ios – Does Apple have a public policy on what it will allow governments to scan their citizen’s iPhones for?

The CSAM scanning is not being done by a government agency. Apple is working with The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, a private non-profit group.

In their recently released Expanded Protections for Children, Frequently Asked Questions paper, Apple stated:

Q: Could governments force Apple to add non-CSAM images to the hash list?

A: No. Apple would refuse such demands and our system has been designed to prevent that from happening. We have faced demands to build and deploy government-mandated changes that degrade the privacy of users before, and have steadfastly refused those demands. We will continue to refuse them in the future. Let us be clear, this technology is limited to detecting CSAM stored in iCloud and we will not accede to any government’s request to expand it.

With regard to scanning as indicated in your meme example, Apple only refers to their privacy policy regarding when they’ll work with local governments on accessing a user’s data.

As laws vary in each country, a person would need to reference their country’s privacy policy to determine what rights they have in relation to their government. It’s not possible to point to a single comprehensive policy that covers everyone.

indian citizens – I have no id proof like aadhar pan like anything else

indian citizens – I have no id proof like aadhar pan like anything else – Travel Stack Exchange

visas – Do Indian citizens residing in Malaysia need entry permit to enter Sweden after Swedish work permit is approved?

I’m an Indian citizen working and residing in Malaysia. I am moving to Sweden for a job. I remember that when I moved to Malaysia from India I got a single entry visa to enter Malaysia because Indian passport rarely offers visa free entry. In fact whenever I travelled to a foreign country I always got a visa stamped on my passport whether even if it was a tourist visa.

So I thought something similar maybe needed to enter Sweden. I confirmed this thoroughly with my Swedish immigration consultant and I was told that since I’m a resident of Malaysia (working here and have a valid work permit) I do not need a transit visa to enter Sweden (even though my Work/residence permit will be cancelled around the end of my stay in Malaysia) and my Swedish Work permit approval letter is the proof of my entry.

But talking to other people I got conflicting answers. Anybody here has experience or idea about this? Does the fact that you’re residing in another country prevent the need for such a visa when you’d need it in your home country? Things become even more confusing during pandemic when every form of travel involves issues.

I also checked that the Swedish Embassy in Malaysia doesn’t do any Visa related work at all. So that was another indication that I may not need any transit visa.

To summarise, I have my Malaysian work permit (which the Swedish immigration consultant told is the proof of my residence in Malaysia even if it is cancelled by the time I arrive in Sweden), Swedish work permit approval letter from Swedish Migration Agency and Indian passport. Being an Indian citizen, travelling without a visa still feels a bit strange to me. I just fear that at the airport I am told otherwise. Any idea, input, suggestions are welcome. Thanks!!

customs and immigration – When entering Canada, can Canadian citizens declare another nationality without mentioning their Canadian citizenship?

Officially, the government wants you to use your Canadian passport:

Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, cannot apply for an eTA to enter Canada. You will need a valid Canadian passport to board your flight to Canada.

And on another page:

Dual Canadian citizens can no longer travel to or transit through Canada by air with a non-Canadian passport. You need a valid Canadian passport to board your flight.

(That page also includes what to do if you don’t have your Canadian passport and don’t have time to get one before you travel.)

That said, I know a person whose Canadian passport had expired and who had a valid British passport. She applied for and got an ETA and entered as a British person without mentioning that she also was a Canadian citizen. I don’t know what would have happened if immigration had become aware of her dual citizenship, and wouldn’t recommend this action to anyone else.

Since everyone needs either a visitor visa or an ETA, I don’t know how your plane mate got on the plane without their Canadian passport, and I don’t know how they expected to be admitted.

customs and immigration – Does SENTRI include TSA Pre-Check for Non-US citizens?

No (click “Learn More” under SENTRI), unless they’re a US permanent resident:

Access to TSA Pre✓® expedited security lanes at airports within the U.S. and U.S territories for U.S. Citizens and U.S. lawful permanent residents.

However the list of citizenships or nationalities that can get Global Entry (and thus both SENTRI and TSA Pre access) is slightly different than the one in your question. The current list is: Argentina, India, Colombia, UK, Germany, Panama, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Mexico.

indian citizens – Do I need to replace my passport if a stamp on the front page is slightly water damaged?

