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4.2 The first action planbefore Double Eleven
1. A clear understading of the timeline of Double Eleven and arrange corresponding operations according to the timline.

Business registration: 04/09/-07/09

·check the registration review results

·set up a Double Eleven shopping allowance

·signing freight insurance

·sign other agreements related to Double Eleven

Commodity registration: 05/10-26/10

Event warm-up: 01/11-10/11

Official event: 11/11-12/11

2. Determine the main products, products for soecial activities and auxiliary products according to product data, market trends, and product prices, etc.

3. Determine the advertising language, activity rules, decoration style, etc. Conceive the atmosphere and requirements to be created in advance. Check the advertising language, cannot use absolute terms in violation of the advertising law; do not use unauthorized brand words.

4. It can be promoted through popular platforms such as Douyin and Weibo. Internet influences are also other choice to promote, which can greatly reduce advertising costs.

4.2The second action planduring Double Eleven
The Double Eleven Shopping Festival Gala was also impressive interactive entertainment. ‘The gala is a blobal carnival, a world-class show that engages the audience throughout th event and touches like you’ve never experienced before,’ said by marketing officer of Alibaba Group. Nowadays, the Double Eleven gala not only invites internet influences to broadcast live to promote products, but also invites celebrities to perform. Lotteries and deep discounts are very attractive for people to spend. Shopping malls in major cities will also provide venues for the live broadcast of the Double Eleven gala, those who cannot attend the event can also feel the atomosphere of the gala. Within the influence of Double Eleven gala, major TV stations have also cooperated with Alibaba, and celebrities effect can bring high ratings. Advertising space between programs is highly competitive and expensive, high quality and engaging ads can be produced. With the powerful influence of the gala in China, a brand representative of Blackmores to the Double Eleven gala to speak on stage about future plans and products, and promote the brand with the help of strong advertising.


Does receiving a student visa replace my existing business travel visa? (China)

Does receiving a student visa replace my existing business travel visa? Is it possible to hold two visa types simultaneously?

I still hold a now rare 10 year multiple entry business travel visa (though COVID-19 rules mean this is temporarily unusable). If I receive a new visa e.g. student visa, must this replace my existing visa? or put another way, what would I expect to see when I receive my passport back from the embassy?

budget – Why is air travel to China currently (May 2021) 4x the usual price?

There are fewer flights/itineraries.

Chinese authorities have imposed a strict policy regarding international flights with quotas and circuit-breakers (“Five Ones Policy”, article on this from Chinese Wikipedia). The number of seats is also limited to 75% of ordinary capacity.

Under “Five Ones Policy”, for most international routes, one airline can only operate one route from one country to Mainland China with one flight per one week.

Circuit-breakers also mean all flights from the airline (on that route) will be cancelled for two or four weeks if the number of CoVID-positive passengers on arrival reach certain numbers. Passengers booked on cancelled flights of course will have priority on subsequent resumed flights, causing overbooking (or causing companies to restrict number of available fares that can be sold in advance).

This policy is also subject to countermeasures from e.g. France and Canada (article in Chinese), because Chinese airlines gain an unfair advantage due to the number of Chinese airlines (since the restriction is nominally per airline). USDOT’s ban against Chinese-operated flights last May/June was also related.

France’s and USA’s countermeasures were largely diplomatically resolved, although the number of flights is still extremely limited. Canada’s dispute is still ongoing and has had a dramatic effect on already high ticket prices.

Not to mention, many Chinese consulates are unable to issue the necessary boarding health declaration code to many transit passengers as the required tests must be done in the country of departure of the leg to China. Some consulates impose residency requirements and refuse to issue the code to residents of a country where a direct flight is available, e.g.

Therefore Starting from November 6, the Chinese Embassy/Consulates in Germany will in principle only examine and verify the green health code with the “HS” mark or the health declaration of the passengers bound for China via direct flights from Germany to China.

Additionally, the demand is particularly higher now since many expats have not been able to visit home during the past year and summer vacation is coming up for international students.

❕NEWS – China gets more serious with Bitcoin restrictions | NewProxyLists

China has been on and off with their view on bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and there was once a time when this country even had the best mining rigs for cryptocurrency in the world, able to turn a profit even when the price of Bitcoin was quite low after the last halving event. However, this is not the case any more. China is enforcing stricter regulations, with Mongolia actually threatening to blacklist the bitcoin and cryptocurrency miners. This could severely affect the price of bitcoin and might be a factor that cuts the recovery of crypto short.

