How do I get Windows 10 to open Google Docs URLs with Chrome and all others with Firefox?

My current configuration with a very restricted Firefox as default browser means that Google Docs crashes when I work in Firefox. Everything works fine in Chrome of course. Now I want to keep Firefox locked, but at the same time I want a clean experience in Google Docs. I wonder now:

Can you, in any way, without programming, filter by domain which URLs should be opened by Firefox and which ones should be opened by Chrome in Windows 10?

I'm sure I can make Google docs work in Firefox, this is the above functionality that I am looking for.

Single sign-on has stopped working with Chrome 80.0.3987.116

On our Sharepoint 2013 intranet, our single sign-on stopped working on Chrome when we updated the Chrome version 80.0.3987.106 to Chrome 80.0.3987.116.

Any thoughts on a fix?


apps – Is it possible to open new tabs / links next to the current tab in Chrome?

In Chrome (or Chrome Canary), I would like to be able to open new links / tabs next to the current tab. If it was on a PC, the equivalent would be open tabs / links at the top of the tab tree / stack.

The best workaround I have found is to select any piece of text on the current tab page, then do a "web search" from the context menu. This opens a tab next to the current tab, then I'll use that tab for what I wanted to search for. However, this does not work for opening links next to the current tab. And I prefer that it can be done without the need for a workaround.

applications – Is it possible to find an open tab in Chrome?

Is there a way to find a tab that is currently open in Chrome (or Chrome Canary)? And then, be directed to the focus of that tab rather than just loading its URL into the current tab you're on.

Because of the way Chrome opens up new tabs and links, throwing them to the far right / bottom of the tab stack (and if these are ; a new tab, it takes you with it, losing the currently targeted tab you were on), it's painful to lose focus / location of the tab you were on , then have to scroll through a potentially long list of tabs to return to your current location.

mdns – I have disabled MDNSResponder and I can no longer use Firefox, but I can connect via opera (chrome based)

I am trying to harden my macos, and I read that mdnsponder has some vulnerabilities, so I disabled it (after disabling sip, then restarting with sip enabled).
So now I cannot connect to the Internet. However, when I try to navigate with Firefox, I can only connect to My other apps also can't connect.

But with the opera browser, I can connect to any site! As I might assume it is related to the google dns thing.

So currently, I have these questions, could you please help with one of them if you know something:

1) Why does the opera house have a connection? This means that Opera is still using Google DNS even if I don't put or similar in my network settings? Does this mean that his spying abilities are a bit potential?

2) Is there a way to turn off mdnsponder and have the option of having a net?

How do I open Chrome in a new command line session?

I am trying to use Chrome in a new session with the following command.

'/Applications/Google Chrome'  --user-data-dir="$tmpdir"

But it opens a window like this
enter description of image here

Is there any way to prevent this popup window from showing up? Or is there a better way to open Chrome in a new session?

Thank you.

catalina – How to open the profile management window every time you open Chrome?

Chrome allows multiple people to use Chrome on the same computer, each profile having its own personalized bookmarks, settings and accounts. By default, Chrome opens on the profile used when the browser was last opened.

I don't want this to happen. I want to see this screen every time I launch Chrome

Chrome Profile Chooser

It's easy to do on Windows and Linux

How do I do it on my Mac?

google chrome – I want to change the location on youtube every time I visit

What I want is that every time I visit instead of going to, it goes to** where ** is a code from random country or next in a list.

This would allow me to see the youtube home page of a different country every time I visited it to allow me to explore different cultures / tastes.

so is there maybe a chrome extension or some other way to do it automatically?

Chrome on Mac UTF-8 in strange url behavior

I have URLs with non ascii characters that behave strangely on Chrome 79 on Catalina 10.15.3
I couldn't reproduce it with Chrome 79 on Windows, nor with Safari.

If I have the following string in the URL bar ∀ ∀∀∀§, the last three get bigger than the first one. Try copying and pasting into your Chrome URL bar. If I remove the § or put a space before §, all return to the same size (smaller).

enter description of image here doesn't seem to care about the size difference in the URL, but my Java WebServer is not able to parse the URL if the and § are adjacent.

Update : I just switched to Chrome 80 and the problem no longer appears …

Why does Instagram display the "Message" button just in Chrome?

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