What comes first? chicken or load balancer?

= D

I have a debate with myself about which diapers go first …

lb (load balancer)
caching (micro caching)
web stack

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How to use infested chicken in Pathfinder

So we start at level 1, and when I asked if I could have a chicken infestation, my deputy was initially against, but I agreed when I suggested it was a feat that does not require not to be a commoner. Any ideas on how to optimize that?

And for the sake of clarity, I want to have as many chickens as possible. As long as I have a lot of chickens and they can do damage to a target I designate, it works for me.

[ Cooking & Recipes ] Open question: Can you boil chicken nuggets?

[ Cooking & Recipes ] Open question: Can you boil chicken nuggets? .

datetimepicker – CHICKEN WITH SICK

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