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How to change the number of cells within each main grid area in

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Redirect all posts to home page when change permalinks in wordpress

I have installed WordPress on my host. The site has no problem but I want to change Permalinks. When I change WordPress Permalinks in settings and save it all posts and categories pages Redirect to home page and I can open only home page! When I change site theme to default the problem solved! What is incorrect in my theme? What the problem?

localization – Changing country in Android play store is not working, how can I change it?

I have moved from Hong Kong to the UK. I am now physically in the UK connected to the UK network with a UK number and a UK SIM. However, I can’t change my Play Store country to the UK.

Initially, in the Play Store app in Android, under country and profiles, there was Hong Kong and it suggested me to change to the UK, listing a few options how I can add a payment method, including adding credit / debit card, Three Pay, etc.

I tapped adding credit / debit card, and it showed a warning saying that I won’t be able to use my current balance, and I won’t be able to change again for 365 days. I tapped continue, the warning disappeared, and nothing happened.

I then used my computer to signed in Google Pay, created a UK profile, and added a UK debit card to it. Then under country and profiles, both Hong Kong and the UK appeared, with Hong Kong selected.

first step

When I tapped the UK, the same warning appeared, and after I tapped continue, the warning disappeared and nothing happened.

second step

I have two Android phones and they behave the same. I cannot delete my Hong Kong payment profile as I have a Developer account and an AdSense account tied to it. How can I change my Play Store country to the UK?

I have tried deleting storage and cache for my Play Store, and also tried removing the Google account and adding back in, but they didn’t help. Initially on the first day I landed the UK a box did appear for me to enter my account details, but I hadn’t got my debit card yet at that moment so I didn’t continue.

Username Change

Hello, how would I go about changing my username, please?

plugins – Change upload folder for a CPT

I have a CPT called “Musterkuechen”. Users have access to a custom dashboard that I created with ACF Frontend. They do not have access to the wordpress backend.

When I create a new post in the backend of wordpress, all media ends up in the folder “musterkuechen”.

However, when a User create a new post using the custom dashboard, the media goes into the standard uploads folder.
My script works in the wordpress backend dashboard, but not in the custom dashboard that I’ve made for my users.

What did I miss to make it work in the custom user dashboard?

Here is the Code:

add_filter('upload_dir', 'rrwd_upload_dir');

$upload = wp_upload_dir();
// remove_filter('upload_dir', 'rrwd_upload_dir');

function rrwd_upload_dir( $upload ) {

$id = $_REQUEST('post_id');
  $parent = get_post( $id )->post_parent;

  // Check the post-type of the current post
  if( "musterkuechen" == get_post_type( $id ) || "musterkuechen" == get_post_type( $parent ) )
    $upload('subdir') = '/musterkuechen' . $upload('subdir');

  $upload('path') = $upload('basedir') . $upload('subdir');
  $upload('url')  = $upload('baseurl') . $upload('subdir');

  return $upload;

I have a question. Can the price change if your transaction remain unconfirmed for a couple of hrs

I had to make a payment with bitcion to a wallet with specific amt. I made exact payment, but price bitcoin was going up. But my transaction was still unconfirmed till the evening. They rejected my payment bc the payment was a $3 more when they confirmed it.Can the price change if your transaction remain unconfirmed for a couple of hrs. It

Where change the size of the window in Bitcoin code?

I already try changeing the height and width parameters of the forms in src/qt/forms but nothing changes, where else i need to look?

magento2 – Cannot change swatches value in Magento 2

I am trying to display magento’s swatch renderer in my module and it succeeds but the problem shows up. When I click on the swatch to change the weight there is no change, I try to reload the page and one of my two views will get the event of changing the swatch value maybe both are ok. receive change event. I tried to fix the error in different ways but it was not effective. enter image description here

enter image description here

this is how I call swatch

$swatchesRender = $block->getLayout()->createBlock('MagentoSwatchesBlockProductRendererListingConfigurable')->setTemplate('Magiccart_Magicproduct::product/listing/renderer.phtml');
<div class="product details product-item-details products-textlink clearfix">
                                $_productNameStripped = $block->stripTags($_product->getName(), null, true);
                                $categoryIds = $_product->getCategoryIds();
                                $categoryId  = count($categoryIds) ? current($categoryIds) : 0;
                                $category    = $categoryId ? $this->getCategory($categoryId) : '';
                                echo $category ? '<h3 class="category_name"><a href="' . $category->getUrl() . '">' . $category->getName() . '</a></h3>' : '';
                            <h2 class="product-name product-item-name">
                                <a class="product-item-link"
                                   href="<?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo $_product->getProductUrl() ?>" title="<?php echo $this->stripTags($_product->getName(), null, true) ?>">
                                    <?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo $_helper->productAttribute($_product, $_product->getName(), 'name'); ?>
                             <?php echo $swatchesRender->setProduct($_product)->toHtml() ?>
                             <?php echo $block->getReviewsSummaryHtml($_product, $templateType); ?>
                            <?php if ($showDescription):?>
                                <div class="product description product-item-description">
                                    <?= /* @escapeNotVerified */ $_helper->productAttribute($_product, $_product->getShortDescription(), 'short_description') ?>
                            <?php endif; ?>

If you don’t understand I say imagine that this is the page load

load 1 : category list in module click change swatch === > ok
         best seller list in module click change swatch === > no
load 2 : category list in module click change swatch === > no
         best seller list in module click change swatch === > ok
load 3 : category list in module click change swatch === > ok
         best seller list in module click change swatch === > ok
load 4 : category list in module click change swatch === > no
         best seller list in module click change swatch === > no

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