In PostgreSQL, if crashes during VACUUM, will it recover from a checkpoint that is before the forzen transaction ID of VACUUM?

When VACUUM starts, it will calculate a frozen transaction ID and freeze all tuples older than it. Will this frozen TXID younger than the latest checkpoint? If this is the case, then when the system crashes after VACUUM has deleted some dead tuples and the system recovers from this checkpoint, these tuples will be available to some transactions again during the replaying of WAL.

macos – Share Checkpoint VPN with OS X Internet Sharing

I want to share my VPN connection via wifi using internet sharing, but something is not working.

My current configuration is as follows:

  • Macbook Pro: macOS Mojave 10.14.6
  • VPN Client: CheckPoint Endpoint Security for Mac

enter description of image here

I have tried the steps described here but something is not working.

Some of the NAT rules that I have tried:

nat on utun1 from bridge100:network to any -> (utun1)

nat on utun1 from to any -> (utun1)

nat on en6 from to any -> (en6)
nat on utun1 from to any -> (utun1)

#and many more...

My script looks like this:

sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1
sysctl -w net.inet.ip.fw.enable=1
sysctl -w net.inet6.ip6.forwarding=1

#disables pfctl
pfctl -d
sleep 1

#flushes all pfctl rules
pfctl -F all
sleep 1

#starts pfctl and loads the rules from the nat-rules file
pfctl -f ./nat-rules -e

Internet sharing works without VPN enabled, but after I activate it, I get Connected, no internet ….

Is something wrong with my NAT rule or is the VPN going through CheckPoint Endpoint Security?

taxis – Who is responsible for the increase in the price of the taxi due to the wait for a drug check to be carried out at a checkpoint in Thailand?

If the passenger of a taxi is checked by the police for drug detection at a random checkpoint in Thailand, which is responsible for the increase in the price of the taxi due to the waiting of the end of drug control? For example, is the police supposed to pay the higher taxi price? I am especially interested in Bangkok if the answer depends on the city.

t sql – SQL Server 2014 checkpoint, page errors and high disk I / O

Problem: the database has high disk usage and is in a deadlock, possibly due to a resource conflict.

The road to here:

  1. Captured a few counters to see where the problem is, looking at an outrageously high page reading (56 billion), page writing (330 million) per second with PLE = 19 s, I thought the server was running out of memory, d & Where the high number of errors which in turn leads to a high IO disk, but now this is more like a side effect of another operation.

  2. 56 billion I / O translates to 453 TB with a page size = 8 KB, which is much higher than the actual database size = 3.2 TB, I don't know how that is possible. Can we count on these metrics?

After this point, the server was restarted / reset and the last memory usage was 76% with the following buffer manager counters captured using the last request from this blog

Higher performance counters - Memory

High checkpoint pages / sec can cause high page faults (checkpoints and transaction logs)

My question is:

  1. Since all of the counters tell us about memory usage, I guess they are interdependent or at least relative to some extent. I could not find the recommended values ​​for these counters in msdn. So, how to interpret the figures without reference?
  2. If the checkpoint is the problem, how do you know for sure?
  3. If not, can you provide some input to dig into the root cause?

Issue related to the checkpoint of the Hyper-V VM after restarting the server.

Following a power outage, I am experiencing a problem with a virtual machine running on Hyper-V and Windows Server 2016.

The problem is that, following an unexpected shutdown, during the restart, the virtual machine will not restart and generated an error. I can not unfortunately remember it. I managed to restart the VM, but it seems to have created a checkpoint (though the checkpoints are disabled) and now creates another .avhxd file. The original .vhxd file has a timestamp of the date the server lost power; so it contains two HDD files.

I am not sure what steps need to be taken now to restore the situation. I'm hesitant to restart the virtual machine because I do not want to lose any data, the virtual machine is currently working properly.

