[ Politics ] Open question: Why are the Liberals ignorant of Hillary Clinton's racism?

Hillary Clinton has a long documented history of racism. She mentioned Blacks as a super-predator in the '90s and recently said in a recent interview that "all blacks are alike". According to one of her secret service agents, she did not even want Chelsea to take a black boy to the prom. .

Do you remember when Trump blasted Clinton's helpers for taking the 5th? He said that no one takes 5th unless they are guilty? So why Roger Stone …?

Trump condemns some for taking the 5th and praises the others for the same. But he supported both Cohen and Manafort, both convicted, until after rocking.

One day after Donald Trump's boyfriend Roger Stone swore to lie for "giving false testimony against" POTUS, Stone invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself while He refused to give documents and testimony to the Senate. Judicial Committee.

Trump said during his race at the White House that "the crowd takes fifth place; if you are innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment? "

A day earlier, Stone told ABC, George Stephanopoulos: "There are no circumstances in which I would testify against the president … because I should be giving false testimony against him. I should invent things, and I will not do it, "adding," I did not discuss forgiveness. "