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How are you going to build your career?

What are the main steps must be undertaken to be successful in promoting your business?

Where do I start my career?

I had a mundane job of 9 to 5 as a web developer. I hadn't been appreciated for my work often, I was not getting desirable results. Therefore, I have a deep passion for writing and psychology. I just decided to steal people's attention to increase sales or prospects.

Here's my story, I've watched over 50 hours of content on Youtube, read many books on copywriting, the sales funnel, etc.

In addition, I literally spent 1 hour of my time just writing copies for fiction companies. Also written for various market niches (mainly for technology and health products).

So I want to know where should I look for clients or where should I go to get the RESULTS as soon as possible?

Of course, I have created different profiles on independent sites. Just tell me how to promote my free content and portfolio via a website as soon as possible.

career – How to move from Android development to game development?

I am a super Sr Android developer (since 2009) with a passion for video games. I graduated from CS in 2008, tried to get into the gaming industry and was unlucky. I ended up making Android and I stayed with it. Now, I would like to pursue my original passion and break into the game industry, but the problem is that I have no professional experience, and my experience in game programming is limited to a first person shooter that I wrote with 3 other guys at the university. I wrote the game engine myself and did a lot of the programming for the game. I would love some steps that I (and others) could take which are not generic advice.

career – Security related job openings

I work for a global company and wanted to maximize our public exposure for security roles. I know this is probably not the place to highlight jobs, but can you give me advice on the job sites I should focus on? I would be particularly interested in those who could help me hire German security guards.
Thanks a lot for your help!

Digital Marketing Course – Career Opportunities

Digital marketing:

In the digital age, everyone is connected via the Internet. 93% of online business starts with the search engine, for all of our needs we go to the search engine, and about 80% of it 39 of us make an online purchase at least once a year. month. This forced the business, large or small, to have an online presence and to understand digital marketing in order to have a successful business.

Digital marketing is nothing more than an act of promoting and selling products and services using online marketing tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO) , content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, etc., among others.

This, in turn, led to a sudden demand for Digital Marketing Course not only in India but also in the world and in all metropolitan cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mysore, Hyderabad. Due to the rapid growth of internet usage and the use of smartphones in India. There are many institutes offering a digital marketing course.

Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is one of the best award winning digital marketing training institutes in India, we have branches in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mysore and Hyderabad. Digital Academy 360 has been awarded as the best training institute for Digital marketing course with placement in 2019.

Course modules in digital marketing

A digital marketing course is the most sought after today. Today, all businesses are looking for digital marketing and digital marketing professionals. A digital marketing course will teach you all of these techniques

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Social media marketing

  • Search engine marketing

  • Google AdWords

  • Google adsense

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • E-mail advertising

  • What is application marketing

  • SMS Marketing

search engine optimization is what ensures that your website ranks higher in the search engine and gets more organic traffic.

There was a time when social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., were only used to connect with friends and share personal thoughts and feelings with the world. But now this medium is used to market a product or service. I am sure we have all come across such advertisements for products or services. Now we need to know the youngest member of digital marketing, that is, content marketing. Google AdWords, Search Engine Marketing are some other tools that will be taught in the Digital Marketing Course Syllabus.

Join the Digital Academy 360, have more than 15 centers in India, discover all the updates and advanced digital marketing course modules with a new program, with hands-on exposure to live projects and Google certifications and guaranteed placements.

career development – How to break into the field of HCI?

Before I make a comment on this, I have been asked over and over again, let me point out that I have done my research –

Do I have the skills for UX?

As a programmer, how do you get to UX?

Enter UX as an undergraduate CS.

and more..

This post is more about how, rather than what. I read all the advice given earlier, the most common being …

  1. Work, gain experience through internships, volunteer, etc.
  2. Display models, wireframes, etc.
  3. Read books, deepen your understanding, etc.

To do this, I am ready to go to a school with HCI as a discipline (most universities place user experience, usability, etc. as part of their HCI courses).

I am willing to find a job, an internship etc.

However, the question is how?

The links I published above and others mention some places where jobs / internships are posted. I can also search for them on Google, it doesn't matter!

How does a non-HCI person stand out? Not to mention the big giants of HCI like IDEO or Frog, even small companies are not willing to hire / take on interns without significant support from HCI on the CV. How do you stand out to at least get to the interview and not be examined only at the barriers to entry?

I can do very well AND have done some solid projects in the field of HCI, but to gain real industrial experience, one would need experience in the industry which would require a job and / or an internship.

Likewise, people looking to target HCI for their education should be aware of the likely do's and don'ts in order to highlight their applications.

So can the people here who have gone through this phase share how to do it (some advice) and not what to do (we already have enough information on this).

Career in Forex – Discussions and Help

The Forex trader requires a highly logical personality much more than certainty, these brief choices of time should be made on the basis of preparation for a lifetime. Thus, diplomas in different fields are precious for the foreign exchange market, those who prepare or base a logical or technical analysis will discover that they have an advantage over those who are not also prepared. I am negotiating with the broker XeroMarkets. It gives 100% security to your deposits. It also has zero deposit and withdrawal fees, powered foundation, free signals and a few others.

career – Question about jobs regarding Datacenter Security / Cloud Security

first post here!

I had a question regarding the pursuit of a career related to Datacenter Security (Iron Mountain type company or Data Integrity type company) or Cloud Security where I am not linked to an office. I have a huge problem being in an environment where I cannot be constantly on the move. I was watching DLP or anything related to monitoring, but I can't seem to identify the exact job. Anyone have an idea of ​​the job that would suit me best?


Looking for a job where my network security / infosec skills can translate into installing and securing physical and logical systems without just being tied to an office.

Thanks in advance!

Best Career Training Gate | Atelier Gate – Advertising, Offers

CSA offers professional training – Find training centers, institutes, courses, job opportunities for Gate student training and get Gate exam training programs, course fees, duration, class schedules, contact addresses, phone numbers, reviews, reviews. :


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