r – How to run CART on MI datasets

I am trying to run CART on multiple-imputed datasets (50 data sets obtained using predictive mean matching with the MICE package). Is it possible to use ‘rpart’ on MI data sets and produce one single decision tree which reflects all the variability of the multiple imputed sets of data? For example:

#MI using MICE imp <- mice(missing_data( , ), m = 1, maxit = 5, donors=5, seed=123, print=F)

#Regression Tree – CART Fulltree<-rpart(imp$outcome1 ~ ., data=imp, method = ‘anova’)

SQL Left-Join Statement for cart

Can someone explain this sql code for me we use it to add items on cart

SELECT c.crt_id, i.item_id, i.item_name, i.price,i.image FROM cart c LEFT JOIN item i ON c.item_id = i.item_id WHERE c.customer_no = 1 AND c.delete_flg = 0

javascript – Need to get data from product page to a cart as a slider side panel and have mysql database data show up my fields

products page -> goes to Cart page From(Add to Cart button) When pressed, it sends customer to Cart Page which should be visible as a slider panel which holds the Cart Data for Add to Cart Entry includes quantity, price, picture thumb, and total price with a checkout button going to Paypal Checkout. Working with mysql database (products table) and PHP and javascript / CSS as my landing pages.

Reload page after removing item from Mini cart in magento 2.3.3

Is there any way to reload the page completely, when we remove an item from mini cart.
After clicking on ok , i want to reload the page.

plugins – Easy Digital Downloads – Cart not working on AWS hosting

We have a site hosted on AWS. But, the Easy Digital Downloads cart is not working properly. Items added to cart disappears and the items are not removed as well. Also, there is no any cache plugin installed. There are only some basic plugins installed and there is no error on browser console.

Can someone hopefully shed some light on this?

Thank you.

Info_buyrequest not loading after editing quote on cart configure product page

I am running magento 2.3 using Redis as cache. When an item it added to the basket I store additional info into info_buyRequest. If I then goto the cart page and select edit I get sent to the cart configure page (product_page) but the contents of info_buyrequest is blank. If I reload the cart configure page then I see the Params saved in the info_buyrequest array. I thought at first magento was reloading a cached version of the product page but I can see the Item->Id.

magento2 – Magento 2 – need super simple way of assessing whether cart is empty or not in list.phtml file

Client wants to display a conditional message on the category list.phtml page depending on whether or not the cart has ANYTHING in it

I’ve found a lot of posts about creating a custom module to be able to assess cart items etc. but surely there must just be a simple way of identifying whether the cart contains anything or not without the need for a whole module to do so.

I don’t care if we’re counting items, reporting totals, assessing whether a cart exists or however it’s done I just need a ‘cart_empty’ true or false variable

Any ideas?

magento2 – Bug in translation add to cart: translation resets to default value after adding product to cart (only in production mode)

I experience a problem on a Magento 2.4.1 store.

The problem: the Add to cart button on the product page is translated correctly on initial load. This is in Dutch in my case: “In Winkelwagen”. After clicking the button it changes to untranslated text “Adding…” and then “Added” and finally it changes to “Add to Cart” so it resets from Dutch to English when using the add to cart button.

This only happens in production mode. In developer mode the several translations work as expected.

I did some research I found similar issues but those are dated.


  • Is this a known bug for this version? (M2.4.1)
  • How can I fix it?**

plugins – Woocommerce – Disable “Add to Cart” button (not hide), and add additional button with features

plugins – Woocommerce – Disable “Add to Cart” button (not hide), and add additional button with features – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

magento2 – How to remove shipping from Cart (Magento 2.4)

I am trying to remove the Shipping & Coupon container from the /checkout/cart page. I tried to copy the XML file into layout/override/base and edit it, but then I get blank page on /cart.

A simpler way would be by hiding it via CSS, but I am trying to do it programatically and proper way.

Currently I have following container as shown in the image, which I want to disable from the cart page.

enter image description here

And the code to show this container exist in vendor/magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/layout/checkout_cart_index.xml , I also tried to comment out the block inside this file, but then everything gets messed up i.e. checkout process too.


I was able to do it by following this however, I had to edit the actual XML file, if I place the code in override/base/XML then it doesn’t work, and I get a blank page. Why is that?

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