google chrome – Pycharm app keeps opening my html files and links

Issue: .html files and links and ipython notebooks seem to be all routed through pycharm.

Whenever I open a html file or start a jupyter server, it opens up with pycharm instead of chrome.

I made sure that Chrome is my default browser in settings. Tried several times this one:
when opening a html file click open with -> other -> tick always open with chrome. It works just for that file but then html files are still associated with pycharm and next time it still opens with pycharm by default.

How to change which microphone a website is using in Chrome?

I enabled microphone permission to a website in Chrome. Then I realized Chrome was using the wrong microphone by default. I changed the default microphone in Chrome’s settings but the website is still using the wrong one.

When I allow microphone permission on new websites it uses the correct one that I updated in Chrome’s settings.

When I click on the microphone icon in the address bar while on the website in question it has a drop down with the wrong microphone selected but the drop down is disabled / grayed out for some reason. How do I fix this?

windows – How to stop Google Chrome from refreshing tabs that fail to load

Note: This is not memory pressure (I have 40GB of RAM on a 64-bit system) or tab discarding. Please read on for full details. Both flags also no longer exist and I cannot turn them off anyway. Installing an extension that disables tab discarding does not do anything (because this isn’t discarding).

When a tab fails to load (i.e. I am offline, the server is not running, some other network error), visiting that tab later causes Chrome to try to refresh it. Sometimes this will result in the same error, sometimes a different error, and sometimes the error will disappear and be replace by a working website.

Whatever the case is, I do not like having Chrome automate these actions for me. Even if a tab failed to load and is showing an error, I would not like it to be refreshed automatically even if I click on the tab.

I have checked and there do not seem to be any flags under the traditional search terms. Searching “refresh”, “auto”, “error”, and so on doesn’t reveal anything. How do I disable this auto-refresh?

chrome for android – Inexplicable possible automated event

I’d like to understand the cause of this:

  1. I put the smartphone on airplane mode

  2. After some hours I turn off the airplane mode, and activate internet connection

  3. Suddenly, after having lowered the notification panel, automatically it opens the PlayStore with a string in the search field, something like toroepan°tyf (I don’t remember it exactly), and the advice that any matching item hasn’t been found

  4. After this I notice that in recent apps there’s Yahoo mail (I didn’t opened it before)

  5. I touch Yahoo from recent apos, and inexplicably it appears that I have choiced to open an attachment (it seems as a gif), so I go back with the upper arrow, and

  6. It is showed a mix of a chat conversation and of a forum message I wrote about one month ago on Chrome

  7. Moreover these pieces of written things alternate with gifs (please look at the second screenshot below representing the internal content), other images, and even a private video of the Android gallery

  8. And it is a mail I would be ready to send to chrome-distiller://(many alphanumeric characters) (please see the 1st screenshot below)

I googled and summarily I’ve understood what distiller refers to and means.

The question is how it has been possible the existence of that mixture of pieces of web pages (chat, message on Chrome), even gifs and images I’ve never used and a shred of chat I wrote on Lichess app (which, I suppose, using Chrome for the chat feature) in the form of a Yahoo draft.

Is known a similar effect? Someone else has experienced something analogue? Maybe is it an Android or Chrome bug? Perhaps something malicious acting in the background?

I really can’t figure out the cause of it.

the draft in the list

a piece of the internal content

google chrome – Clear all browsing data except for certain sites

Occasionally I want to clear my browsing data, but for certain sites I don’t want to lose the browsing data.

For example on websites on the Stack Exchange network I still want to know which posts I’ve visited before.

I could of course manually delete all history entries except for those of certain sites, but this requires a lot of manual work which I would like to avoid.

Is there a way to do this?

javascript – Modal JS not working in Chrome for Calendar CEWP

On a site page, I have a Calendar CEWP and the following JS in a script editor. The calendar events pop up in a modal in IE but they do not in Chrome. Can anyone identify why it is not working in Chrome? thanks so much.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
    $("a(href*='DispForm.aspx')").each(function () {
        $(this).attr("onclick", "openDialog('" + $(this).text() + "','" + $(this).attr("href") + "')");
        $(this).attr("href", "javascript:void(0)");

function openDialog(title, url) {
    var options = {
        title: "Calendar - " + title,
        url: url
    ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(function () { 
    }, "sp.js") 

windows 10 – Full screen videos in Chrome are not appearing when alt+tab is clicked

When I watch a video in full screen and alt+tab to switch to a different chrome window, I have noticed that I cannot alt+tab back to the window where the video was playing. It just won’t appear in the alt+tab (i.e. there is one less chrome window shown in the selection). However, it does appear when clicking win+tab and when clicking the layered chrome icon on the taskbar. Is there any way to fix this, as it is rather annoying.

internal dns – Windows 10 / Chrome: HTTP browser request to IP address differs from same request to hostname

Agaoin, this is on Windows 10. I’m bringing in a new Ubuntu test web server ( to our internal network, which is all in the domain. There’s a DNS server on another machine that handles all DNS lookups.

PC configuration for DNS is:

DNS configuration

When I ping the web server by name, I get

DNS resolution

I have rebooted within the last five minutes.

Now, at a Chrome or Firefox or even Edge (which I usually avoid like the plague) web browser, when I access the server by name, I get a failure:

Failed when using hostname

But when I access via IP address, I have success:

Success via IP address

So it looks to me like the DNS lookup either isn’t happening at ANY of the web browsers, or they’re getting results different from the commandline ping. How can I diagnose this, and – more to the point – how can it be fixed?

Can a Chrome browser window detect if I am using software like Anydesk?

I use Chrome to work online. I want to demonstrate my work to my friend using Anydesk. Can Chrome or installed ‘Work extension’ on Chrome detect if the content on the tab is being captured by Anydesk?