8 – What would be the least clever way to solve the following problem with the layout builder?

We have a content type pageand taxonomic vocabulary sections. page has reference to a section and section has reference to a menu. In addition, we are interested in being able to build layouts per node, based roughly on the following:


The problem with the above structure is that the header (red) is node-specific and the actual content (green) is node-specific, but they are disconnected.

The menu is not specific to a node, it simply depends on a node, but it is actually the menu of the section. It must be displayed automatically if the node belongs to the section to which the menu has been assigned.

This disconnection of content creates a problem with regard to the Layout Builder. Why? Because through Layout Builder The node is built from sections, namely their layout. Sections act as a multi-valued field, they are rendered linearly to create the final result.

They can not be grouped or nested, which could potentially solve a problem, because if we could nest sections, we could simply create a section with header, section with menu and content, and in nested content several sections with several presentations. However, we have to do this in a linear way and we have a problem because we can create a section for the header, a section for the menu and the content, but we can not create multiple layouts for the content, because they require nesting.

Few solutions to this problem come to mind.

  1. To make the header and menu outside the layout generator, simply place them in the page.html.twig or node.html.twigwhich would extract the required data for the header and render them correctly outside the layout builder.

We do not feel well, because the best thing would be to manage all the content of the node in the layout builder, without making such exceptions. But as mentioned, the layout builder seems to only handle linear content, so it seems impossible to separately process the header and other content, as different regions, to which multiple sections could be added. The regions seem to exist only in sections, not outside of them.

  1. Use something like https://www.drupal.org/project/mini_layouts to allow nesting of the layout. This introduces dependency on a module in alpha version, but seems to be the best choice at the moment. Content that is not a header could then be put into mini-layouts.

  2. Somehow change the rendering / editing of layouts to allow me to have at least one level of nesting. The best thing would be for each section to have a "region" to which it belongs – which might perhaps be possible if I could create an "overlay", which would be an effective layout.

As you can see, I am aware of many more or less radical solutions to this problem, but I am looking for something that would be the least effective of all. Maybe I miss a popular contrib module, which would help in a more elegant way than other ideas?

Edit: It has just come to my mind. Can I effectively achieve an extra level of nesting by creatively using section setup? Could I make the section so configurable to the point of defining its "sub-layers"? In fact, this seems like a very clean way to achieve what I have to accomplish without adding addiction. Hmmm. Is there anything better?

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Software Testing Strategies

Software testing or quality assurance strategies describe how to mitigate the risks produced by test-level stakeholders, what types of tests should be performed, and what input and output criteria will be applied. They are made from development design documents. Many custom software development companies follow strategies while developing software.


1. RISKS. Risk management is essential during testing, so take into account the risks and the level of risk. For a well established application that is evolving slowly, regression is a critical risk. That's why anti-regression strategies make a lot of sense. For a new application, a risk analysis can reveal various risks if you choose a risk-based analytic strategy.

2. OBJECTIVES. The tests must meet the requirements and needs of stakeholders to succeed. If the goal is to search for as many defects as possible with less time and effort upstream, a dynamic strategy makes sense.

3. SKILLS. Consider the skills that testers have and lack, because strategies must not only be chosen but also executed. A standards-compliant strategy is a wise option when teams lack the skills and time to create an approach.

5. PRODUCT. Some products, such as contract development software and weapons systems, generally have well-defined requirements. This could create a synergy with a requirements-based analytics strategy.

6. BUSINESS. Business considerations and strategy are often important. If you are using an existing system as a template for a new one, you can use a template-based policy.

7. REGULATION. In some cases, it may be necessary not only to satisfy the stakeholders, but also the regulators. In this case, a methodical strategy may be necessary to satisfy these regulators.

You must choose test strategies that take into account the factors mentioned above, the schedule, budget and project constraints, as well as the realities of the organization and its policies.


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