networking – https websites cannot be accessed from citrix secure cellular environment

I installed an application on a Citrix secure cell environment which will access https websites installed on IIS web servers located on the outside network

that all firewall settings need to be enabled before the application installed on the citrix cell environment can access the data?

centos7 – Citrix storebrowse for Linux does not work

I've tried storebrowse for Windows to connect to remotedesktop with the Netscaler URL works well

but try to do the same thing in centos [or other linux like debian] using storebrowse for linux

it works abnormally like

when i use the -a option for addstore like that

./storebrowse -U usernameA -D domainA -P pwdA -a https: //ns2.**.com: 808

always run the cmd to display the identifiers window like this
enter the description of the image here

but I do not want windows except the remote desktop window

I doubt that storebrowse does not recognize the user option and password

so who can help with that
Thank you

Citrix Workspace application on Ubuntu 19.04: can not find file /opt/Citrix/ICAClient//config/appsrv.ini

I'm trying to make sure that the Citrix Workspace v19.6.0.60 application runs on Ubuntu 19.04.

The installation works fine, but when I run the application, the following error appears:

Cannot find the file: (/opt/Citrix/ICAClient//config/appsrv.ini).
Please check your installation or contact your help desk.

In the folder mentioned there is no appsrv.ini but one appsrv.template. Someone knows what's the problem here?

Citrix connection issues from Azure virtual machines

My question is not about Citrix, but rather the impact of adding a public IP address to an Azure VM about how it interacts with websites and Internet applications.

A number of Azure virtual machines connect to remote applications using the Citrix Workspace Client. I had a problem that prevented the application from starting, freezing or just displaying a black screen until I discovered that activation and assignment from a public IP address to the network interface of the virtual machine solved the problem – but I do not know why. After that, the application loads quickly and steadily.

These virtual machines are in a standard vnet and are not behind a load balancer – although the same results are visible when they are added to the primary pool of a public load balancer.

What's changing on a VM when it has an assigned IP address? Is there a difference in traffic?

citrix – Prevent FireFox from using the file: /// c: / windows / to open the path.

I'm trying to help a project team lock terminal services, especially the open file paths FireFox and Chrome from the browser.

We managed to prevent IE from opening the path with the help of the Citrix WEM profile manager, but FF and Chrome still allow us to browse the file system using file: // / c: / windows /, which can obviously lead to all sorts of shenanigans.

Server 2016 and Citrix 7.12 Platinum. FF and Chrome are required for compatibility reasons

display – Is Citrix Receiver going to 2 out of 3 screens?

Is there a way to force Citrix Receiver to use two screens when maximizing when three screens in total are used?

If I check "Use all displays in full screen", the three screens will always be covered.

If I try to simply position the screen on two screens, it only appears on one screen and is cut off at the edge of it.

Is there a magic option I miss somewhere? Maybe a way to make Citrix believe that there are only two screens?

In Windows, I can drag the application up between two screens to maximize the display on these two screens. I can also extend a non-maximized window on multiple screens. This does not seem to be the case on my Mac.