unit – Limit swing limits 1 and 2 on the articulations of characters asymmetrically

I want to create a game object that looks like the creatures seen here. A CharacterJoint is perfect for me, but I can't find a way to limit the limits of swing 1 and swing 2 asymmetrically, which can be done easily for the torsional limit.

One approach I tried was to write a script that will rotate the body beforehand, then add the joint. It didn't work for me and I was wondering if there could be a simple way to do it that I miss. If there are none, I will add the script to my question.

terminal – macOS: increase the speed of the popup window of accented characters when typing

Does anyone know how to increase the speed of emphasis when typing on Mac?

example of an accent pop-up window

I am learning a new language which involves using a lot of accents, and I find myself wishing that the popup will activate faster.

I am sure there is a terminal order somewhere, but I have searched online and I can't find anything!

(Image stolen from another post)

javascript – Regex for password must contain at least eight characters, at least one number and lower and upper case letters and special characters

I would answer Peter Mortensen, but I don't have enough reputation.

Its expressions are perfect for each of the minimum requirements specified. The problem with its expressions that don't require special characters is that they don't allow special characters either, so they also impose maximum requirements, which I don't believe the OP asked. Normally, you want to allow your users to make their password as strong as they want; why restrict strong passwords?

Thus, its expression "at least eight characters, at least one letter and one number":


meets minimum requirement, but remaining characters may only be letters and numbers. To allow (but not require) special characters, you should use something like:

^(?=.*(A-Za-z))(?=.*d).{8,}$ to allow all characters


^(?=.*(A-Za-z))(?=.*d)(A-Za-zd$@$!%*#?&){8,}$ to allow specific special characters

Likewise, "at least eight characters, at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number:"


meets this minimum requirement but only authorizes letters and numbers. Use:

^(?=.*(a-z))(?=.*(A-Z))(?=.*d).{8,}$ to allow all characters


^(?=.*(a-z))(?=.*(A-Z))(?=.*d)(A-Za-zd$@$!%*?&){8,} to allow specific special characters.

dnd 3.5e – Can you run pregen characters with only the system reference document?

First of all, while East the official SRD, trying to play on the basis of these files would be miserable. I recommend trying an online SRD hyperlink, such as d20srd.org. It organizes things better and provides links from one thing to another.

Second … no, you can't just play with the SRD. SRD is not meant to replace books, just provide a convenient way to quickly find information. Most importantly, there is a lack of basic information on how to actually assemble the pieces into a character – which a pregenerated character might help you, in part – as well as the rules for leveling up. Even with a pre-generated character, your game would be very limited if you can't level up.

Third, even if you find the information on character creation or level online, learning to play the game from such sources would be painful. Most groups start with at least one person who has already played and can guide the rest. Without this, as well as without the advice contained in the Player Manual and Dungeon Master Guide, you would be very hard.

For what it's worth, however, I did it, in a way – but my first MD was very experienced and helped me a lot. I also read a lot of information online about the type of character I wanted to play, and I spent a lot of time digging around the internet for free stuff. So it's possible – again, without anyone who's already played, I think it's going to be really hard, and even with these tips, it's not for everyone I suspect.

How to insert invalid / illegal characters? [closed]

How to proceed to insert an illegal character, such as a number or a symbol, or bypass forced capitalization, in a field of a website or a program?

dnd 5th – Can the undead use healing spells as usual to heal other characters?

Heal wounds States:

A creature you hit recovers 1d8 +
your spell casting modifier. This spell has no effect on the living dead.
or built.

Word of healing States:

A creature of your choice that you can see in range gets hit
points equal to 1d4 + your spell casting modifier. This spell
has no effect on the living dead
or built.

Unless I missed something of the homebrew race that you shared, you are indeed undead and can cast your bard spells normally.

Being undead does not change the way spells work, but it does change its effect on you, of course, since you are undead.

I was surprised to see that Inflicting spells does not cure the living dead in 5th.

On how to heal yourself as an undead creature, the question How can I heal undead creatures? can help you.

In short:

Yes, your bard spells will heal your fellow comrades, but you will have to find other ways to heal yourself since they do not heal you.

How to escape ASCII characters in hexadecimal?

I am trying to escape ASCII to hexadecimal utf8 characters which are understandable by the Linux terminal.

What I am trying to achieve is the following

echo -n ♥ | od -A n -t x1
// e2 99 a5 => xe2x99xa5

Abstract algebra – The set of all irreducible characters of an abelian group is an abelian group.

Let $ G $ to be an abelian group $ n $ and $ hat {G} $ to be the set of all diehard characters of $ G $.
CA watch

a) If $ chi in hat {G} $, then $ chi (gh) = chi (g) chi (h) $ for everyone $ g, ​​h in G $.

(b) Write $ hat {G} = { chi_1, chi_2, dots, chi_n } $ or $ chi_1 $ is the triviality. CA watch $ hat {G} $ is an abelian group under operation with
( chi_i cdot chi_j) (g) = chi_i (g) chi_j (g) quad 1 leq i, j leq n

For question a), may I conclude by saying that, since any irreducible representation of $ G $ is one-dimensional? I need help with question (b).

regex – How to remove accents and special characters in Java?

I have a text string, which you don't want to have accents or special characters.

I read about the property replaceAll and the Pattern In Java and using regular expressions, the problem is that this is a new theme for me and I cannot implement it.

In theory: If my characters are "áÁéÉíÍóÓúÚäÄëËïÏöÖüÜñÑ" should be "aAeEiIoOuUaAeEiIoOuUnÑ" and do not accept special characters.

regular expression 1: (! "# $% & & # 39; () * +,
-. / :;<=>? @ (
) ^ _ ‘{|} ~)

regex 2 áÁéÉíÍóÓúÚäÄëËïÏöÖüÜñÑ

23 GB from domain.com.static[4 alpha numeric characters] project files and statistics are strange

Looks like after all these years, SER went mental on my VPS and made it run out of space (I really don't change anything for months / years now let it run on a VPS healthy)

c: users (user) appdata roaming gsa search engine ranker projects ….

Usually around 3 GB, today 23.6 … what is causing it?