interaction design – Color picker for temperature/intensity adjustable light

I’m designing a color picker for intensity and color temperature on a lamp, where the user can adjust the intensity on the vertical axis and the color temperature on the horizontal axis.

Is this a good design pattern? What would be the better way of displaying this kind of control?

evaluation – Change the color of sub-expression when the whole expression evaluates to a different expression

This produces an input cell that can be evaluated:

    Style[k, StripOnInput -> True, FontColor -> Red]^-s, {Style[k, 
      StripOnInput -> True, FontColor -> Red], 1, n}],

Mathematica graphics

[It basically constructs input equivalent to selecting each k in the sum and using the menu Format > TextColor > Red to change the color, which is what I did in the comment I left under the question.]

Background Color of rows Table UI

This is a question about the UI of a table. Does implementing 1 and 2 at the same time lead to better UI/UX? Or is it too much?

  1. Change the background color of the table rows alternately.
  2. Change the background color of the target line when hovering over a line.

solid color to sprite (javascript game)

Hi I recently created a javascript game, in this game, math random is used to pick a random shape.

The shapes are in strings, and the associated numbers within the string are then used to show a color.

Is there any way to replace the simple hex colors with an image?

For example:

else if (shape === "H"){
    return ((8,8,8),

The “8” ties into the following string to get the #F10B38 color.

const color = (null,"#FF2D00","#FF9300","#51FF00","#00FF93","#0087FF","#4E49A7","#9649A7","#F10B38");

spfx – Default font color of richtext control

Is it possible to set the default color of a Richtext React control element?
I’m trying to make my webpart responsive to the section background color.

It’s possible to give the richtext element its own class but I can’t get it to respond to setting the color property.

¿Cómo hago para cambiar de color una ventana en kivy python?

soy principiante en esto de kivy, he intentado cambiar el color de la ventana de kivy y no he encontrado la información en internet que necesito para poderlo hacer, agradeceré si alguien me colabora.

ADVERTENCIA: estoy haciendo todo el código en la misma linea y no en el archivo .kv

Quedo pendiente muchas gracias.

angular – Mat Datepicker not picking up primary color in dark mode

I have been new to the angular theming and am trying to learn the concepts. I am working on switching between the dark mode and light mode. I have defined the scss file as below

@import '~@angular/material/theming';
@include mat-core();

$my-primary: mat-palette($mat-gray, 900, 900, 900);
$my-accent:  mat-palette($mat-blue-grey, A200, A100, A400);
$my-warn:    mat-palette($mat-red);

$my-theme: mat-light-theme($my-primary, $my-accent, $my-warn);

$primary: mat-color($my-primary);
$accent: mat-color($my-accent);
$warn: mat-color($my-warn);

@include angular-material-theme($my-theme);

.dark-theme {
  color: $light-primary-text;
  $dark-primary: mat-palette($mat-yellow);
  $dark-accent: mat-palette($mat-amber, A400, A100, A700);
  $dark-warn: mat-palette($mat-red);
  $dark-theme: mat-dark-theme($dark-primary, $dark-accent, $dark-warn);

  @include angular-material-theme($dark-theme);

Whenever I am changing the primary color in light theme, the mat date picker is able to show me the correct color. However, when I am switching to dark mode, the color of date picker is still remaining as that of the light theme primary.

Here is the screenshot in light theme

enter image description here

However, it’s not changing to the primary color of the dark theme, when switching to the dark theme.

enter image description here

Here, I was expecting the numbers to be highlighted in Yellow color.

Happy to share any details missing in my question.

adobe camera raw – ACR: Quick Color Preview While Using “B&W Mixer” tool for Black and White Photo?

In Adobe Camera Raw, when using a monochrome color profile, we get the B&W Mixer tool:
Photo of B&W Mixer tool in Adobe Camera Raw

When using this tool, I wish I could quickly enter a keyboard shortcut and see a quick color preview of the image.

Is there a quick and easy way to see a color preview of an image with a monochrome color profile in Adobe Camera Raw, without changing the color profile?


Lightroom B&W Mix: how to see where the original colors are? – this post is about seeing where certain colors are in Lightroom, which is similar, but not the same as my question. I’m interested in seeing the entire image in color briefly, not seeing a mask of a selected color.

pr.probability – Probability of 2nd marble picked from a bag being same color as 1st marble picked

Say I have a bag of 20 marbles. 9 are white and 11 are black. I pick a marble from the bag, observe the color and place it back into the bag. I then pick another marble from the bag. How would I work out the probability of the 2nd marble being the same color as the first marble ?

What I know so far about the 1st marble…

  • prior probability of it being white is 0.45, and black 0.55
  • conditional probability of white 0.2, and black 0.3
  • total probability of it being white 0.255, and black 0.745

How to color all menu icons white?

How can I color all icons consistently white?

In the below example you see two programs that show black icons.

enter image description here