mysql – How to check the existence of a value between two columns of the same table

I have a table bills having columns id, starting_bl_no, ending_bl_no.

How can I verify that a new invoice number is already entered in the table?

id    starting_bl_no    ending_bl_no    
 1     100              140  
 2     357              500  
 3     150              190

Note: ie, if the entry is 102 I should go back exists. Or if the entry is 145 should return does not exist

SQL Server – Check the BIT column

I have the following table:

  • id – unique number for each user. There will be more than 2 ^ 63-1 users. (Auto incremented)
  • User name – the unique identifier of the user will not exceed 30 characters (no Unicode). (Required fields)
  • Password – the password must not exceed 26 characters (no Unicode). (Required fields)
  • Profile image – image with size up to 900 KB.
  • LastLoginTime
  • Is deleted – indicates if the user has deleted his profile. The possible states are true or false.

That's my SQL request:

Username VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
(Password) VARCHAR(26) NOT NULL,
ProfilePicture VARBINARY(MAX) CHECK (DATALENGTH(ProfilePicture) <= 900000),
LastLoginTime DATETIME,
IsDeleted BIT

Is it possible to check (validate) the column 'IsDeleted'? (if it's true or false)

Why is Apple sending a check to an offline iPad?

I was trying to reset my Apple ID password on PC. Apple sent a check on my iPad, which is disconnected from iCLoud and iTunes. Why is that? I thought that after disconnecting my iPad, Apple should send him no verification.

Does Swedish airport security check your phone?

We have heard of countries in which you should remove the PIN code from your phone when you pass the airport security. Does this also apply to Sweden?

darktable – How to check the version of lensfun on Fedora

I was about to create calibration files for my Tamron 90mm SP, but after Lensfun, it was added in version 1.613 (there is only one SP 90 mm and the same as the one I have in EXIF). How can I check the version of my Fedora? And possibly, how to update the lensfun library?

I want this for Darktable, which uses a fun database (according to the lensfun website). But it does not detect this lens with the calibration module.

html – How to check if a website is whitelisted in the proxy

I would like to confirm that a certain website that we are trying to reach from the server is registered on the whitelist of the proxy server. Is there a way to get that confirmed?

Background: From our ETL server, we try to connect to a REST API website. This gives some errors that suggest that we have already exceeded the proxy, because when I add another site (, we get a rejection of the proxy when the credentials are incorrect. This does not happen with the targeted site.

Thank you

google search console – Check my site with antivirus services. (McAfee, Webroot, Avast, Bitdefender, etc.)

When I publish a new site, it is often taken by an anti-virus. The message is always something like …

This site is safe, but does not have enough history so we can let you continue without warning.

It's pretty easy to check my site using the Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster tools and Norton SafeWeb.

However, I find nothing like these options for McAfee, Bitdefender, Webroot, Avast, etc.

What else can I do to prevent my new sites, but very safe, from appearing as "too new to trust"?

8 – Missing check box Automatically update calculated run in Webform

Completed the command: composer require & drupal / webform: 5.4-beta1 & # 39;
Some components in the Extend section display an updated version, Webform (the first) still indicates version 5.0-rc12).
My calculated twig does not update unless I return / return or submit a page The check box for automatic update is not visible
I have all my twig files backed up … I could just uninstall the module and start over?
Use d8.6

What does "We could not check the ACL APIs" mean in the Magento Security Check Report?

We did the security scan of Magento.

A eu

Unknown ACL patch for patches We could not check the ACL API. Please check our security.
Best practices

What is it supposed to mean?

plsql – Oracle – Browses the list of databases to check the status

I have a table with database names and connection strings. Do you know a method to browse the list of database names (and / or connection details) and test the database connectivity (just know if the database is active)? The only problem is that DBLinks does not point to these databases, but we use OID if it can be useful / useful.

Thank you!