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Dear NewProxyLists users,

I am Dimitri, your POC (Point of Contact) here about Mirrored.io. I would like to introduce our Mirror service.

Our service has been on the market for some time now and we want to extend our service to users here on NewProxyLists.

Mirrored.io runs on a secure script and provides a fast download service to multiple hosts at the same time.

Features / Limitations:

Charger Anonyme:

=> Max Websites – 20
=> Maximum thread – 1
=> Link Verification Interval – 1 day
=> Max File Upload – 1 at a time
=> Maximum file size – 500 MB

Registered Up-loader:

=> Max Websites – 30
=> Maximum thread – 3
=> Link Verification Interval – 1 day
=> Max File Upload – 3 at a time
=> Maximum file size – 5120 MB
=> Use your own accounts
=> Authorized Upload
=> Remote download API

Premium Up-Loader:

=> Max Websites – 50
=> Maximum thread – 5
=> Link Verification Interval – 1 day
=> Max File Upload – 5 at a time
=> Maximum file size – 10240 MB
=> Use your own accounts
=> Authorized Upload
=> Remote download API
=> Replacement prefix

We are opening the possibility to big users of bigger traffic with minimum monthly traffic (15k) to upgrade to a Premium account as long as they continue to use our service. Please contact us for more information!

Rules and conditions:

Mirrored.io has no built-in rules because we do not store any files on our servers. However, we recommend that you follow the rules and regulations of the file hosts. We recommend that you review our DMCA Privacy Policy for more information.


We like to hear what you have to say. All comments / suggestions are welcome!

Do not forget that we are improving your experience and that we need your opinion in this regard. Contact us using the website to add your favorite file hosting service. Also, you can join me at (protected email). We will try to add them as soon as possible.

You are welcome to try our service today!

Register: https://mirrored.io/register

Windows App – YouTube by click 2.2.113 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

YouTube per click 2.2.113 Multilingual | 15.7 MB

YouTube By Click is a light and simple utility designed to serve as the easiest way to download videos from popular websites. Just press a button to do the job.

Clear and intuitive use
The application has a slightly congested but accessible user interface, allowing you to customize its most important operating settings from the main window.
As such, you can easily set the output folder and format, then start recovering movies or songs over the internet, allowing you to watch them on your PC even in the absence of web connection .
Download videos from the web with little effort
By default, YouTube By Click automatically detects when you watch a video in your browser, on any of the supported websites, namely Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, or DailyMotion, and displays a dialog box allowing you to download on your PC.
The program allows you to select the quality ('Best', 'Normal', 'Custom'), the preferred output format, that it's in. It acts as video (MP4, FLV, AVI, WEBM, 3GP, WMV) or audio (MP3 or WAV), as well as the destination folder, so you can easily access it once the process is complete. In addition, it allows you to open them in your default media player simply by pressing the "Play" button.
However, the "Auto Detect" feature can be turned off, if you do not use it, or change it to suit your needs, from the "Options" section of YouTube By Click. From this same location, you can connect to any of your accounts so that you can download private videos, otherwise inaccessible.
A handy download manager for popular multimedia hosting websites
To conclude, YouTube By Click is a useful, easy-to-understand application that can help you recover all your favorite media on the Web, whether as audio or video files.
Operating system: Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10
Home page

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windows 10 – Laptop Surface 2: impossible to click on the two right thumbs of the screen

My surface is six months old and works very well. In recent weeks, the strangest thing has appeared.

If I have a window, say Notepad (but that's for any application), and the right edge of the notepad form will move in both inches to the right of the screen. Screen, I can not click on the control buttons of the title bar with the touchpad or the touch screen.

If I move it from the right corner, I can use the touchpad and the touch screen to press the Reduce / Close buttons on the title bar.

This affects all applications.

I have checked the Device Manager and all drivers look happy (no warning indicator).

I have tried to update the video driver, but it is stated that my current driver is up to date (it dates from September 2018).

How to solve that?

views – How to create a drop-down menu at the click of a mouse

Does anyone know a method or module Drupal helps to reach the Sliding menu shown in the image above for an online website:

1] The image below shows that there is no visible menu to perform an action:

enter the description of the image here

2] After the user clicks on the ""button from any line of the table, the menu will move from the bottom of the browser.

Sliding menu with one mouse click

Bitcoin Guide: purchase, mining, gambling, claim and click …


The best place to buy bitcoin is at Coinbase – http://bit.ly/2GoJ1m1

Mining – You earn less money with this method but it works.

CryptoTab Browser – http://bit.ly/2OjsfHX
CryptoTab Browser is a white-label Chromium browser that exploits bitcoins in the background.

NiceHash – http://gigapeta.com/dl/8301768a66e8ab
NiceHash is a minor dedicated to Windows to exploit Bitcoin.

Casino – Claim satoshis and play all types of games to increase your income.
Freebitcoin – http://bit.ly/2NysYYs

affirming – Claiming satoshis in exchange for posting ads and pressing the claim button.
BitFun – http://bit.ly/2zmAvPM
Bitcoin Bonus – http://bit.ly/2iOnDvK
Moon Bitcoin – http://bit.ly/2i4YPTa

By clicking – Create bitcoins by viewing ads
BTCClicks – http://bit.ly/2DJbind

ios – Strange Message When I Click Send / Receive on Outlook on Mac

Now, this message has just confused me for a few days lately. I have a Mac view and it works fine for most (send and receive messages successfully without any problems).

However, there is a problem called Send / Receive that I am used to supporting when I want to update my inbox explicitly rather than relying on automatic updates. Now, when I do this, a message that looks like this appears:

enter the description of the image here

I do not know how to get rid of this message. I also do not understand why this message exists even since I have clearly the correct identification information in the system. Ideas?

What is the impact of the ranking of ads on the cost per click?

Hello friends,

I would like to know how the ranking of ads in terms of cost-per-click?

mac – I am looking to create an application that will contain the right click / any key that the user will determine on command. Where do I start?

I am very new in this field and I have never created an application before, but I want to create a menu-bar application (with the players who go to AFK in their games in mind) that will imitate the right click or n any key of the user's choice held down when activated. Does anyone have any tips for getting started?

And yes, I know that nobody plays on their Mac, but I do it and I build this application mainly for myself.

What is the impact of the ranking of ads on the cost per click?

Hello friends,

I would like to know how the ranking of ads in terms of cost-per-click?

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