ux field – Left aligned vs. versus aligned chat messages

Mimicking real-world interactions

I believe the reasoning behind having versus aligned in WhatsApp, Messenger, and many other chat applications might be an attempt to mimic how people in the real world face each other when talking with each other.

The case of Slack being only left-aligned might be that it primarily started as a web application that’s used on PCs. Versus aligned doesn’t work on desktop landscape layouts as it’s too wide.

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How to solve simple wp simple ajax chat caching problem

i have a frustrating problem with simple ajax chat wordpress plugin. When am trying to create a page with a livechat shorcode and i also need to use cache. But when i enable cache the ajax live function of the chat does not work. Does anyone has any suggestions?
i use lightspeeed cache.

join – MYSQL: Query the last conversion on chat messages and sort by latest message

I am having issue on query sorting of last convo messages of each users.
Here is my current record on my 2 tables:

enter image description here

enter image description here

I want to achieve below result:

enter image description here

My current query is:

 SELECT `messages`.*, `users`.`username`, `u2`.`username` as `to_username`,
 CASE WHEN to_user_id = 1
    THEN `users`.`username`
    ELSE u2.username
 END as participant
 FROM `messages` 
 LEFT JOIN `users` ON `messages`.`from_user_id`=`users`.`id` 
 LEFT JOIN `users` as `u2` ON `messages`.`to_user_id`=`u2`.`id` 
 INNER JOIN (SELECT max(id) as lastmsgId FROM messages where to_user_id = 1 or from_user_id =1 GROUP BY to_user_id) m2 ON `messages`.`id`=`m2`.`lastmsgId` 
 GROUP BY participant  
 ORDER BY `messages`.`created_at` DESC

And the result of my query is:
enter image description here

The 4th and 5th message is not sorted properly I am expecting to display the 4th message
instead of 5th message. It displays the older message instead of latest one. I couldn’t find the solution on how will be display the right sorting.

Any help and suggestion is very much appreciated.

Adding individual users to a chat channel in Odoo

I use Odoo 14.0 .

I created a chat channel for all my Odoo users.

Still, not all user can see this channel, and I do not find an add user button in the channel administration.


says that with some SQL magic I could solve this but I do not have access to the database. And at all, this should be an easy thing to manage the users of a channel.

How can I do this in Odoo?

Restoring WhatsApp chat history either fom local backup or from Google Drive

  1. I have my WhatsApp chat history backed up on Google drive till June 2017. After that I stopped the Google Drive backup.
  2. I have local Database backup file having data from August 2018 till today.

Question 1 – Now when I uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp, will it restore data from Google Drive + local Backup both?

Question 2 – How do I restore data only from Google Drive?

Question 3 – How to do restore data only from local backup?

Question 4 – What will happen if I backup current local backup to Google drive? Will it corrupt my old back up on Google drive? Will it overwrite my existing backup on Google drive

WoWonder Combined Chat Timeline And News Feed Application For WoWonder PHP script

WoWonder Combined is a social timeline with chat application for WoWonder PHP Social Network, with WoWonder Timeline users can Post & Interact with users feeds and like and comment and more , now using the application is easier, and more fun !

WoWonder Combined Version is easy, secured, and it will be regularly updated.


WoWonder PHP 3.0.2 or…


interface – Best practice on Web Chat “not working right now” messaging

We are currently integrating a web chat functionality on a utilities website, where customers can query their bill, or changing plans etc. with their cellular bills.

The web chat will sit top right on all paged, and when clicked, will initiate a web chat sessions. In the event of one of our chat integrations failing or not working, we need to design an error screen. I cannot find any best practice information our there, so my thought was to provide the following while the user waits:

An apology message saying that the chat is having technical issues, and recommending that the user email us instead. Any hats thrown into the ring on this one are much appreciated!

Here’s something I put together below as a first pass:

There’s a technical issue with chat right now, and we’re looking into
it. You can also email us, and we’ll get back to you within 30
minutes. Thanks for your patience.

Where to place the first message in a chat?

Imagine a simple messenger app. Where to place the first message(s) in a chat? See examples below.

A or B in a messenger

E.g. Slack, Facebook’s Messenger does it the A way. Snapchat, WhatsApp does it the B way.

I’d argue the B way is more correct due to F reading pattern, however, can someone shed me some light on this?

Live Chat Unlimited

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Live Chat Unlimited – Live Chat Unlimited

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Version 2.5.0 – 31 January 2018

  • + Archive chat
  • + Delete chat
  • + Re-join chat when its closed
  • + Online/offline buttons for operators
  • + Now you can set response times by online/offline status
  • + Shows…

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