hardware – How to make a screen capture "system" with ButtonMapper

Since a recent update of ButtonMapper, the functionality to create a "screen capture of the system" (if you have the root) seems to be replaced by a "screen capture of the application ", which is limited in some apps like Snapchat Instagram and also produces a very annoying clicker sound. . I understand that non-rooted users prefer this to nothing. But I like having my "screen capture" system when I press and hold the volume down button.

I've bought the Pro version of ButtonMapper and I have root access. Can any one tell me, please, how can I reassign my "screen capture" feature to a long press on Volume Down in Button Mapper? I miss him so much.

How to capture a genius?

I seem to remember that there is a way for a character to capture strangers and seal these creatures in small objects, in order to create the stereotypical trope of "genius captured in an object". However, the details of the process still elude me.

Plane binding seemed like a good way to go, but as far as I know, it only traps such a creature in a particular space – not in an object.
So, if I wanted, for example, to capture a genius inside a gemstone, how would I proceed?

astrophotography – Is it possible to capture the milky way with a planetary camera?

Sorry, but I would say that the platform offers no hope for images of the Milky Way.

The specifications say that the camera has a 1/3 inch sensor (tiny, like in an iPhone) and a 400 mm lens (extreme telephoto for this size of sensor). The field of view of this combination (camera only, no eyepiece) is calculated with a size less than one degree (which is an enlarged telescopic view). This combination should provide a very close view of the full moon (the full moon can use reasonably normal daylight exposure times).

But the Milky Way is huge, and to be dramatic, it requires a very broad view of most of the dark sky. Set up the device to be able to look at the moon once and you should see the problem of the small field of vision. The Milky Way needs a very wide view of most of the sky, like a normal photo.

This Celestron lens is af / 5.6. Thus, at f / 5.6, the Milky Way would need a few minutes of exposure to a high ISO sensitivity, such as ISO 3200. However, without a rotational tracking mount, a rotation of 400 mm on a fixed mount causes rotation of the earth. would produce long streaks of fuzzy stars from a small point of the Milky Way, instead of seeing the Milky Way. The long focal length amplifies the speed of rotation of the Earth.

On the other hand (not a practical solution, but only with regard to the field of vision), an iPhone with a 1/3 inch sensor uses a lens of about 4 mm for a very wide panoramic view, but yours is 100 more telescopic. So, if an iPhone had a way to do a long manual shutter speed, the bare iPhone with its 4mm lens alone (no additional lens) would be a wider view more suitable for Milky Way (at f / 2.2, if she could do it maybe 25 seconds of exposure).

So, for the Milky Way, I would suggest a digital SLR (with a much wider and wider sensor, ideally in full size), able to use a fairly short lens (maybe 12 to 18 mm for the SLR digital) and able to use a high ISO. (perhaps 3200), for at least one view of about 90 degrees, with 30 seconds exposure at f / 2.8. This wide view, less enlarged, would not see the blur any longer. But using a follow-up would always be ideal.

Capture scratches on LCD screens

I'm trying to take pictures with a camera from a smartphone that might not exist on another smartphone off. Is there a way to do this without changing the angle of the camera?

1,541 Premium Spotify access (with country capture) 21-11-19

Hello everyone, I want to share with this community a way to thank the acceptance of my account to be part of this great forum. I have about 1,541 Premium Access Spotify (With Country Capture) 21-11-19 updated and updated. payable for 6 months without any problem, I hope you enjoy them!




1,541 Premium Spotify access (with country capture) 21-11-19

Root Access – How to capture kernel panic logs when the ROM failed to flash?

Context: Stuck in the boot loop during decompression and packing system.img?

Brief description: I'm trying to change the system partition of my Samsung S10 5G system-as-root treble device. I managed to install the patch on the AP file and update it on the device. It works well, but if I'm just going to unwrap and then pack the system.img.ext4.lz4(or vendor.img.ext4.lz4) and put it in the AP file, the flashing was successful but the device is stuck in a boot loop. So, I'm interested to see the logs that are causing the startup loop.

Try 1: I have read pstore and using adb, I noted the following things:

  1. Run find . | grep pstore and the result is as follows:
  1. Check the kernel configuration by extracting the file /proc/config.gz and it contains all the available flags listed in the Reading Kernel Logs article.
$ cat config | grep PSTORE

With the information above, I should be able to read the logs of /sys/fs/pstore/ after following the steps below:

  1. Flash the ROM that makes the kernel panic. Followed all the steps to root the system-as-root device up to the boot step in recovery mode after resetting the factory data. Because the device did not boot properly and stuck in a boot loop.
  2. Open the download mode and flashed the working ROM following the instructions from the root.
  3. After installing the device, I installed MagiskManager and I let him do his work.
  4. Then I opened the adb shell with su user. I tried to check the logs but there were none:
1|beyondxq:/ # ls -l /sys/fs/pstore/
total 0

Try 2: Read this article and try to do the same thing as above but with editing /dev/pstore as following:

