain date.

I've found a number of solutions to do this via a Modified Change (3D) data capture library in MySQL (Maxwell, Debezium, etc.), but they all seem to stream continuously to Kafka or something of similar. This is a smaller and simple project, without any sort of message / broker line.

All I want is that the changes are saved in the same MySQL database in a table with columns such as the CRUD action, the table that has been modified, the ID of the table line and the date / time. Then I could query all the modified rows for a given date and time.

Is there a simple way or a library that can store this information directly in the same MySQL database?

JSON webhook capture in a custom module

I'm trying to set up a way to recover TypeForm API data and use it in a custom Drupal module.

I work with two options:

  1. A Webhook form is triggered by TypeForm whenever someone fills out the form. The JSON of this webhook is captured by my Drupal module, which then processes the data.

  2. My Drupal module connects via oAuth to the TypeForm API and reads the data it needs.

I think the webhook option would be the easiest to use.

But, is there any resources or can anyone give me advice on catching a web hook? I have tried to examine the code of some modules using Webhooks, such as the Shopify module, but I do not see how it works.

What I have up to here is:
A webhook set up on typform.com. It can successfully send a Webhook test to typeform.ln.evenvision.com
The beginnings of a module called tyepeform_CSV. typeform_csv.module currently contains:

function typeform_csv_webook() {
$json = file_get_contents('php://input');
$payload = json_decode($json, TRUE);
watchdog("webhook"); }

How can I run this PHP when the Webhook is sent?

I use Drupal 7.

thank you,

Text capture variables

Can I use% Leave% in the Edit Text Captchas window?

Canon 6D with yongnuo yn622c-tx – The camera does not capture the flash

I have a Canon 6D with a yongnuo yn622c-tx. My Canon Speedlite 430 II is installed on the yn622c receiver. This setup worked well for weeks, and now it is not working anymore. I do not know if it's because of the firmware update 6D or what.

Here are my symptoms:

  • With the above configuration, the wireless controllers trigger the flash. But my camera does not capture it:
    • I set the 6D to Manual, with a fixed ISO. Set the flash to Manual (1/8 power). To take a picture. Flash is enabled
    • Turn off the flash. Take another shot.
    • Both images have the same exposure. As if the camera had not even seen the flash.
    • I reposition the flash directly to the lens. Took a shot. The camera has not seen the flash.
    • I noticed that the AF beam on the yn622c-tx (or the beam in front does not fire) does not fire.

Here is my troubleshooting:

  • Canon 6D Firmware updated from 1.1.6 (I think) to 1.1.8 a month ago.
  • Canon 6D has all the settings reset. There does not seem to be a "factory" reset because my copyright information has been preserved.
  • The Yongnuo yn622c-tx firmware has been updated from 1.13 to 1.16. Reset at the factory.
  • Installed new AA batteries.
  • It still does not work. The beam on the yn622c-tx does not fire. The flash fires, but the camera does not capture the flash.

  • I have a Canon 5D mark I. I've traded the bodies, while keeping the same. The flash of the yn622c works well. The beam on the yn622c-tx works. The camera captures the flash.

  • I've removed the Yongnuo Flash controllers, installed the Speedlite on the 6D body. The Speedlite flash beam works well. The flash and the camera work well.

With my troubleshooting steps, it MUST be the 6D body since the 5D I brand works well. I can not understand what's wrong because the Speedlite's flash beam works well though it's directly on the body. It's as if the firmware update 6D had told the body to stop working with the yn622c-tx.