How to run the Google Code script on all tabs

I used the script from this tutorial ( to remove duplicates from my Google spreadsheet, but this only works for the first tab (active). The scripts I found on the Internet to make it work on multiple tabs don't seem to be working, so I hope someone could help me with this:

 * Removes duplicate rows from the current sheet.

function removeDuplicates() {
  var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
  var data = sheet.getDataRange().getValues();
  var newData = ();
  for (var i in data) {
    var row = data(i);
    var duplicate = false;
    for (var j in newData) {
      if (row.join() == newData(j).join()) {
        duplicate = true;
    if (!duplicate) {
  sheet.getRange(1, 1, newData.length, newData(0).length).setValues(newData);

 * @OnlyCurrentDoc

Can Systemctl return an empty code?

Consider the following parameter:

systemctl is active –quiet $ SERVICE_NAME

Can it happen in all circumstances that $STATUS is not then defined or empty? It’s because systemctl does not return any empty variable either?

http code 400 – Why do I get 400 errors on root requests?

In my log, I sometimes see a 400 error generated for what appears to be a valid request. For example:

"GET / HTTP/1.1" 400

This is a valid request on my site which normally returns the home page. Why would I see error 400. Is it due to bad syntax in the request header?

beginner – Could someone browse my video game code in python?

I make a video game in my coding class. this is nothing glamorous but it is a fun game based on a scp foundation (i am not planning to publish it) the end of the game is a random scenario. , but it keeps looping at the start. I also don't know how to bring up the PLAY AGAIN function after you die / end the game.
#SCP 173 or the statue is not made by me and belongs to the scp wiki.

import random
import time 
minimum = 1
maximum = 6
playAgain = input ("would you like to play again? ")

    while playAgain == 'yes' or playAgain == 'y' or playAgain == 'Y':
        print ("You wake up in a Barron cell, the light seering your eyes, sitting up, you see a table infront of your bed. On the table there is an empty bottle of pills")
        awnswer=input("Do you look at the pills, or look around the cell? type pills to look at pills, type look to look around the cell ")
        if awnswer.lower() == "pills":
            print ('The label on the pills read PROPERTY OF THE SCP FOUNDATION. CLASS 1 AMNESIA INDUCER')
        elif awnswer.lower() == "look":
            print ("the cell is Barron and dusty, the only things to accompany you are your bed, a desk, and a mirror. Looking in the mirror that shows that you are in an orange jumpsuit, with a logo on it reading CLASS D PERSONNEL, UNDER EMPLOYMENT BY THE SCP FOUNDATION.")
            print ("with the incoherent ramblings of an insane player going through your mind, you start to black out. is this.. a seizure?")

        question=input('a voice booms over the speakers. "CLASS D PERSONNEL 1126, 1127 AND 1128 TO SCP 173 CELL FOR CLEANING PROCEDURE" just as the intercom mutes, a man, covered head to toe in swat gear, opens a slit in the door and says "Oi lazyboy, that means you too" type "comply" to go with him, type "refuse" to try and stay in your cell ')
        if question.lower() == "comply":
                print ('The gaurd takes you out of your cell, and pushes you toward a long hallway, along with two other people. at the end of the hall, there is a woman, dressed in a white lab coat and holding a clipboard.the woman looks at you, her face completely blank and disinterested, she says "this one is easy, just keep your eyes on the statue and you should be fine, and call out when you need to blink. We will let you out when the cell is clean." the woman walks over to a bucket and mop, and moves it next to a big metal door, about 10-15 centimeters thick.')
        elif question.lower() == "refuse":
                print ('"okay then, have it your way." the guard says, closing the the door slot. you here a hissing, is that, Gas? as you fade, in and out of consciousness, you drop to the floor. You are dead.')
            print (" you start shaking violently, your head fills with unintelligible thought, the guard looks at you and says 'you know what? i don't feel like it today.' congratulations! you got the secret ending!")

