Question about the central unit of the original car from the iPod

I have an Ipod Classic. I have a 2017 Mazda 3 in which I installed a new stereo system with a spare Pioneer main unit. The iPod works great with the pioneer, no problem there. However, I have gone to some great links to exit the receiver and the display screen in tact so that I can at least use the backup camera.
I was curious, is it possible to split the USB cable from the iPod and have it interact with the main unit of the aftermarket for the control of the iPod and the iPod? Audio, while sending the divided signal to the factory head to use its display capabilities?
Thanks in advance for enlightening me.

reference request – Central limit theorem versus entropy in a dynamic system context

A dynamic system $ (S ^ 1, T, mu) $, $ T_ * mu = mu $, $ T $ ergodic, $ S ^ 1 $ is a circle. Suppose he has a central limit theorem.

You want to know the relationship between its theoretical measurement entropy $ h _ { mu} (T) $ and the central limit theorem? Is there a good reference for this? Thank you!

For theoretical entropy of measurement $ h _ { mu} (T) $, see

For the central limit theorem, means: for any observable beam $ phi $ sure $ S ^ 1 $ with $ int phi d mu = 0 $, $ frac { sum_ {i le n} phi circ T ^ i} { sqrt {n}} stackrel {d} { longrightarrow} N (0,1) $.

c ++ – Publisher-subscriber architecture with central register

Publisher-Subscriber architecture with a central registry where agents can either promote their capacities or search for a given capacity.

The project must be developed with C / C ++. A graphical interface used to compose a chain of agents is an asset (not necessarily C or C ++).

  • Configure the publisher-subscriber in place using ZeroMQ
  • The role of the central registry (or bulletin board) is only to connect agents to each other using sockets
  • Data serialization is done with MessagePack or FlatBuffers

It is the first time that I have been asked to develop a Publisher / Subscriber architecture and I have never used the libraries I listed above.

Does my approach seem good to you?

Two explicit cococyclics for the central extension of $ mathbb {Z} _2 hookrightarrow Spin (n) twoheadrightarrow SO (n) $?

I was wondering if there was a simple expression for a two-person cocycle representing the central extension the central extension of $ mathbb {Z} _2 hookrightarrow Spin (n) twoheadrightarrow SO (n) $. It would also be nice if there were neat expressions for the extensions corresponding to the pin groups. $ mathbb {Z} _2 hookrightarrow Pin ^ pm (n) twoheadrightarrow O (n) $.

Is it generally expected that these types of continuous group extensions have cocycle representations that are not too discontinuous?

How can I configure a double SSH tunnel so that two machines A and B behind the ssh firewalls in a central server so that A can VNC in B?

I have to connect via VNC from my machine A to another machine belonging to my friend B.
We have no way to open incoming ports – ISPs don't allow tunneling unless you buy a static IP based business plan.
Both are Linux BTW systems

We have a web server with full access, which we can both enter.
How do I configure a tunnel from each end to the server for VNC to work?

I know how to configure an ssh tunnel between two systems and I think it is not difficult to do A-> B-> C by running ssh first on A to B then on B to C

But I need A-> C and B-> C rather than A-> B and B-> C

Basically I think I need a proxy server – can it be done with SSH or even some sort of Linux networking magic?

Calculation of the first 2 terms of the Taylor exp. for the central manifold and find the reduced equation on the central manifold.

I'm having trouble solving the problem below. This is from the book by Meiss Dynamics. Can I get help solving the following system? Thank you

Consider the system $$ x & # 39; = y & # 39; $$ $$ y & # 39; = – y + ax ^ 2 + bxy. $$ Calculate the first two terms of the Taylor series expansion for the central manifold and find the reduced equation on the central manifold. For which values ​​of $ a $ and $ b $ is the origin stable? Unstable? Semi-stable? Note that the linearization originally is not in Jordanian canonical form.

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unity – How to find the central position of two or more objects?

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class MoveCameraBehind : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObject camera;
    public List targets = new List();
    public float cameraDistance = 10.0f;
    public bool behindMultipleTargets = false;
    public string cameraWarningMsgs = "";
    public string targetsWarningMsgs = "";

    // Use this for initialization
    void Start()
        if (camera == null)
            var cam = GetComponent();
            if (cam != null)
                cameraWarningMsgs = "Gettig camera component.";

                camera = transform.gameObject;
                cameraWarningMsgs = "Creating a new camera component.";

                GameObject NewCam = Instantiate(new GameObject(), transform);
       = "New Camera";
                camera = NewCam;

        if(targets.Count == 0)
            targetsWarningMsgs = "No targets found.";

    void FixedUpdate()
        if (targets.Count > 0)

    public void MoveCameraToPosition()
        if (targets.Count > 1 && behindMultipleTargets == true)
            var center = CalculateCenter();
            transform.position = new Vector3(center.x, center.y + 2, center.z + cameraDistance);

        if (behindMultipleTargets == false)
            Vector3 center = targets(0).transform.position - targets(0).transform.forward * cameraDistance;
            transform.position = new Vector3(center.x, center.y + 2, center.z);

    private Vector3 CalculateCenter()
        Vector3 center = new Vector3();

        var totalX = 0f;
        var totalY = 0f;
        foreach (var target in targets)
            totalX += target.transform.position.x;
            totalY += target.transform.position.y;
        var centerX = totalX / targets.Count;
        var centerY = totalY / targets.Count;

        center = new Vector3(centerX, centerY);

        return center;

The CalculateCenter function causes the targets (objects) to change position and disappear far away.
Even if there is only one target.

What I want to do is if there is an object, for example a 3D cube, position the camera behind the cube.
And if there are more cubes for example two or ten and the camera is elsewhere calculate the central position behind the targets and position the camera in the middle behind them.

To show what I mean in this example, the view (like a camera) is behind the two soldiers in the middle position between them from behind.

But what if there are 5 soldiers, how can I find the middle position and then position the camera behind them like this example in the screenshot?

See the example

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algebraic number theory – A quick question on central simple algebra

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