sql – Sap CDS Association with where condition

I have two view ;

ZC_PurRequisitionFs and ZMM_ONAYT005. first view extended from C_PurRequisitionFs. Second view get data from Z* table.

my question is how to get only first view data that is not exist on second view ?

@AbapCatalog.sqlViewAppendName: 'ZCPURREQUISFS'
@EndUserText.label: 'Sat belgeleri'
extend view C_PurRequisitionFs with ZC_PurRequisitionFs {
} where ZC_PurRequisitionFs.object_id not in( SELECT * FROM ZMM_ONAYT005 ).

sharepoint online – Create a PowerApp’s Approval Requests CDS Browse screen to show a link to the MS Flow Approval items

I want to build a PowerApp which shows the MS Flow requests from this page:-

enter image description here

So first step i did is that i add a new PowerApp from CDS >> Approval Requests, as follow:-

enter image description here
enter image description here

Where i will get this Browse screen automatically:-

enter image description here

Now i need to modify this Built-in browse screen, to show URLs which will take the user to the MS flow Approve/Reject screen.. i found that i can access these data..

enter image description here

But i am not sure if i can use/benefit from this data to build a URL to the MS Flow Approvals items? so the user from the PowerApp Browser screen can click on a link which will open this MS flow screen to provide a response:-

enter image description here

sharepoint online – MS Flow is raising this error :- ‘XrmSystemUserDisabled’. Error Message: ‘The CDS system user record representing user is disabled

When the MS flow runs it raises the following error on a “Start and Wait for Approval” action:-

The request failed. Error code: 'XrmSystemUserDisabled'. Error Message: 'The CDS system user record representing user 'admin.user@***.com' is disabled. Please ask a database administrator to enable this user.'.

Here is a screen shot of my Flow and the error i am getting:-
enter image description here

now the admin.user@***.com is our global admin and is enabled,,, so why the error is saying that the user account is disabled… any advice? Also seems all the Connections are working well as follow:-
enter image description here

so not sure what is going on?

No mouse support for any boot cds on my new laptop

I use plenty of boot cds aspart of my work – such as macrium for imaging, and others for partition management and a variety of other multipurpose actions.  I recently bought a new laptop branded AVITA and when i booted u with the macrium boot cd, i found there was no mouse (trackpad) support WHICH IS THERE IN ALL MY OTHER LAPTOPS WHEN USING THE SAME BOOT CDS.  Yes i can plugin a usb mouse and it does work and provide me with a workaround for the issue.So what exactly is happening and why?  Is it a deficiency in the laptop BIOS?Is there a workaround (other than the above)? and can i introduce trackpad support by opening up the iso’s themselves to introduce a trackpad driver for the same?Thanks for any help and enlightenment on this

2nd pathfinder – Spellcaster class CDs do not increase?

This seems like a stupid question, but I can not find any real answer.

By building a higher level character to play a little with the system, I noticed what seems to be an omission. At some point in the progression of each class, the DC class will gradually increase.

For example:

Powerful rage Barbarian level 11

Your rabies intensifies and allows you to switch to action. Your
rank of competence for your barbaric DC class increases
to the expert. You win the free action Mighty Rage.

But in spell casting classes, the DC class is not explicitly mentioned in what appears to be the proper feats.


Spellcaster expert Level 7 Wizard

Extensive practice of the arcane has improved your
capabilities. Your skills rank for the arcane spell
Attack rolls and CD spells become expert.

Is this a strange omission in writing or do I totally misunderstand the operation of class controllers and spell casting classes? just to use their DC spell instead of the DC class?

5th dnd – Which CDs should I use for someone who is trying to survive indefinitely only with an alchemy pitcher as the sole source of food and water? (survival campaign)

The Player's Manual contains explicit rules on food / water consumption that you will want to refer to.


A character needs a pound of food a day and can make the food last longer by subsisting with a half-ration. Eating half a pound of food a day equals half a day without food.

A character can stay without food for a number of days equal to 3 + his Constitution modifier (minimum 1). At the end of each day beyond this limit, a character automatically undergoes a level of exhaustion.

A normal meal day resets the number of days without food.


A character needs a gallon of water a day or two gallons a day when it is hot. A character who drinks only half of that amount of water must make a DC 15 save save or be exhausted by the end of the day. A character having access to even less water automatically undergoes a level of exhaustion at the end of the day.

If the character already has one or more levels of exhaustion, it takes two levels in both cases.

Food and water, Player's Manual, p. 185

An alchemy pitcher is more than capable of producing a gallon a day (up to 8, in fact, fresh water), and there is no rule that fluids produced by the pitcher of alchemy disappear with time, so in a temperate climate, an alchemy pitcher could produce enough water to feed 8 humanoids, which means that the excess can be spent on the food.

