How to change the coupon code success message Magento2

How do I change the coupon code message?

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dnd 5e – Does the Order of Scribes Feature Awakened Spellbook also change the damage type of Absorb Elements?

No, you’d still need to take the incoming hit from the specified damage types.

As the spell says you can temporarily replace the damage type with another, thereby altering the type of damage you can deal out while the spell is in effect.

But you can’t change the trigger to the spell. You’d still need to get targeted by acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage because if you weren’t you couldn’t cast the spell in the first place.

So, a wizard hits you with Fire Bolt, you can cast Absorb Elements in reaction to that, change the damage type to poison, gaining resistance to poison and do an extra 1d6 of poison damage on your next turn. You lose the resistance to the incoming attack though as it is still fire.

Objection raised: The wording says “you have resistance to the triggering damage type”.

Good point, but then you have to say the extra damage is of the triggering type too as that is what the wording says and therefore there is nothing to be gained at all. But as the ability in question lets you change the damage type I think changing the resistance and outgoing damage is allowed by the ability. The trigger itself has to stay the same as it was prior to the spell being cast.

evaluation – Change the color of sub-expression when the whole expression evaluates to a different expression

This produces an input cell that can be evaluated:

    Style[k, StripOnInput -> True, FontColor -> Red]^-s, {Style[k, 
      StripOnInput -> True, FontColor -> Red], 1, n}],

Mathematica graphics

[It basically constructs input equivalent to selecting each k in the sum and using the menu Format > TextColor > Red to change the color, which is what I did in the comment I left under the question.]

magento2 – Magento 2 change Ship button in Order functionality

I’m trying to change the functionality of Ship button when you choose an order.

The only thing that I have found so far is this file under /vendor/magento/module-sales/Block/Adminhtml/Order/View.php:

I see this part where the button has an onclick method:

                    'label' => __('Ship'),
                    'onclick' => 'setLocation('' . $this->getShipUrl() . '')',
                    'class' => 'ship'

and then this is the URL

public function getShipUrl()
        return $this->getUrl('adminhtml/order_shipment/start');

I don’t know if that url is a controller, I have not found a route with that id nor that exactly path. Or maybe it’s an api? This is the url that is shown on backend when I inspect


Hope someone can give me a hint!


visual studio 2013 – Manual debugging of SharePoint application: point does not break on new code change lines

A SharePoint solution is installed on our dev server. We are working on the new changes and unfortunately we cannot deploy and test our changes on the provided dev server. I am trying to debug manually and understand the existing application execution by attaching it to w3wp process. So I made some changes in my solution and tried debugging manually. Unfortunately the point does not break on my new code changes, it just breaks on the lines that are part of the deployed solution. Will I not be able to test my changes while debugging manually, unless the changes are deployed ?

unity – How can I change the script so it will not be with a while loop inside Update or using coroutine instead?

The script is working fine as it is and I don’t fell any performance problems and yet I wonder if it’s a good idea to run a while loop inside the Update function ?

The idea is to be able to move an object over a curved lines with a lot of positions in any speed.
So I’m calculating how much positions there is next each time and it’s working fine I just wonder about the while in the update.

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.AI;

public class MoveOnCurvedLines : MonoBehaviour
    public LineRenderer lineRenderer;
    public float speed;
    public bool go = false;
    public bool moveToFirstPositionOnStart = false;

    private Vector3() positions;
    private Vector3() pos;
    private int index = 0;
    private bool goForward = true;
    private List<GameObject> objectsToMoveCopy = new List<GameObject>();

    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()
        pos = GetLinePointsInWorldSpace();

        if (moveToFirstPositionOnStart == true)
            transform.position = pos(index);

    Vector3() GetLinePointsInWorldSpace()
        positions = new Vector3(lineRenderer.positionCount);
        //Get the positions which are shown in the inspector 

        //the points returned are in world space
        return positions;

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        if (go == true)

    void Move()
        Vector3 newPos = transform.position;
        float distanceToTravel = speed * Time.deltaTime;

        bool stillTraveling = true;
        while (stillTraveling)
            Vector3 oldPos = newPos;
            newPos = Vector3.MoveTowards(oldPos, pos(index), distanceToTravel);
            distanceToTravel -= Vector3.Distance(newPos, oldPos);
            if (newPos == pos(index)) // Vector3 comparison is approximate so this is ok
                // when you hit a waypoint:
                if (goForward)
                    bool atLastOne = index >= pos.Length - 1;
                    if (!atLastOne) index++;
                    else { index--; goForward = false; }
                { // going backwards:
                    bool atFirstOne = index <= 0;
                    if (!atFirstOne) index--;
                    else { index++; goForward = true; }
                stillTraveling = false;

        transform.position = newPos;

unconfirmed transactions – Can a 0 confirmation Bitcoin Core change output be spent?

I have a Bitcoin Core wallet which has a utxo which I spent from, in a transaction where around 1% was sent to an external wallet address, with the ~99% change output remaining in the wallet, sent to a new internal change address selected by core.

The fee used turned out to be too low and I am still waiting for the transaction to be confirmed, and now when I attempt to spend using the balance that is displayed in the wallet (with getbalance endpoint), I am told there is “Insufficient funds.”.

But when I list the wallet utxos with listunspent, “spendable” has value true for the change output mentioned above – this is what I expected since my understanding is the core wallet by default will use CFPF to still spend an unconfirmed change output (please correct me if this is wrong).

My question is:
Why does the output listed by listunspent indicate that the output is ‘spendable’, when if I try to spend the output, it fails with an ‘Insufficient funds’ error?

Is there another reason for the wallet complaining that there is insufficient funds? Probably relevant is that it was an opt-in RBF tx, and I have already tried bumping the fee (still too low and not confirmed) but now would prefer to use CPFP as I have another transaction that I would like to make from the same unconfirmed change output.

flutter – Change value of FlutterFormBuilder before sending

I’ve got this piece of code that lets you choose from some options in a checkbox. When those results are sent, the valueTransformer should modify those results by changing val.

GlobalKey<FormBuilderState> _fbKey = GlobalKey<FormBuilderState>();
//* ----------------------------------------------------
   attribute: 'entities',
   options: => FormBuilderFieldOption(value: e)).toList(),
   valueTransformer: (val){
       if((val!=null)&& (val.length!=0)){
           List<String> selectedentities=List<String>.from(val);

Problem: when I send the info and then read _fbKey.currentState.value, it appears to be null.