miui – Share clipboard data between users on Android multi-user (secondary space)?

Leaving aside security concerns, is there a reliable way to communicate data via the clipboard between users on a single device without using network methods? For example, just copy a link to the main space, then access it later via the clipboard in the secondary space. Application suggestions are welcome.

NB: There is already an option to import / export files, photos, etc. (but not sharing the clipboard)

Running MIUI 9, Android 7

How do I create a separate command to copy from my tmux clipboard to my Linux clipboard?

I am trying to emulate the following bindings that work in OSX on Linux:

# Copy and paste from system clipboard
bind C-c run "tmux save-buffer - | reattach-to-user-namespace pbcopy"
bind C-v run "reattach-to-user-namespace pbpaste | tmux load-buffer - && tmux paste-buffer"

In other words, I want to link a command to explicitly copy the tmux buffer to my system clipboard and another command to copy. I do not I want to automatically use vi-select to copy to my system clipboard from tmux, since most of the existing responses are addressed.

I have tried the following bindings (one at a time).

bind C-c run "tmux save-buffer - | xclip -in -selection clipboard"
bind C-c run "tmux show-buffer | xclip -sel clip -i"

Both seem to do the right thing the first time around, but then have a serious side effect: disabling all of my tmux key bindings after use.

In other words, none of my tmux key bindings work after the first copy.

How can I copy something from my tmux clipboard to my system clipboard and vice versa explicitly without disabling my ability to execute other tmux commands?

In adding node, how to download a file using the clipboard image

How can I paste an image from the clipboard and save it in image_field?

Copy the HTML table with the structure to the angular clipboard

I am trying to copy the entire HTML table with its structure to the angular clipboard. The copy part works correctly but does not follow the exact layout of the table. Please check below two screenshots for reference.

  1. Table to copy

enter description of image here

  1. Table copied
    enter description of image here

It looks like it is following the header layout correctly but the data layout is incorrect.
Please check the methods below used to achieve this goal

    let range  =  document.createRange();
    let select =  window.getSelection()


Please let me know where I am wrong and how can I make it work.

P.S: I cannot use DataTable in this scenario for several reasons. I am using a simple HTML table, please provide solutions that may work in this scenario.

Thank you

Clipboard with some elements by Ctrl + Number

Windows 10 has a historic clipboard.

But how to insert an element by + <1> or + <2>

Such behavior was in Red Alert / Generals.

How to get menu item from clipboard in context menu of Gmail composition field?

How to get menu item from clipboard in context menu of Gmail composition field?

It is not present on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9, Android 9):

enter the description of the & # 39; picture here

Clipboard sharing (copy / paste) does not work between Windows 10 and Bluestacks

I've recently installed blue shirts at my windows 10 and everything seems to work perfectly.
In the first Android operating system that I created, I was able to install Google Maps and copy / paste with ctrl + C and ctrl + v from Windows 10 to create a machine virtual bluestacks.
Everything was fine and I was able to copy and paste in the first virtual machine. but when I tried to create some cooler Android OS in Bluetacks because I can not use the same virtual box for all my needs, I can not copy-paste or use the shared Windows clipboard to Android, but I can do it. copy and paste from android to Windows. I tried to search online and find a solution, but I did not find it. everyone just says ctrl c and ctrl v and i tried to look everywhere in the setting and i found nothing. The last message I found was from the beginning of 2019, but they just said to report a bug to the bluestacks team. I do not think this is a bug, because the first virtual box I have in bluestacks is able to copy and paste without problems.
Anyone can help me?
Thank you.

command line – How to put a file in the clipboard without losing control characters?

I have a .txt file comes from Windows, so its end of lines are rn. Operation cat or echo on this file does remove these control characters. How can I display the file (even if possible in raw bytes) while preserving the original control characters of Windows?

bitcoind – Bitcoin private key hacking, fake bitcoin transaction generator and clipboard virus

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Mac application Adding the hidden version and version number to text pasted from the application – Does not show up on the clipboard?

I use GargeSale 7.0.16, an eBay SEO tool.

There are two editable modes for each list.

Editor (directly edit the HTML)

Preview (stylized text editing – automatic conversion to HTML as input)

In stylish text mode, I copy all the text to the clipboard.

I look at the clipboard and it looks good.

I paste the text into another application and this has been added below the text I've copied to a new line:

_gsrx_vers_841 (GS 7.0.16 (841))

Why on earth does this application insert unwanted hidden text on its version and build number on the clipboard?

I have checked my html master templates and there is no code to insert it.

I do not understand. Is there a way to disable this?