poland – Stolen resident card can I travel to Schengen?

My friend is a student in Poland and has a valid temporary resident card (Karta Pobytu). His bag was stolen with his resident card. He has already obtained a police report and reported to the resident card issuing authorities (to obtain a replacement). They gave him a certificate for the same. However, it will take almost a month to get the replacement. Now he wants me to visit Prague for next week. Can he come to Prague with this certificate and temporary passport? He plans to come by FlixBus.

sd card – Lollipop file placement

I have an LTE phone and an LG tablet, both of which work with Lollipop. I recently added a 128 GB MicroSD in each. How to ask the phone and tablet to use the MicroSD for storage.

Also, being an Android beginner, I wonder if you can go to the next level (for example, 5 to 6) on phone or tablet

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hardware – Java card with secure real-time clock

Dallas Semiconductor released the Java-powered iButton a long time ago:

IButton powered by Java

These devices were somewhat similar in purpose to modern Java Card compatible smart cards, with the exception of one detail: they had a built-in primary battery and a secure real-time clock (RTC). The battery has been estimated to be good for a decade.

IButton cryptographic assembly

Unfortunately, it looks like the Java-powered iButton hasn't gotten traction in the market. However, having a programmable token with a built-in main battery and a secure real-time clock is extremely useful as it provides the following functionality:

  • Active countermeasures that can instantly reset all contained secrets
  • Prevent operations after a certain date
  • Prevent operations before a certain date

If it is necessary to have a security token with an integrated real-time clock, are there any modern solutions that do not require custom hardware engineering? Is there a modern equivalent of "Java powered iButton"?

Use my residence card for a family member of a Union citizen

I will visit my family in the Philippines on December 28, 2019 and live in Italy with my Italian husband. Can I use my residence card for a family member of a union at the airport in the Philippines?

Bypass configuration wizard on Nokia 2v without SIM card

How to bypass the configuration and activation of the phone without SIM card

How to unlock a memory card on my Android phone without even setting a password?

I have a Huawei Y9 phone. Everything was normal until he asked me for a password for my memory card. I do not remember having a password set or locked. Is there a way for me to unlock it? I do not want to format my SD card because I have a lot of important files on it.

Photos copied from the PC to the SD card can not be copied to the iPhone

If I try to import more than a few dozen images from my PC to my iphone (via the SD card adapter), this fails.
My workflow is as follows:
1. Take a number of pictures (eg 500 RAW photos)
2. convert them to jpg after editing them via convert *.NEF *.jpeg (using imagemagick)
3. copy them to an SD card and import them to iPhone
4. download on iCloud during the night

Unfortunately, with more than 200 images on the SD card, it does not work anymore. The iPhone no longer displays these images when importing photos.

Apple's support gave me this link. I can not imagine that the phone knows these images from a different source. They are converted using solid naming schemes, I use exiftool to copy on the exif data and I place the images in the same folder as the camera. Moreover, when there are only a few images, it works. It's only when I hit a lot that it stops working.

raw – How to perform the shading correction of the lens with a subsampled lens shading card

I would proceed as follows:

  1. Top of the line the low resolution floating point lens shading card in the correct resolution. Use an appropriate scaling algorithm that interpolates instead of the nearest neighbor algorithm.

  2. Open both images, the RAW image and the low resolution scaled lens, in the form of layers in an image in GIMP / Photoshop / similar image editor.

  3. No more multiply or to divide layers to create a single corrected layer. In the case of multiplication, the order does not matter, but in the case of division, you want the numerator to be the RAW image and the denominator to be the shade map of the lens.

Whether multiplication or division is necessary depends on the type of the shading card of the lens: reverse or direct card.

For more accurate results, you may want to apply inverse gamma to the image before multiplication / division and direct gamma to the image after multiplication / division. In this case, be sure to use a precision of 16 bits!