Which city in the world has the best escape games?

Which city in the world has the best escape games?

connecting flights – Which city in China is the best place to get to Lhasa?

I plan to hike to Everest base camp in December and my guide told me to arrive in Lhasa. I am currently in Shenzhen and for some reason I am unable to find Lhasa tickets directly from Shenzhen. Which city is the best place to take a direct flight to Lhasa? Or which city in Tibet is the best place to start if I want to go trekking?

Spells – What, if any, are the suspicious Locate City bomb parts by RAW?

RAW, the legality of locate the city the bomb is ambiguous. Step 3 is the main problem, which is based on the definition of the word "extra" that the rules do not really define. Step 3. has another possible problem, and step 6. may have problems, but those that I do not consider RAW-valid.

  1. No problem; clearly locate the city is a spell that can be cast.

  2. No problem; you can do it even if you say you must have snow around you and use a moving action to collect it.

  3. The Flash Frost feat describes its effect as referring to "spells that use cold and ice to harm your enemies." The problem with this argument, however, is that this is the description, prior to the Advantage section describing, in terms of rules, what is the effect. The benefits section only says that "This metamagic feat can only be applied to periods that have cold descriptor and affect a region." Locate the city meets these criteria during the broadcast with Snowcasting.

    The Benefits Section says that the fate is for "a additional 2 points of cold damage ", which is a fairly common ambiguity in the rules: can you add, earn a bonus, earn an extra bonus, something you did not have before? Should we treat the spell as having already caused 0 damage, so now it deals 0 + 2 damage, or should we treat "extra" as requiring that the damage have already been present? It's ambiguous. However, "ambiguous" is what it takes – the rules use a lot of "extra", and it's often unclear, but the game never defines it. So that again could job. And the fact of "extra", as always requiring a previous amount, could create a problematic precedent for many other things, since the word is very much used.

    Another potential problem for Flash Frost is that we will use the energy substitution on it to change the cold descriptor, as required by Flash Frost, into an electricity descriptor. However, nothing in the rules suggests that D & D 3.5e uses "constant targeting", which would require us to go back and check the cold spell descriptor for Flash Frost after applying it. The little we have suggests that D & D does not do it. See here for more.

  4. No problem; with snowcasting and frost flash, locate the city is a period of (cold) divination that deals 2 cold damage, which the substitution of energy can turn into a period of divination (electricity) that inflicts 2 damage of electricity.

    Note that the Divinities and demi-gods The version of Energy Substitution, which is also the version found in the SRD, is the old version of the exploit and does not mention the modification of the descriptors, which would create a problematic ambiguity. Complete arcane has the latest version of the exploit, however, and explicitly addresses this.

  5. No problem; locate the city affects a region and, through the previous steps, ours deals damage and has the electricity descriptor. Works as written.

  6. Locate the city specifies its area as a circle of 10 miles / radius of level and the "circle" is not listed in the list of valid zone types for the explosive spell. However, this is really part of a larger sub-specification in D & D 3.5e – very few spells are actually defined as "bursts", as indicated by the Explosive spell. Burst is simply the default zone type, so things will only say "Xradius of the foot "rather than"X-foot-radius burst. "In addition, often, they will not bother to distinguish between a burst and an emanation – unless the effect moves, both are usually indistinguishable. Except the explosive spell locate the city implied that it does not apply to a multitude of periods to which it was almost certainly fireball described in the own example of this feat.

    The other argument sometimes put forward by people is that locate the city specifies "circle" rather than "sphere". The idea is not that it prevents the combination, but makes it much less useful because it can only strike in one plane (the geometric term, not the cosmological term) and even in this case, they are simply moved above or below and are almost certainly undamaged, as they do not move about ten meters. In my opinion, this is a really difficult situation to grasp and it is a very bad precedent to create. On the one hand, this will pose a lot of problems with the use of locate the city for its simple purpose, locate the cities, but more importantly, the game uses "square" all over when he should really use "cube". Most of the rules of the game are written in 2D when things are really 3D; who knows why? But locate the city is just another example of this – trying to argue more than just asking for trouble from other precedents.

Note that, regardless of RAW, I recommend to ban the combo. It is overkill. This is not the question here. Personally, I would probably prefer to eliminate Flash Frost by adding cold damage to any spell that is too large and damage free. I would even allow the use of Flash Frost on non-damaging spells, as long as they are small, but not too bulky. Even without the rest, it would cause problems.

3.5nd dnd – What other spells can propel the Locate City bomb?

The city location bomb is a series of metamagic feats that you can apply to the locate the city spell to make big damage on a very large surface.

Typical process:

  1. throw locate the city of Races of Fate.

  2. Use the Snowcasting feat of Frost burns add the cold descriptor to locate the city.

  3. Use the Frost Flash gift of Player's Handbook II, which can only be applied in cold weather, adds 2 cold damage to all creatures in the Snowcasted area locate the city.

  4. Use the power surrogate exploit of Divinities and demi-gods, which can only be applied to a spell that deals acid, cold, electrical, sonic, or sonic damage, to turn cold damage into electrical (or sonic) damage.

