forms – How to correctly represent "does not change"

Users can modify various information, everything is in the same modal (including the password).

What would be the best way to represent to the user "leave blank to remain unchanged" (referring to passwords).

The idea is that a user can change the email (among other information) but may not want to change the password – he should be able to update all other information (including password) but only if desired.

Aggressive geometry – "Basic change" on the map étale

Let $ f colon Y to X $ a morphism of schemas. I note by $ f _ * $ and $ f ^ * $ pushing forward and removing sheaves of modules. Let $ U subseteq X $ to be an open set (Zariski), and denote by $ i colon U to X $ l & # 39; inclusion. Also, note by
begin {equation}
f_U colon f ^ {- 1} (U) to U
end {equation}

the map induced by $ f $and denote by $ j colon f ^ {- 1} (U) to Y $ l & # 39; inclusion. I think it's pretty immediate to show that, if $ mathscr F $ is a sheaf of $ mathscr O_Y $-modules, then we have an isomorphism of "base change"
begin {equation}
i ^ * f_ * mathscr F cong {f_U} _ * j ^ * mathscr F
end {equation}

of wreaths $ mathscr O_U $-modules. After all, $ i $ and $ j are just inclusions of open sets, so LHS and RHS above are given by $ V mapsto mathscr F (f ^ {- 1} (V)) $, does not matter when $ V subseteq U $.

Now, I wonder: and if we worked with a different topology, let's say the topology spreads? Assume everything as above but $ i colon U to X $ a map spread, and interpreter $ f ^ {- 1} (U) $ as the withdrawal $ Y times_ {X} U $. Is the "base change" isomorphism above still valid? I would say "yes": if so, is there a reference for that, or even something more general?

Is there a workaround to the "make permanent change" problem when forwarding email to the Smart Label Inbox category?

As the title indicates. First reported here:

Gmail will NOT ask you if you want the change to be permanent.

And again by me, because I could not answer the above:

Gmail will NOT ask you if you want the change to be permanent.

Ask here because at least people do not need to do another post just to follow up.