list – Referencing Choice Field in Calculated Columns

I have a question regarding Calculated Columns.

I have a Column Called “NextMileStone”, this column can contain “PM010”, “PM020, “PM040”, “PM070”, or some other choices that would be the “else” choice in my if Statement. Then I have a column for each of the previously mentioned “PMs”, these contain a date.

Now I want to create a calculated Column, called “Date Next Milestone”, that should ideally fetch the date from the “PM” columns, based on which PM is set as the Next Milestone in “NextMileStone”.

I created the following formula to do this:

"=IF((NextMilestone)="PM010",(PM010 Date),IF((NextMilestone)="PM020",(PM020 Date),IF((NextMilestone)="PM040",(PM040 Date),IF((NextMilestone)="PM070",(PM070 Date),DATE(2000,1,1)))))"

However, sharepoint always gives me a syntax Error. (Disregard the “else” choice that I set to first of January 2000 for now, I tried different values and I don’t think the error lies in the else choice)

I suspect that this happens because I cannot reference the value of a choice field as a string.
My question is, how do I reference the value of a choice field in a formula?

html – Creating a quiz or multiple choice question builder portal

I am a beginner. I currently have a webpage I made through Weebly and I would like to add a new page to it with the following functionality.

  1. Users need to log in to access it.
  2. Once logged in they can select a subject or subtopic or multiple subtopics from a dropdown menu, a level of difficulty from a dropdown menu, whether to be scored or not, and timed or not.
  3. And then they are presented with multiple choice questions, one at a time, to test or practice their knowledge, with the option of showing solutions.

The questions would contain mathematical equations so it needs to support LaTeX.

I imagine that the questions, multiple choice answers, and solutions would go into a database of some kind.

Is this an html/css project, a paid or open source plugin, a SQL project, or a mixture? Please point me in the right direction or suggest the appropriate forum.

websites – How to create a multiple choice question-and-answer page

I currently have a webpage I made through Weebly and I would like to add a new page to it with the following functionality.

  1. Users need to log in to access it.
  2. Once logged in they can select a subject or subtopic or multiple subtopics from a dropdown menu.
  3. They can choose a level of difficulty from a dropdown menu.
  4. They can choose whether to be scored or not, and timed or not.
  5. And then one multiple choice question shows up to be answered, and this question could contain equations.

Is this an html/css project, a paid or open source plugin, or something else?

Why is JPEG the only compressed image choice in most digital cameras?

I’ve been viewing, editing, and storing digital images since before digital cameras were common — I’ve used GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and a few other now-obsolete formats.

GIF has been mainly relegated to animated images, because nearly any other compressed format produces smaller files (but only GIF has the ability to display multiple frames sequentially, even loop the display, built into the format spec). TIFF is mainly used for images to be stored in documents like PDF or word processor files, and PNG is the “new kid on the block” with exceptionally high efficiency and lossless compression (at least up to some point).

So, PNG is clearly superior to JPEG, both in terms of preserving image quality, and in actual compression level — yet digital cameras seem to either save only in JPEG or give a choice of some uncompressed RAW format, with or without simultaneous JPEG.

Why haven’t cameras adopted the superior PNG compression technology, which would fit more, higher quality images on a memory card and largely (if not completely) eliminate the need for dual-format storage?

sharepoint online – Lookup Field to pull in values from Choice Column

I have a Customer Table containing info such as Customer # (Number), Name(Single line of text), Bankruptcy status (Yes/No), Currency (Choice).

I also have a Invoice table which has a lookup column for the Customer #, pulling in the Customer Name.

Now, the scope of the project has made it so I need to pull in the Currency column using the Customer # lookup, which seems like it would’ve been straight forward; however, I don’t see any of the other columns besides the system generated ones (Version, Title, ID, Created, etc.) w

How can I get the lookup column to also include the currency in the Invoice table?

❓ASK – Will you choose to work in another country if given choice? | NewProxyLists

There are people who strive to go for world tour as their retirement plan. People in our locality, dreams of doing job at foreign places as this will give them the opportunity to earn as well as travel in other countries.

As an Individual, would you prefer to join a job and go at another country for earning or still prefer to work at native places? I personally think that for the people who loves adventures, it is a perfect way to earn and travel around the world when you join a foreign firm.

I will slow and reverb any song of your choice for $10

I will slow and reverb any song of your choice

So you are looking fro someone who will slow and reverb a song , Well you have come to the right place. i will slow and reverb any song of choice and even long length songs for just 10 dollars. that sounds like a bargain to me dont you think so yourself?. i can even turn the audio into a video of your choice for you depending on where you would like it to be posted and where you would want it to go.


website design – Multiple choice with Yes, No and ‘No answer’

I am working on a Quiz Application for Multiple Choice question. Instead of normal Multiple Choice Questions with the two answers yes and no. I am working on one that allows a user to abstain to a question and to give no answer. It should always be possible to select ‘no Answer’ even after selecting Yes or No.

I was thinking of a Toggle with 3 states:

  • a green tick for Yes/Right
  • a red cross for No/Wrong
  • a text ‘nA’ for no Answer

enter image description here

Is it a good idea to mix text with icons?



The application is a web based application. The control panel will be available only on computers and will be used by teachers to create a quiz for their students. This test is just for the teacher to see where students may have problem with understanding, and for students to see what they already know and what not. It will be possible to ask Single-Choice questions (radio buttons) and Multiple-Choice Questions. As mentioned the Multiple-Choice questions have three states Yes/Right, No/Wrong and ‘no Answer’.
The reason for ‘no Answer’ is that a correct answer leads to +1 points, a wrong to -1 points and ‘no Answer’ will get 0 points.
The students, who answer the questions, will be able to do so on any device like Smartphones, Tablets or even their Laptops.

The thing with just using text like yes, no, and n/A as Nikita Prokopov mentions, is that the teacher has to ask the questions, so that they can logically be answered with Yes and No, so that the students won’t get too confused with the question and answer possibilities. For instance:

Which countries border on Switzerland? Yes, Germany borders on Switzerland

When I would just use Yes and No then the teacher, who creates the questions, has to check that they can be answered with Yes or No, which in my opinion should not be the case. The same question could be asked without using the yes/no pattern. For instance:

These countries border on Switzerland. then the answer should be True, Germany borders on Switzerland

So that’s why I came up with the icon, text mixture.

❓ASK – Will you become a middleman if you are given choice? | NewProxyLists

For any product to reach to the customers there is a long chain. Starting from the company which launches the product, then the agents uses to sell the product to the dealers, send dealers to middleman, middle man to shop owners, and lastly it reaches to the consumer.

If you are given a choice to become a middleman and be a part of the chain, will you become one? There is no doubt that which type of job gives you decent amount of money without taking any risk. Since you are not investing anything and just simply working as a chainlink to bring the product from dealers to shop owners.

Magento 2: Trigger reminder/followup email by customer’s choice

I want to add an option(buttons) in the end of the checkout through which the client can choose:

  • No reminder email (default selected)
  • Receive 1 reminder email (in his language) after | 15 days| 1 month| 3 months| 6 months| 1 year