php – one click adds one by one to the mysql database

I have a page with several links, I would like to find a form that by clicking on one of the links I'm going to add them in a database to make some kind of ranking the most searched or most downloaded , I do not know where to start, work with php and mysql
link 1
link 2
link 3

What I want to do is that every time I click on a link, I can exceed the number of clicks. So, if the link 3 to 4 clicks, link 1 3click and link 2 1click, I can create a list so that remains:
link 3
link 2

I hope to have explained the best possible

magento2 – Magento 2: knockout data-bind: the click does not work

I've added the phtml file using an ajax response. There are two buttons available in this phtml file.



This Buttons.phtml file added to

using an ajax response.

Now when to click Selection button then addCustomOptions () function call should be call. But it does not work.

Or I'm wrong?

Help me, please.

Thank you.

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Need to click like in Facebook photos, stories and comments from my friends FB


            I do not understand my violations. Why can not I love, say wow, happy, love signs in the photos, stories and comments of my fb friends? it is important for me to express my reaction to their messages. please enlighten me on this problem.

thank you,


8 – Change the value of entry to click when there is more than one paragraph

There are two fields on my paragraph.

  1. A numeric field
  2. A text field

I want to change the value of the text field when I click on it.

Here is my script so far that is only good on the first paragraph because of field_my_content_article_field[0]:

/ **
* @file
* Javascript behaviors.
* /

(function ($, Drupal) {

"use strict";

/ **
* Manage paragraph fields on the node editing form.
* /
Drupal.behaviors.myBehavior = {

attach: function (context) {
$ (& # 39; input[Name="field_my_content_gement_field[Name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[name="field_my_content_gement_field[name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[0][subform][field_my_number_integer_field][0][value]"]& # 39; context) .on (& # 39; click & # 39 ;, function () {
var myNumberFieldValue = $ (& # 39; input[Name="field_my_content_gement_field[Name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[name="field_my_content_gement_field[name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[0][subform][field_my_number_integer_field][0][value]"]& # 39;) .val ();
var myInputTextFieldValue = $ (& # 39; input[Name="field_my_content_gement_field[Name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[name="field_my_content_gement_field[name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[0][subform][field_my_input_text_field][0][value]"]& # 39;);

switch (myNumberFieldValue) {
case 1 & # 39 ;:
myInputTextFieldValue.val (& # 39;);
case # 2:
myInputTextFieldValue.val (B & # 39;)
case 3:
myInputTextFieldValue.val (C & # 39;)

}) (jQuery, Drupal);

When there is a second paragraph on the node, the field names for the second paragraph are as follows:

name = "field_my_content_gement_field[1][subform][field_my_number_integer_field][0][value]"

name = "field_my_content_gement_field[1][subform][field_my_input_text_field][0][value]"

How can I browse the paragraphs (or is it the DOM at this point?) So that the text field value of the paragraph in which I find myself is changed to click?

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javascript – Add an event, click on the text label

Can any one tell me why when I select this tag, it does NOT select the text? I need to add the click event to the label text, but I can not get this text at all. I use Materialize 0.100.2, I have not added css, here is the HTML code of the photo:insert the description of the image here