windows – How can I remove the VLAN ID from my network card (Netadapter)

So, I'm running a Windows 2019 data center server kernel running hyper-v that has a
Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet network card BCM5720 with 2 access ports. The server is patched in a VLAN.

So, earlier, I assigned a VLAN ID to netadapter with the help of powershell:

set-netadapter -name nic1 -vlanid 240

Later, I thought it would be a good idea to enable Switch Embbedded Teaming for the virtual switch:

Switch to grouping

When reading the documentation, I read that if you are using a virtual switch with teaming, you should not put a vlanid on the network card:
"2) If you enabled NIC pooling, you should not set VLAN filters on the NICs using advanced properties settings on these adapters." Leave the bundle software or the Hyper-Network switch. V (if applicable) perform the filtering. "

So finally my question. I'm trying to remove the VLAN ID set on the network card, but I can not find a simple way to achieve it. The set-netadapter cmdlet does not seem to do it.

Does anyone know how to handle this?

partitions – running in faulty clusters after chkdsk on an exFat Micro SD card

This is a 128gb Sandisk (leave this link – this is not an announcement) A specific card indicates other devices such as memory channels, write speed, etc. Nougat Android device.

This is the second time the card has problems with corruption. The first one I bought was locked in writing. The current replacement has been provided
The map has a lot of bad clusters. 2 things have led me to sniff this:

  • WhatsApp directory (which had a link to WhatsApp dir on internal): the directory of the image can no longer be written in
  • The phone restarts randomly and next time exFAT the score is not mounted (I used it app2sd and partitioned the map to ext4 10gb to link my apps and rest if exFAT )

ran a chkdksk on Windows 7 and it would be automatic on the initial execution and persistent on the run me gave the repeated message "# cluster Moved for file "((I do not remember the exact verbiage) .It was never able to finish it but it was dropped with the message." Corruption found in the map "

questions :

  • How to know if there is an incorrect, logical or physical cluster? Any tool / test?

    Here is something that I did – which made me think logical. I deleted the images directory (which was write-locked and so as long as the link was enabled, the WhatsApp images could not be downloaded. Once I disabled file mounting tool that enforces this, it would work) after moving the content to dir2 and renamed dir2 to original dir. after deleting the original directory. Now, for a while, the WhatsApp link would work and the same problem would reoccur. I therefore tend to think but I need a confirmation.
  • I'm thinking of retrieving the content of exFAT partition and then format the partition and create instead 2 ext4 partitions (or FF2S. Tell me which one is the best). We are for less to write applications. My photos, etc. here and others smaller just for WhatsApp, and then copy the content to the appropriate partitions.

If I do that. There is no support out of the box for ext4 sheet music for Android (is not, pl confirm)? how can I automatically mount without third party utilities ( fstab ? )
How do I automatically raise the extra ext4 - fstab ?
Will it help to avoid the problem above?

  • Although the corrupted block partition is still Is there another tool who will run until the end and identify all the bad blocks so that they can be kept aside. I have tried apart for Android running fsck (exFat sub) and the report came normal in <1 min.

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Wireless – Unrecognized Lenovo C930 WiFi Card. To repair?

I just installed Ubuntu 18.10 on my Lenovo C930. He does not recognize his WiFi card in Ubuntu.

The fix has been identified as follows:

sudo modprobe -r ideapad-laptop

But this must be done every time I start on Ubuntu. Where can I put this to take effect each startup?

Thank you!

Contest – $ 6 Business Card Design

Hi everybody

I just made the logo here, so need a simple map

I need a PSD no, I can change the number

The names on the map must be

Graham – 123456789

Arron – 123456789

I want to use the same colors as the logo

I want the logo of one side and the info from the other side

Thank you

How to update the credit card and phone number?

I'm trying to locate the settings of my Google Account, but I can not display the correct screen. I'm trying to update my credit card information and phone number.

People allocate an International Group Co., Limited card

I am not an administrator

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Can websites only identify users using the SIM card used to access the website?

If I had to use the data connection of one phone to access a website, then insert that SIM card into another phone to access the same website, could the website indicate that I am the same user ?

16.04 – Get slow bandwidth from my wireless card

I have a 802.11ac wireless network adapter.
lshw -C network output:

description: wireless interface
Product: QCA986x / 988x 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter
seller: Qualcomm Atheros
physical identifier: 0
Bus information: pci @ 0000: 04: 00.0
logical name: wlp4s0
version: 00
series: 44: c3: 06: 31: b0: ea
width: 64 bits
clock: 33 MHz
capacity: pm msie pciexpress bus_master cap_list rom ethernet physical wireless
configuration: broadcast = yes driver = ath10k_pci driverversion = 4.4.0-142-generic firmware = latency = 0 link = yes multicast = yes wireless = IEEE 802.11abgn
resources: irq: 139 memory: df000000-df1fffff memory: df200000-df20ffff

Iwconfig output:

wlp4s0 IEEE 802.11abgn Mode: Master Tx Power = 30 dBm
Short Raise: 7 RTS thr: off Fragment thr: off
Food Management: on

problem: when you connect to WiFi and download something from the server, I only have a speed of 2 MB / s (for a single user), but theoretically, this 802.11ac wireless network adapter can generate a higher speed

WiFi configuration below:

interface = wlp4s0
bridge = br0
driver = nl80211
country_code = US
hw_mode = g
ssid = demo
ctrl_interface = / var / run / hostapd
channel = 1
auth_algs = 3
max_num_sta = 250
wpa = 3
wpa_passphrase = ********
wpa_key_mgmt = WPA-PSK
wpa_pairwise = TKIP CCMP
rsn_pairwise = CCMP