import taxes – US citizen, Macbook has been stolen and must get a new one

My Macbook was stolen last week. I need a new one for work, but I am currently stuck in France until May 8 for my flight back to the United States.

It seems to me that I have two options, both with major negative consequences:

  1. Buy a new or used Macbook in France
    • pretty much sure that I will have to pay customs taxes when I enter the United States because it was bought in France
    • If it's new, must pay a French tax of 20% (VAT) on the original product AND the US customs tax
  2. Buy a new one, send it to my parents in the United States, have it delivered to me in France
    • when receiving the package, will pay the French customs tax (20% or more?)

In either case, I see no way to get a new laptop without paying taxes two times. And I just can not afford it. Is there a way to get a new or used Macbook without paying absurd taxes in both countries?

best way for a UK citizen to get a business visa on a visit to America

Can this be done and where should I go


Indonesian tourist visa for Colombian citizen in India

How can a Colombian citizen apply for a tourist visa for Indonesia in India? We would like to plan a 2 week vacation there. Is the electronic visa a possibility?

customs and immigration – The wife is a Chinese citizen I am an American citizen. Should we pass Chinese passport control together or separately?

I recently married and my wife and I fly to China for a wedding reception. When we enter China, should we pass passport control together, because we are a family unit or separately because of our different citizenship status. And if we pass passport control together, do we enter the Chinese national line or the foreign line?

I did not know if the policy in China was the same as entering the United States, where we should enter together and use the US citizen line, and it is difficult to find information about it.

What official source details what a citizen of the Empire knows about WFRP monsters?

Skaven are ghosts that no one really believes, even though the existence of beastmen is widely accepted. Unofficial sources seem to say that it is mainly because the Skaven are very organized and technical, while the Beastmen are terrible but rather stupid and barbaric creatures of Chaos.

What official source (sourcebook, website, etc.) exhaustively details what a citizen of the Middle Kingdom knows and / or believes about WFRP monsters?

These are not monster statistics – a simple bestiary – I'm looking for. I am looking for an official source on stuffed animals dealing with in-game views of people in the game.

For the purposes of this question, let's assume that my only books are WFRP1 and WFRP2, but I am open to the sources of all editions, including reference books for the strategy game or publications built around the world. sanctioned by GW. at one point.

As a British citizen married to a non-European citizen, can we travel together to Italy?

I am a British citizen married to a Tunisian citizen. We live together in Tunisia and we plan to go on vacation. My question is: is it free or does it have to pay a fee?
What documents must he show to the Embassy when he applies?

Can a South Korean citizen visiting Canada travel to the United States?

My South Korean friend visits me in Canada (she is not a Canadian citizen). Is it possible for her to obtain an ESTA (Electronic Travel Authorization System) while in Canada, then travel to the United States with me across the border?

American citizen traveling to Jordan – what are the necessary documents?

I am an American citizen traveling to Jordan for the first time. I will fly in the airport of Amman-Jordan. I have a valid passport and have read information on obtaining a visa upon arrival. What other documents do I need? In addition, do I need special documents to obtain the visa at the airport?

A US citizen spent more than 11 months in the Philippines

My boyfriend stayed here for 11 months. I was just wondering if he could come back here after paying fines?

American citizen in UK with a level 4 visa. When he expires, I want to leave and then return to the UK as a tourist. Do I have to go back to the United States first?

My question is whether I should return to the United States to return, or
if I can rather go to a place closer (for example in France) before
to go back as a tourist?

Nothing in the immigration rules prevents what you intend to do. Several people returned to the UK after a brief trip to neighboring countries. That said, a visitor in addition to showing links to his place of residence must show

True intention to visit

V 4.2 The applicant must convince the decision maker that he is a
true visitor. This means that the applicant:

(a) leave the United Kingdom at the end of their visit; and

(b) will not live in the United Kingdom for extended periods through frequent or
successive visits
or make the United Kingdom their principal residence; and

(c) is truly seeking to enter a purpose authorized by the
visiting itineraries (listed in Annexes 3, 4 and 5); and

(d) will not engage in any of the prohibited activities described in V 4.5 – V
4.10; and

e) Must have sufficient funds to cover all reasonable costs
relationship with their visit without working or accessing public funds.
This includes the costs of return or return, any fees
dependents and the cost of planned activities such as
private medical treatment.

In your case, your reason for returning so quickly must be adjusted to satisfy it because unless you come for something very important and time-dependent (for example, the wedding of close friends), the question would be to know why you did not undertake these activities then you were a student? Family visits, for example, could reasonably have been undertaken during school breaks.

Returning to the United States for a very short time, then seeking to return to it will be of very marginal value. The best remedy for your situation is to return home (United States) for a long time and thus demonstrate links with a country other than the United Kingdom.