get the error that the clock of my device is in advance. . This is not it. my time / zone is correct

I am told that my time (of the device) is in advance. . . that's not it. I am unable to access "My" which I just set as homepage (Brave browser). Also set Yandex for my search engine. (new installation)

  • the daylight saving time is yesterday (??)!
    brave browser screen capture (!
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gnome – Ubuntu 18.04 The clock does not update after Hibernate

I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my laptop and uses hibernation very often, but if I resume, the clock in the top panel indicates the wrong time. If I go to settings > Information > Date and time and switch the Determine the date and time automatically option twice the time is updated correctly.

Is there a way to automatically update the time after hibernation? After rebooting, the clock in the top panel shows the correct time.

Vertexfx Vtl Digital Clock Indicator

The client-side VTL script of the digital clock associates a clock with your chart. It can display the server time as well as the local time. When attaching to the chart, two clocks will be displayed on the chart. The golden color clock is the local time and the red color clock is the server time. These clocks can be moved on the map with the mouse. If you want to display a single clock, delete the other clock. The server clock synchronizes the time with the VertexFX server every 10 seconds. The time of the server is the hour displayed on the graph. The time on the bottom panel of the terminals may vary depending on the GMT settings of your account. for more information

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dnd 5th – Does gnome clock fixture repair require no material and make it functional for an additional 24 hours?

I'm thinking of the role play of a Rock Gnome and wondering if my interpretation of the Tinker trait was correct.

The hand of the do-it-yourself rock gnome (PHB page 37) says:

Using those [tinker’s] tools you can spend 1 hour and 10 pg of materials to build a tiny clockmaker (AC 5, 1 HP). The device stops working after 24 hours (unless you spend 1 hour repairing it to keep the device running).

From this sentence, I understand that the repair of the device requires only 1 hour of work (no materials) and, more importantly, that the repair another 24 hours of life at the device. Is my interpretation correct?

Sharepoint Designer – World Ribbon Clock Location

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The world clock at the top left indicates how everything is configured in SD Designer. The color is good, I need the clock to be moved completely to the right to condense to the one below.

I am using SharePoint 2016 and Designer 2013

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You will find below the JavaScript code that I could use with help to position it on the left.

Thank you!