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Central inputs in the Boostrap 4

Hello, I am a beginner in design, I must center the phone entries of the contact names in the following form in boostrap 4, in boostrap 3 if it worked for me

@Html.ValidationSummary(true, "", new { @class = "text-danger" })
@Html.DropDownList("PosicionId", null, htmlAttributes: new { @placeholder = "Posicion ", @class = "form-control" }) @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.PosicionId, "", new { @class = "text-danger" })
@Html.EditorFor(model => model.Nombre, new { htmlAttributes = new { @placeholder = "Nombre del Candidato ", @class = "form-control" } }) @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Nombre, "", new { @class = "text-danger" })

[ Politics ] Open Question: Why are Mexicans and Central Americans so badly treated in the United States?

[Politics] Open question: Why are Mexicans and Central Americans badly treated in the United States?

Bitdefender Central – Everything Else

Bitdefender Central is a user-centric platform that allows users to review and manage all their devices, licenses, activation codes and product purchases. In addition, the activation of multiple devices and the version license can be easily performed with one click of the mouse.

Windows App – ManageEngine Desktop Central Enterprise 10.0.426 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

ManageEngine Desktop Central Enterprise 10.0.426 Multilingual | 353.5 / 355 MB

Desktop Central is a unified terminal management solution that facilitates the management of servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets from a central location.

Patch Management

Software Deployment
A flawless stay

Desktop Central is a unified terminal management solution that facilitates the management of servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets from a central location.
Automate the usual endpoint management routines, such as patching, software deployment, imaging and operating system deployment, asset management, software licensing, monitoring productivity statistics use of software, managing the use of USB devices, taking control of remote workstations, etc. Desktop Central supports the management of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Manage your mobile devices to deploy profiles and policies, set up devices for Wi-Fi, VPN, email accounts, etc., apply restrictions for using the camera, browser, and so on. , and secure your devices, such as activation of access code, remote lock / delete, and so on. Manage all your smartphones and tablets iOS, Android and Windows.
Patch Management
Secure your network by automating patch deployment for Windows, Mac, Linux, and third-party applications.
Software Deployment
Deploy the software to all devices in your network with just a few clicks using more than 4,500 predefined application templates.
Mobile Device Management
Set up, manage, and secure mobile devices centrally with mobile device management.
Creation and deployment of operating system
Automatically imagine and deploy the operating system on Windows computers, as well as install the required drivers and applications to help with the deployment of the operating system.
IT Asset Management
Manage the software and hardware resources of your network and effortlessly track license and warranty details.
Remote control
Troubleshoot remote desktop issues with multi-user collaboration, file transfer, video recording, and more.
Modern management
Unify endpoint management with a similar approach to managing mobile phones and Windows 10 devices.
USB Device Management
Limit and control the use of USB devices on the network, at the user level and at the computer level.
More than 25 predefined configurations, including power management, USB device management, security policies, and more.
Available languages:
Desktop Central is available in English, Japanese, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian, German, French, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Norwegian and Portuguese.
You can install the Desktop Central server and distribution servers on one of the following Windows operating system versions:
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows Server 2008 *
Windows Server 2008 R2 *
Windows Server 2012 R2 *
Windows Server 2016 *
Windows Server 2019 *
* – recommended for managing 5000 or more endpoints.


monoidal categories – $ A otimes (-) monoidality with $ A $ central monoid

Let $ ( mathcal {C}, otimes) $ a monoidal category, and $ (A, m, e) $ a monoid (where $ m: A otimes A to A $, $ e: I to A $ ecc. ), with $ (A) $ belonging to the center of $ ( mathcal {C}, otimes) $: $ u: A (ot) (-) cong (-) otimes A $, ecc. see (JS) p.38.

Consider the functor (usual) $ F_A (-): = A otimes (-): mathscr {C} to mathscr {C} $there are natural morphisms:

$ alpha_ {X, Y}: F_A (X) otimes F_A (Y) = A otimes X otimes A otimes Y xrightarrow {1u1} A otimes A otimes X otimes Y
xrightarrow {m11} X otimes Y = F_A (X otimes Y) $

$ phi: I cong F_A (I) $ (canonical isomphism).

Question: Does the above data define a monoidal functor? What axioms of consistency (between the monoidal and central object structure) we need?

(JS) Braided tensor categories, A.Joyal, R.Street

authentication – Unable to access Central Administration

Apparently, in the last 3-4 weeks, we have lost our ability to enter the central administration. Now when I or the other SA are trying to get the URL with the port, it asks us to authenticate again and does not take our credentials. (Directly on the server, as we have always done.) We tried our domain accounts and our local admin account on the box.

We were trying to get in because a SharePoint database on C: exploded in size last week and filled the drive and the setting is in … Central Administration. It is great to troubleshoot an interface to be able to intervene to solve the initial problem.

No changes have been made to this server because the SharePoint manager who left them has apparently left them in a test org unit without a GPO, without a firewall / McAfee … You do not know exactly what could have changed.

Enjoy any advice.

bitcoind – How long are orphaned or outdated blocks kept in the memory of Bitcoin Central Nodes?

You talk about stale blocks. Orphaned blocks are blocks for which the previous (parent) hash field points to an unknown block or to a block that has not yet been processed by the local node. Since Bitcoin Core follows the first approach of the headers, the block headers are first downloaded and validated before downloading the block data. As a result, full nodes will never receive blocks whose parents are not informed. So, with the first current headers, an orphan block will not be downloaded by your Bitcoin Core node.

Now come to stale blocks. All blocks are stored on the disk in the blocks / blk * .dat file. Blocking data that you receive from your peers, if valid, is permanently stored in this directory. However, to receive expired blocks, you must be online by the time your peer has released a block from a different chain view. The peers will only broadcast the blocks they see forming the current active channel from their point of view. By using this command, you will be able to recover only the expired blocks that you received when you were online.

You can use the bitcoin-cli getchaintips command to return information about all known tips in the block tree, including the main chain and other branches.