// Just flashed rooted ROM
// Install MagiskManager and allow it to do required setup
// Run adb shell:
D:SamsungS105GVZW-G977UVRU2ASH7-20190827135903>adb shell
beyondxq:/ $ su
beyondxq:/ # ls -l /dev/pstore
ls: /dev/pstore: No such file or directory
1|beyondxq:/ # ls -l /sys/fs/pstore/
total 0
beyondxq:/ # mkdir /dev/pstore
beyondxq:/ # mount -t pstore - /dev/pstore
beyondxq:/ # ls -l /dev/pstore
total 0
beyondxq:/ #

// switching off
// Opening Download mode
// Flashing Panic ROM
// Reboot into recovery
// Done Wipe data/factory reset and then Reboot system now
// Pressed Recovery ket combination till Splash Screen
// Instead of starting setup, the device rebooted, display Splash, black screen, and then again device rebooted...(3 times)

// Open download mode
// Flashing rooted ROM
// Reboot into recovery
// Done Wipe data/factory reset and then Reboot system now
// Pressed Recovery key combination till Splash Screen
// Device opened with root enable
// Install MagiskManager and allow it to do required setup
// Run adb shell:
D:SamsungS105GVZW-G977UVRU2ASH7-20190827135903>adb shell
beyondxq:/ $ su
beyondxq:/ # ls -l /dev/pstore
ls: /dev/pstore: No such file or directory
1|beyondxq:/ # ls -l /sys/fs/pstore/
total 0
beyondxq:/ # mkdir /dev/pstore
beyondxq:/ # mount -t pstore - /dev/pstore
beyondxq:/ # ls -l /dev/pstore
total 0
beyondxq:/ # ls -l /sys/fs/pstore/
total 0

The above is the 6th try. By scrolling through the command prompt above, I noticed that on the first attempt, I have the following logs:

1|beyondxq:/ # mkdir /dev/pstore
beyondxq:/ # ls /dev/pstore/
beyondxq:/ # mount -t pstore - /dev/pstore
beyondxq:/ # ls /dev/pstore/
beyondxq:/ #

-- Probably switch off or reboot

D:SamsungS105GVZW-G977UVRU2ASH7-20190827135903>adb shell
beyondxq:/ $ su
beyondxq:/ # ls /dev/pstore
ls: /dev/pstore: No such file or directory
1|beyondxq:/ # mount -t pstore - /dev/pstore
mount: '-'->'/dev/pstore': No such file or directory
1|beyondxq:/ # mkdir /dev/pstore
beyondxq:/ # mount -t pstore - /dev/pstore
beyondxq:/ # ls -l /dev/pstore/
total 0
-r--r----- 1 system log 262004 2018-01-11 09:32 console-ramoops-0
beyondxq:/ # exit
beyondxq:/ $ exit

So, I made a mistake 🙁 and failed to read the console-ramoops-0 file. But the problem is that I can not get it back.

Is it like:

  • if you do not remove the console-ramoops-0 file when it is generated first, then more logs will be written by the kernel?
  • Or the memory is full?

Please suggest what I did wrong in my last tests?

Application windows – AnimaShooter Capture | NulledTeam UnderGround

Size of the file: 27.79 MB

AnimaShooter Capture is a user-friendly stop-motion animation software that supports Canon DSLR cameras. Easy to learn, easy to use. AnimaShooter Capture supports all Canon DSLR cameras that can be remotely controlled from a PC and equipped with Live View. Do not forget to test your camera with AnimaShooter Capture (in evaluation mode) to ensure compatibility.
A flawless stay


-Digital SLR camera
-USB HD Webcam / USB Webcam
-Commute between multiple cameras
-USB HD Webcam / USB Webcam. Supported resolution: up to
DV camcorder / camcorder compatibility (with Firewire connection (IEEE 1394))
-Auto Capture (Time-lapse)
Loop function: Loop single (Flip-flop)
-Image Review (to check images at full resolution)
Non-integer frame rate
-CRW, import CR2
-Y Waveform, RGB Parade and Vectorscope
-Grille of third
-Double monitors (separate window to view full resolution images)
-Ram-preview (preview the animation that you shoot instantly)
-Duplicate, copy and move an image or group of images
-Import images (JPG, PNG, WEBP)
-Import a video
-Export HD video: WEBM, OGV, AVI, uncompressed
-Export animated WEBP
Export sequences (JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, BMP)
-Overlay an image counter: export a video or sequences with timecode
– AnimaShooter control via the keyboard

Required configuration:
Operating System: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7
CPU: Intel® or AMD® compatible CPU, 1.6 GHz or faster.
Memory: RAM – at least 1 GB (2 GB recommended)

