Microsoft Edge Preview based on chrome in the development channel

The Microsoft Edge Preview Build is ready.

Google changes how cookies work on Chrome

Google plans to change the way cookies work on Chrome to increase privacy.

Evergreen Googlebot now uses the latest chrome rendering engine

He will now stay up to date with the Chrome browser.

Rasterizer Paint in Chrome Developer Tools

Can anyone decode what Rasterizer Paint is in Chrome development tools? It seems to only last a few microseconds or milliseconds, but it will stay on for several seconds or minutes and the use of my processor will increase at the same time, but I do not know what's going on.

seo – How important is the chrome lighthouse score?

I have a site that gets very good results in chrome headlight audit.
But the customer uses a third party service for the same purpose and for which the same site scores relatively lower than those of lighthouse.

So, my query is "What is the validity or authority of the Chrome Light House report in terms of SEO"? ", So that I can point out to the client that he can ignore this third party audit.

The blocking of Google Chrome ads in Manifest V3 will be restricted to enterprise users.

Looks like Google has yielded under the pressure of blocking extensions.

cordova – IONIC 4: how to open an external URL only in the mobile Chrome browser, not in the default browser

Since the Ionic 4 mobile app, how can I open an external URL only in a Chrome browser? I've tried InAppBrowser with _system, but it opens in the default browser.

Can any one let me know if there is a way to use an external URL only in a Chrome browser?

How can a web page be opened in multiple chrome windows to test the screen size

I have a responsive web page that I have to test at different resolutions to inspect the layout at these different resolutions. Is there a command line option that I can use to open a web page in multiple windows, each with a different resolution, like the one below?

enter the description of the image here

I'd like to know how to do this without opening several new windows and adjusting them each time with the Window Resizer extension.

chrome for android – How to save sessions in a browser

I use the Session Manager Session Manager chrome plug-in on Buddy desktop and I want similar features on Android.

I know that Chrome does not support Android plug-ins. I've tried a bunch of plugins on Firefox. I was able to install almost all the plugins on Firefox Android. However, none worked on the actual functionality of the backup sessions. Some simply had a defective user interface when recording sessions, others simply an error.

Has anyone ever tried to save browser sessions on Android?


Looks like the Tabboo plugin works. Nevertheless, all the recommendations will be welcome because they do not allow us to import, but to export sessions.

google chrome – how to replace and redirect the URL of wikipedia search results to the offline zim localhost server?

I did a localhost Wikipedia server via Zimserver using the script below:

#! / usr / bin / env python3
bone import
import subprocess
import system
import thread
from zimply import ZIMServer
ZIMServer ("/ home / user / zim / wikipedia_en_nov_2018-05.zim", index_file = "/ home / user / zim / wikipedia_en_nov_2018-05.idx", port = 8791, encoding = "utf-8")

When I look for something in Google I get the search URL something like

his counterpart localhost is

http: // localhost: 7891 / A / Asia.html

notice the .html suffix and / wiki / at /A/ transition.

When I click on the URL in the Google search result, it must be open in the redirection localhost server as I indicated above.