oauth2 – JWT with a single audience claim accessing a resource server with multiple audience values ​​configured

When a JWT id_token with a single audience is presented to a resource server that has multiple audience values ​​configured, if the resource server rejects the validity of the token based on audience mismatch (i.e. JWT has one, the resource server wants all of those we have configured), or does the resource server have to accept the validity of the token based on one only match (that is, JWT has one, the resource server has one in its list of 4, it passes validation accordingly)?

What's the best way to claim the ideal amount of survey rewards?

I am creating a sponsorship program and I would like to offer them reward points. But I don't know the ideal number of points that will make users want to refer.

What is the best way to ask the user this type of survey question?

pci express – Why KingSpec ne-120GB is much slower than they claim

I added the 120GB KingSpec NVME card to my computer, using a single-lane PCI-E adapter.

According to the seller's declaration, the speed of this card should be:

  • 1500 MB / s sustained read speed
  • 500 MB / s sustained write speed

But the reference reports the speed of:

  • sustained read speed of 410 MB / s
  • sustained write speed of 350MB / s

Has been tested with 2 different adapters:

Is the problem with the NVME card or adapters?
Maybe the driver or the settings?

P.S. The reference of the SSD (TS256GSSD230S) is in fact what the manufacturer declares (550 MB / s in read, 500 MB / s in write), so the problem probably does not come from the reference program.

Benchmark KingSpec N-120

Why do the Conservatives claim that universal health care is "socialist", unlike universal education from kindergarten to grade 12?

public education and single-payer health care are common in the most capitalist societies

Japan, Switzerland and Canada are classified as economically free countries

conservatives use "socialist" as simple means of fearing merchants that it takes away peoples' rights

If the parties "changed sides" under Nixon, as the Liberals claim, how do they explain the 1976 election?

Nixon left office after being allowed to choose his successor. He spent a deal where his Vice President (Spiro Agnew) would be indicted first (in fact, Agnew resigned). Then Nixon chose Gerald Ford as the new vice president. Ford had to be confirmed by the Senate. At the confirmation hearings, he was asked: "Do you intend to pardon Nixon?" Ford said no, "Because the American people would not accept it." But he forgave him. And the American people did not support it!

That sounds like the election of 2008. The Republican president did something so unforgivable that the Democrats could have run a giraffe and won.

Carter was a favorite in the South because he was a true Christian. His sister was a famous evangelist. In fact, Carter was the last true Christian of the White House. Reagan really mobilized the Christian right, but Reagan himself did not even go to church. Carter could also be the most honest president we've ever had.

facebook – Claim for the ownership of the page

I recently created a professional Facebook account to manage my page (@somepage). However, the page appeared to belong to another person and could not forward the request to management through the business account.
As the administrator of the page, can I find out how do I change the ownership of the page on my business account under the company email address: admin@someaccount.com. hk

How long before Republicans claim that Trump has never been really conservative?

We have already gone through this phase, since he was once politically on the fence, until "liberal" friends bother him in trade agreements and leave him with a personal debt of nearly $ 20,000. $ 1 billion, which helps to decide. They assumed that they had finally finished it, but he not only went back to black ink and then to opulence, but used that excess to launch a successful campaign for the President against the most powerful political dynasty of modern memory.

He won his "conservative" stripes and his valiant fight against communist "offices" illegally infiltrating his campaign and administration, false conspiracies, witch hunts, unfounded indictment proceedings, fabricated scandals and the rest while managing a profitable economic situation for us is quite admirable.

For my part, I will not turn against him. I hope he exposes and nails your butts.

IP Address – What prevents IPs from being the subject of a double claim in the world?

When I connect to the Internet, my provider gives me an IP address.

If someone else is doing it exactly the same time in another country with a totally separate provider, what is preventing it from getting the same IP address? Is there a super provider to which all providers request IP addresses? Or maybe each supplier / country has its own ranges?

Why does the Play Store on Android Wear claim ten updates when there are only two?

My Ticwatch S2 notifies me when application updates are available. When you touch them, you have the option to update them all or open them (I disable automatic update applications). I've opened

Notification from Google Play Store, indicating 2 new updates and 10 pending updates Open notification, showing the message with choices all update and open

However, instead of the 10 expected updates, I only show 2:

Google Play Store showing available updates (2), updates being Messages and TicHealth

Note that it shows 2 available updates (barely visible at the top) and scrolling down only shows recent updates. When I checked each application installed individually, no other application showed any update (I'm not 100% the Watch version of the Play Store does so though).

This has been going on for a while. I have already tried:

  • Use "Update All" instead of checking for updates individually by clicking "Open".
  • Clear the data from the Play Store, which has cleared the list of recent updates and reset the Play Store settings to their defaults, but has not resolved the problem.

One thing that I noticed, is that on the main screen of the Play Store, it lists 8 apps on my phone that I do not have on hand. Odd coincidence?

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