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System Installation – The laptop can not boot after clean installation to a single boot drive using ubuntu-18.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso

I can only offer the following observations:

  • laptop: an HP Elite book (6930p) with Intel Dual Core with only
    "UEFI startup experimental support". its bio setting: the UEFI mode is
  • I used Rufus 3.4 to burn an 18.04.2 server iso on a USB stick
    with "Partition Scheme" as MBR and Target System as MBR or UEFI.
  • the usb key can install the ubuntu server without any problem ("use all the disk" option)
  • after reboot, the system can not start


the same laptop can be properly installed and started in tty using:

  • mini.iso
  • old iso style server (ubuntu-18.04.2-server-amd64.iso)

The common point between these successful ISOs is the following: at the end of the installation, it invites you to write grub in the MBR. This process did not exist for live iso installation. During the live installation, all I got is a mandatory "bios_grub" partition of 1 MB that you can not modify or delete. I think the "bios_grub" is the same as the "write grub in the MBR". But the damn thing just does not start after installation.

Something weird about iso live-server?

How to clean the Minolta X-700 viewfinder

My Minolta X-700 has been abandoned, resulting in a dust-filled viewfinder like this:

enter the description of the image here

I do not know how to clean it except remove the top cover to reach the viewfinder. Is there another possibility?

Help me, please.

Thank you.

orm – Clean Architecture and Entity Framework

I have encountered few problems when generating the database schema from business objects with EF Core:

  • No support for struct properties
  • No support for interface properties
  • I need extra columns that need to belong to the data layer only.

I do not wish to modify my management layer (structures / interfaces in classes) only because of EF, because this goes against the principles of clean architecture (the structure should not serve your application, but l & # 39; reverse). It is also out of the question to add persistence-specific columns to the management layer.

I guess the good thing to do is to add persistence objects to the persistence layer that would represent entities in the management layer.
In addition to this, some mappers should be used by the business layer to summarize persistence objects by mapping them to business entities.

Few questions about this approach:

  • Is it a good thing to do? Are there alternatives? For example: EF configuration capabilities that would help solve the problems listed above without replicating the entities in the persistence layer?
  • This looks like a lot of boilerplate code and replication of the same properties. It looks like this code could be generated automatically by a tool. Is there anything like this?
  • Is there a good example of the appearance of such an approach?

smartphone – What are the best apps to keep your Android device clean and malware free?

Windows has items such as the origin of the Ublock, malwareware, anti-rootkits, adware detectors, and so on. So I wondered if Android also had a good set of applications that could detect most or all malware. I might be able to do a search on Google, but I trust ordinary users, and even more, paid search sites.

Can we clean clothes with an iron?

Can we clean clothes with an iron?

[ Other – Entertainment ] Open question: Are you a clean person?

[ Other – Entertainment ] Open question: Are you a clean person? .

UV + VIS light detection cameras / optical filters with short bandwidth, clean cut

Are there any DSLR conversion services or cameras available with sensors that allow the simultaneous detection of UV (~ <330-395 nm) and visible light ~ 395-700 nm? Maybe with a lower sensitivity of 1,000 times at the VIS range to mimic sunlight on the surface of the Earth?
As a related question, where can one create a "short" short-circuit in the short run? [<~720 nm (<700-750 nm)] filter be obtained? I thought Hoya was making such an optical glass, but all I can find from there and apparently most of the other sites are high-cut filters. Any help would be appreciated!

Windows of Applications – R-Wipe & Clean 20.0 Build 2237 | NulledTeam UnderGround

R-Wipe & Clean 20.0 Build 2237 | 18.4 MB

R-Wipe & Clean is a complete R-Tools solution for removing unnecessary files, freeing up disk space and cleaning up various information compromising the privacy of your online and offline business. This includes Internet history and cookies, ed file lists and open documents, various data caches, temporary files and many other items created by the operating system, most Internet browsers and contemporary communication programs, as well as by hundreds of third-party applications. A flawless stay

It is also possible to create specific lists of traces to clean for unsupported applications. All small file cleanup and erase jobs can be combined into large cleaning tasks that can be started immediately or at scheduled times / events.
Computer cleaning
Trace Selection Wizard: A tool for quickly selecting some of the most common traces to clean.
Cleaning Internet Activity: Removes traces from most browsers and current communication programs.
Cleaning personal traces: deleting various lists, logs, caches, temporary files and other traces of your activity.
Clean up system traces: delete registry traces, temporary files, system history and various log files.
Cleaning the traces of various third-party programs: removing various caches, logs, temporary files, recent file lists, and other traces left by applications.
The cleaning can be done in the background and the computer can be turned off at the end.
Support for SSD devices: R-Wipe & Clean correctly recognizes SSD devices and by default only erases the necessary data on the disk, thus avoiding additional wear.
Fast or powerful erase algorithms, including those approved by the DoD, to erase files and free up disk space.
Support for FAT / exFAT and NTFS file systems.
Erase alternate data streams from files and "hints" on clusters, or free parts of clusters of files.
Delete files directly from the file explorer.
Erase free space on a single disk directly from its context menu.
Erase unused space from multiple disks with a single erase job.
Erase small file records stored directly in the NTFS master file table.
Wipe predefined lists of files, folders, and registry keys to be erased in one job. Files or folders can be added to a cleaning list in progress directly from the file explorer.
All separate cleaning and erasing actions can be combined into large erase and cleanup tasks to start them manually or at scheduled times or events (user login / logout, system boot / shutdown, all or part of the browsers, etc.). )
Detailed representation of all trace elements on your computer.
Detailed record of all erasing and cleaning operations.
Customization: R-Wipe & Clean can hide items you'll never want to clean.
Full system integration: Most erase and clean operations can be done directly from Windows.
Password protection.
R-Wipe & Clean Smart: an advanced tool for creating and managing very complex cleaning lists.
The cleanup and erase task can be started from a command line.
Boss Key to close a web browser in case of emergency.
Stealth mode to hide the cleaning of the computer.
Standby / Hibernate Control: Your computer will not go into hibernation until R-Wipe & Clean has finished its work.
Start Renaming locked files / folders by Windows and other programs. They will be renamed and cleaned at the next commissioning.
An Intel-compatible platform running Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 or Windows Server 2008 R2 / 2012/2012 R2 / 2016.
Administrator privileges are required during installation to install the shell extensions of Windows Explorer from R-Wipe & Clean.



tagging – How to clean hierarchical tags when adding new levels in Digikam?

I guess you're not able to do that, because that would defeat the purpose of nesting.

You can create the same tag a second time outside this hierarchy, but the point of


Is Ant and Cat are the two Animals, but not all Animal is a Mammal and or Cat.

Therefore, when you search for the tag Animalyou will find all Animals. When you search Mammals, you will only find Mammals – and so on.

If, on the other hand, you had a flat search:


then there is no way that a picture only tagged Cat will be found by searching Animal.

In theory, you could have a routine that does the hierarchy automatically, so while the image contains only the tag Cat, your program puts it in Animals etc. I do not know if DigiKam (or any other program) can do it, and it probably would not be the best idea, because it's possible that the tags are ambiguous (for example, Cat also reference to Caterpillar Inc. machines).