iphone – Use an expired SIM card in airplane mode

I have the iPhone 6S. My mobile and data plans are with Ting, a US-based mobile virtual network operator using the US-based Sprint Corporation telecommunications company. I am not currently in the United States. I've turned on Airplane mode, then Wi-Fi. The legend "Sprint Wi-Fi" appears at the top left of the screen and I can access the internet via Wi-Fi.

  1. How does my phone display the word "Sprint" in the legend? Does it read it on the SIM card or does it get this information via Wi-Fi or a combination of both?

  2. If I interrupt my Ting / Sprint subscription and stop paying my monthly subscription fee, while still keeping the SIM card in my phone, without ever disabling the Airplane mode, will the caption show always "Sprint Wi-Fi"? Will my phone continue to behave as before?

  3. Are the answers to the above questions specific to Ting / Sprint or will they remain true regardless of which mobile company I am a member of (with the difference that, instead of "Sprint Wi-Fi", the wording "XXX Wi-Fi" will appear, where XXX is the current mobile company)?

fraud – Clone a debit or credit card

Q1: Yes The link for the MagStripe reader and Encoder 1 does just that. Can read the credit or debit and write it on a new blank card and can also erase data from an existing card. the MSR605 comes with software to do all this. These machines can clone ANY WHAT card with a magnetic stripe. Gift cards, hotel cards, reward cards, credit cards, identity cards, etc.

Q2: Yes you can browse a debit card and if you have a pin, you can go directly to an ATM and get some money. The PIN code is NOT provided in the skim data. The use of skim cards at gas stations, for example, may also require you to enter a zip code associated with the card.

Q3: The only error in skim cards is if the machine is down or if the card is damaged. Each card with a magnetic stripe is exactly the same and each magnetic stripe reader can browse any type of credit card or any card in general with a magnetic stripe. If the card has a black stripe on the back, it can be read. They all use the same technology. The success rate of a card with a black stripe on a Mag Stripe player is 99%.

Real life scenarios and scams

GIFT CARD SCAM: At Walmart, you see stands with gift cards. Let's see that the criminal takes 10 $ 50 Walmart gift cards (not activated). He goes into the bathroom and erases all the data, then puts all of them back on the shelf. He then checks the card numbers daily on the website to see if they are activated. When a customer arrives and buys this gift card, it is activated and the criminal already has the data and can use it on the spot.

FAST FOOD SCAM: Another popular scam happens at Fast Food Drive-Thrus. The cashier has a skimmer next to the register. When you pass your credit or debit card through the window, they slip it into the register and then into the secret card a second time. (It happened to me a Taco Bell lol)

SCAM STATION SCAM: There is practically a universal key that opens any service station pump. The criminals will open them as a device registering all credit cards that have been slipped. Use gas pumps near the door, criminals usually install them on off-site pumps. Also look for a sticker on the pump showing where the pump door would open. If the sticker was peeled off to open the door, it would say VOID VOID VOID on the sticker, that is to say there would have been one that would have entered the pump.

Most people do not know: skimming a card with the machine is not the only way to get skim data. Many cards have RFID chips inside
the same if you do not ask them. If your card has one, you will see a symbol on your card that looks like a signal symbol or wifi with the 3 bars. There is an RFID machine that clones this data. Someone can walk around the mall with this portable RFID device and all he has to do is walk away from it within a foot distance and the data from the RFID chip will be skimmed. It can slip into your pocket, your wallet or your purse.

Funny example of what you can do with a skimmer. You can copy your credit card to a hotel key card. Then go to McDonald's and use your hotel's key card to pay for your meals.

Prevent RFID Foaming: You can buy a special case or wallet to block the RFID signal. But I recommend that your bank re-issue a new card without it.

Prevent MagStripe's crash: Use cash in windows or in companies that use your map out of sight. – Change card number every 3 months because most criminals crush your card and sell it to other people, which means that they could keep your information for several months before selling it.

Experienced Skimmers: The best will buy blank Visa or MasterCard gift cards. Then, they will clone your card and use an embroidery to insert the name and card number on the card (most gift cards have numbers that can not be erased without being embroidered). They will also make a false identity in case the cashier asks for a piece of identification.

