sharepoint online – Site Collection creation using microsoft flow

Is it possible yet to have a site collection created using Microsoft flow?

I have a list of sites and when a new item is created in that list I would like to have a new site collection created for it. I have it built out in flow but have had no success in the process as of now.

I am wondering if it is even possible?

This is for SharePoint online.

c# – Collection of Types rather than Instances

I have a list of viewmodels that currently instantiates all the viewmodels at the start:

private ObservableCollection<ViewModelWithTemplate> StepViewModels
        if (_stepViewModels == null)
            _stepViewModels = new ObservableCollection<ViewModelWithTemplate>
            new AddRemoveCellsViewModel(TemplateRows),
            new ActivateDeactivateCellsViewModel(TemplateRows),
            new RotateCellsViewModel(TemplateRows),
            new SetAcquisitionOrderViewModel(TemplateRows),
            new NameTemplateViewModel(TemplateRows)
        return _stepViewModels;

public ViewModelWithTemplate CurrentStepViewModel => StepViewModels(StepIndex);

But what I want to do is have the collection be a list of types so that I can instantiate each viewmodel when I arrive at it, like this:

public ViewModelWithTemplate CurrentStepViewModel => new StepViewModels(StepIndex)(TemplateRows);

Is this possible?

magento2 – Apply filters or mass actions on grids with fake collection (or wirhout ui components)

I a admin grid with a change on _prepareCollection() function to get the collection from a response of api call, its working fine. But I do not have the filters or mass functions, how can I do that without ui components?

enter image description here

I have this change on my grid file:

 * Collection
protected function _prepareCollection()
    $filter = (
        'query' => 'cat yellow',
        'page' => 1,
        'region' => '',
        'year' => '',

    $collection = $this->_api->searchCat($filter);

    return parent::_prepareCollection();

If I could simulate a collection, maybe I could use ui components, but I’m lost, how can I resolve my problem?

The idea is use the filter to search cats with cat api, and the mass action is to import those registers into a products.

collection – How do I get all products in a category?

Consider my ‘shorts’ category below. It has 149 products in. 13 are configurable, the rest are simple products that have a visibility of ‘Not visible individually’.

Category listing in admin

I have the following:

$category = $this->categoryRepositoryFactory->create();
$category = $category->get(20);

$collection = $this->productCollectionFactory->create();
$collection->addAttributeToFilter('visibility', (1,2,3,4));

This only retrieves the 13 records with the Configurable products with visibility of ‘Catalog, Search’.

(It also doesn’t order by position, but that’s another matter)

I want to get a list of ALL of the products in the category – Not visible included.

I have tried reindexing, cache etc, but no luck.

jpeg – Lightroom: how to not lose quality by exporting a photo from a previously exported photo collection?

enter image description hereI’m thinking to use Lightroom in order to organize catalogues by year (to avoid having large areas of files that I normally have in the cloud and download locally to work them).

Having catalogs per year precludes me from creating trans-year collections. Therefore the idea could be to work with collections per year and then on the folders of the exported items per year create a super catalog (of the best photos) from which to create trans-year collections.

The question is: is there any way to do not lose quality by exporting a photo from a previously exported photo collection?

2013 – clone a site collection from prod to test

you dont need to specify the Site collection url rather you need to provide the web application url.

stsadm -o addcontentdb -url -databasename SP2013_CD_OPS -databaseserver EXTSPSQL

It will add the database into the Web application, after sucesffuly attaching it then go to the browser and browse the url.

Or you can use the SharePoint Powershell to attache it:

Mount-SPContentDatabase "SP2013_CD_OPS" -DatabaseServer "EXTSPSQL" -WebApplication

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    unity – How to update an old save path with new collection type?

    I’m having a problem with the saving in my game.
    I have a serialized class called Save.

    I have just recently updated the script and after testing have figured out the cause.

    Before i updated the script, I had a list that looked like:

    List<(int a)> myList = new List<(int a)>();

    now it looks like:

    List<(int a, bool b)> myList = new List<(int a, bool b)>();

    When starting a new game and saving, it’s fine. The problem comes from older saves. When i try to load an old save i get “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. This is because the old list is of type List<(int a)>, and can not act as a list of type List<(int a, bool b)>.

    How would I manage these old save files?

    To be honest, i have no problem just clearing old save files and starting from here, however i would like to know just in case i update the game after release.

    Can we create / save a sharePoint 2013 site collection as a Hub site

    We recommend that you select a communication site or a team site that uses the modern model.

    The SharePoint 2013 site collection migrated to SharePoint Online is a classic site.

    If you're using a classic team site, the hub site navigation will only appear on modern pages, including document libraries, lists, and site content. Hub site settings will only appear on modern pages.


    How to get the collection of products from a particular category based on the custom attribute value in magento 2

    I have created an attribute for the product like enable / disable to display the product in the frontend cursor. How can I activate the product collection of the product for this attribute value using category ID in magento 2