Customs and Immigration – Traveling to the UK, non-European divorced citizen with a biometric card indicating his permanent residence as a member of the EU

my friend is a non-European citizen soon divorced. She received permanent residence as a member of the family of an EU citizen. She was informed that the card would still be valid, but she was told at the British border that her situation was different from that of the card and would no longer be valid after the divorce. Can you please tell us who is right / wrong or how should she handle it?

Thank you

visas – Traveling in France with the residence card of a member of the family of a Union citizen

I am an Italian citizen and my wife holds the residence card of a member of the family of a Union citizen bearing the mention "Right of residence in the European Union" .

I am planning a trip to France, I read that you did not need a visa if you held a resident card, did anyone try to make the trip using this? only?

Plus, does it matter if I travel in the air against eurostar?

Enjoy any help!

visas – Can a citizen who is not a citizen of the European Union travel freely in the Schengen area without a passport?

The exact requirements for intra-Schengen border crossing are defined in national legislation. So it depends on where you're traveling, but generally you'll need to have a travel document known to cross intra-Schengen borders. In most cases this also applies to EU / EEA citizens.

In your particular case, you will need to be in possession of your passport both for your departure and for return on German territory and the Scandinavian countries have similar requirements. This does not mean that you will be controlled, there are no permanent checkpoints at the border, but you will find yourself with more or less hassle if you encounter an unexpected check. Especially at the land borders with Sweden, there is a good chance that there will be control. Depending on how you plan to travel, the carrier may also refuse to carry you if you can not show the required travel documents at check-in.

I'm pretty sure it's a duplicate and that even recently I've answered a very similar question, but I do not find it at the moment.

Visa – Indian citizen traveling from Vietnam to India via Bangkok

I am going from Vietnam to India via Bangkok.
The details of my flight are as follows:
Vietnam – Bangkok: Vietnam Airlines
Bangkok – Mumbai: Air India
Time in Bangkok: 2h20m

I would like to know:
1. Are baggage registered in India or do I have to pick it up in Bangkok?
2. Do I need a visa for Bangkok? If so, can we move it forward or should I do it only at the Bangkok airport because the rest period is very short?

Ashish K

usa – Baby with an American citizen father, traveling in America

I am an American citizen and live in Australia with my wife (Australian citizen) and a little girl (born here in Australia).

We will be traveling to America in a few weeks. We got an Australian passport for my little girl, hoping to use it for her when she entered the United States.

However, my understanding is that

  1. Any child born to an American parent is automatically US citizen (at least until the age of 18) and
  2. America requires you to use your US passport to enter the country, if you are a US citizen.

Does this combination mean that I have to register my daughter with the US consulate here in Australia and get a US passport for her before I can travel to America with her?

schengen – How long can I stay in Europe as an EU citizen living in the United States?

I am a dual citizen (United States / Greece) and currently reside in the United States. She has been visiting Greece for three and a half months. I entered Europe through Germany using my US passport (the Greek passport is being renewed) and it was said that I could stay in the Schengen area only for 90 days .

Am I legally allowed to stay in Greece as long as I wish (~ 105 days), since I am a Greek citizen? How to justify this to the authorities when I return to the United States?

Can an American citizen traveling to the UK volunteer for a week?

I'm going to visit friends in the UK for two weeks (then I'll go home to the US). They invited me to volunteer at a children's summer camp for a week because I am an educator in the United States.

I would be happy to volunteer at their camp, but I'm not sure I need to apply for a visa. As a US citizen with a passport, I know that I can stay in the UK for up to 6 months, but I only visit for 2 weeks and hope to be a volunteer for 5 days. Do I have to apply for a visa and could someone give me a clue to find out which one?

Thank you!

Legal – Canadian Citizen Litigated in American Society

I am currently in conflict with a US computer company for abusive charges. They want me to pay for a very basic service. As I am not sure that the dispute will be resolved before my trip to the United States (no criminal charge has been laid, its amount is rather modest, $ 1,200), could it prevent me from leaving in the United States (traveling by plane).

Does a US citizen need a transit visa for Belarus to travel by train from Moscow to Warsaw?

I plan to travel from Moscow to Warsaw via Belarus by train. I am an American citizen. Do I need a transit visa and where can I get one?

Filipino citizen with a visa for Europe

My husband and I are both Filipino citizens and we will be returning home to Filipino from Norway with nearly 11 hours spent in Incheon, South Korea. We both have a Norwegian residence visa. Do we need a visa to get out of the airport? Thank you.