China visa free entry with Turkish stamp in passport

China visa free entry with Turkish stamp in passport – Travel Stack Exchange

❕NEWS – Will Bitcoin Mining Be Affected As China Try To Stop Energy-Consuming Projects? | NewProxyLists

The Chinese administration is expected to ban projects that consume large amounts of energy to reduce their carbon footprint and emissions. Chinese journalist Colin Wu, who has studied all developments regarding coins, reported that some measures that the Chinese government will soon start to implement could put Bitcoin miners in a difficult situation.
What do you think Chinese miners can do to continue their activities?

trains – Is it possible to travel between India and China by rail?


India has train connections with Pakistan and Bangladesh, only. Bangladesh has no international train connections except with India. Pakistan also has a connection with Iran.

This is the Quetta – Zahedan line, but PakRail does not offer tickets for this line at the moment, at least, not online. So, perhaps this line is currently not running.

From Zahedan, there’s an infrequent connection to Tehran. IranRail confirms this connection is active.

From Tehran, there ‘normally’ is a connection with Istanbul, but this line has been put on hold due to the unrest in Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

If Tehran – Istanbul would be available, from Istanbul, you could, for example, make your way to Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia (or Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russia) and, from there, to China.

So, at the moment, the Tehran – Istanbul line not running is what would certainly prevent you from making an overland train connection between India and China.

China Dry Drum Vacuums manufacturers

Our Factory
The manufacturing base located in Jiashan, Zhejiang. Covering an area of approximately 85,000 square meters, with a building area of approximately 128,000 square meters. It is one of the large-scale manufacturing bases for vacuum cleaners and high pressure washers in China.
Our Product
Household pressure washer
Commercial pressure washer
Household vacuum cleaner
Commercial vacuum cleaner
Product Application
Household pressure washer: cleaning of cars, gardens, gardening equipment and tools.
Commercial high-pressure cleaners: cleaning in car washes, property, municipal, engineering, heavy industry, large machinery and other fields.
Household vacuum cleaner: suitable for home, small office, car space, etc.
Commercial vacuum cleaner: suitable for hotels, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, offices, etc.
Sprayer: gardening, agriculture, disinfection, epidemic prevention, etc.
Our Certificate
Yili has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and BSCI certification. High pressure washers and vacuum cleaners have successively passed the European Community CE, EMC, ETL certification, American UL certification, German GS certification and CCC certification, and have obtained more than one hundred national patents.
Production Equipment
Modern production base, intelligent manufacturing
Yili has 150,000 square meters of modern clean equipment production base, the introduction of automated production lines, efficient and intelligent.
Production Market
More than 60% of the products are exported to 60 countries and regions in Europe such as France, the United Kingdom and Asia. High pressure washer products have ranked first in export volume for many years, and are deeply loved and trusted by customers all over the world.China Dry Drum Vacuums manufacturers

China Plane Mask Machine factory

Zhejiang Yishuai Mechanical And Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Fengqiao Town Industrial Park, Jiaxing City. It is invested and constructed by Shanghai Yishuai Garment Machinery Co., Ltd. The factory covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters锛寃hich engaged in high-end Full automatic mask machines, finished ironing series machines, fabric processing machines and intelligent logistics storage equipment systems with own R&D manufacture team.
A complete production line manufacture, from raw materials import – sheet metal& smoothing working – plastic coatting – assemble and installation – adjustment & testing – packing & delivery – after sale. It committed to providing professional leading high-end finishing ironing machines and finishing intelligent logistics & storage solutions for global apparel companies.
Yishuai has a strong technical strength that independently developed a number of high-tech products with invention patents in the industry. Some patents are international leading level which filling blank of China. The company has passed the “National High-tech Enterprise” certification, was named “Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise”, “Zhejiang High-growth Enterprise”, and has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health management system certification. The five-star after-sales service system certification and corporate credit rating are AAA.
It enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry with its excellent quality, honesty and customer-oriented business philosophy, and a high-quality and perfect after-sales service system. It keeps a long-term stable partnerships with well-known garments such as Heilan Group, Sinoer Group, Dayang Group(TRANDS) and many public listed companies. In the future, Yishuai Company will continue to innovation and determined to bring Yishuai into the world’s top brand at garment finishing handle industry.China Plane Mask Machine factory

Do you like made in China?How do you like shopping in China?

I have been enjoying buying goods in China recently, they are cheap and practical.Do you have such a habit?

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