How to cancel "Discart All Changes" from Visual Studio code

In Visual Studio Code, the "Sourse Control: GIT" tab of "Discart All Changes" removed the changes made and some files created.
Is there a way to reverse this and recover the deleted files?

buttons – "Undo changes" and "Refresh"

In a desktop application, where users retrieve and sometimes update values ​​on a datagridview (DGV) linked to a database, how should a designer distinguish between "undo edits" and "refresh" of the page"?

We currently use both of them and they have a very similar behavior – delete all values ​​from the DGV file and extract from the database to display what is stored.

The original idea was to manage two different situations:

  1. "CANCEL": I made changes. After double checking, my changes are wrong and I would like to go back to what is stored in the database. This button invites the user if they are sure they want to cancel their changes.
  2. "REFRESH:" Something has been updated on the server that has not been updated / updated from my point of view and I would like to extract the most recent information. This button does not ask the user they are sure of their action.

Basically, our "Refresh" button is just a "Cancel" button, but without the confirmation prompt.

Some of our users have technical difficulties or speak English as a second language. Our current impression is that removing one of the buttons or the combination of their text in a "CANCEL / REFRESH" button can create some confusion.

vba – How can I exclude Word fields from the "Review Mode" function "Accept all tracked changes"?

My attempt at a solution: Select all the fields and click on "Reject changes".

But how can I select all fields? I could not find a key combination for that. A search with the operator ^ d does not work. With the "Access any field" function, I can only manually modify all the fields.

(I have MS Word 14 and 19 under Windows and 16 under Macos)

Why do I have to do this:

In a long document, there are many Word fields (Citavi literature references, gray background, placeholders with {}, fields)

In Review mode, the document was now replayed. Unfortunately, in a very old version, the document has been converted from .docx to .docx. Doc. The fields become invalid.

So I would like to accept all text corrections, but exclude fields. There is an option that Word does not compare and accept fields (only format, text changes, comments, etc.), but this is ignored, broken fields are always included in the document d & # 39; origin.

Does Xcode have a "Apply Changes" button in Android Studio?

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8 – 'composer require“ failed because "docroot / core source directory contains uncommitted changes"

Symptom: You have a script that fails when running from one composer need command, generating the following results:

$ ./
Gathering fixes for the root package.
Removed the drupal / core package so that it can be reinstalled and fixed.
- Remove drupal / core (8.6.x-dev)

In VcsDownloader.php, line 242:

The docroot / core source directory contains uncommitted changes.

Attempt to execute the offense composer need command manually gives as result the following output:

$ composer need drupal / examples
Gathering fixes for the root package.
Removed the drupal / core package so that it can be reinstalled and fixed.
- Remove drupal / core (8.6.x-dev)
The package contains modified files:
M includes /
M includes /
M lib / Drupal / Core / Config / ConfigInstaller.php
Library / Drupal / Core / Config / ExtensionInstallStorage.php
Library / Drupal / Core / Config / InstallStorage.php
M lib / Drupal / Core / Entity / EntityViewBuilder.php
M lib / Drupal / Core / EventSubscriber / ConfigImportSubscriber.php
M lib / Drupal / Core / Extension / ExtensionDiscovery.php
M lib / Drupal / Core / Extension / ModuleExtensionList.php
19 other modified files, choose "v" to display the complete list
Discard changes [y,n,v,d,?]?

Conditions: You use Composer to manage the dependencies of your Drupal site and apply patches with cweagans / composer-patches. You may be using Acquia BLT.

User Behavior – Should an "Unsaved Changes" Dialog in a Web Application Contain a "Save" Option?

When a user makes changes to a Web application and tries to move away without saving them, a dialog box appears in the form of a confirmation / warning message.

There are two approaches to these dialogues. Sometimes they contain the "Delete, Save, Cancel" options, and sometimes there is no Save option, and the buttons are simply "Delete, Cancel" (regardless of the exact wording, this is not the problem).

With the option Save (on the desktop)

enter the description of the image here

Without backup option
enter the description of the image here

In my opinion, the main benefit of the first approach is not to force the user to go back. It is reasonable that she wants to save the changes that she has made, so why not help her.

The main benefit of the second approach is probably to ensure that the user sees the changes he has made. In addition, to a certain extent, this helps the user learn how to use the system correctly (by recording his work manually). In addition, a dialog with two options is easier to process than a dialog with three options.

Should this type of dialog contain a backup option or not?

The setting is a business application for IT management. As a result, the changes affect many aspects of the business. They are not for personal use.

(There are many related questions on the site but I could not find one that deals with this specific issue).