android studio – Change the color of buttons with drawable

I have three xml for three types of buttons.

I develop a small quiz on Android and I designed the above XML to evaluate the responses and display the color of the button based on the answer.

boton_redondo: default for all buttons
boton_redondo_error: If the answer is wrong
correct_right_button: if the answer is correct

The problem is that I do not find the right instruction to change the color of the button when I click. I'm trying with that:

& # 39; & # 39; & # 39; r1.setBackground (getDrawable (R.drawable.boton_redondo_error))); & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;

Someone who can help me with that?


[GET] Basics of Color Theory: Learning Color Theory with Adobe Color

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    Link updated:…ory-with-adobe-color/?couponCode=BLACKHATTEAM

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javascript – How can I get the background color of my page via the console?

According to SO Teemu's answer in English

You can get there with the use of the method getComputedStyle () which you can read more here: getComputedStyle ()

As following:

let color = window.getComputedStyle (document.body, null) .getPropertyValue ('background color');
console.log (color)

What this method does is to return an object, from which you can access all the CSS properties of the element in question.


javascript – Color coding list item per Web Part based on value

I'm currently trying to code colors on a list to highlight good and bad properties.

I've tried to follow the examples shown here for color-coding: SharePoint 2013 client-side rendering: List Views

As well as here:
Line of color code item based on the column value in SharePoint Foundation 2013

I can not understand why none of the approaches work for me. I placed it as a webpart on the site and I was able to test that I could edit the tables by simply adding a footer text. But it must be something about reading the custom field.

The last one I used in the webpart was:

Conditional formatting if cell A is in a range of numbers to give cell B a different color

I'm trying to create a conditional format that, if an "A" cell is in a range of two numbers, then cell "B" will change color. Google Sheets. Please help.

Special conditional formatting if cell A is in a range of numbers to give cell B a different color

I'm trying to create a conditional format that, if an "A" cell is in a range of two numbers, then cell "B" will change color. Google leaves. Please help. Thank you

color – Draw the attention of the main button in competition with the header

I am looking for help with our primary color. We use blue as the primary color and we have placed it in the header to strengthen the brand identity.

On the other hand, blue is also our main button color. Setting up our CTAs was easy, until today.

With our list view, I tend to place it directly under the header. The problem: the focus is lost because the attention of the button is less efficient due to its immense use by the header.

Do you know how to replace the button or change the style to make it more attractive?

Putting it on the bottom right should be the last solution because we have reserved the bottom right corner for a chat / support button.

Thank you together 🙂

Example of the primary color problem

image quality – Is the color profile detection on mac and windows different?

I just wanted to know if anyone had noticed or checked if the color profiles differed between mac and widows. I've checked a photo that was sent by a customer and the color representation is not set in the windows. She checked her side and she said the picture on her side indicated that it was sRGB.

I hope someone sees it and can provide more information.

Thank you!