magento2 – Paging not showing on category view

I am unable to see paging on my category view products.
By default 12 products show and when I add a query string ?p=2 then other page products show.

Here is my setting inside admin panel

enter image description here

I have checked the file.

these two methods also exist responsible to print paging

<?= $block->getToolbarHtml() ?>
<?= $block->getAdditionalHtml() ?>

linear algebra – Neural network architecture capable of performing a sum by category?

I am wondering whether it would be possible to build a NN that can be trained to take 2D training examples (with a fixed number of rows) where the two columns would represent an amount and a category, and output a vector with the aggregated amount by type (lenght would be equal to the number of different possible types).

For example:


(amount) (category)
0.2 1
0.5 2
0.7 3
1.1 1
0.1 2


(1.3, 0.6, 0.7) (the aggregated amounts wouldn’t need to be in any specific order)

I have some basic knowledge of neural networks but can’t think of an architecture that would work (I’ve unsuccesfully attempted some). May be it could be achieved with convolutions using some special filters..

I guess the question goes beyond NNs and what I’m really asking if it is possible to come up with a sequence of matrix operations and activation functions to perform a “SUM GROUP BY”.

Thank you!

magento2 – Magento 2 : Import category product data error

I am facing below error on some category id’s
when i try to export category product data using below

I need some advice what this code means & ways to fix this.

{“0”:”Item (MagentoCatalogModelProductInterceptor) with the same ID “112445” already exists.”,”1″:”#1 MagentoEavModelEntityCollectionAbstractCollection->addItem() called at (generated/code/Magento/Catalog/Model/ResourceModel/Product/Collection/Interceptor.php:608)n#2 MagentoCatalogModelResourceModelProductCollectionInterceptor->addItem() called at (vendor/magento/module-eav/Model/Entity/Collection/AbstractCollection.php:1138)n#3

php – trying to put an active hover to my custom nav category buttons

I have a custom category buttons which each of buttons link and echoed the specific category at the same page. my goal is to put a active background hover color on the active link. here is my code so far:

  $args = array(
  'orderby' => 'slug',
  'order' => 'ASC',
  'parent' => 0,
  'hide_empty' => false
  $categories = get_categories( $args );
  foreach( $categories as $category ){
  echo '<li><a class="ctg" href="' . get_category_link( $category->term_id ) .' ">' . $category->name . '</a></li>';

and my css:

    .ctg:hover {
      background: #A6EBF2;
    .ctg:active {
      background-color: #A6EBF2;

any help is appreciated.

higher category theory – Counterexamples concerning $infty$-topoi with infinite homotopy dimension

In “Higher Topos Theory”, Lurie introduces three different notions of dimension for an $infty$-topos $mathcal{X}$, namely:

  • Homotopy dimension (henceforth h.dim.), which is $leq n$ if $n$-connective objects admit global sections.
  • Local Homotopy dimension $leq n$ if there exist objects ${ U_alpha }$ generating $mathcal{X}$ under colimits such that $mathcal{X}_{/U_alpha}$ is of h.dim. $leq n$.
  • Cohomological dimension (coh.dim.) $leq n$ if for $k>n$ and any abelian group object $A in operatorname{Disc}(mathcal{X})$, we have $operatorname{H}^k(mathcal{X},A) = 0$.

Corollary shows that if $n geq 2$, and $mathcal{X}$ is an $infty$-topos that has finite h.dim. and coh. dim. $leq n$, then it also has h.dim. $leq n$. While the converse (h.dim $leq n$ then also coh.dim. $leq n$) always holds, the extra requirements are definitely necessary for the given proof; and there is even a counterexample given in for an $infty$-topos that is of coh.dim. 2, but has infinite h.dim.:

Let $mathbb{Z}_p$ be the p-adic integers regarded as a profinite group. The example is constructed by forming an ordinary category $mathcal{C}$ of the finite quotients ${ mathbb{Z}_p/{p^n mathbb{Z}_p}}_{n geq 0}$, equipping it with a Grothendieck topology where any nonempty sieve ist covering, and forming the (evidently 1-localic) $infty$-topos $mathcal{X}=Shv(Nmathcal{C})$. While I don’t completely understand the p-adic methods used in the proof that this is of infinite homotopy dimension, the gist is the following: An $infty$-connective morphism $alpha$ in $mathcal{X}$ ist constructed and it is shown that $alpha$ can’t be an equivalence, so that $mathcal{X}$ is not hypercomplete and, due to Corollary, can therefore not be of locally finite homotopy dimension. This is where my issue with the proof lies: Locally finite homotopy dimension does not imply finite homotopy dimension, neither the other way around:

