centos – How to change the permissions of files loaded in / tmp / by Apache under PHP?

We use a Moodle website (PHP) – when files are loaded, they are placed in / tmp / by default, with a naming structure such as phpxxxxxx and the following file permissions:

-rw ——-. Apache apache

How can I change this to be 644?

I've customized the httpd service in / etc / systemd / system, with a .conf file that defines the following:


PrivateTmp = false

UMask = 022

When running systemctl show httpd, an output line says:
UMask = 0022

However, the files continue to be downloaded as read-write for the Apache user only. I do not see where I was wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

7.1 nougat – How to change the range of default DHCP IP addresses on Android 7.1.2

As the title indicates, I am looking for a way to permanently change the default IP address range form. 192.168.43.xxx at 192.168.1.xxx

Reason: On my router, some of my devices receive a static IP protocol via DHCP. 192.168.1.xxx interval. By using the hotspot on the road, I would like to have the same configuration.

I tried to change the range by following these steps, but it did not work on my two devices. They are rooted and Lineage OS is installed. The last answer suggests a simple way to do it, but this is not possible under OS Lineage.

Also this post of antiroidpolice suggests that it is possible thanks to an application, I seek a solution to do it with adb. I do not have access to Google Play, and do not use it.

Any help is appreciated.

mysql 5.6 – Change the recording inserted according to the host name

I have a script that inserts test data into a database. This script is shared by different developers who all use their own s3 bucket. I have a table called s3 with s3bucket column and it will only have one line, the name of their compartment s3.

Is there a way to make a conditional insert in this table for this record?
For example, there are 3 developers and there are s3bucket1, s3bucket2, s3bucket3.

@@ hostname would not work because the IP address may change.

unit – Get a notification of the change of a public variable in a script

I have a script attached to a gameobject.

In this script, I have the variable "Public Rotation Int".

I know I can be notified when this value is changed in the inspector (for example, if someone enters a different number), but I would like to be notified if this value is changed by another script.

Is it possible or should I introduce a blank "ChangeRotation (int uNewValue)" or similar?

Thank you!

custom publication types – Change the default administrative column sorting in a ACF Date Picker field

I'm trying to set the default sort on a column for my custom item type new. The column performs a good sort when you click the header, but when you first visit the list of publications, it will be sorted only by the default sort (publication date). here is my pre_get_posts action:

add_action (& # 39; pre_get_posts & # 39; function ($ query) {
global $ pagenow;

if (! is_admin () || $ pagenow! == & # 39; edit.php & # 39;)

$ post_type = $ query-> get (& # 39; post_type & # 39;);
$ order_by = $ query-> get (& # 39; orderby & # 39;);

if ($ post_type ==> news & # 39;) {
if (empty ($ order_by))
$ order_by = & # 39; news-date & # 39 ;;

switch ($ order_by) {
case "date of the day":
$ query-> set (& meta_key & # 39; date & # 39;);
$ query-> set (& # 39; orderby & # 39 ;, & quot; meta_value_num & quot;);

After sorting manually by clicking on the header, the URL becomes edit.php? post_type = news & orderby = news-date & order = asc so I'm sure all my settings match.

I thought maybe the date the meta key has already been used for some reason (maybe by a plugin) so I checked the wp_postmeta table in the database but the only meta keys were the values ​​set with the ACF date selector, so everything is fine here.

I hope it's just something stupid I miss.

ubuntu 16.04 backspace in nautilus invokes directory change

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04. When browsing my files, the / key command from the previous directory, when it is down in Nautilus, goes back to the previous directory and also calls the directory name change. I do not think it's normal behavior. Please help on troubleshooting.

Software change .. | Money maker talk

Hey, again, I'm posting this for my mom!
I've already posted something on my mom's groceries in Toronto. Currently, I am looking for an accounting software for his store. She has been using Quickbooks for a few months now and is planning to move to something less expensive, which could be used under mac and android as well.
My friend suggested a commercial software and document management company in Toronto. I've visited their website and found that they had long experience in this area. This is not urgent, but mandatory!
We do not want to move quickly to cheap software, but we need robust and efficient enterprise software. If anyone on this forum has already used the mentioned software, comment on your suggestions.
Quickbooks Pro is slightly overpriced for a grocery store, it costs around $ 300 for a single user. So we need efficient and less expensive software, the sounder.

javascript – SEO to change content daily with infinite scrolling or load more strategy

I've set up a page containing lists with abbreviated content. It scrolls through an infinite number of pages to keep revealing more ads as you scroll through the files via Javascript. The result is something like Quora. By clicking on a list, a new page appears with a unique URL with full content. This is what needs to be indexed by the search engines, not the list page, as lists change constantly as users add new items.

I've read the Google recommendation of Mueller, Ohye, Kupke to make infinite scrolling compatible with SEO, but I do not think that applies to a page with ever-changing lists?

My questions / if you can confirm / comment:

  1. Because the content of my listing page is constantly changing, Mueller's
    This recommendation is not at all useful because it requires content
    constant for at least several weeks at a time?
  2. I've read indexers can not mimic user actions such as scrolling,
    therefore, the action of infinite scrolling by the user will not be selected
    up and only the first page is indexed. Then only the first game of
    The list of HREF links will be indexed?
  3. My infinite scrolling strategy basically uses a Load More button
    below the window, which triggers when you reach the bottom and
    possibly expose the button. Will the indexer not look for this
    button beyond the window and continue to 'click on it' And then continue
    to index new HREF individual links? Or is the loading button more
    completely ignored?
  4. So, how do you do something like this SEO friendly – if all you
    want indexed are the details when you click, not the list page?
  5. How does Quora and many other similar sites with content added by the user do so (without pagination)?

Thank you in advance.

Change label names in Google Analytics?

Is it possible to change the names of individual event labels in Google Analytics?

How to change syslogtag or use my cuntom tag in syslog?

I want to collect the log of different devices on a log server. I need to distinguish them by a unique tag, such as the MAC address or serial number other than the IP address (using porperty fromhost-ip) or the name of the IP address. host. How can I add these tags as a property or tag in the log?