macos – How to create a point cloud using Apple numbers?

I am trying to create a point cloud in Numbers, but I can't seem to get it to work. If I select columns A and B and create a scatter plot, it uses column A for both axes. If I click on the plot and go through a series, it shows the values ​​used for x and y, see the image below.

enter description of image here

The image above is what I get when I select columns A and B to try to plot. If I go to this setting box and manually change the y-axis on column B, it returns to A when I click on the plot. I have tried several times to change the x-axis or the y-axis and the same thing happens. It continues to plot the same values ​​for x and y.

I cannot use a line plot because a line plot assumes that the points on the x-axis are evenly spaced and distorts your plot.

An example of the numbers I am trying to trace is given below.

Values ​​X 1,2,5,7,8,9

Y values ​​43.56,103,156,215,300

I just want a simple x, y plot … Can anyone do that in numbers?

I have looked at the previous questions but none of these answers help me.


encryption – Cloud save?

I need to keep personal notes (decisions, objectives, goals, ideas, projects) and I thought I was using which seems fairly reliable, but how do I know that respects the confidentiality of my data? Asking me that, I had the idea to use a free hosting service (I know one very stable, without advertising and without good conditions of service), in this hosting service install NextCloud or OwnCloud with encryption enabled, enough to protect confidentiality of my notes? Is the encryption of these services reliable to protect information? Do you think this is an effective system or do you recommend something better?

How to install PostgreSQL on WD My Cloud Mirror?

I would like to know if it is possible to install PostgreSQL on a My Cloud Mirror NAS? I searched for hours on how to do this, but I couldn't find any suitable answer. My goal is to store all databases created by members of my business on the corporate NAS (instead of storing them on individual computers).

I noticed that it is possible to install external applications on the NAS, but I did not find PostgreSQL in the list. I also tried to install the Windows binary which I downloaded from the PostgreSQL page, but it did not work.

I know it is possible to do it on a Synology NAS, as explained in this tutorial (sorry it's in French)

Is there a way to do the same on a WD My Cloud Mirror NAS?

If this is not possible, but you have an idea to work around the problem that interests me.

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