How can I use the onEdit() trigger to timestamp a cell if another cell in the same row is checked “TRUE” in apps script?

I am able to add a timestamp in column 5 using a conditional when I’m comparing the column to a number, but what I am actually trying to do is add a stamp to the corresponding cell in column 5 if a cell in column 1 is checked as TRUE. When the box is checked, the corresponding cell in column 5 never displays the timestamp:

function onEdit(e) {
  var attendanceSheet = e.source.getActiveSheet();
  var row = e.range.getRow();
  var col = e.range.getColumn();

  if(col === true){
    attendanceSheet.getRange(row,5).setValue(new Date());    


enter image description here

What is Emirates airline current checked in baggage allowance from USA to Iran?

I’m planning a trip to Iran in December with Emirates airlines and would like to get a ticket online; however I’m so confused about the checked baggages allowance. Some agencies say I can take 3 checked in suitcases. What is Emirates airline current checked in baggage allowance from USA to Iran ?

Checked Out To column not viewable

I am trying to add the Checked Out To column to my SharePoint library.

I can see the column in the Library Settings here:


But when I go to add the column in the library, it doesn’t show up:


Count a cell based on if a cell in the same row has a checked checkbox

enter image description here

I want to write a formula to count the Total Cost cell in column F, only if the cell in H is checked. I’ve approached it a few ways, but the Countifs formula isn’t computing it.

indian citizens – Is Air India strict with checked in baggage dimensions for international flights?

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html – Cambiar propiedad checked de un checkbox mediante JQuery

html – Cambiar propiedad checked de un checkbox mediante JQuery – Stack Overflow en español – Allow comments box cannot be checked on *any* pages

WordPress 5.1.4 with twentynineteen theme 2.0

I Quick Edit a page and check the Allow Comments box, then click the Update button. There is no message displayed, but when I Quick Edit that page again, the box is unchecked. I saw this answer to a related question, and even though the theme does not have a similar filter, I put the following in a plugin, and activated it:

function default_comments_on( $data ) {
// Adapted from
if( $data('post_type') == 'page') {
    $data('comment_status') = 1;
return $data;
add_filter( 'wp_insert_post_data', 'default_comments_on' );

But the behavior persists. Any ideas how to fix this?

Actually, what I want to do is default all pages to allow comments, and I expected that the filter above would do that, but it doesn’t. I think it’s very odd for WordPress not to allow comments on pages by default, but I guess it’s a tradition. But working hard to prevent site admins from allowing them on specific pages seems very strange.

Is the baggage content and its weight/dimensions checked during self-check-in at airports?

The machines have a scale built in and the bar limits the size of the bag.

Special baggages (overweight, oversize, special items) need to be handled at the staffed counter.

In China specifically (the photo you linked), you would need to wait for a few minutes for the security pre-check. If it passes, you will get the baggage tag (the small one for your use at destination). If not, you will be called to the security office for a manual check of the baggage.

As the warning on the screen indicates, if it contains harmful material and it is found out later (after the pre-check, there can be a more detailed check), the security may removed the relevant items (and you will be responsible for any consequent delay or costs).

Other countries may be different (you may get your receipt immediate but later be called by the announcement to the security).

seo – My Backlinks Indexed and shown in SERP few weeks back. Today I checked again 50% are not showing in SERP

A few weeks back I create backlinks for my project and they get indexed and showing in SERP properly. But today I again checked 50% of them are not showing in SERP. Backlinks are live and working properly but not showing in google search. Why, Please help me out. Even the SEOquake extension also showing the date when the link gets indexed. And its not about 1-2 nearly 25+ backlinks are not showing.

WooCommerce settings API set checkbox checked by default

Using WooCommerce settings API to create some options on its settings page:

Everything works fine but unfortunately, I can’t seem to get checkboxes to be checked by default (before admin actually saves changes…aka on fresh install)

I know I can create the option in the DB on plugin install but I’m trying to just get the checkbox checked by default without creating options on plugin activation.

I’ve tried multiple options

            'name'     => __( 'Field Name', 'lpac' ),
            'desc'     => __( 'Field description', 'lpac' ),
            'id'       => 'field_id',
            'type'     => 'checkbox',
            'default' => true, // doesn't work
            'css'      => 'min-width:300px;',

I’ve tried setting the default to different values like ‘checked’ and ‘on’ but still, the checkbox is not checked by default

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