How can I issue multiple commands from a single query choice in Roll20?

I created a set of macros using the API to generate attributes for characters on Roll20 to refer to their pronouns for use in macros. I currently have it set up with 3 macros, each with 4 lines because I can’t add multiple attributes with a single command.

How can I use a macro to query which set (male, female, or neutral) of pronouns I want to use? I know I should be able to do something like

?{Male, Female, or Neutral? | Male,#Pronouns_M | Female,#Pronouns_F | Neutral,#Pronouns_N}

And that should work, but I’d rather have it where the contents of those sub-macros are in the main one and delete the sub-macros. Problem is, each of the sub macros is 4 lines such as #Pronouns_F

!setattr --sel --subjective|'she'

!setattr --sel --objective|'her'

!setattr --sel --PossessiveA|'her'

!setattr --sel --PossessiveP|'hers'

Is this a thing I can do or do I have to settle for the sub macros?

algorithms – Uniform Hashing. Understanding space occupancy and choice of functions

I’m having troubles understanding two things from some notes about Uniform Hashing.
Here’s the copy-pasted part of the notes:

Let us first argue by a counting argument why the uniformity property,
we required to good hash functions, is computationally hard to
guarantee. Recall that we are interested in hash functions which map
keys in $U$ to integers in ${0, 1, …, m-1}$. The total number of such
hash functions is $m^{|U|}$, given that each key among the $|U|$ ones can be
mapped into $m$ slots of the hash table. In order to guarantee uniform
distribution of the keys and independence among them, our hash
function should be anyone of those ones.
But, in this case, its
representation would need $Omega(log_2 m^{|U|}) = Omega(|U| log_2 m)$ bits, which is
really too much in terms of space occupancy and in the terms of
computing time (i.e. it would take at least $Omega(frac{|U|log_2 m}{log_2 |U|})$ time to just
read the hash encoding).

The part I put in bold is the first thing is confusing me.

Why the function should be any one of those? Shouldn’t you avoid a good part of them, like the ones sending every element from the universe $U$ into the same number and thus not distributing the elements?

The second thing is the last “$Omega$“. Why would it take $Omega(frac{|U|log_2 m}{log_2 |U|})$ time just to read the hash encoding?

The numerator is the number of bits needed to index every hash function in the space of such functions, the denominator is the size in bits of a key. Why this ratio gives a lower bound on the time needed to read the encoding? And what hash encoding?

Complexity of finding choice of entries of matrices

Suppose I have a matrix with entries either $x$ or $y$, where the number of rows = number of columns = $n$. If I want to select/circle $n$ entries such that for each row, only exactly one is circled, for each column, also exactly one is circled, and such that all entries circled are only $x$ (if such a circling of entries exists), what complexity class does this belong to? Thanks!

Can choice function in SHA algorithm be used in a simplied way?

While going through the official documentation SHA algorithms from NIST here.

There is a choice and Majority function used.

Can I use Ch (or Maj) function in a simplified version?


=(x^y)^ Β¬(Β¬π‘₯βˆ§π‘§) + Β¬(x^y)^ (Β¬π‘₯βˆ§π‘§)
=(x^y)^(x + Β¬z) + (Β¬x + Β¬y)^ (Β¬π‘₯βˆ§π‘§)
can be further simplified as

(x^y) + (Β¬x ^z)

can above simplified version be used ??

powerapp – Pie Chart in Power Apps from a Choice field of a Sharepoint list

I have a Sharepoint list which have a column with a Choice value, I want to show how many times each value is repeated in a Pie Chart on my Power App.
When I select the chart and tell it on the Item properties to read my Sharepoint list data, it only goes green and shows the number of items. Example screenshot:

enter image description here

What I want now is to show the specific column (which is a Choice column) and give each of the options a different color.
I’ve been investigating and found this link with a formula, but I just can’t figure out how it works, because for me is just errors.

Here’s the formula from the link:


google sheets – How do I make the query look to the next choice?

I am importing data from a Google Form to a Google Spreadsheet.

I have created a query to compile data from the response tab to 4 different tabs in the spreadsheet.

I have put a limit on the number of results that can be placed on each tab.

The respondent gets 4 choices (red, blue, yellow, green). If red has reached the limit that can be added to that tab, how do I make the query look to the next choice, blue and so on?

Here is my query so far:

=query('Form Responses 1'!A:E,"Select * Where D='Blue' Limit 10", 1)

I Will Compose an IRRESISTIBLE Message/Letter Using the Best Choice of WORDS for $5

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With a touch of perfection, I will create a mind-blowing and heart-warming composition of

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magento2.3 – What is the most popular database choice for Magento 2?

this question sounds more like a poll because I’m just curious as to what database is the most commonly used for Magento2. I currently use MariaDB 10 from following an installation tutorial online, but I’m a bit wary because I’ve recently read the official documentation and it says that MariaDB may not be fully compatible with Magento2. What is the most widely used database for Magento2?

forms – Ways and instructions to tell a user to intentionally miss a multiple choice question?

I’m currently brainstorming possible solutions to this UX question. In a multiple choice activity (not a quiz/form), if a user correctly answers a question, before they move on to the next question, I want to encourage the user to still click on the wrong answers and see the feedback from the wrong answers, so they understand why the wrong answer is wrong.

My first question is placement of these instructions:
I was thinking about putting optional instructions either before the question, or after the last multiple choice answer. The reason I suggest the latter is that these set of instructions are rather unique, and could possibly disrupt the natural user flow of reading a question and answering the questiion.

My second question is about the actual contents of the instructions are a question mark to me. I was thinking:

  1. Direct Approach: If you get the answer right, please also take a look at the other answers to see why they’re wrong!
  2. Subtle approach: Choose the best answer, but be sure to go through all the answers later!

I was also wondering in terms of user experience if it would make more sense to put these “instructions” after the user has successfully answered thee question, rather than before?

sharepoint online – Modern List or Library with Choice Field Concurrancy Bug

I’m dealing with an issue where two or more people are not able to work in a modern list at the same time. The SPO list that I’m working with has a few text fields, one choice field, one date field, and is filled with a few hundred rows.

If a user is editing an item (ID=111) and another user goes into the list and updates and saves a different item (ID=222), the fist user has their choice field selection reset to the default value.

Steps to reproduce
Create new Team Site
Create a list (modern exp.)
Add a choice column
Add some choices
Add several items to the list

Open two browser sessions
Browser 1: edit a list item and select a choice value (don’t save)
Browser 2: edit a different item, select a choice value and save your changes

Result (wait ~30 seconds)
Browser 1: selected choice value is reset before the user has a chance to save

Is there anything that can be done to fix this or is reverting to classic SharePoint or creating a PowerApp the only option?