How can I get a 1968 international driver's license (French citizen, US permanent resident, with a US driver's license converted from a French license)?

Because the United States did not sign the 1968 convention, let alone ratify it, you can not get a 1968 license on the basis of a US license. That your license has been obtained in exchange for a French license does not change that.

Therefore, you can only obtain a 1968 license on the basis of your French license. In addition, such a license is only valid if it is accompanied by your French license. So, as long as your French license is impounded at the French consulate, you will not be able to obtain a 1968 license.

If and how the French authorities would be willing to issue you a permit, it depends on other circumstances, in the first place if "normal residence" In France.

Can an American citizen living in Canada obtain a license to carry firearms while visiting the United States?

I live in Canada, I do not have a firearms license in Canada because I am a US citizen and "permanent resident" of Canada.
Is there a way to legally own and buy a weapon in the United States, if I have a home to store it while in Canada?

Can I go to the UK with my British citizen son and my mother? [on hold]

I am divorced of a British citizen. Can I travel to the UK for a short visit with my son and mother? My son has a British passport.

how to get a visa for Iran as a US citizen

It is a beautiful country, but some of us have problems with stamps appearing in their passports, especially those trying to visit the United States ….; away from the subject …

For a while, it was almost impossible, but visas are actually available for US citizens, but not on arrival. You can now get a visa, but you must be part of an official tour package.

For a complete guide, read the Intrepid guide on the subject.

Fees vary depending on your nationality, your urgency, etc., but we suggest you apply 60 to 90 days in advance, it may take some time …

Standard Visitor Visas – Can an American citizen live and work remotely in the UK for a month?

I am an American citizen. I run my own software company that serves US citizens, so I'm essentially independent.

I would like to visit London for pleasure and work on my company based in the United States while living there for a month – up to 30 days.

Would I need a special visa to be able to do it? Or can I introduce myself as for a regular trip?

Chinese transit visa for Indian citizen

I am an Indian citizen living in Canada with a work permit. I plan to fly to East China for my next trip to India. The route is as follows:

  1. YVR Vancouver International Airport -> Nanjing Lukou NKG International Airport

Arrival at 14:30, stop 2 hours.

  1. YVR Vancouver International Airport -> Kunming Changshui KMG International Airport

Arrival at 16:30, stop 4 hours 10 minutes.

  1. Kunming Changshui International Airport KMG -> Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport.

It seems that according to TWOV's rules, my transit being less than 24 hours, I am eligible for visa-free transit. Is it correct?

Plus, is there anyone here who has had experience of this route? Is a 2 hour stopover sufficient to catch an NKG connecting flight? I do not plan to have checked baggage.

The route is a single ticket, but I'm afraid if my flight from NKG is delayed or if I miss the connection and the next flight is in more than 24 hours, I am no longer eligible for transit without a visa. What happens in this case?

USA – How should I answer customs and border protection questions if I am a returning citizen who has not been in the country for almost 10 years?

I am a young graduate of the HS who makes his first international flight alone in the coming days.

I return to the United States after almost ten years to immigrate and finally find a place to work. I pointed out how I should respond to customs / border protection when they ask, "What is the purpose of your trip?" should I answer with "business"? I do not really know how to follow up when they ask me questions about "what kind of business do you have" or about a similar type of question?

I am a Nigerian citizen who goes to Italy and I have a permanent stay. I am married to an Italian citizen, can I go to the UK without a visa? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Can I travel to the UK with my Italian daughter and my husband with my permesso di soggiorno?

    1 answer

I am a Nigeria who goes to Italy and I have a permanent residence permit and I am married to an Italian citizen, can I travel to the UK without a visa?

Visas – Double Citizen with New Zealand Passport – No Australian Passport

I am a naturalized Australian born in New Zealand and traveling with my New Zealand passport. My husband and I booked to visit China.

The agent contacted me with the application for a visa assignment number. VEVO sent a message stating that, being an Australian citizen, I do not need such a number.

My last visit to New Zealand was on 01/10 / 18-15 / 10 18. Visa application is for VISA DIRECT SYDNEY, Suite 5.02, Level 5, 134 William Street, Wooloomooloo, NSW-2011.

[ Politics ] Open question: When was the last time you were a good citizen?

[Politics] Open question: When was the last time you were a good citizen?