I hope this helps you.

induced flat card

let $ phi: R to B $ a flat ring morphism and $ a in R $ arbitrary. why the induced map $ R / (a) to B / phi (a) B $ apartment?

Argentina – Get a bank card (virtual, prepaid or debit) in Argentine pesos, from abroad, for foreign citizens

Is there a way to sign up for an Argentinian bank card, prepaid card or a virtual card in Argentine pesos for people who are not citizens / residents of Argentina?
Should pass the IIN validation as shown on the list: https://www.creditcardvalidator.org/country/ar-argentina

I have consulted Revolut, TransferWise, but they do not support that.

a bit of context: looking to buy some domestic flights in Argentina. Tickets from Norway are cheaper in Argentine pesos than in USD or GBP. But at the last stage of the reservation, there is a check for the credit card number, and it only accepts Argentine bank cards ("There are only the silver cards that are issued by the emirates in Argentina ".

What is the Apple Card and how can I get one?

How is it different from another credit card?

Apple's Apple Card Credit Card is a new type of credit card created by Apple in partnership with Goldman Sachs. Apple says that when it was created, they focused on simplicity, transparency and confidentiality.

It is currently only available to US citizens. You must have an Apple Pay compatible iPhone, running the latest version of iOS to be able to use it.

(Note: The official documentation does not indicate what is the minimum version required to use Apple Card (it only mentions the recent version of iOS), Apple Card was deployed after the release of iOS 12.4. So we can safely assume that your device should run at least under iOS 12.4).

Two-factor authentication must also be enabled for your Apple ID.

How can I apply for one?

To request it, you must be logged in to iCloud with your Apple ID on your iPhone. Once done, open the Wallet app on your iPhone, press the button, select Apple Card and tap Continue.

You will be asked to fill in the required information. If your request is approved, a digital version of the Apple Card is immediately issued and ready for use via Apple Pay.

For scenarios where Apple Pay is not available, such as physical stores, you can also ask Apple to provide a physical card. The physical map is made of titanium and bears your name on the front. That's what is called Titanium Apple Card.

The physical card will be shipped to your address by Apple. It is a Mastercard and can be used anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

Apple claims that the physical card is more secure than other credit cards because it does not contain a card number, CVV code, expiration date or your signature outside.

To learn more about the Apple Card, refer to the following Apple support documents and official links:

How to know when it is available in my country?

The Apple card is currently only issued to US citizens. To be notified as soon as it is introduced in your country, register to receive the news using this link:

threat modeling – Logic card manufacturers [Legitemate] are working on this issue some of them? True or false?

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agile – What are the image maps supposed to represent in this planning card game?

I have in my possession this Serena Poker poker planning card game that I had obtained during a previous job in 2012. There are some picture cards but no explanation of what it is. they are supposed to communicate. Ideas? Here are my best guesses:

  • fried egg – my brain is fried, allows for a break
  • mountain – this task is impossible (like trying to move a mountain)
  • kiss – ???
  • black cat — ???
  • hat – gives this to a cowboy coder

plan the game of poker with digital cards, but also a cat, a mountain, lips, a fried egg and a hat

encryption – Backup Gallery – Do you have any explanation on how to encrypt + hide files in the vault and on the SD card?

The Vault application of the gallery shows their support SD card, but I can not find any tutorial on its use and I do not see anything in the application that explains that.

Anyone here knows how to use the trunk of the gallery with the SD card and encrypt and hide the files from the SD card?

Thanks in advance!

SIM card – Network mode is gone

I have a Verizon Note 3 from the United States that has been unlocked and the network mode set to global, I live in another country with another SIM card that only works on global.
I accidentally pressed Automatic in the network mode options and all of a sudden my SIM card stopped working and the network mode options that can allow me to configure it too much have disappeared, from so that I can not redefine it in global mode.
I tried to compose ## 4636 ## but it is stated that the mobile network is not available.
Do I need to unlock the phone again or can I get network mode to set it to global mode?

Memory card for nikon d3500

Is the sandisk extreme pro 95 MB / s 32 GB memory card a good memory card for Nikon D3500 (Full HD at 60fps and 24.2 MP)?
Should I buy a cheaper one?