  • In Post #80 here, Marc Hoyois gives an example of a cohesive (therefore also finite h.dim.) $infty$-topos that is not hypercomplete, and can’t be locally of finite h.dim because of this. Further, I was told that sheaves over Spectra, e.g. of $mathbb{Z}$, with the étale topology often also are counterexamples of this direction.
  • I unfortunately do not know an example of an $infty$-topos that is of finite local h.dim. but not of finite h.dim.; I would be happy if anyone could think of one.

It seems to me that this proof in HTT is not complete because of this, and therefore I wanted to ask whether I just didn’t properly understand the argument, a part is missing or if the example maybe doesn’t even work at all.

customization – How can I list the recent posts of a specif category and its descendants?

Category 1

  • Category 1.1
  • Category 1.2
  • Category 1.3

Category 2

  • Category 2.1
  • Category 2.2
  • Category 2.3

When user access SINGLE or ARCHIVE pages of category 1 or any of its descendants, he should see a list of 10 most recent posts of categories 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3. (Not the recent post of each category, but the most recent posts between the posts of all those categories).

If user is on 2.2 (archive or single page), he should see a list of the 10 most recent posts between categories 2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.

I couldn’t paste any code here, because I don’t have any idea on how to do this…

Can you guys help me?

ag.algebraic geometry – Equivariant coherent sheaf category for unipotent group actions

Suppose $U$ is a complex algebraic unipotent group. Let $X$ be a projective variety with a $U$-action. For simplicity, we may assume that there are only finite many $U$ orbits on $X$. The primary example that I have in mind is when $X=G/B$, the flag variety associated to a reductive group $G$, with $Usubset B$ the unipotent radical of a Borel subgroup acting on the left. In this case, the $U$-orbits are indexed by the Weyl group elements.

My question is:

Is there a concrete description of $D^b(Coh^U(X))$, the derived category of $U$-equivariant coherent sheaves on $X$? By concrete, I mean is there a way to construct a collection of generators and explicitly calculate the morphisms between them? I’m also particularly interested in the case for $X=G/B$ as above.

Category structure for SEO and/or customer?


I’m setting up categories for my e-commerce site (clothing) and have researched what queries on Google Search Console generates exposes for my site. I then categorized those searches and found that type of product and type of material totally dominates search queries. In my understanding, categorizing your content is a way to explain to Google how you organize your content to your customers. So I then find it a bit odd that almost all sites selling clothes promotes the category gender by first making the customer choose between female, male and child. Why is that?



php – Url Not working – Category Pages not Loading

I ran the following commands to enable a module on magento 2.4.1:
bin/magento module:enable testapp
bin/magento setup:upgrade
The command executed successfully, but this caused the images on my website [CSS] to stop displaying and. The navigation tab on my Admin panel also stopped working.
I then ran the following command: – php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f and the issue was fixed [The front page css is now showing properly].

However, the other category pages on the navigation tab of the website are not loading. seems like the URL’s are broken. it gives an error: – This page isn’t working

Can any one help with this please?


category theory – Tor for modules over categories

$newcommandVect{mathrm{Vect}}newcommandHom{mathrm{Hom}}$Let $A$ be a (small, whatever else we need) $k$-linear category for a field $k$. Let $M$ be an $A$-module, i.e., a functor $Mcolon A to Vect$, and $N$ be an $A^text{op}$-module. $AWe can form the tensor product

$$M otimes_A N = int^{a in A} Ma otimes_k Na,$$

which lies in $Vect$. This should be enough to define $mathrm{Tor}^A_i(M, N)$ by the long exact sequence. I have questions about this functor:

  • Is it balanced? I assume yes. Does this already follow from the Embedding Theorem and balancedness for modules?
  • Is it computable in terms of free modules? What is a free module, even? I know about the free-forgetful adjunction, but is there a more hands-on description of free modules? Is $Hom_A(a,-)$ for $a in A$ a free module? Are all free modules direct sums of this?
  • Are projective modules flat?

I’d guess that all answers to these questions are affirmative. Where can I find more about that?