scraper sites – Parsing the new CIA World Factbook

I have a python script from last year that I used to get basic info on countries from the CIA World Factbook. I relied on the printable HTML version of each country page, but with the recent reboot I can’t find any similar sources. Has anyone else had this problem and/or know of any solutions?

Cia lix ME Pills

ejaculation (50% to 75%), ED (five% to 10%), and incontinence (1% to a few%). And because the prostate can amplify again, up to twenty% of TURP sufferers require more treatment within 10

Confidentiality – Why define the CIA for security like this?

as we know, the CIA's request for security means:


I don't understand why define the Integrity and Availability,

  1. if we make a plain text Confidentiality, integrity is a full plain text, this is the basis, why is there gilding?
  2. if there is defined the Integrity, the plain text decrypted must be usable, so the Availability it is also the lily.

security – Is it possible to hide the NSA and the CIA by deleting DNS-related system files in Windows?

Even if the following rumor is false, it serves as a motivation for this question. The PO simply cares about this fact, but not claim. Thus, the OP does not respond to any complaints about the law.

First, it appears that Microsoft's code contains backdoors for the NSA and the CIA. These malicious codes work by collecting user data and sending it to the Microsoft update server. In this way, it is impossible to determine which data packets are intended for the development of operating systems and which ones are being monitored.

Second, using take users can use the normal Windows utility to take ownership from TrustedInstaller and delete it freely .dll files.

Third, to completely disable the monitoring (and update, of course) communication with the MS server, the user can simply delete dnsmgr.dll, dnsperf.dll, dnsapi.dll, dns.dlletc.

In doing so, can normal users stay away from these agents?

Experimentation of the CIA


I am trying to experiment for the CIA and I want to stop it now.
They do not know me and I do not know who to contact.
I am not free to do anything and it has become dangerous.
It's against my rights as an American citizen.
Does anyone have a suggestion?
I do not have work.
Is it against the constitution to block a citizen without his consent?
Do I have to go to the Supreme Court to solve this problem? If so, are my thoughts sufficient or should I hire a lawyer who is legally authorized?

Experimentation of the CIA