The picture shows the checkpoint window:
enter the description of the image here

And this picture shows the HDD files:
enter the description of the image here

The most recent file, dated Aug. 29, is the original .vhdx file and the new expanding file is the .avhdx file with the current date and time.

What would be the right way to solve this problem and merge the two? Will a simple reboot correct the problem?

Thank you.

hyper v – Merge VHDS checkpoint files that do not merge

I have a VHDS file from which I took a checkpoint, but I can not merge the checkpoint file. I have tried the GUIs (Hyper-V Manager -> Edit Disk) and Powershell (Merge-VHD), to no avail. This gives the error "If the merge succeeds, the system will still not be able to delete the file".

This is a Server 2016 Hyper-V failover cluster and the VHDS is shared between a Server 2016 failover cluster file server role. This VHDS has a capacity of 20 TB and is currently located around 10TB, with a 500GB checkpoint file.

I had the same problem with a couple of smaller VHDS files. I ended up converting the main avhdx file to a VHDX file, and then I created a new VHDS file and selected the option to copy the contents of the new VHDX file. This file is so large that the conversion and the new VHDS file would take 24 hours. I would prefer not to have that kind of time off.

Does anyone know a better way to accomplish this without these two long steps? I've read that avhdx is very similar to a standard VHDX. Would it be risky (in terms of data corruption) to rename this file to VHDX and create a new VHDS from this VHDX?

Does Kapalua Airport (JHM) have no TSA checkpoint?

I flew from Kapalua Airport (JHM) to Honolulu (HNL) on 2019-01-27. I did not go if the TSA at JHM. I wonder if the absence of TSA is due to the current shutdown of the United States. Does Kapalua Airport (JHM) have no TSA checkpoint?

I've read about

On November 15, 2016, Hawaiian Airlines announced that it was temporarily suspending the sales of its Honolulu-West Maui service while waiting to ensure a TSA presence at Kapalua Airport. .

On January 11, 2017, Hawaiian Airlines announced its intention to return to service at Kapalua West Maui Airport by the end of March.

It is unclear whether Hawaiian Airlines has decided to resume service at JHM because JHM has secured the presence of TSA or because Hawaiian Airlines has changed its mind.

game design – Unity Checkpoint System that remembers the interactions of NPCs + changes in the environment?

I've already set up a checkpoint system that re-records the player at the last checkpoint crossed. Now, imagine this:

  • NPC A interacts with NPC B
  • NPC B goes to a nearby car
  • A bird flies over the car and takes a landfill
  • The player dies tragically (lol)
  • The player reappears at the last checkpoint X

Since checkpoint X is reached after watching all these NPC interactions, how can I quickly advance / jump those interactions when the player is reappearing? The construction that I had at that time reappeared in the right place, but of course, NPC interactions are reproducing even if they were supposed to end before reaching this last checkpoint (if that has a meaning)

I understand that this can be achieved by saving all the last known NPC locations, flags indicating if the bird has taken a landfill (true / false). For example, this seems rather tedious for a game like Uncharted / GTA where many interactions take place at the same time.

My initial thought was to advance the whole game one way or another to the point of making all these interactions possible and dusted. In this way, I can re-embody the player safely knowing that he does not see what he has already seen.

Sorry for the detailed article πŸ˜€ Any advice on how this can be accomplished?

Is there a website / program showing estimated queue time at the security checkpoint at a given airport in real time?

Is there a website or program showing the estimated queue time at the security checkpoint (eg, TSA in the US) at a given airport / gate in time (almost ) real?

healthcheckurl – How to activate the health checkpoint of the site Drupal 8?

The integrity control URL module is designed to provide a Drupal integrity endpoint to all types of load balancers. This end URI will indicate that this Drupal site is operational. This URL will never be cached.

Health Check URL provides five different response formats with configurable string and timestamp combination. The endpoint is configurable, which indicates that the site is not restricted to the use of the default endpoint / health. It can have a custom endpoint. Access in maintenance mode with configuration.