Asus F555UJ – black screen when unplugged but still on, battery changed and drivers reinstalled no different

I have an Asus F555UJ that I am about to throw out the window. The screen is black when it is unplugged. It started with a flicker when it was unplugged, but now completely black. The computer always works when it is unplugged, I can't see anything!
I replaced the battery – still the same problem.
I reinstalled all the drivers – still the same problem
I changed the power settings – still the same problems
I also changed the power / display settings on the nvidia geforce – always the same.
Windows 10 64 bit running with what it came with.
Help me!!

I changed my phone number

How will I be able to access my emails via my security questions because I changed my phone number; which means i can't receive the verification code?

catalina – Mac resolution / display changed randomly

So I have a Macbook Pro 2015 15 "by default of 2880 x 1800 resolution running Catalina, I have recently turned it on and my resolution has been changed or my zoom to scale (icons, text size, etc.) has been changed I am 100% that I have not made these changes myself nor anyone else in terms of physical access to my mac.

Are you wondering if it's a common problem or a form of malware / virus?

I have run Malwarebytes and various other tools to try to detect an infection, nothing has been detected.

settings – Media volume is changed during a phone call

I use Android Pie on a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone.

I noticed that if I lowered the volume of the media completely to mute it, it would increase the volume a little during a call.

If someone encounters this problem, it would be appreciated that you can tell me if there are any settings that I can access to prevent Android from adjusting the volume of the media during a call by exiting it from mute.

changed phone from Sony Xperia to Samsung A50s Contact Synchronization

I recently changed my Sony Xperia XA Ultra phone to Samsung A50s.
I have contacts saved in my gmail only because I have a lot of phones and I usually have these sync issues.
Now in Samsung A50, I have set up many Google Accounts.
How to download all contacts or sync all contacts from any of these Gmail accounts on my Samsung A50 in a simple way.

architecture – Publishing event when the value of the table has changed

Currently, I have a service that checks the updated value in a database table. This service runs every 5 minutes.

Now, I want to build a system, whenever a value in a table is updated, it is automatically published the event on a service / client / sub-greaser instead of checking it every minute .

Please give me a suggestion what framework or technology should I use.

sory for my bad english

Has your opinion of Democrats changed since Trump's election? If so, how?

My opinion on Democrats has not changed, Democrats remain America's best hope. However, my opinion about the Republicans, the GOPs changed, I always thought that they were a bunch of racists, lies, racist bait, hypocrites. But now, I know this is a group of racist, liar and racist hypocrites.

I can not see the tweets I sent on my friend's timeline. Has this changed at some point?

I think I remember that once you saw something that you tweeted to someone, his page was posted almost immediately. Has it changed? Why? How is it that I can see what others send to my friend but not what I send him?

bash – The terminal prompt has changed after restarting the MacBook

After rebooting my MacBook, my terminal looks like that. I want to install Flutter but I can not change anything in the .bash profile.

My current terminal: username@hostname ~ % and as it was before: hostname:~username&

What is the problem with my device? How can I fix it? Restart Terminal and MacBook has not changed anything.

my terminal

magento2 – Magento 2 All other sessions are automatically closed when a password has been changed by the client.

The client is connected to different devices or browsers when he changes his password. All other sessions are automatically closed after changing the password.

I'm trying with a revoked access token after changing the password but it does not work.