url – How can I add an image to a WhatsApp message created from a click on my website through the API?

I want to send an image, text with product URL to WhatsApp from my website when the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon.

Currently I can send text with product URL but I don’t know how to add a image parameter.

<a target="_blank" href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?text=<?php echo h($photo->caption) ?><?php echo u(h($meta_url)) ?>">
   <i class="fab fa-whatsapp"></i></a>



broken screen – How to enable USB debugging without being able to click prompt?

I have a cellphone with a broken touchscreen, and I’m trying to recover files by remote controlling it. I can see only the top half of the screen and there is touch sensitivity in only the bottom 5% or so (I can barely tap the home button). All of the options I’ve found require USB debugging to be enabled, which I managed to do with a mouse and some lucky clicking. I am looking at Vysor, but I can’t get to that point yet so it’s most likely irrelevant for this question.

I’m stuck on the prompt that shows up when I plug it into the computer, because I cannot have both the mouse and the data cable plugged in to the phone at the same time, and therefore cannot click OK to allow the computer access.

The OTG cable (more like an adapter, not sure if it is technically called an OTG cable since I found it in a random old box) allows both USB-C and USB-A at once, but it seems that if the data cable is connected through this, only charging is allowed.

I tried using a clicker app to click in the area where the prompt shows up after a 30 second delay, but the app apparently can’t go over the prompt screens.

Is there any other way I can do this, either a different cable, a different clicker app, or a different method altogether? It seems like I’m almost there but experiencing a stupid roadblock where there shouldn’t be one.

I have not tried anything with command line because I’m not familiar, but if anyone can offer more specific instructions with that, I am happy to try.

Not sure if the whole cable thing was clear, so my options are either:

Phone << USBC---USBC >> Laptop

Where I cannot use the touch screen


Phone << USBC---USBA << Mouse
             ---USBC << USBC---USBC >> Laptop

Where the USBC-USBC wire only allows charging

Click scroll to open in new tab – good practice?

Is it a good practice to provide "open in new tab" option, by clicking link using scroll? Do you know any resources or research on this; any reasons why/when it shouldn’t be a default option?

android – NavigationView menu item not selecting on click

I’ve created a NavigationView using android support library v-7:27.1.1


there is a problem with menu items

<menu xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android">
            android:title="Item 1"/>
            android:title="Item 2"/>
            android:title="Item 3"/>
            android:title="Item 4"/>
            android:title="Item 5"/>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<selector xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android">
    <item android:color="#FD12F5" android:state_selected="true"/>
    <item android:color="#aaaaaa" android:state_selected="false"/>

here’s output on real device
enter image description here

when i clicked on item nothing happens
no highlights item and no selected

what is problem?

Note: I am using AIDE application

trackpad – How do I tap on bottom right to trigger a secondary click?

trackpad – How do I tap on bottom right to trigger a secondary click? – Ask Different

pygame – How do I click on specific text in an array of text?

I am trying to click on a specific word in an array but I can’t think of how.

This is what I have:

  for x in range(0, len(names)):
    templine = font.render(names(x), True, WHITE)
    tempRect = templine.get_rect()
    tempRect.midleft = (50, (170+30*x))
    if mouse012(0) == True and tempRect.collidepoint(mouseXY):
      state = AppState.STATS

      detailsName = names(x)
    screen.blit(templine, tempRect)

magento2.4.1 – Minicart qty update Ajax first click not working

I am using this module https://github.com/kirtinariya1/MinicartAjaxQtyIncrementDecrement for update mini cart qty by ajax.

If i click + button first time its not update qty but in console response true, if click again then the values updated, how to solve this issue.

What are all the possibilities of error?

How to debug why it’s not working on the first time?

Pi Network – Free Crypto with just one click per day


I just found out about the Pi app that let’s you produce the Pi cryptocoin with just one tap everyday. If you invite more friends to your network, the amount you produce every hour increases.

This is the link that will send you to where you can download your app for Android or iOS:

This is my refferal name: Skaritza
I will appreciate if you will include my name in the registering process when it appears, that will help me and you can also do that with the ones you will invite with your own code.

Good luck!


applications – An app to click somewhere on the screen via keystrokes

I’m looking to reduce my mouse usage. (It’s bad for your hands.)

If you ever used Vimium extension (e.g. for Chrome), it does this brilliant thing where once you hit F it shows you some keystroke sequences, and lets you open any link on the page for clicking (pictured below).

Vimium extension for Chrome

Now imagine I want the same, but for the whole display. Once I hit a key, a light grid is drawn onto my screen, splitting it to NxM pieces. It shows 2 or 3 key sequences. Once you press the sequence, the app clicks to the middle of that grid for you.

I need an app like this for macOS. If it doesn’t exist, I suspect it’s time to finally teach myself some Cocoa SDK and Swift to code it up. But if it exists, please write it down here so others can learn as well.

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