        sience=input ('you and the two others walk into the room. it is completely empty except for a statue, staring into the corner. something about the statue unsettles you. It was covered with tan spray paint, and tracking a red-black viscus fluid on the floor. the man next to you jokes "Were meant to be afraid of that thing?" type "respond" to joke back, type "quiet" to tell him to shut his mouth ')
        if sience.lower() == "quiet":
            print (' you say "just shut up and watch the statue." you manage to clean the cell, never blinking in succession, and obeying the rules. as you leave the cell, you feel a strange satisfaction, as if you had just dodged a bullet. you got the "compliant Calvin" ending')
        if sience.lower() == "respond":
            print (' you look at him and say "hey, guarding an over-sized peanut ain't the worst job in the world" just as you finish that sentence, you hear "i need to blink!" from the other prisoner, and before you can turn you head, you hear a defined KRACK. The statue was standing over the other prisoner, dead. his neck snapped brutally, yet neatly. you blink and hear another KRACK! the man you where just talking to, is dead. you scramble to escape and!')
            print (' you start to shake violently and close your eyes, the other prisoners look at you, and you realize that, you are dying of a seizure')

            if Peanut < 3:
                print (" the statue Cracks your head to the side, as you fall to the ground, the door in front of you shuts. you are hopeless. you got the 'dead' ending.")
            if Peanut > 3:
                print ("you scramble out the door, and turn around. the creature is sealed inside the cell, and you have survived. congratulations! you got the 'survivor' ending!")

gui design – Alternative to the color code in the table cell

I'm not entirely sure if your problem is the colors themselves. When a table starts to get messy, it usually means it had a messy base to start with. Tufte coined the term & quot; graphic junk & # 39; & # 39; to refer to these types of alien visual elements which, although on the surface, seem to make sense, in the end, they prevent seeing the actual data:

The simplest example of chart junk in the table is the vertical dividing lines between the cells of the table. In most cases, the data itself creates a visual line for you. No need to add yet another line to clutter things up.

So I suggest that you go back and declutter the layout of the table as much as you can. At this point, you will then be able to see much simpler solutions for the highlighting problem.

Visual C ++ code

This code marked on the image is correct in MySQL Workbench, but not in Visual Studio.
I had a message:
You have an error in your SQl syntax; consult the manual that corresponds to your version of My SQL server for the correct syntax to use near & # 039;] & # 039; on line 1.

See attachment 250327

email – Removing HTML code from a converted text file

I need help with a flow that converts the body of an email to text. The feed I created works as follows:

  1. the email arrives in a shared mailbox
  2. an item in a Sharepoint list is created
  3. the body of the email is converted to text
  4. the converted text becomes an attachment to the created item

The problem is that when I open the newly created text file, it is displayed in html.

I have tried various steps in the workflow to remove the HTML or convert it to PDF, but so far no success. I was hoping it could be done out of the box.

Any suggestion?

part 1 of the stream
part 2 of the stream

iphone – iOS Xamarin app is unable to execute code when it is already minimized

I have a chat application, developed on the Xamarin.Forms platform, in which users can chat with each other. I managed the c # code and the user interface in the shared project.

I have been experiencing a problem for a long time on the iOS platform. When the iOS app is running on the screen, in the foreground mode, the app can successfully receive a message that has been sent by another user. When the app is running in the background mode and someone is sending a message, I want to notify the user using a local notification (No Remote Push Notification – Because I think my app is already running in minimized mode, there is no need to wake up the app by implementing push notification). Even though I have successfully implemented local notification, the problem is,

When the iOS app goes into background mode, the main thread (task) is paused, so when a user sends a message, the app is not able to Run the code (when the application is minimized) so that it cannot display the local notification. But when the application is brought to the fore, the thread / task is resumed, then displays the local notification as well as the message.

I have already selected the "Background Recovery" property under Background Modes in Info.plist. I also added below the line in my FinishedLaunching method


I implemented the performFetch method in AppDelegate as below,

public override void PerformFetch(UIApplication application, Action completionHandler)

        base.PerformFetch(application, completionHandler);         


I have already worked and implemented code from the links below, but it did not work for me.

My app also has audio-video calling functionality, so for the background modes in info.plist, I selected the option "Audio, Airplay and Picture in Picture "," Voice over IP "and" Background fetch ".

I think my problem is related to iOS background processing, so, does anyone have any idea what to do, to execute the code when the ; application is already in minimized mode?

procedural programming – What's wrong with While? Is it possible to use double While in a single code entry?

I want to get the second root that meets the criteria I defined n ^ 2 + n – 6 == 0

In this case, you could do

ClearAll[t, n];
n = -10;
While[True, If[n^2 + n - 6 == 0, Break[]]; n++];
t = n + 1;
While[True, If[t^2 + t - 6 == 0, Break[]]; t++];

Which gives 2.

Or you can also do

Solve[n^2 + n - 6 == 0, n]

But I'm sure you knew Solve order and was trying to do it in another way.