How do you optimize in 1st Edition AD&D? [closed]

1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons gives its players a few strategic options during character creation, many of which are restricted by randomly generated attributes. With this in mind, what are some ways to maximize a character’s effectiveness, even with a mediocre set of attributes?

For instance:

  • What weapons and equipment available at start are most efficient and/or effective?
  • Are there especially potent race/class combinations?

How to withdraw all Dollas in blockchain to the bank. Is anyone with experence of block chain able to help [closed]

I just swapped my bitcoins for dollars in blockchain and wondering if anyone knew how i can withdraw out of blockchain straight to bank. Thank you

I want to decrypt the message "Boe an emait" but i don’t know either the algorithm or key, any help? [closed]

the encrypted code is "Boe an emait" and the method is unknown

Why don’t cameras shoot video past a specific fps? [closed]

I’d like to know on what basis does a camera model get it’s maximum framerate settings for videos.

Where is this statue? I believe it is in the U.S. – central or northeast [closed]

Looking for the location of this statue that is likely in central or eastern U.S.

How do I correct where my mobile hotspot on Android is serving as LAN? [closed]

**My Android phone is being used as the LAN at my home. I am not able to use my mobile data at all. **

Website cache on google looks wrong [closed]

I see similar topics about this issue but nothing solve my problem, so I’m still struggling with it.

Below the link to Google cache:

Seems that Google cannot read css. I’m using full path, server css cache and css minimizing (compress more css file in a single one). Without css compress the result is the same.

Thanks in advance

can someone help me identify this type of camera? [closed]

need to know what that camera they use is.
basically where can I get a camera similar to that (high resolution preferably 4k and zooming abilities like that)

thank you!!!

How to speak dragonic [closed]

Is there any font or language (in google docs or any other free writing software) that is dragonic?
I am a DM who needs to write a rune in dragonic. Being able to use a font will make that possible.

Technologies used in the website [closed]

What are the front-end and back-end technologies used in the website?