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exchange – Can I change Macedonian and Albanian money in Serbia? (Belgrade)

I'm traveling to Serbia tomorrow and I have Macedonian and Albanian money.

It is possible to exchange these currencies in Serbia.

Where would I go to exchange these currencies? (That is, could an ordinary Bureau de Change do it or should I go to a more specialized bureau de change)?

sharepoint online – Change tenant URL

It is not possible to change the tenant URL.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the SharePoint domain name for your organization in Office 365. For example, if your organization's name changes from "Contoso" to "Fourth Coffee", you cannot change at

To use the domain name, you need to buy a new Office 365 subscription and move all the emails, files, and other data you want to keep to the new subscription.

i will remove the background or change the background of the images for $ 2

I will delete the background or change the background of the photos

I will delete the background or change the background of the photosIbelieve for hard work and professionalism. I am a professional graphic designer
with five years experience in this field.

I will perfectly remove the background from an image or change the background or
. I will be able to provide you with any volume of images.

Important note: Please contact me if you would like further improvement of your photos due to the satisfaction of
customers is my first priority.My Gig services:

  • Remove background
  • Transparent / white / personalized photo background.
  • Photo and retouching
  • Image resizing.
  • Color enhancement
  • Cropping, correction of brightness and contrast.
  • 24/7 customer support

Why you choose me:

  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Unlimited revision.
  • Free source file.
  • Quick delivery

Order now. Promise, you will be satisfied with my work.


cursor – Why does pasting a certain character change the chronology of characters in the entire line?

I have this funny problem trying to copy and paste the character ٭ This does not allow me to place my cursor behind it and swap the entire line of characters (see gif). Also, the cursor has a funny double cursor, when I highlight ٭

I think I accidentally activated a strange mode here with certain keys. Anyone know what's going on?

enter description of image here

Persistent changes in data structure to change the domain model

I have learned many ways to keep a flexible domain model over the years, but there remains one case where the configuration resists change.

Suppose we have kept our domain model properly isolated: we can easily change it. From now on, a change requires a fundamental restructuring of the domain model. There is one thing on our way: our persistent data structure will no longer match the heavily modified domain model.

In most cases, the data structure Is remain usable and may require only a few minor adjustments. We can change our domain model and then just fix the translation of the classes that correspond to our data storage.

However, this is not most of the cases. Our data structure needs to change to fit the updated domain model. Let's also say that we have a GB of data stored. (Should this be avoided to resolve the problem? Definitely to be discussed.) After the change, we must always have that data, whether it's in their new form.

In particular, updating the data in its new form seems to introduce an undesirable amount of work and risk.

How can we create a configuration where the above scenario is the most manageable? In particular, it would seem good to minimize the work and the risks.

Do not hesitate to apply the persistent data storage that you deem most appropriate.

Mouse pointer when moving an item cannot change

I have a set of elements that can be dragged and dropped using HTML5 drag and drop. The drop zone is set and when the user drags the item outside the drop zone, the mouse pointer is changed to no-drop or not-allowed State. But I must have grabbing pointer by dragging. Someone has faced a similar situation.?

seo – Google impressions (web and image) are zero after millions, without any change

My business is currently going down because clicks and impressions from Google have literally dropped to zero for no logical reason: as we are a fashion business, we get most of our traffic through image research, little time before Christmas (image search table):

enter description of image here

At the same time, web searches went the same way:

enter description of image here

As I am the technical manager, I can guarantee that there have been no massive changes in the front code.

Even stranger:

  • we have almost 100/100 in lighthouse audits
  • while Google dies, we now get much better clicks from any other search engine. DuckDuckGo, Ecosia and others are preventing me from closing the business right now: /
  • we have optimized the pages for all aspects requested by Google, including webp backup solutions (with jpg).

Anyone here has any idea what's going on? We cannot ask Google for any assistance, and the statistics are completely useless (as they do not show any information on why, when and how).

I am very grateful for any info! 🙂

Transcribe .docx files via python-docx to change the font and font size. Need to rebuild paragraphs in target files

from docx import Document
from docx.shared import Pt

def main(filename):
        src_doc = Document(filename)
        trg_doc = Document()

        style = trg_doc.styles('Normal')
        font = style.font = 'Times'
        font.size = Pt(11)

        for p_cnt in range(len(src_doc.paragraphs)):
            for r_cnt in range(len(src_doc.paragraphs(p_cnt).runs)):
                curr_run = src_doc.paragraphs(p_cnt).runs(r_cnt)
                print('Run: ', curr_run.text)
                paragraph = trg_doc.add_paragraph()

                if curr_run.bold:
                    paragraph.add_run(curr_run.text).bold = True
                elif curr_run.italic:
                    paragraph.add_run(curr_run.text).italic = True
                elif curr_run.underline:
                    paragraph.add_run(curr_run.text).underline = True

    except IOError:
        print('There was an error opening the file')

if __name__ == '__main__':


1.0 PURPOSE The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all comments are recorded, documented and that any resulting complaints are received, assessed and reviewed in accordance with 21 CFR Part 820 and ISO 13485


PURPOSE The purpose of this procedure is to ensure

all comments are saved,

documented and any resulting complaint is received,

evaluated and reviewed

in accordance with 21 CFR P art 820

and ISO 13485.

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