DSLR supported by AnimaShooter Capture
EOS 1D Mark III, EOS 1D Mark II, EOS 1D Mark IV, EOS 1D X, EOS 1D Mark II, EOS 1D C, EOS Mark 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS Mark 5D Mark IV, EOS 5D, EOS 5D R , EOS 6D, EOS 6D Mark II, EOS 7D, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 40D, EOS 50D, EOS 60D, EOS 70D, EOS 77D, EOS 80D, EOS 100D, EOS 200D, EOS 200D, EOS 250D, EOS 500D, EOS 550D, EOS 600D, EOS 700D, EOS 800D, EOS 800D, EOS 1200D, EOS 1200D, EOS 1200D, EOS 1300D, EOS 2000D / 1500D, EOS 4000D, EOS 200D, EOS 200D, EOS 1200D, EOS 1200D, EOS 900D, EOS 800D, EOS 800D, EOS 800D, EOS 800D and EOS M6 Mark II *, EOS Digital Rebel SL1, EOS Digital Rebel SL2, EOS Digital Rebel T1i, EOS Digital Rebel T2i, EOS Digital Rebel T3i, EOS Digital Rebel T4i, EOS Digital Rebel T6i, EOS Digital Rebel T7i, EOS Digital Rebel T7i, EOS Digital Rebel T5, EOS Digital Rebel T3, EOS Digital Rebel T5 EOS Rebel T7, EOS Rebel SL3, EOS Kiss X7, EOS Kiss X9, EOS Kiss X3, EOS Kiss X4, EOS Kiss X5, EOS Kiss X6i, EOS Kiss X7i, EOS Kiss X8i, EOS Kiss, EOS Kiss X50, EOS Kiss X70 , PowerShot SX70 HS *, PowerShot G5 X Mark II *, PowerShot G7 X Mark III *.

What's up:
• This is a maintenance and bug fix version


Download from UploadGig

Download from RapidgatorDownload from Nitroflare

A flawless stay

url – Help me capture all the download links for this course!

Good morning all,

I am enrolled in a language course on www.koreanclass101.com and they gave me a free 7 day trial. There are 15 lessons (each with 10-25 audios). Now I want to download / retrieve all links for audio lessons from this site at once.

I've used IDM grabber, grabbed emails, passed and set up to only download audio files, but it captures html pages instead of audio files.
Does anyone know how to use grabber on this site or at least one way to recover all download links?

seo – Screen capture of the scanned page is empty in the Google Search Console

Thanks to this number, I found a way to solve it

It seems that angular.io is no longer indexed

Angular can be indexed by Googlebot without using server side
make way.

How to debug

add the following code to your index.html, then open Google Search Console the crawler.

you can debug by the error message that the user agent is GoogleBot


window.addEventListener('error', function(e) {
    var errorText = (
        // key point of debug
        'UserAgent: ' + navigator.userAgent ,
        'URL: ' + e.filename,
        'Line: ' + e.lineno + ', Column: ' + e.colno,
        'Stack: ' + (e.error && e.error.stack || '(no stack trace)')

    // Example: log errors as visual output into the host page.
    // Note: you probably don’t want to show such errors to users, or
    //       have the errors get indexed by Googlebot; however, it may
    //       be a useful feature while actively debugging the page.
    var DOM_ID = 'rendering-debug-pre';
    if (!document.getElementById(DOM_ID)) {
        var log = document.createElement('pre');
        log.id = DOM_ID;
        log.style.whiteSpace = 'pre-wrap';
        log.textContent = errorText;
        if (!document.body) document.body = document.createElement('body');
        document.body.insertBefore(log, document.body.firstChild);
    } else {
        document.getElementById(DOM_ID).textContent += 'nn' + errorText;

    // Example: log the error to remote service.
    // Note: you can log errors to a remote service, to understand
    //       and monitor the types of errors encountered by regular users,
    //       Googlebot, and other crawlers.
    var client = new XMLHttpRequest();
    client.open('POST', 'https://example.com/logError');
    client.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'text/plain;charset=UTF-8');


Possible reasons

1. Unused Polyfill


uncomment the following line under
/** IE9, IE10 and IE11 requires all of the following polyfills. **/:

2. Upgrading to the latest angular version

it is easier to identify possible problems


unit – Can I capture rotation along the "X" and "Y" of a gyroscope without it changing when it is rotated along the "Z"?

I'm working on a mobile game under Unity 3d and use the gyroscope to rotate an object along the x and y axes. Sample code that works is below with a .gif of what I want:

float x = Input.gyro.attitude.x; 
float y = Input.gyro.attitude.y;

This code give me the rotation I want when pointed in a certain direction along the z-axis. I want the rotation to not depend on the z-axis. I want the rotation to act the same no matter what direction I'm pointed in the real-world.

Here is an excerpt of 12 seconds of what I get using a mobile gyroscope when it is pointing to 1 or north on the z axis: https: / /youtu.be/ib0CTi7JCaQ

I want the rotation to be the same regardless of the direction in which I am on the z axis with the gyroscope. Is there a way to rotate the entire coordinate system? I do not know which approach to adopt, but I have been working on this issue for quite some time and my math skills are no longer what they were at the university.

All, and I mean ANYAny help would be greatly appreciated!