5th dnd – Are the characters leveling too slowly for the Adventurers League scenario?

Level vs level

Each DDAL module is designed for a particular Medium Group Level (APL) and assumes a group of five characters. They also include instructions on rebalancing the module for a lower average level and a smaller or larger part.

However, it is level1 which determines which characters can play a DDAL module, no level. Level 1 is L1-4, T2 is L5-10, T3 is L11-16 and T4 is L14-20. D & D Adventurers League Player and DM Pack DM's Guild includes a Content Catalog showing which modules are appropriate for which levels of play.

Leveling cadence

As for the rate of upgrade, from season 9 (the current season at the time of writing this article), cin the hands of the players, not the DM. The characters advance at the end of each module (even mini-modules of one hour) if the player wishes. When performing hardcovers, the characters advance after a certain number of hours, again if the player wishes (although the DM may trigger the advance in hardcovers earlier).

If you play DDAL, you always use the rules of the current season whatever the age of the contentyou will need to review the rules each season to see what has changed. When playing older content, you are still unaware of the upgrade instructions in this content and follow the rules in effect.

Depending on the content available on your site, players may simply decline to upgrade if it allows them to exit the character level for the next available module.

Content selection

Although trying to present a coherent scenario is a laudable goal, and each season of DDAL modules has some consistency, it is not really the design of an organized game campaign. It is designed for the game drop-in-drop out. If you can have consistent players, all the better … but do not expect it.

I have played and directed DDAL in various places2. The best experiences I've had as a player are actually those where one person selects the content for the whole group. This a nobody decides what content all the DMs work on a given day. These are usually two modules of different levels, sometimes (as at the beginning of a season), all DM work the same way. Most conventions with a strong DDAL presence work the same way: content is decided at the event level, not at the individual DM level.

1There are a very small number of exceptions, including introductory modules that consist of mini modules of one hour, and are restricted by level.

2 I have five gaming stores within a half-hour drive, over a dozen to an hour drive, and I currently manage a private group (but still DDAL) online. I also regularly attend conventions.

c # – Removes some characters from the query field with linq

You must delete the following characters from a field.

0.5 s
0.5 S,

a column of a table where only the numeric value is needed;

My query that created with linq the following step:

        var  ListResult = (from e in listPuerto
                          select new PuertoDto {
                               ID = e.ID,
                               valor = e.valor.Replace('S', ' ');

How could I do that so that I do not just take the replacement of a single character, otherwise the characters' tiny, & # 39; Uppercase, & # 39; & # 39; and the empty spaces of the character, all included in the same query?

android studio – How to put a spacing every 4 characters in an EditText?

I realize the bank card registration interface and I wish it when the user writes his card number every 4 characters of an automatic spacing, without the user having to give the spacing. Something like this: 1234 5678 9012 3456 This in an EditText, using Android Studio I hope you can help me

print – python output with too many characters

I have a little problem in my code.
When I display it, I get the number and "0b" at the beginning.
And what I want to do, is to get rid of this "0b" and just get the number.For example:


so here is my code:

import time
dec = input("decimal number: ")
decimal = int(dec)
print(decimal,"in binary is:",bin(decimal))

and that's my exit:

decimal number: 24
24 in binary is: 0b11000

(give other numbers does not change anything)

string disabling non-working style characters Harlowe


Boom! == “Boom!

What is ` ? Is it? Because if it is & # 39;Boom!& # 39; & # 39; does not work and does not work "Boom!"in fact" text "seems to be equivalent to ** text ** even though it does not say that on the documentation pages the program binds me.

woocommerce – The file names have been changed (with strange characters) after downloading on cpanel

So, after opening a thread here and spending hours, I finally managed to identify my problem.

In short, many images were not posted on the site after uploading to namecheap hosting (it was created on the local host).

I found that since our images previously had different characters (eg), once downloaded to the store, they became (?). No images have been displayed.

After talking to namecheap technical support more than 10 times, they concluded that they could not do anything.

Now we have more than 5000 photos on the site, so no way to edit them one by one, it would take days. I am not even sure if there is a solution to this problem. please help

cPanel / MySQL 5.7 prefix 8 characters maximum

Hello, on cPanel servers with MySQL 5.7, the database prefix is ‚Äč‚Äčlimited to 8 characters.

This poses a serious problem if I want to migrate the accounts of a server with MariaDB, because all the prefixes superior to 8 characters will be renamed and the websites will stop working until the user Manually changes the connection parameters.

This is feasible when we want to migrate an individual website, but impossible if we want to migrate hundreds of websites.

Is there a way to migrate original database names and user names (including prefixes) from MariaDB to MySQL?

Thank you!

Locked – I set a 20-character password with Find My Device, but the lock screen only accepts 16 characters.

I've used Find My Device to set a 20-character password for my phone (the password was accepted without any error message, as shown in the picture below) . After retrieving my phone, I went to type the password on the lock screen, but I could only type 16 characters.

I've seen another thread here mentioning that the lock screen would accept the truncated password, but my phone does not unlock with the truncated password of 16 characters.

I do not want to resort to erasing data because I have important texts and memos, as well as contacts that I do not want to lose. Is there a solution to this?

Screen for setting my device's password

[Linux LEAP 15.1][mariadb 10.4.3][C API] UTF8 characters are not treated as before (10.2.9)

This source code snippet C should execute a request … but even if I replace the name of the "Localities" table with "Localities", the program no longer displays the utf8 characters as the database could. when running. request from the command line.

This post

The situation "before" gave the expected results:
Expected situation

I really do not know how to tell the client (because the server respects the unicode) to view the data as it has done this program since the upgrade: {

spells – Is there a rule for recalculating the BODY of characters with cyber-implants?

For the Petrify spell, you only take into account the target's BODY and ignore the type, armor, or shield that the target may have since the spell only targets the flesh.

According to the basic rules, from a basic body of rules, a Robocop-like cyborg character is no more than a brain and a backbone, always has its base BODY to resist fate, since the cyber is only lose the essence.

Is there a rule to recalculate the BODY of a character for the purpose of the spell, taking into account the cyberimplants?