tables – How to capture nested data efficiently?

We need to capture the data in the following structure (a JSON load is the easiest way to represent the structure I know):

"A": [{
    "B1": "foo",
    "B2": 1,
    "B3": [{
      "C1": "bar",
      "C2": 2,
      "C3": [{
        "D1": "baz"

The user must capture this information in a form / forms / table. As you can see A is a collection of data, likewise B3 and C3. Basically, it is nested data collections.

It should be noted that the structure represents a single domain entity, i.e. D1 does not make sense outside the context of the C articles and so on.

Initially, we thought the easiest way to split the capture process without losing context would be to have a A page that has a table of B elements and a button that allows you to add a B article. By clicking on Add new item B button you are brought to a page to capture B1, B2 and a table for B3 it contains C articles also with a Add new item C button and so on … While maintaining the context with an Ariane thread. So if the user is on the deepest page and is capturing D1 the Ariane wire would show A / foo / bar

The main users of the system have expressed concern that many A captured items. And being moved from one screen to the other would be frustrating. Their suggestion is that the data be entered in a table. for example.

Table capture

Our problem with this is that there is so much duplicate data that is entered over and over again. Another problem is the possibility that the user could create a typo by creating two instances where only one was intended, ie. foo and fo0

I guess my question is: is there an interesting way to allow users to capture large amounts of nested data simultaneously?

Are there any lens accessories that capture light?

I've recently imagined a useful accessory
Suppose you need a quick shutter and a low ISO photo but that your APSC camera does not help you much, nor does your telephoto lens with a very small aperture in the middle of the night.

The solution is to attach a triangle-shaped lens to the tip of your telephoto lens just like a filter or lens cap, but it captures the light.

Have I just invented the light collector or is it already there?

SQL Server – CDC Performance Monitoring (Change Data Capture)

We currently have CDC in place, the DW team reads the data, everyone is happy. Then we had to add some new columns. Easy Peasy following this answer … well, we had a few flops, but that is solved. But it was on a small environment just to verify that the steps to follow are correct. The time has come to deploy this in a much larger environment. So, question:

Is there a way to monitor CDC while the second capture instance is performing data fetching in parallel with the old capture instance? Prolonged events maybe? Any recommendation on what to look for? IO, log growth, storage, memory allocations perhaps?

java – Capture the coordinates in the Google Maps API by clicking on the screen

So rapaziada
I was developing an Android app and I needed to know if it was using a method or something so that it captures the user's click coordinates.
Type it will register a certain address, then it will go to the map, click on the place you want to save, the application will get the coordinates and save them in the database.

css – Is there a javascript function to capture the click of the mouse?

This is my first message. I have a question. I work on a drop-down menu that acts according to the user's click. So when you click on one of the menu items, it displays more information and when you click again, it is closed. The codes are at the end of the post.

1: The first problem is that I want the menu to be finished by clicking anywhere on the page and not just clicking the menu button again. So I wanted a function that captures the click of the mouse on the page. I do not know if that's the best solution. if that is not the case, let me know how I can do it.

2: The other problem is that the drop-down menu in the first menu item only works after the first click, that is, only the following clicks will close and open the menu correctly. which, I thought, was the one with the variable that captures the information does not update until the first click, so it only works from the second one, I do not know if i'm right, i've looked for a way to run the code only when everything was loaded, i got up the function document.onload (), but for me the function does not did not work, I do not know if I made a mistake or if it was not the solution. Whatever it is, these are my two doubts. Thank you so much if someone can help me, it will greatly reward my learning.

var elem = document.getElementsByClassName ('submenu & # 39;);

function fclick () {
if (elem[0].style.display == "none") {
elem[0].style.display = "block";
} else {
elem[0].style.display = "none";
* {color: #fff; margin: 0; Padding: 0;
body {background-color: # f5f5f5;}
{text-decoration: none;}
li {list style: none;}

#navbar {
background color: # 2C353B;
height: 3em;
.menu {
display: block;

.menu li {
float: left;
upholstery: 13px 10px;

.sub menu {
position: absolute;
display: none;
at the top: 47px;
left: 0;

.sub menu li {
float: none;
upholstery: 13px 10px;
background color: # 2C353B;

    clickable menu

When we use all the technical tools to capture market trends

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SA vs. Pak 3rd Test Day 3 Live Cricket Score

South Africa vs Pakistan live score: Listen live scores and third-day updates of the third test between South Africa and Pakistan.

It was a business day 2 and by the end, South Africa seemed better off. avant-garde sports

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Disable Screen Capture Security – Stack Exchange – Android Enthusiast

Applications set with the LayoutParams.FLAG_SECURE flag do not allow screen captures (or video recording). This is of course your phone but the application belongs to its owner (and he may legitimately wish to prevent users from capturing something sensitive by nature). You are not allowed to take a screen capture only for screens on which the above flag is enabled. However, you can still take a screenshot by projecting your phone on the PC screen and capturing it. In this way, the device has no idea of ​​screen capture.

monitoring – Capture the extended event histogram only during the time window

We have a problematic window of time at night on the weekends. I want to configure multiple extended event sessions to capture certain data and preview.

Most of them will target a file, which I will be able to read later, but my problem concerns the histogram.

I can configure a job to modify the XE session so that it starts at a specific time, but I can not stop the session as this would erase the histogram data from the memory.

As far as I know, I can not save the results of the memory histogram on the disk while it is running.

Maybe there is a way to only capture the data in the histogram if I configure a timestamp predicate on the actual event (I have not tested this) and the XE session runs for on the weekends and reads the results on Monday.

Is there another way to capture the result of the histogram only during a specific time window?