databases – How does my car stereo find album art and album and track names? And how can I stop it?

When I listen to the radio or a CD in the car, the stereo sometimes displays the album cover and the album and track title. Sometimes, instead of the album cover, it displays a genre (like "Country") and a related graphic (like an anonymous model smiling and wearing a cowboy hat). In the case of a c.d. it also displays other information, like "1/12" for the first track of a 12-track album, time information, etc.

Usually everything he says is correct. Sometimes something is wrong. For example, here is a picture of the stereo playing the Beatles "Let It Be" but showing the album cover for another album.

enter description of image here

It seems plausible that the stereo would read some of this information from the disc (or radio signal). But it seems unlikely to me that the album cover will be included on the disc, especially in this case when an incorrect image is displayed. What seems more plausible to me is that when I put the disc on, my car stereo reads the disc information to identify the disc, and then retrieves that information from a database outside the car.

Wouldn't that mean that an agency somewhere is recording the music I'm listening to? Does it feel like when I listen to the radio too? Is there a way for me to listen to the radio and the c.d. in the car without this part of the process? For example, can I copy the c.d. in a way that removes the identifying information from the copy?

And what would be the right battery swap, or the right place on the internet, to ask for help with this question?

How can I put the pedal of a car in the unit?

I am trying to create a 2-D car game in the mobile unit where the player controls acceleration by sliding the pedal on the touch screen. My idea of ​​implementation is to use the user interface slider. Is there any other good I can use? Please suggest any other implementation, if any. I am new to this field.

how to send locations to the car screen?

I have my Android car screen shipped with google map, there is a way to send locations to my iphone with the app on google map in my car

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Could we greatly benefit from the theft of their car, from an insurance point of view?

I will give a scenario:

Bob loves Corvettes, and he has one as a summer car. It is paid and he has the title.

One day, Bob's Corvette is stolen.

He makes an insurance claim and his auto insurance company pays the value of the stolen Corvette.

Bob uses insurance money to go out and buy a replacement Corvette.

Until now, everything is legitimate.

But a few days later, the phone rings. It is the police who call to say that they have found his car and that he can come and get it.

Did Bob just get two Corvettes for the price of one?

Isn't a manual car with a clutch pedal dangerous, because you focus on shifting rather than on the road?

No. It's actually a lot safer than an automatic transmission IF the person driving it actually knows what they're doing. The problem, and the reason they can be statistically “ more dangerous '', is that idiots who have no idea get them because they are (only slightly) cheaper ones that need to focus more on the “ gear shift '' & # 39; & # 39; and vehicle control.

When a person who knows what they are doing is driving a manual, they actually have more control over the vehicle and are much safer on the road.

Here are some examples to support my point:

1. Semi-trucks have started being mass produced and on the road with automatic transmissions since 2012. Almost all are now automatic transmissions and this has created a situation where truck drivers cannot be trusted, when, when the semiconductors were ALL textbooks a The semi-truck was the vehicle to follow and travel in traffic because it was guaranteed that they knew what they were doing and that they were (mainly) the safest vehicles on the road (about 20 years ago). Truck drivers 20 years ago were true professional drivers. Now, like almost all trucks are automated transmissions, any idiot drives them. And, if you haven't noticed, even most of the truckers on the road are now idiots with whom he is not sure to be in traffic.

The reason is the same reason why all of the 'autonomous driving' features of vehicles today have made stupid people think they weren't responsible; they assume they can blame an accident on "well * this sensor has not gone out."

"My automatic braking did not activate."

"The cruise control did not work properly, so I put them in the back. I was on my phone. This is why mom and her 3 children died. L & # 39; My car's computer broke down. "

Eff those excuses. The driver is responsible.

2. Many manufacturers of all vehicles since 2016 are reluctant to even offer a manual transmission option because people yearn, don't know what they're doing, and the new generations are lazy and just want to go out and press buttons and pedals and treat driving like a video game.

* Very horrible in my opinion. I support the idea that ALL vehicles should be manuals without power steering or any other assistive "device" like today's vehicles. Newer vehicles make roads much safer than they can be because they allow a rash, reckless, selfish and ignorant person (lack of knowledge; people who don't know how to drive) to control a 3000 lb death weapon.

Cars should not be driven alone. The driver must drive them. The reason "textbooks are more dangerous" is not because of the actual mechanics and design of the vehicle, because people (silly and ignorant or lazy and selfish) drive them.

Because of laziness and ignorance (as the term “ ignorant '' is defined: lack of skills or knowledge, laziness), people have become because of technology, that is why not only manual transmissions, but many other things, too, have become less frequent. and more dangerous.

A person who really knows how to drive a manual transmission does not have to "focus on the clutch pedal and shifting gears". It’s natural for them.

Rent a car

Hi guys how are you doing I'm just looking for good service, to rent a car in Europe, maybe you know and can help me? I really need some good advice.

develop a car game using the program c

I am an engineering student, I want to do a project using the c program related to car games, so I want some instructions to develop the project, so please send some instructions and some examples related to the project.
thank you.

usa – What should I do if I am stopped by an American police officer and I cannot lower the windows of my car?

The best thing is to indicate with your hands that the window is not working, you should do this by keeping your hands visible at all times so that the agent can keep them safe. The officer probably arrested people whose windows were not working and I am sure they will understand.

As Willeke suggested that it would be unlikely that not all windows could be opened, if so you could laminate a panel saying something like:

The window does not work, please use the passenger window

Alternatively, the officer may be able to open the door while holding it, just enough so that you can speak through the crack.

Which non-state authorities can issue car license plates?

In Uzhhorod, Ukraine, I saw cars with unusual license plates, not assigned to Ukraine or another country, but probably to the OBSE organization.

What other organizations can issue their own license plates?

enter description of image here