transactions – I used edge wallet to send my bitcoin from my wallet to my cash app but i used a low fee soo its been unconfirmed for 10 days what can i do?

So it looks like your transaction does not have RBF (Replace-by-Fee) enabled, so you won’t be able to bump your fee in a replacement transaction.

And there’s no change output, so it seems you sent all your money in one go, so you wouldn’t be able to do a CPFP (Child-Pays-for-Parent) transaction.

One suggestion is to use ViaBTC’s Transaction Accelerator service. You can pay them in Bitcoin Cash to have them include your transaction in the next block they mine. So, you’ll lose money still by paying for the service, but your transaction would be confirmed sooner.

development – Difference between sending a transaction on bitcoin and bitcoin cash

I am making a script that connect to a node and do a transaction, everything from scratch, what would be the difference if I wanted to use the same script for bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

I have already changed the seed discovery peers and the magic number related to each protocol, but is there more things I need to change so that I can communicate properly for each kind of protocol ?

cryptography – What happens when everybody decides to convert their BTC to Cash

In order for you to sell your BTC for fiat cash, another trader needs to be on the other end of that deal and be willing to buy your BTC in exchange for their fiat cash.

So as long as someone is willing to buy your Bitcoin for cash, it’ll have a dollar value. Now, if everyone only wanted to sell Bitcoin, and nobody wanted to buy it, it would be worth $0.

money – Usage of cash in Europe during COVID

In US, some businesses (especially restaurants) are refusing cash, accepting payment only by card (presumably to limit transferring disease by cash). Is the same thing occurring in Europe? I’ll be travelling to Paris, London, and Dublin and need to know if I’m going to travel 100% on card, or will be better served using local currency (as I would have done pre-COVID).

Why do ATMs (Cash Machines) display a thank you message for so long?

When I use an ATM, as soon as I have my card and cash I’m walking away. I don’t hang around to read any “thank you” screen after the transaction is complete.

When using an ATM immediately after someone else in the queue, I’m often frustrated by having to wait for up to 10 seconds while the machine continues to display such a “thank you” screen, during which time I can’t insert my card to start a new transaction and the user the sceen is intended for is already halfway down the street.

Does anyone (industry insiders?) know a good reason for this?
If it’s just a way of thanking the previous customer, why can’t I insert my card until it has finished displaying?
Is it actually just something to look at whilst the machine is busy doing something, like a splash screen?

Surely the banks/manufacturers have figured out that it will rarely be seen by the intended user, because as far as they’re concerned the transaction is complete as soon as they have their cash/receipt/card etc.

I only have experience of UK cash machines, other countries may be different.

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bitcoin cash – How to get master node in BCH from xPub?

I need to derive the first address belongs to an xPub.

I checked this documentation:

I tried this code:


but it returned this error:

not a master node

It seems bitbox.HDNode.fromXPub("xpub6D2vLmZcXc...")returns not master node?!

Do you have any idea how to derive in BCH?

It is important, I do no have any seed, only xPub!

enter image description here

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Bitcoin cash not syncing the current block

I have installed BCH "Bitcoin Unlimited Cash Edition bucash1.7.0.0". Problem is the current block is not synced in our wallet server, the server is stuck at block "635258". How to rectify this problem, please suggests me

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