javascript – como declarar um .checked (radio button) como estando não preenchido

Olá, Estou validando os radio buttons html com .checked no javascript
if (sex(0).checked) { genero = ' Homem'
Nas primeiras linhas de código estou fazendo com que se o usuário não preencher algo apresente um erro com o window.alert. como faço para declarar no if(sex(0).checked) como vazio(não prenchido)?


 var sex = document.getElementsByName('radsex')
    var idade = ano - Number(fano.value)
    var film = document.getElementsByName('genre')
    var diaonoite = document.getElementsByName('period')
    var genero = ''
    var genre = ''
    var period = ''
} if (sex(0).checked) {
    genero = ' Homem'

customization – I want to submit multiple users if checkbox is checked

The following code is getting all terms and see if any one of them is checked or not.
If any term is checked a form should show under the selected checkbox with email, the username(auto-generated) and password(auto-generated), and admin should be available to submit each form which will create a user for a specific term.

The problem is The form is being submitted to options.php which I have to submit checkboxes in the options table

<div class="wrap">
            <?php screen_icon(); ?>
            <h2>Subdomain Settings</h2>           
            <form method="post" action="options.php">
                // This prints out all hidden setting fields
                settings_fields( 'subdomain_option_group' );   
                do_settings_sections( 'subdomain-admin' );
        $selected = $this->options;
        $terms = $GLOBALS('wpdb')->get_results( "SELECT * FROM wp_terms", OBJECT );
//      $terms = get_terms();
//      echo plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ) . 'subdomain-users.php';
        foreach($terms as $term) {
            ?><div class="wrap"> <?php
                ?> <input id="in-category-<?php echo $term->term_id ?>" type="checkbox" name="post_category()" <?php echo in_array($term->term_id, $selected('subdomain_cat')) ? "checked" : ""; ?> value="<?php echo $term->term_id; ?>" > 
                <label for="in-category-<?php echo $term->term_id ?>"> <?php echo $term->name; ?></label>
                if(in_array($term->term_id, $selected('subdomain_cat'))) {
                    ?> <div style="margin-bottom: 25px;"> <?php
                        ?> <form method="post" action=""><?php
                        ?> <h2><?php echo "Category : ".$term->name.'<br/>'; ?></h2> <?php
                        ?> <input type="email" placeholder="Enter Your Email:" name="email"> <?php
                        ?> <input required type="text" placeholder="Enter Your Name:" value="<?php echo $this->generate_user_name($term->name); ?>" name="name"> <?php
                        ?> <input required type="text" value="<?php echo $this->randomPassword() ?>" placeholder="Enter Your Password:" name="password"> <?php
                        ?> <input type="submit" name="user_save" id="user_save" class="button button-primary" value="Save User"><?php
                        ?> </form> <?php
                    ?> </div> <?php

Please let me know how do I submit this form to create user for each term And I want to add a role and permission too which will allow the created user to select only the relevant term(category) for post and he will be author for only that category.


air travel – Flying with a desktop computer (as checked luggage)

I personally would take some precautions. First of all, make a backup of your data. Leave on in your home and take another one with you so that you can use it in your destination place. Then when transporting a desktop computer, the most fragile part is almost always the hard disk drive. So I would dismount it if possible and take it into your cabin luggage. You could also do this for other sensible parts like for example other drives, the processor, or the RAM bars. This I would pack into anti-static bags and take it into the cabin.

The tower itself you can put into protected pc transporting bags like this one. This bag will be checked so that you can’t smuggle and weapons or drugs. But you shouldn’t normally fear that this will damage your computer.

And last but not least, you could also think about sending your computer with a carrier. I quote this from a message board:

Send it via a Secured Carrier, RPS(Royal Packaging Service), Which
Delivers Things in the most pristine state Possible. Door to door
Service, White glove care. But i warn you, Its pricey. 15lb =

laravel – Show checkbox checked from database

Hope you’re all fine.
I have an article, and I want to be able to edit it. Inside the article, I have checkboxs, and what I want is to check the ones I’ve checked when I first create the article (Im using a pivot table).

I have this code for now.

    public function createArticle(Request $request)
       $data = $request->validate(( 
        'titreArticle' => 'bail|required|between:5,40',
        'typeArticle' => 'bail|required',
        'themeCheckbox' => 'required',
        'themeCheckbox.*' => 'required',
        'contenuArticle' => 'bail|required',
       $type_articles = Type_article::findOrFail($data('typeArticle'));
       $article = new Article();

       $themes = Theme::whereIn('theme_id', array_keys($data('themeCheckbox')))->get();
       $article->titre = $data('titreArticle');
       $article->contenu = $data('contenuArticle');
       $article->theme()->attach( $themes);

       return view('admin');

And inside my view :

<textarea id="contenuArticle_lecture" class="form-control" rows="3" name="contenuArticle_lecture">{{ $article->contenu }}</textarea>

I’ve seen I must use contains but don’t really know how to use it…


language design – Why do “checked exceptions”, i.e., “value-or-error return values”, work well in Rust and Go but not in Java?

