tablet – Can’t Open/Close/Switch Tabs in Google Chrome on a Samsung Tab S2

I have been having an issue with Google Chrome for about 3-4 months now whereby after awhile of usage the ability to open or delete another tab is disabled or ignored by the application. I can open a new tab using the 3 vertical buton menu but it won’t do so using the plus sign next to the tabs. If I fully exit Chrome (by swiping the chrome box in the area where you can see all previously opened tablet apps) and then restart it, it works fine for a time before once again locking up. Even when I’m having the tab issue all functions on the current tab seem fine.

My tablet is a Galaxy Tab S2. All others apps seem to work fine.


Google Chrome: Specific webpages are not loading properly

I am facing this strange issue with Google Chrome. When I use google chrome to open certain web pages, I see a blurry blue page that cannot be fixed (see the following screenshot). It sometimes exist for part of a page, or certain tabs of a website.

Other web browsers are working fine. I tried to restart and re-install chrome. It didn’t work. I am using mac, with intel chip. Would be glad to know what can be the potential cause.

enter image description here

How does one restore a session and tabs on Google Chrome from the backup file?

How does one restore a session and tabs on Google Chrome from the backup file.

I put in the Session folder (the filename for the session data file is Session_13253803673789776 and the one for the tabs data file is Tabs_13253803674207574)?

Because when I put it in the Sessions folder in the Chrome user data (specifically the folder named “Default”), it didn’t recognize it.

Make right-click, “send to mail recipient” send to Gmail via Chrome in Windows 10

I have recently decided to use Windows 10 rather than MacOS as my main OS (for many reasons, which I could go into somewhere else), and find that occasionally I would like to send a file to someone via Gmail. I would like to be able to right-click on a file in Windows Explorer, select “Send to”, then “Mail recipient” and have a Gmail compose window open in Chrome with the file already attached. Is there any way to do this?

I have tried setting Chrome to be the default email handler, and in Chrome, setting Gmail to be the default email client; and I have also tried setting Windows Mail to be the default mail handler, and adding my Gmail account to Mail, but in both cases, when I right-click on a file, send to, mail recipient, I get a popup:

There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

I really do not want to use a client like Outlook or Thunderbird which, from past experience, will insist on downloading literally hundreds of thousands of message headers (I am not even attempting to be inbox-zero!), I just want to send a file quickly without having to open Gmail in Chrome, create a new message, click Attach, find the file, attach it. I want a way of doing all that automatically from Explorer. Any ideas?

google chrome – Pre-cache a complete website and force offline access even when I’m online

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cache – Chrome tabs on Samsung s20

When I use my pull-down bar on chrome, there are literally hundreds of tabs open. I have touched the dots and closed all the tabs. then I receive a message that Chrome is not working. I have rebooted my phone, cleared the history, cleared the cache,most all, and every time I open Chrome browser there are hundreds of tabs open. Is somebody able to help me to resolve this? Thank you

javascript – Passing a JSON object from the background script to the content script in a chrome extension

I have a JS array in the “background.js” file of my Chrome extension. I converted the JS object to a JSON string to pass it into the “content.js” file but am unable to do so.
Can I be helped with the code to send the JSON object from the “background.js” file and the code to receive the same from the “content.js” file.

How do I close all, or many at once, Chrome tabs on Android on a phone?

I’m on Google Pixel 2, Android 11, Chrome 87.0.4280.101.

I have 494 open tabs, as I explain in my answer here on how to count them. I need to selectively close about 450 of them, or just close all of them then re-open about 20 to 50 of them.

How do I mass-close many or all of them at once?

The last time I mass-closed hundreds of tabs manually I sat there for like 30 minutes swiping until they were all closed. I don’t want to do that again. That was ridiculous. (Compared to full computers, phones are garbage. :))

This tablet-specific answer doesn’t seem to apply to phones, or to apply anymore to the latest versions, so it does not contain an answer that works for me: How do I close all tabs in Chrome for Android?.

chrome for android – Can’t close browser tabs

I’m having an issue with an LG G pad.

Chrome 87.0.4280.101

Firefox Daylight 84.1.2 (Build #2015783145)

OS Android 5.1.1 LG-V940n Build/LMY47V

I don’t do much with it other than email, browsing and Netflix. Everything was working fine until last month, then it decided that I can’t close browser tabs anymore. I’m assuming there was an update that happened.

I have found three other posts on this (see below) sorry for the duplicate.

I can’t open or close any tabs on my Android tablet in Chrome

I’m unable to toggle between Chrome Tabs

Can’t switch/close tabs in the Chrome browser on my Android tablet

This happens with Chrome and has happened with Firefox too. Both and seems to be related to video. Once I view video in a new tab, I can’t switch, close or create tabs. However, I can open links in new tabs, but I cannot switch to them. I can switch to/from private mode as well, but still can’t do anything with tabs.

Additionally, I have tried simplified mode and desktop with no difference.

If I rotate the tablet it seems to unlock the tabs and I can switch/open/close them again.

In the posts above, mention going to settings->developer options which I don’t have. And why should a simple user of chrome need to tweak any developer options.

Do I have any options than rotating the thing and waiting for an update that hopefully fixes the issue?

linux – How to stop chrome from pausing the sync/account after i switch to a different desktop environment?

How to stop chrome from pausing the sync/account after i switch to a different desktop environment ?

A little explanation –
I am using different desktop environments{ plasma; gnome; xfce; cinnamon} on Linux Debian.
Installed chrome the usual way – from the .deb file provided at official page.

Whenever i log out of one desktop environment and switch to another ; chrome sync shows “paused” status. Have to redo verification steps again and again – complete pain !!
Also i know having many desktop-environment not a good idea as suggested in questions like this : Will I have problems installing multiple desktop environments?. Basically due to conflicting settings btw diff. desktop environment – so my problem is kind of justifiable {reason known}.But i need different environments – so using one is not an option .

Am looking for some workaround so my account does get paused in chrome while switching/using multiple desktop environments ??