Integration ux – How to collaborate and define a new style guide for an existing business design?

As a naïve designer, I have a hard time defining a style guide. There is a style guide created with Adobe XD. As a team effort, we would like to improve and manage the style guide. A reasonable and productive solution is to use Frontify. Unfortunately, the company is running out of budget and we have to look for an alternative that can provide the same functionality as Frontify.

Anyone facing the same problem?

version control – Collaborate to create Anki decks

I don't know where to ask this question. It is do not a software recommendation, rather a method recommendation.

I will try to administer a collaboration between 10-20 people to create an Anki deck to learn new and foreign vocabulary and grammar. Those involved believe that Excel is complicated.

There are a few solutions to collaborate with Anki but generally they involve JSON and Github etc. I repeat what I wrote in the previous paragraph: the members of my team think that Excel is complicated (and most of them are middle-aged). I'm not going to introduce version control to them.

How can I make this collaborative effort simple enough? To give an example of what I think people will handle: if I could create a Google sheet with columns named "frontside", "backside", "image", "sound" (pronunciation), "sample sentence" and maybe a few others I think most of them would understand and manage. (And Google Docs would do version control.)

But there is the problem that we are all novices learning a new language -> many of the entries can be questionable and need to be changed, etc. In other words, we ALSO need a method to modify an existing note avoiding duplicates and similar problems.

Everything would be easy if Anki's web service allowed notes to be "locked" (and a clever method of modifying the database), but that's not the case. Instead, many operations make synchronization and merging impossible, instead you have to download / replace and replace everything.

Any ideas on how I should organize this?

How to get the chance to collaborate with a high DA website


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collaboration – Can I collaborate with offline Google sheets on multiple devices?

I manage several teams on sites with little or no signal, with the exception of wifi spots in small offices. I wish to have a copy of a single google sheet on multiple ipads for each team so that she can record progress and merge the details later on the office's wifi network. The teams will work on separate pieces of the sheet, so I do not worry about conflicting changes BUT …

While preparing the sheet, I noticed that the copy downloaded on my phone is glitchy for offline work …
– Sometimes my Android phone does not load, indicating that it must be available offline (this option is checked for the phone and the laptop),
– repeatedly indicates that the phone copy can not be synchronized (when the phone is online),
– and some times I lost changes when I exited airplane mode (for simulation test purposes).

Does it involve any break-in problems while I write the sheet, hardware issues with my Android phone / Windows notebook or a sheet feature that does not work well for multiple offline people? ?

Your advance!

How to collaborate with UX developers

Currently, my team (a product team) designs mockups for improvements and enhancements to the user interface using screen shots sewn painfully. We then pass them on to the technology team who tries to replicate them in their development tools.
It's a slow and iterative process, because their replications never match the designs we create (and we always want the color to be slightly different, or the shape, the position, etc.).

Are there simpler ways to do this, where do we create a basic front-end and let it plug on the back-end?

icloud – How to collaborate with iroid numbers file with Android

I hope someone knows a workaround to a situation.

Recently, I needed to share a number file with a large number of colleagues. I used the Collaborate option and I opened the file to view it.

Unfortunately, many of my colleagues have Android phones and they could not open the file. The information is sensitive in nature – the file is protected by a password. This error screen was displayed:

enter the description of the image here

Until now, I have not had the chance to find a way to share this data well.

I found an Android browser that can display some data, but their use is very limited and buggy.

It would be a shame to move the data to Google Doc / Excel for sharing because the file is in a relatively complex format. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this?

Thank you!

What is the best way to collaborate remotely while redesigning while maintaining the existing live site?

As the title asks, what is the best way to redefine a small information website while retaining the old design? The general goal is to allow two people to collaborate remotely on a test site (subdomain?) Before the new design is put online. Forgive the language of my layman please.

New SEO project

What a fantastic day!
I am starting a new SEO project for which I need well established websites.
Ideally, I would like to find websites generating a low income of about 100 € / month.

The website must be at least 3 years old and we need historical data from Google Analytics. As we see, there are two ways to do it.
1. Buy interesting leads and work on them.
2. Collaborate with someone who needs help for their sites.

My questions are:
1. Anyone interested in selling older sites with modest income, for example through Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?
2. Do you have any recommendations to start looking for this type of sites?
3. Someone is interested in collaborating?

It would be fun to discuss this issue more!

Be happy, be lucky!