3.5nd dnd – For natural attacks of a creature, is it possible to change the order of attacks?

Yes you can

First of all, the harpooning already accompanies a free bite attack, so you would not even need to make a complete attack. But according to the rules of the game, a complete attack would give you a second bite attack (possibly against a lower CA of the poison of the first bite).

The question arises in two things. Whether or not you can change the order of your attacks, as well as whether or not you can roll the target between attacks.

For the first, although I can not find any source document that says it, I think you can change the order. The reason the source material does not need to say it is that it has never been specified either that there was an order at all. A creature simply has certain attacks, they must be listed in order in the short description of the creature in the books, but when they gain natural attacks, they have no intrinsic order.

For example, consider a creature created by applying a few models that each give natural attacks. The model does not specify where in the order the attacks arrive because there is no order. And in some cases, you can even change the order in which the templates are applied.

For the second, I found this:

Free Action
Free shares consume very little time and effort. You can perform one or more free actions while performing another action normally. However, there are reasonable limits to what you can really do for free.

So yes, you can take a free action between your attacks to attract your target.

Problem with nginx port change


After changing the nginx port of /etc/nginx/nginx-vhosts.conf, I see that the old port and the new port are listening. What is the problem?

[root @ host ~] # netstat -tulpn | grep nginx
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 6129 / nginx: master
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 6129 / nginx: master
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 6129 / nginx: master
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 6129 / nginx: master
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 6129 / nginx: master

I've changed port 443 to 444.
This also occurs for port 80.

html – change the radio button to an image

I have to change a butane radio for an image.

I used this CSS but I do not receive any changes:


background-image: url (img / radio.png);
width: 152px;

Thank you

javascript – Check box does not change its value if unchecked

j & # 39; uses vue-stap and I have the following structure:

checkboxValues: {
    sub_status:  {value: true, name: "Subtest Status"},
    data_name:   {value: true, name: "Data Name"},
    data_status: {value: true, name: "Data Status"}

I want to create a checkbox for each of them so that it is ticked accordingly value field.
I have tried:


But for whatever reason, it does not change the value of the checkbox if it's unchecked, it's still true. For example, if I go sub_statusthen sub_status.value is always true What could be the problem?

7 – Drupal commerce: change button to remove line items from cart to image button

I want to change the remove button, which removes line items from cart to a picture button representing a basket:

enter the description of the image here

The code I use in a custom module looks like this:

This code displays the icon instead of the text as expected, but it unfortunately introduces a major problem: pressing the button does not remove the corresponding line item, but deletes the last added items incorrectly. So, when I've added item1, item2, item3 to cart in that order, regardless of the corresponding pullback button you press, item3 is removed. The next time you press one of the buttons for deleting the remaining 2 line items, item 2 is deleted.
What is wrong with the code above?

Homebrew goes on wheels 1/3 and 1/2, does it change too much to be balanced? [on hold]

I've thought of changing the rule on the wheels, turning one-third of roulettes into half-casters and half-casters getting recesses in a concern of multiclassing. Is it too unbalanced? Is there anything I'm not aware of?

Block – Non-Selectable Entry: Catalina Update Added: UpdateSystemLanguages ​​Attempts to Change Your System Settings

I have just installed an additional update of macOS 10.15. In the release notes, an item in the list indicates

• Fixed an issue that prevented the Setup Wizard from completing during some installations.

Ironically, this did not happen when upgrading to Catalina 10.15, but this problem occurred after the installation of this update. Here is an image of my screen after the update and my Mac rebooted (about 30 seconds after it appeared):

UpdateSystemLanguages ​​is trying to change your system settings

In the image, the entry of the foreground dialog box for "Password" could not be selected and attempts to change the user name did not occur. had no effect. The selection of "Change Settings" had no effect. The dark modal window behind the dialog box is Setup Wizard. At this point, I selected "Cancel" and the dialog is gone, but nothing else has changed. I therefore thought that it was necessary to be patient and I moved away from my computer to do something else. I came back after about 10 minutes to find that the Setup Wizard window was still present with a rotating "progress" indicator, but that applications opened before my Mac update had reopened behind the Setup Wizard. The menu bar was not visible either. Any attempt to interact with another user interface with the help of my pointer (mouse cursor) would be ignored and would simply cause the refocus window of the Setup Wizard. After waiting an additional 5 minutes, I decided that this problem should not occur and I pressed Control+Option+Order+Power button to start closing my Mac. This action resulted in the closing of all other applications, but the Setup Assistant window remained with its "progress" indicator. I waited about 2-3 minutes without change before deciding to move away from my Mac to give it more time. I came back after about 10 minutes to discover that my Mac was off. (I'm glad I did not have to press the power button.) I restarted and everything seems normal until now …

It was a very frustrating experience and I wonder:

  1. What could have caused this?
  2. Is there anything else I should consider to avoid potential future problems related to any cause?

output format – Change percentage label of ticks

You can use PercentForm to express tick labels in percentages:

ticks = {#, ToString[PercentForm[#]]} & /@ Range[0, 1, .1];

Plot[x, {x, 0, 1}, Ticks -> {Automatic, ticks }]

enter the description of the image here

Alternatively, you can use Quantity[x, "Percent"] get x%:

ticks2 = {#, ToString[Quantity[100 #, "Percent"], StandardForm]} & @ Range[0, 1, 1/10];

Plot[x, {x, 0, 1}, Ticks -> {Automatic, ticks2}]

same picture

Update: To tag only the main ticks:

tickF = Charting`ScaledTicks["Linear"][##] /.
  {a_, _NumberForm, b___} :> {a, ToString @ PercentForm[a], b} &;

Plot[x, {x, 0, 1}, Ticks -> {Automatic,tickF}]

enter the description of the image here

seo – Google search console address change: 301 redirect failure of the home page test

I'm trying to change the address of my site on the search console and I can not …

The console returned an error: "301-redirect from the home page: can not retrieve the page http://myoldwebsite.example "

  • The verification for both sites is OK!
  • I've implemented 301 redirect on my old website and works for ALL pages …

What is the problem?
Thanks for your help.enter the description of the image here

What is the consensus on using radio buttons to change views rather than a tab?

I've found that by using radio buttons to change views, the views will be placed under the last radio button, which seems to be a pretty bad grouping of information.

Are there any references to using radio buttons and tabs?