infopath – The URL of the parent site has been changed, the form is broken, just republish?

I have some InfoPath library forms (no list forms) hosted under site B, for example, site B being a subsite of site A. I recently changed the URL from site A and all the forms are broken.

I have tried to solve this problem simply by opening the file .XSN in Infopath, FILE >>> Publish >>>> SharePoint Server >>>

Here, I found that the URL was the old URL of site A before the change. So I updated it with the new URL of website A. Press Next, Next, and instead of creating a new forms library, I simply chose Update form template. in an existing library, and choose the same library.

Here is! the form has returned to normal.

Now, my questions: if it's that simple, why are there any articles saying, for example, how to save a local copy of the XSN file, export its source and change the URL in the .manifest file (some even say that it must be converted to the .CAB file) as here? Or some even say, some files called .udcx files need to be modified as here? All these suggestions make me think that if it was so complicated, I might have done something wrong.

Or is it because these complicated steps are for Infopath list forms only instead of library forms? Or are they linked to opening old .XML records? (My forms in question only use email to send replies and do not save XML records in the forms library)

I would just like to confirm that these complicated steps (modifying the .manifest file / .udcx file) do not apply to me? Please, give your opinion!

Environment: SharePoint 2013 on site. InfoPath 2013

Windows Registry – I accidentally changed the default value of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

I accidentally changed the default value of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, which means that I clicked on the default file of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and changed its value to "exefile", now, when I tried to ############################################################################################### Open an .exe file. the file simply says that you need a new application to open this exe file. Anyone can help? I can not restore my computer and I should have taken the initial value. I was supposed to go into the EXE folder instead of just changing the default value of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT … any one can it help me?

wolfram cloud – Have canonical URLs for deployed laptops changed?

I'm using the function below to update my notebooks in the cloud. Traditionally, it was deployed at the following location:

I have the URL out of CloudDeploy call, something like that

However, last week something changed for that CloudDeploy instead display a different URL when I run it


How can I get the original shorter url on CloudDeploy?

deploy:=Module[{notebookFn, parentDir,cloudFn,result},
Print["Uploading to ",cloudFn];

What knowledge has changed between editions?

Now that the second edition of Eclipse Phase is out, I would like to know what are the pieces of knowledge different in second edition. I know that most were meant remain intact, but that does not mean that there are no changes (intentional or accidental) that I can not notice.

An example that I have noticed concerns the economic differences between morphs caused by changes in the speed of morph production; another is an implication that in the 2nd, the Hexanewts do not look anatomically similar to the Amphibs. What are the other changes in traditions, especially those with broad implications?

I need a Google Spreadsheet trigger that will fire when the active selection will be changed for a given sheet.

This would be equivalent to the Excel event associated with a change in the selection of the spreadsheet.

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magento2 – Magento 2 How to notify a user when their customer group has changed?

I want to find a solution to send an email to a client when the administrator of the backend modifies his group of customers.
I have 3 groups of clients, each with different discounts in the store. Therefore, if I change user, I want to send an email indicating the new discount.

I was thinking of an observer because I asked some observers to send emails with different events.
But what would be the event for this situation? something like adminhtml_customer_update.

I also suppose that I should get the group to which the client is assigned.
Thank you!

The color of the comments has changed on my wordpress site after an update

I noticed that the font color of the comments I received on all my posts became gray; How could I change that to a standard white?

I use WordPress and the website is:

thank you so much

Has anyone changed SolusVM? (If not then why?)


As SolusVM belongs to Oakley / cpanel, so there is no point in paying them a penny: gone: and it's better to change before trying … | Read the rest of

design – Need suggestions for creating field-level permissions that can be changed dynamically in an application

This is currently my User-Role-Permission model in the Db schema (excludes other tables to avoid confusion). My implementation is as follows: I have a client table and each role has a different set of permissions to allow the user to interact with it. The User with Vendor role can only be read if Admin has all CRUD permissions. To do this, I will register 4 entries in the Permission table with perm_type = "create customer", "read customer", etc. simply insert or delete entries in the Role_Permission table. So, before performing any action, I will simply check the role of the user and if he has the required permission with a simple if statement in my code.
enter the description of the image here

Everything is fine so far, but there is a trap now. The seller is supposed to have permission to update the client as well, but only the Balance field. The seller can not update anything, such as the customer's name, contact, and so on. There are two ways to implement it:

  1. Grant the update permission to Salesman, but on the client side, only display the form for the balance update. But then again, someone can exploit that, right?
  2. Create 2 methods and their corresponding permissions in the Permission table: updateCustomer (Customer updatedCustomer) and updateCustomerBalance (int id, float balance). But what if, in the future, I want the seller to be able to update the customer's contact or address? I will have to add other methods for this, compile and deploy my code again. I can do it for all domains before deploying my application, but it seems very heavy, especially when I have at least 15 extra tables.

So, is there another way to do that?