untagged – Which tool for UX design should I choose?

untagged – Which tool for UX design should I choose? – User Experience Stack Exchange

How to choose a CRM platform for communicating with clients?

How to choose a CRM platform for communicating with clients?


automatic updates – is it right choose to connect database in template page directly in WordPress site?

i’m a little bit new in WordPress and for now working on WordPress site that some information will insert to database from forms … i design some page template and use mysqli_connect() to connect database and mysqli_query() to insert data to database .

the question i wonder is , am i do mistake ? is it possible that pages or piece of database erase after WordPress updates or totaly Could something bad happen? should change anything or not ?

i will thanks to anyone that help me. 🙂

Virtual or physical servers: what should I choose? 8 arguments in favor of clouds | NewProxyLists


Virtual or physical servers: what should I choose? 8 arguments in favor of clouds​

The days when a significant part of office space was occupied by physical servers go to the past. Fewer companies want to clutter their offices with hardware. However, this has not completely become a part of history yet. Since the myths about clouds are hovering around, some users are still in the arms of physical servers. If you are also in doubt about whether to choose a virtual server in the cloud or a physical server in the office, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the specifics of each approach. https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/busines…what-should-i-choose-8-arguments-favor-clouds

And we will be glad to solve your most interesting cloud problems! Write to the address sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. Tucha is always in touch.

will stay at whmcs ? or choose which new one ?


will you stay at whmcs ?
or had begin to other system ?

with my check,

hostbill – it is not cheap.
clientexec – admin and client use … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1844417&goto=newpost

❓ASK – Would you choose affiliation rather than CPA | NewProxyLists

I think, it’s better to focus on affiliate rather than CPA, as getting the leads that way you will be in much better control in lead generation.

You can use your content, specifically targetting that product which will increase your coversion rate wherein if you go CPA that won’t happen as you won’t have much of an understanding regarding the product, your article won’t be specifically targetting them making the coversion rate lower.

java – How do I allow my application to choose a file from Google drive and upload it to Firebase?

I have an Android application that I worked on through Android Studio, I face one problem, which is when selecting a file from Google Drive, the application logs out and stops working, how can I allow the customer to choose a file from Google Drive and upload to Firebase

Choose one from each row

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combinatorics – Given n numbers, choose 4 times with replacement, each time choose the number not less than the former one. How many possibilities?

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project management – Does exist any methodology, which helps decide which elements to choose into the technology stack?

In most cases, it is prescribed what kind of programming language to use with what framework. In my question, I’m pointing to those situations when there is no requirement for the stack.

I understand that many people are limited by their previous experience, what kind of languages they used before, but I would like to abandon this factor.

When a project is starting and the participants have the freedom to select the elements of the technology stack, they have to decide somehow why do they choose one option despite the other alternatives.

Due to my previous search, I identified some website, which has a categorization and review system for technologies:

The list is not complete, and I’m curious if there is a “best” for these “comparative” sites. Like there is a “best” for searching something on the internet, although it has working and available alternatives.

To show an example: It’s about a web development project, there is a frontend, backend, and a database. It must be determined which language and technologies to use for each part of the system.
It is obvious that popularity and support is an important factor, but that’s lead to my question of detail:

How can someone determine the popularity and supportability of the options?

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