Should I go for a re-issue of my passport? The front page of my passport is showing water damage. My name, passport number, and photos are intact.

I want to apply for a US visa in February. Should I go for renewal or ask the regional passport service regarding this issue?Indian passport page with some ink bleeding on one stamp

indian citizens – Does Japan impose layover restrictions for travellers from India to the USA?

For the purposes of this answer I am assuming that you are:

  • travelling on a single ticket;
  • arrive and depart from the same airport (probably Narita) within the same calendar day; and
  • do not need to re-check your bags or pass immigration for any other reason.

In such cases, a transit visa or any other documentation was not required to transit Japan. This still holds true during the pandemic: as long as you are not entering Japan (i.e. passing immigration), the Japanese government imposes no restrictions.

In the words of Japan Air Lines from their website (select guests entering Japan and then scroll down):

Travelers who are not entering Japan and transferring directly to a third country by transit, are not required to submit any documents and undergo PCR tests.

However, the following cases require entry into Japan. Please be informed that foreign nationals arriving from prohibited countries will not be allowed to enter Japan.

  • Transferring between Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) and Narita International Airport
  • Travelers with a connecting flight out of Narita International Airport the following day

So this itinerary is possible.

us citizens – American marrying British fiance in Gibraltar on UK tourist visa

I did not get a Marriage Visitor Visa prior to this trip because we had not been planning on getting married, but we are considering it now that I am in the UK.

You can get married in the UK on a standard visitor visa. What you cannot do, and what you need a Marriage Visitor Visa for, is to enter the UK with the intention of getting married there. But you didn’t do that.

Thanks to Traveller for posting a relevant link in a comment. From that page:

If you do not have a marriage visitor visa or family visa

You can still give notice of your intention to get married or form a civil partnership but the immigration authorities at the Home Office will be told.

The Home Office might:

  • ask questions about you and your relationship – if this happens you may need to wait up to 70 days before getting married or forming a civil partnership
  • decide not to approve your notice – if this happens you cannot get married or form a civil partnership in the UK

The point of this is to identify and prevent immigration fraud. If you can show that you don’t intend to settle in the UK in the immediate future, the Home Office should not delay or prevent your wedding.

Furthermore, as explained in a page helpfully linked by canonacer, if you still want to get married in Gibraltar, it seems as though you can do that:

There are no residency or nationality requirements.

I note, however, that there are two problems with that page:

  1. As noted above, a fiancee visa would not have been necessary to marry in the UK, because the couple were not planning to settle in the UK. A Marriage Visitor Visa would have sufficed (and, as explained, is not necessary in your case).

  2. It is similarly not fraudulent for a non-US national to marry a US citizen in the US while in visitor status when the couple plan to leave the country before the expiration of the non-US spouse’s status.

In both of the above cases, though, some applicants might have difficulty proving their intent to leave the country after getting married, which could lead to refusal of a UK Marriage Visitor Visa or, for the US, refusal of entry as a visitor. That seems unlikely in the case described in the article, but it is something that couples should consider, especially if they haven’t yet put down firm roots in a foreign place of residence.

visas – Moving to Germany with an Italian residence card (member of an EU citizen’s family)

Since you wrote that your brother travelled Germany alone and needs a work contract to obtain a visa, I would assume that he does not qualify for a residence card in Germany. In that case, the regular procedure is indeed to apply for a visa at a German consulate in Italy and to wait for that visa to move to Germany.

If your brother had moved to Germany with their EU citizen family member, he would be allowed to apply for a residence card directly (i.e. without going back to Italy to secure a visa). There are a couple of other exception to the need to secure a long-stay visa before entering the country: citizens from Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, Canada, Korea and the US can apply for a residence permit directly and I believe the relevant authorities have the discretion to accept an application in exceptional cases but I wouldn’t count on it.

Either way, his status in Italy doesn’t really make a difference. It does however mean that his stay in Germany isn’t illegal as he has the right to visit Germany for 90 days. To avoid further problems down the line, I would recommend leaving Germany and going back to Italy before reaching the 90-day limit.

indian citizens – Is Air India strict with checked in baggage dimensions for international flights?

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