HostSlayer (HostSlim) – cannot delete bank card data

Earlier, I created a topic that I can not log into my account on the hosting HostSlayer (
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sim card – How to unlock a Photon Q with an MSL code?

I’m having a strange issue with a Motorola Photon Q. The Photon Q is carrier locked to Sprint but has long since been paid off. I have the IMEI and the MSL code to unlock the device to use with other carriers, but I’ve hit a roadblock in actually getting it unlocked. I called Sprint and the guy that answered seemed very helpful. He tried to unlock the phone. He even read through the manual to try to make this work. In the end he talked to his supervisors and informed me that because of how old the Photon Q is they can’t unlock it through IMEI and that I need to go to the carrier that the phone will be used with, AT&T, and have them unlock it using the MSL code. So, I went to AT&T to talk with them about unlocking it with the MSL code and they didn’t even seem to know what an MSL code was. I explained to them exactly what the Sprint guy explained to me several times but they didn’t seem to understand. They wanted the IMEI, which didn’t work. They kept asking me if it was an AT&T phone. Nothing I said seemed to get through and I still don’t know how to unlock this phone.

So, how do I unlock this phone, the Motorola Photon Q, to be used with non-Sprint carriers like AT&T?

How to assign an Integer to a item in list – Python card game

I am new to python and I have been having some trouble making this card game In between also known as Acey Duecy.
I have made my deck of cards using a list with the code :

deck = ()
for n in range(4):
    for i in range(13):
        all_card = (cardname(i) + " " + suit(n))

After assigning a integer to the item in the list, I would like to remove the 2 cards if they are the same, but since I havent assigned them numbers and they are just strings right now the code does not work. I would also not want to have to assign each 52 cards the value manual since in my game the suits don’t matter thus its just the Ace, two, three etc.

first_card = deck(0)
second_card = deck(1)

if first_card == second_card :
    print(".pop = False")
else :
    print("They are not the same card")

Android SD card encryption – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

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wireless networking – What is the name of this connector (2x) of an internal Laptop WIFI card? (Dell Inspiron 7548)

What is the name of this connector on top of my internal WIFI card (it looks like a very tiny version of a coaxial connector)? The ones on top labelled WLAN. It goes to the WIFI antenna.

I need to buy that connector or a cable with such a connector already attached/mounted. What is the correct name for that?


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amazon gift card to webmoney ?

I have amazon gift card
So can you exchange it for webmoney Please

Learn Things About How to add Apple Pay To Cash App via Cash Card

1. Firstly, Open the Cash app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Secondly, Tap Cash Card and select the Cash Card image. Touch the menu option that says "Add to Apple Pay".
3. Follow the instructions on the screen on the next page. The last screen confirms that your cash card has been added to Apple Pay to cash app. Consequently,Then press the "Done" button below the screen.


How to Fix Crashed Card

This Center Card Begin Crash When The Site Is Loading Done (Only Random On Firefox) (In Chrome and Opera Begin Fine)
I don’t Know This is About Css Section Or PHP

enter image description here

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usa – few hour layover in Japan, with expired Chinese passport and valid US permanent resident card?

I am trying to plan for my mom who will be traveling from Guam to the US, but she has a connecting flight in Japan, which has a 2-5 hour layover. She has an expired Chinese passport due to pandemic, but she has a valid US green card. Would she run into any issues at Japan? I’m assuming mainland US should be OK because she’s a permanent resident.
Please provide input if you have experience or knowledge in this area. Thanks. I just want to make sure she doesn’t get stuck in Japan.

Paid/Free – Partnership/Ownership of a Home Made Trading Card Game Discussion Site | Forum Promotion

The Home of Homemade TCG
Over at Trading Card Makers, we believe that trading card games are a trend that is here to stay. These games provide rich gameplay experiences, a range of tactical options and a collectable aspect that is unlike anything else. So we want to be the foundation for creators to build upon and add to the wonderful TCG community. Welcome to Trading Card Makers!

I am currently looking for a partner who is familiar with MyBB and is interested in home made and popular Trading Card Games.

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