From a scientific point of view, checked exceptions can be seen as alternative return values, e.g.

Exactly. They can be seen that way, and they should be but they aren’t.

Using an Error type like is common in Rust, Elm, Haskell, and in some sub-communities in Scala or a special error value as in Go is just an alternative return value indicated in the type system. A checked exception is like an alternative return value, but it doesn’t use the normal way of returning values, it is a completely separate, very different way of “returning values”. It also sits outside of the type system, and bolts on a completely separate “checked exception” system onto the type system.

But most importantly, it is not just an alternative return value, it is also an alternative control flow.

Another problem with the specific way checked exceptions are implemented in Java, is that they are anti-modular. That is, however, not a fundamental problem of checked exceptions, unlike the ones I mentioned above. There is an idea of Modular Anchored Exceptions, for example, where you can specify something like

int foo() throws like bar { return bar(); }

And you don’t have to know (and leak!) which precise exceptions bar can throw. You can even do something like throws like bar except ArrayOutOfBoundsException when you are handling some errors yourself.

brexit – Would British citizens need to get their passport checked at the Ryanair visa desk from Jan 1st 2021?

For entry into the Schengen Area (not within the Common Travel Area), British citizens will be treated as 3 Country nationals.

A entry/exit stamp will be placed in their passport to enforce the 90/180 days rule.

An exception will be made for those presently (2020) inside the Schengen Area. The 90/180 day clock will start on the 2021-01-01, so the lack of an entry stamp will not automatically assume an overstay.

Should, for any reason, no stamp upon entry be given it is advised to retain some proof of date of entry (ticket etc.) to avoid complications when leaving.

The same is true for (non-Irish) EU Citizens when entering the United Kingdom, especially when arriving from the Republic of Ireland. At present it is not clear how the date of entry will be noted for those travelling with only an ID (which will still be possible until 2021-10-01), afterwhich a passport is required for non-resident EU Citizens who are not Irish.

As to how private corporations, who will be held responsible for transporting persons without the proper paperwork, will deal with this is their affair. Assume they will refuse to allow you to board if you don’t fulfill their conditions.

My notification panel and home button not working. It’s saying developer options not available for this use when i checked the developer options

My android device(Asus max pro m2) is running on havoc(3.2) suddenly rebooted and I cannot use my notification panel, home button, or literally anything else. This issue will be solved if I delete the data partition using TWRP but. I have to literally install every application again and again. Nova launcher method not working for me. I tried everything regarding that nova launcher thing but no use. if I check the developer options it says developer options not available for this user. This isn’t the first time this issue happened. but earlier I had to reset the things. but now I would like to know if there is any other solution to this. Anyone, please respond asap. cause I couldn’t use my phone if I cant get a solution.
Thank you in advance

air travel – Can I pack a cardboard box as checked luggage?

I’ve used cardboard boxes as checked luggage several times, including to transport desktop computers twice.

Most likely the airline will make you sign a waiver that you accept all responsibility for any damage, but otherwise you’ll have no issues as long as it’s within the allowed weight/size guidelines (which if it’s just a computer, it will be).

I didn’t bother with any extra padding/etc, on the basis that the original foam in the box fitted the computer perfectly. I did make a point to wrap the computer completely in plastic (eg, the plastic bags that they normally come in, or something similar) and then seal the bag with tape in an effort to make it somewhat waterproof – obviously not enough that it’s going to handle getting dunked in water, but enough that it’ll survive getting rained on whilst they are loading/unloading the plane.

Fragile stickers certainly wont hurt – I actually use “fragile” tape that you can get from Office Depot or similar and just run it around the box a few times.

If possible, try and pick flights that are on a wide-body aircraft (747, A340, etc) as cargo on those is generally treated a little better than on narrow-body aircraft where it’s manually loaded into the hold, rather than being loaded in crates.

And just remember that at the destination airport you’ll probably need to go to the “oversized” baggage area to collect it rather than getting it on the normal luggage belt.

Update: I once again traveled with a checked-in box from the USA to Australia just before Christmas. On this occasion the box was opened by the TSA for a security check – however I’m happy to say that they did an excellent job of opening and re-sealing the box. Other than the note they put in the box and the fragile tape obviously being cut there was no other indication that it had been opened. Everything was still packed exactly as I had left it, and they had sealed the box just as well as I had.

luggage – Can I add checked bags after online check-in (American)

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luggage – Purchase additional checked baggage

I am looking at a flight in Kayak and Cheapoair. In both places, I see a SAS flight with ticket category GoLight that has 1 checked baggage included. But in the SAS website, I see no checked baggage is included with this ticket type. Which one would be correct information?

Second question, can I pay and take more checked luggages with GoLight ticket?