  5. Use the feat of Born of the Three Thunders of Complete arcane, which can only be applied to an electrical or sonic spell. Among other things, it forces creatures into locate the cityTo make a Reflex backup.

  6. Use the explosive spell spell of Complete arcane, which can only be applied to a conical, cylindrical, linear, or exploded spell that allows for a Reflex save, to force those who fail to save the save to the edge of the effect, taking 1d6 damage per minute. 10 feet moved.

If the locate the city Spells were forbidden, which other spells could use this combination of feats to produce a similar effect?

the locate the city the spell has a radius of 10 miles / level; I would consider a spell to have a similar effect if its area of ​​effect was also very large (and if the rest of the locate the city the stack worked with it).

(Background: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/a/159280/21179)

Identify this – Yoshino, Japan – Where is the look on the cherry blossoms and the city at the top of a mound, surrounded by other hills?

I've already tried Google Reverse Image Search. I do not want to fish, but teach me how to fish! If you have never been here, please explain how you located.

Can I drive and get out of the car to watch? I do not want to hike! Or did the drone photograph that?

enter the description of the image here

Pic 2 on r / villageporn

enter the description of the image here

Tuple Relational Calculus – Find the names of people who own at least one home in every city in Canada

Using the Tuple Relationship Calculator, find the names of people who own at least one home in every city in Canada.

The keys are in bold type.

City(City Name, name of the country, region, population)

House(hno, # rooms, stno, owner's name)

Street(STNO, name of the city, length)

This is what I came up with:

{hostname | House (h) and forAll c (City (c) and c.name = "Canada") ->
(Exists s (Street (s) and s.city-name = c.name) and Exists x (House (x) and x.stno = s.stno and x.owner-name = h.owner-name))}

How I read this out loud: "For all Canadian cities, there is a street with a HOUSE x that has the same owner as the HOUSE H."

Is it correct? I'm pulling my hair to try to understand the relational calculus of the tuples.

Driving – Rent a car for a day and leave it in another city in Italy

Yes, you can rent at one place and go back to the business in another.
This does of course work only with a company having locations in both locations and who is willing to accept it. Depending on the company, they may charge extra for the different location.

The car rental starts from half a day or even a day, or even a day, according to the companies. One thing to look for with short rentals is whether they charge mileage, a tax for distances greater than what one would expect the car to be used.

Word of warning, driving in Italy can be quite different from driving home. If you are not used to the Italian driving style, public transport might be the best option. Trains and buses are numerous and cheap.

luggage – Get off in an international hidden city with checked baggage?

Let's say that I am currently in city A, having traveled from city C to city B (in different countries). I have a round trip ticket that goes through A -> B -> C and I want to get off in B. I have contacted the airline (Air France w / Delta) and they have me said that there was no other way to do it. it would just buy a completely different ticket in a sense of A -> B. Ideally, I'd like to move the B -> C section of the trip a week or two back because I have to end up with find in C. Many answers on this site suggest that if I go down to B it would be good and I would be able to book a cheap flight back B -> C. The only problem is that I will have checked baggage and, if they do not let me check them, may get stuck on the flight to C, charge me high fees to access, or at least tip them. out of my plans to fly-jump.

Is there a way to:

1) Make sure I can get down to B and not make me pay a lot of money / be sued

2) get my luggage back to B or even be able to get it back to C for me, and

3) Ideally, just move the second part of my trip so that I do not have to pay tons of money.

I realize that I would have had to book travel differently, but the travel plans are changing and I find myself stuck or facing more than $ 1,500 in fees and charges if I tell my current situation.

I've searched this site and found answers that are a little what I'm looking for but nothing specific, so if anyone could help, that would be great.

magento2 – Magento 2 State and city tax

Added US state and city tax for US store

Each US state has different tax amounts that must be added to sales, but in those states there may also be City TAC that must also be added in addition.

For example, Washington collects a state tax of 6.5% (for example), the city of Bellevue, in the state of Washington, collects a municipal tax of 3.5% (for example), which means that anyone placing an order at Bellevue Washington will have to pay a 10% sales tax. .

I was wondering if there was a way to combine these two together in one way or another?

I've added the state fee in Magento Admin with the help of the tax area and added to the tax rules, it works fine for the state.

Regarding the tourist tax, I repeated several operations adding the tax zone, but adding a range of postal codes. But that only takes a range of postcodes that do not work properly.

Example, if Bellevue has the following postal codes: 1,2,3,4,6
And I put a range of postal codes from 1 to 6

Once in the cashier and add the correct shipping details BUT put a zip code of 5, it levies the Bellevue tax which is not what I want it to happen, it should go back to the state tax.

I hope it is understandable.

dnd 5th – How much does a road cost? How about the walls of the city?

My campaign has just finished Hoard of the Dragon Queen and the players want some rest activities. I would like to give them the opportunity to renovate the hunting lodge that they captured in Talis and also help restore the quality of life in Parnast after a long occupation by cultists.

So I would like to give them a bunch of possible investments for their new fortune. Are there standard costs for roads of different types (earth, clay, pavers) in different environments (mountains, forest, marshes, etc.)? What about ramparts, defenses (wood, stone, guard towers)?