Is there a way to copy text from two cells to another worksheet only if another cell has a YES?

I want to copy the text of cells A1 and B1 into another spreadsheet that will be sent by e-mail, but only if the text of cell E1 contains a "YES".

How could I do something like this in Google Sheets?

sheets – ImportRange and Query Function Data condense into one cell

I'm trying to create a spreadsheet that imports data from one worksheet into another, and then sorts that data by a key phrase. Here is the formula I use:
= Query ("URL", "ReferenceTab! Cell: Cell"), "Select * where Col2 =" Lost "")
The problem I have is that this formula works on some of the tabs of the same spreadsheet, but in others it compiles all of the data into a single cell. I have no idea how to fix this. Thanks in advance!

Attacks – How does an IMSI sensor "usurp" a base station / cell tower?

By reading on the IMSI sensors, I continue to see that they "spoof the identity" of a real cell tower or a "base station" so the phone leaves drop its data transmitted by the signal on this machine during its path to the intended destination.

What I do not understand, is how exactly does the IMSI sensor, or by what mechanism? What is it? To do deceive the phone / SIM / connection by saying "This is a valid stop to drop data"?

Google sheets – How to import cell data from a workbook to a different workbook?

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Google Apps script – Create a new sheet with a "template" based on the value of the cell

I'm trying to do some statistics on the AFL (Australian Football League) here in Australia and I want to better understand the shape of the players based on some key statistics. =
To do this, I would like to check if a URL exists and return the 200 response code and if so, then create a new worksheet with the request ID of the URL.
A URL looks like this

My editable worksheet is here.

What I've done so far is create a script to check if a URL (column A) exists, the answer is stored in column B.

The code I use to check the URL is

​function HTTPResponse( uri )
var response_code ;
try {
response_code = UrlFetchApp .fetch( uri ) .getResponseCode() .toString() ;
catch( error ) {
response_code = error .toString() .match( / returned code (ddd)./ )(1) ;
finally {
  return response_code;

What I'm trying to do, it's
If the response code is 200, create a new worksheet with the highlighted portion in bold of the URL (for example, 9721).
In this new sheet in A1, the formula


Where the URL is the same as the initially verified URL

I thought I could check if the repsonse_code was 200, then add a new sheet, but in one way or another, it always ended with an error.
If someone can steer me in the right direction, that would be great.

thank you,

QUERY leaves (Select, Where, Contains, Limit) that works, except when the cell is empty

I have a QUERY formula of Google sheets that works pretty much:
= query (data, "SELECT A WHERE B contains & # 39;" & A5 & "LIMIT 10", 1)

Essentially, the query does, for the given data range, it selects a cell in column A where column B contains some text, and I limit the output list of values ​​returned to just 10 rows. Everything works well.

Where I encounter a problem, is when the "& A5 &" above refers to an empty cell, I always get a list of returned (and bad) values ​​when really, if an empty cell is referenced, the output should be nothing at all. So, if "& A5 &" refers to an empty cell, I do not want ANY output value returned, that is, empty results.

I did a quick Google search on several different forums to find possible solutions. Apparently, "is not zero" could be a solution? Or <> & # 39; But I do not know how to integrate in the syntax.

My apologies, I am not an expert in sheets / queries / syntax and I would appreciate any advice / suggestions.

Thank you

How to format an Excel cell containing 0 or a BLANK value in -?

I want to format cells on a column of an excel (with general or numeric values). So, if a cell had a 0 and I would like to replace it with a "-". Therefore, I use the custom format

(* #, ## 0);(* (#, ## 0);(* "-" ??);(@_)


But if a cell has a value of 0 or BLANK, how can I change the format above to also display "-" for BLANK values?

google sheets – How to change the height of the line of text in a cell?

I could not find an option in the recent version of Google Sheets to change the height of the line of text (the spacing between lines of a single cell).

You understand even more the problem when you export the spreadsheet in PDF format: the lines are very close to each other, which makes the reading uncomfortable.

In summary, it would be useful to adjust the height of the lines. I like to give spacing to lines of text (a long line, no splitting of text on different cells).

Sum all the numbers that have the correct month in a neighboring cell

I have such a table

A    B            C    D
10   20.09.2019   5    12.10.2019
7    11.10.2019   2     2.11.2019
3    11.09.2019   8     3.10.2019
12   14.09.2019   11   18.09.2019

Each number has a date in an adjacent cell on the right.
I'm trying to summarize all the numbers that have a month = 9


So the result must be 10 + 3 + 12 + 18 = 43

Google Sheet – Hide the value of the cell if it is not allowed

I had a GSheet file with a voting system like this


In reality, each user can only edit his line with a cell authorization. We want to "hide" the cells of another user, is this possible ??

Thank you !