What does Google Chrome Developer Console “GDPR: GTM is enabled!” mean?

I have just opened the Google Chrome Developer Console when browsing a media channel web site and saw the following information:

Google Chrome Developer Console GTM is enabled

What I managed to find out:

  • GTM seems to be Google Tag Manager
  • SATI is an acronym for an agency/company that studies Internet traffic

What does this information actually mean, especially the green flags?

Disabling Chrome tab groups – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

My phone (Samsung S7 running Android 8.0.0) recently updated to Chrome version 85, and with it came tab groups.

I am sure this is a welcome thing for many, but I rarely have more than 8 tabs open at any time. Thus the ability to group tabs makes little sense for me.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to avoid it. When holding on a link, “Open in new tab” has become “Open in new tab in group”, and there is no option to open it just as a separate tab.

This makes my regular tab cleaning a lot more cumbersome, as now I suddenly have two or three groups where I want to remove one or two tabs each, rather than just four tabs I want to close.

Is there a way to remove tab grouping, or at least a way to hide it away so that I don’t have to bother with it during casual internet browsing? At the very least, I can’t find anything even remotely relevant in the settings, and a rudimentary internet search has only provided news of the feature, not any details on removing it.

How to effectively search for, and select, existing Google Chrome tabs from the keyboard?

Open up some tabs on various sites.
Open up a New Tab, and start typing a fragment of the URL in one of the other sites.

See something like this:


Note the red arrow to the Switch to this tab button I need to press, specifically from the keyboard, not using the mouse. When I reach for the mouse, my browser-use-productivity degrades.

How do I do that? https://superuser.com/a/1520693/106977 says I can Right-Arrow then press Return, but that is not what I want:

Is there some global shortcut that, when I type it, it will progressively narrow the list of open tabs I have based upon keywords typed in, very similar to what Google search does when you start typing into the search field? Note: I do not want to duplicate an existing tab: I want to switch quickly to one I already know about, without having to do a brute-force human search through all of them, which can be numerous, until I can get around to doing a cleanup.

Right now, if I press the Return key on that line, it essentially sort-of duplicates what I had typed in before which is typically a search phrase that would launch my default search engine.

The online help for this at https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/157179?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en does not mention this Switch to this tab button.

I’m open to installing Chrome Extensions to address this, but that would be a “software recommendation”. And besides, this probably should be built-into the Google Chrome base product.

Is there chrome extension API to get notification all tabs [closed]

I want to create a chrome extension for displaying an all notification in one place in a beautiful way but how I get a notification content of different tab in chrome for all tabs opened

Old site, new error – but only for Chrome!

I’ve got a site that’s been running on the same shared server for years and years.

I made a benign change to a single file today and the entire site has crashed – but only if you’re using chrome. Firefox and Edge have no access problems.

I’ve cleaned out my cookies etc and used a couple of different chrome profiles – one of which had never accessed the site before – and all have the problem.

Error Logs:

2020-09-23 12:32:09 Error: (FatalErrorException) Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 9559207 bytes)
Request URL: /

Code (markup):

What could Chrome be sending the server that makes it play up like this?

Edit: Just worked out that Chrome has updated recently. Seemed ok earlier today but could be related.

FWIW other subdomains (running different code) on the same hosting account are running ok.


website – Saving Chrome instance

We have several Chrome accounts opened in different windows with my family. Within the same OS account. Some times if you closed Chrome in wrong order it doesn’t save opened tabs, even pinned ones. Is there a way to save pinned tabs like a preset? I need a bunch of them for my work and kids keep closing them.


Unable to join google meet when WebRTC Control extension is enabled in Google Chrome

I am unable to join google meet whenever WebRTC Control extension is enabled in Google Chrome.
This is the error I am getting:

Couldn't start the video call because of an error.

So every time I had to disable the extension before joining the meeting. Why is that so? And after joining the meeting it is completely okay to enable the extension again.

What is the name of parameter for styling background color of context menu in Google Chrome?

I am looking for parameter which would let me change the background color of context menu in Google Chrome.

enter image description here

I’ve visited this site Theme Tutorial – gsugsa but I couldn’t find there any proper parameter for that (picture below).

enter image description here

css – Falla en la herramienta performance (view trace) de google chrome

Un saludo para todos

Desde las herramientas de google chrome puedo medir el rendimiento de mi web sitio usando la herramienta lighthouse, una vez se mide puedo pasar a la herramienta performance por medio del boton “view trace” para ver el detalle de la descarga y renderización de mi sitio web.
introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

El problema es que cuando paso de lighthouse a performace no me muestra el detalle de la carga.
introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Depurando encontré que el error se produce cuando aplico los estilos de la clase nav-sub-toggle

Si retiro la clase o los estilos del css la herramienta performances(view trace) regresa a su funcionamiento normal.

Alguien sabe a que se debe esto?

Aquí los estilos usados en la clase mencionada.

.navbar-nav .nav-sub-toggle, .mobile-navbar .toggle , .card-header .toggle {
  -ms-transform: rotate(180deg);
  transform: rotateZ(180deg);
  transition: all .3s;

.collapsed .nav-sub-toggle, .collapsed  .toggle{
    -ms-transform: rotate(0);
    transform: rotateZ(0);
    transition: all .3s;

.lang-button .nav-sub-toggle{
  margin-top: 13px;
  font-size: 12px;

  margin-top: 13px;
  font-size: 14px;
  color: #ADADAD;

google chrome – Safari doesnt load certain webpages

Safari on my MacBook Pro 2015 running latest version of Catalina has recently decided to not load pages from certain sites, e.g. Twitter, The Indpendent, Bathroomer, but is ok with others. Sits there waiting forever. Why now? Have restarted machine , restarted Safari, installed latest Safari upgrade. Still happens with the same sites.
I dont use anti-virus programs or VPN or any other non-apple software.

All fine in Firefox and Chrome – so why Safari?