5th dnd – If a dragon under the effects of its Change Shape function is cloned, can the cloned dragon return to its true form?

Some dragons have the Change Shape feature. For example, the shape change feature of the ancient gold dragon reads as follows:

Change shape. The dragon magically transforms into a humanoid or beast whose challenge is not greater than his own or his true form. He resumes his real form if he dies. Any equipment that he wears or carries is absorbed or worn by the new form (the choice of the dragon).

In a new form, the dragon retains its alignment, health, dice, ability to speak, skills, legendary resistance, actions, scores in Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, as well as that action. Its statistics and features are replaced by those of the new form, with the exception of class features or legendary actions on this form.

This seems to make it eligible for the Clone spell, which reads as follows (that's me pointing out):

This spell develops an inert duplicate of a living creature and average like a
protect against death. This clone forms in a sealed vessel and
reaches its size and maturity after 120 days; you can also choose from
have the clone be a younger version of the same creature. He stays
inert and lasts indefinitely, as long as his ship remains

At any time after the clone, if the original creature dies,
his soul is transferred to the clone, provided that the soul is free and
ready to come back. The clone is physically identical to the original
and has the same personality, the same memories and abilities, but none of the
the equipment of origin. The physical remains of the original creature, if
they always exist, become inert and can not be restored later.
life, since the soul of the creature is elsewhere.

Now, probably if you were using Clone on a creature under the effects of True Polymorph, the spell would be only clone the active layer of True Polymorph, which means that the base creature below will not be cloned. However, the Change Shape function of the dragon gives it specifically the opportunity to reconvert itself into its true form with an action. I guess my confusion is just what it means for the cloned creature. Could he still return to his dragon form with an action, or would his "true form" now only be his cloned form, rendering this action essentially useless?

dnd 5th – Can a player change alignment in the middle of an adventure?

My players are at level 9 and we want to change the alignment from licit to chaotic.

I have the DMG, but I can not find anything about changing the mid-course alignment of a campaign.

Personally, I think the experience of life during an adventure can change a character. I just wanted to know if there is anything that says that he can not.

Are there rules or guidelines for this?

Google Play Store change of apks with time?

I have a trivial application at the Play Store. He calculates his own checksum and displays the results.

The checksum of the Play Store is always different from that of the downloaded apk file. I understand that Google adds its own special sauce to the apk, probably in the manifesto.

The checksum of the Play Store has changed since the first release of the application. Google Play change the apk from time to time?

reactjs – Change state in a function

I'm trying to change the selectedFile status from null to event.target.files (0), but it does not work in the onChangeHandler function.

import React, { Component } from "react";

export default class Comp1 extends Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      selectedFile: null,

  onChangeHandler = event => {
    console.log(event.target.files(0));   // <--THIS WORKS //
    console.log(this.state.selectedFile); // <-- THIS WORKS //
      selectedFile: event.target.files(0)
    }); // THIS DOES NOT WORK //
    console.log(this.state.selectedFile); // selectedFile did not update state //

  render() {
    return (
); } }

Differential Geometry – How Recessed and Isothermal Transforms Change Curvature?

Let $ X $ be a (closed) surface (or in general a variety). Let $ g $ to be a Riemannian metric on it. I'm thinking about how the following operations modify the curvature of $ g $:

(1) withdrawal by some diffeomorphism of $ X $;

(2) multiplication by a scalar, that is to say $ lambda g $ for some people $ lambda in mathbb R $.

More specifically, can we use these two operations to make it constant?