A humanoid must consume at least 1 pound of food to stay fed, and an alchemy jug is capable of producing 1 gallon of honey, 2 gallons of mayonnaise, 4 gallons of beer and 1 gallon of wine. The 5th edition D & D does not have rules concerning the balancing of macronutrients. Therefore, at least, according to the rules of the game, 2 gallons of mayonnaise (or about 16 pounds) is enough to support up to 16 creatures a day.

Realistically, a group of up to 5 characters could survive on a pot of alchemy, producing water 2 days out of 3 (5 × 3 = 15 gallons of 16 gallons produced) and producing Mayonnaise every third days (5 × 3 = 15 pounds of 16 pounds produced), with an excess of 1 gallon of water and 1 pound of mayonnaise every three days.

So, unless the party is bigger than 5 humanoid creatures, there is no need to call for any type of control in the first place. They are perfectly capable of feeding themselves and being watered.

I mean, you have to take the Jug Alchemy Jug if you intend to run a real survival campaign.

Although we believe that only water feeds and that surviving in honey / mayonnaise / beer / wine does not provide enough nutritional value to survive (which, if you're running a survival campaign, is not unreasonable applies), water is easily the most difficult substance to obtain. Literally, the real-world professional survival guides emphasize the second priority, the safety of water, which comes after the protection of predators and elements. And in game mechanics, spending a single day without water (or even with poor quality water) is much more challenging than spending days without food.

Thus, an article whose sole purpose can only be to trivialize this part of the difficulty will always be a problem, regardless of the players' attempts to also let this article meet their dietary needs.

So, if you intend to properly restore the survivability mechanisms of your campaign, you will have to delete this item. Talk to your players, explain the problem to them (and make sure you play the same game), then, after doing all that and getting your players' consent, give you a narrative justification to explain why the pitcher has disappeared. Does not work anymore.

5th dnd – Which CDs should I use for someone who is trying to survive only with an alchemy pitcher as a source of food and water?

They do not have any other access to food or magic. There are no negative environmental effects beyond the complete lack of food / water in the surrounding area.

The pot provides one of the following quantities of liquid per day:
Liquid Max Amount
8 ounces acid
Basic Poison 1/2 ounce
4 gallon beer
Honey 1 gallon
Mayonnaise 2 gallons
1 quart oil
Vinegar 2 gallons
Fresh water 8 gallons
Water, salt 12 gallons
1 gallon wine

How to capture images of discs (CDs, DVDs) that highlight scratches and flaws?

I tried to find a configuration that would allow me to take pictures of the backs of video game discs that would show any scuffing or scratching discs. I tried a lot of variations but I did not manage to get a good shot.

LTE signal in colo cabinets? Do CDs allow microcells / femtocells?

In this case, you should not visit high-security, standard data centers in major metropolitan areas of the United States. Low security data centers are normally located in warehouses or buildings that were not originally designed as secure data centers (for example, aluminum linings, drywall, no reinforced concrete wall on the perimeter and / or data center rooms, etc.).

This is how the best secure data centers are built in the United States. You may have a cellular reception in the visitor center before you check in due to (in rare cases) glass windows or the fact that you are not allowed to bring mobile phones, but as soon as possible . when you visit secure areas that are usually reinforced concrete walls, some with additional RF shielding and / or metal walls, the reception is weak or even zero, as many are built to very high safety standards to meet the high security requirements of both public and private sector clients. For those who normally need the ability to connect to wireless communications (4G, LTE, satellite, microwave, etc.), many would route optical fiber to the roof or to a separate location that would get a good signal, where appropriate.

Cell phone signals have a hard time crossing very thick reinforced concrete walls because of the reduction in the amount of radiation they can pass through (attenuation). Some do it by accident while they were trying to make sure that the walls were reinforced and thick (the same thing happens if you get a metal tent on the windows of your car and that this one contains too much metal particles). With many data centers, parts and metal doors reduce the signal of the cell to the point of no longer receiving a signal (no bars). It is even a major problem in multi-storey office and apartment buildings when approaching the center of the building, especially if it is a building with few or no windows (eg , many secure office buildings, sub-contractor offices, ISP data centers). , Data Centers for R & D, etc.).


If you receive a strong signal, you will probably not be in a highly secure data center, which is fine if your business does not require high security. In many high-security data centers, thick reinforced concrete walls should give you a cold, hard response if you tap them with your fingers with little or no noise (other than the sound of your fingers hitting the wall) after the passage through a beautiful secure door controlled access heavy metal.