Simplify Expressions – How to Change Simplify

For example in OP FullSimplify gives the desired result:

FullSimplify ((5 + 3 x)/(2 + 3 x))

1 + 3 / (2 + 3 x)

To take a different example for which neither one nor the other Simplify or FullSimplify perform the desired simplification without additional work:

expr = (5 + 2 x)/(2 + 3 x);

Simplify  @ expr

(5 + 2 x) / (2 + 3 x)

FullSimplify @ expr

(5 + 2 x) / (2 + 3 x)

"minimize the number of occurrences of variables" you can use a custom ComplexityFunction which penalizes multiple occurrences of symbols. For example,

cF = Simplify`SimplifyCount(#) + 100 Count(#, _Symbol, All) &;

Use it with FullSimplify

FullSimplify(expr, ComplexityFunction -> cF)

2/3 + 11 / (6 + 9 x)

With Simplify we must do more:

Simplify(expr, ComplexityFunction -> cF)

(5 + 2 x) / (2 + 3 x)

Add Apart the Automatic TransformationFunctions used by Simplify gives the desired result:

Simplify(expr, ComplexityFunction -> cF, TransformationFunctions -> {Automatic, Apart})

2/3 + 11 / (6 + 9 x)

How to quickly change the text color of a cell in Google Sheets?

How can I quickly, in one or two clicks, assign a color to the text of a cell in Google Sheets?

In order to quickly determine the status of certain data in a worksheet that I manage, I assign a text color to the value of a cell. I do this dozens of times several times a month, and it's very tedious because it depends on an external manual process (for example, looking at the value of a cell, going to do a process manual, return and manually update the color of the text cell).

I have examined the execution of a script or a macro when I double-click on each cell (not currently available), adding a drop-down menu to the cell as well as the value existing cell (impossible, as far as I know), add a check box to the cell with the existing cell value (this does not seem possible), and use text formatting from the context menu ( not available).

wp head – Change dns-prefetch to preconnect for external queued resources

On https://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/37920, it defines the wp_resource_hints() function that has been added with WordPress 4.6.

On this page appears a section of the file general-template.php where the wp_resource_hints() function is defined, and there is also a function called wp_resource_hints_scripts_styles() which "Adds dns-prefetch for all scripts and styles queued from external hosts."

I would like to replace "dns-prefetch" with "preconnect" for all scripts and styles in external queue. In other words, I would like the wp_resource_hints_scripts_styles() function to use "preconnect" somehow.

Is it possible to modify the wp_resource_hints() function to achieve this?

I'm looking at the next part of the function, where "dns-prefetch" points to wp_resource_hints_scripts_styles(), and I wonder if this can be changed to use "preconnect" instead:

$hints = array(
  'dns-prefetch' => wp_resource_hints_scripts_styles(),
  'preconnect'   => array( 's.w.org' ),
  'prefetch'     => array(),
  'prerender'    => array(),

My apologies if I have not formulated this question in the clearest way!

5th dnd – Does anything change if the opportunity attacks only allow you to make melee attacks?

You will exclude a few critical cases, although one might wonder if these might or might not be used in an opportunity attack.

for example

  • The option of dismissal from Dispel evil and good.
  • Using Blade of flame, Sword of Mordenkainen, or Vampiric Touch attack.

Using the weapon created by a Spiritual weapon The spell or whip form of a Quaal Magic Item Quest Token normally requires a bonus action to launch a melee spell attack. Sage Advice stated that the Spiritual weapon It's not supposed to be able to make the attacks of opportunity. Given the same wording, you could argue the same for the magic element.

windows forms – Change the inheritance of a form into a VB.NET codition

I would like to change the form type in the design part of a standard Vb.net form file. For example:

 Partial Class configuracion
 #If bajorecursos Then
     Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form
     Inherits DevComponents.DotNetBar.Office2007Form
 #End If    

    ''' Designer variable used to keep track of non-visual components.
    Private components As System.ComponentModel.IContainer

To request an Inhertis or another, to change the form type, I use the following code but it generates an error, the original would be the following:

 Partial Class configuracion
     Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form

    ''' Designer variable used to keep track of non-visual components.
    Private components As System.ComponentModel.IContainer

This last code is good, it's the default code. How can I change inheritances according to a variable? I hope someone can help me thank you very much