python – How to return the value of a cell in a csv file? given the number of the row and the column

I have a .csv file with some values. The values ​​are in column 1 and in column 2 there is another value only when the value in column 1 is true. That means: if there is something in column 2, the value in column 1 is True.

Since I have line and column numbers, how can I return the value of this cell and check against the adjacent column if it is true or false? (since the adjacent column has a value or not)

I do not even know where to start really, I tried to find documentation, but what I saw is not clear. Ideas?

formulas – How to retrieve the first lines with a unique value in a specific column of Google Sheets?

Unique items in D are: 4,3,2.


I want to extract 3 lines for each D value. For each line, indicate the first line in which this D value appears.

I tried to use = request but it does not support groupings or subqueries. I tried to use calculation matrix but he does not support the question a function.

Do you have an idea?

mysql – Selecting a query with a custom column and the value of another column

I want to have a query that has a custom column and a value from another column

here is an example of a table

table 1: id, name, emp_id

I want to have as input

id | name | emp_id | process |
1 | John | 002 | John's work |

The process is just the costum column I want to do in the selection query.

That's what I tried:

Select id, name, emp_id, "Work of" + name as process, in table1

But it does not work. I also want to add 2 or more column values ​​in a custom column.

Thank you

Trigger workflow based on updating column values ​​in the SharePoint list

I have a SharePoint Online list with cases that staff must review regularly. When the case review is complete, staff selects "Finish" from a drop-down menu in the field titled Review Case. I'm trying to create a data feed that sends an email to a specific group when an item has that field labeled "Case Analysis" marked "Completed." I've looked at some templates, but I do not see how to specify that, when a field is changed to a specific value, an email must be sent. I am very new on SharePoint Online. Does anyone know how to do that?

Thank you.

postgresql – How to count the number of occurrences for all the different values ​​in the column of the database and get 0 s? There is an empty result?

I am new to PostgreSQL.
I have a table with this structure:

city ​​| type | quantity | sellout | sellout_update
"ACIREALE" | "Man" | "3" | "1100.0" | "366.6666666666666667"
"ACIREALE" | "Unisex" | "3" | "1405.0" | "468.3333333333333333"
"ACIREALE" | "Women" | "9" | "2480.0" | "275.5555555555555556"
"ALESSANDRIA" | "Kid" | "1" | "100.0" | "100.0000000000000000"
"ALESSANDRIA" | "Man" | "13" | "3500.0" | "269.2307692307692308"
"ALESSANDRIA" | "Unisex" | "6" | "1485.0" | "247.5000000000000000"
"ALESSANDRIA" | "Women" | "29" | "8085.0" | "278.7931034482758621" 

I get this result from this query:

SUM (so.sell_out_quantity) as a quantity,
SUM (so.estimated_sell_out_value_based_on_srp_euro5) as a balance,
(SUM (so.estimated_sell_out_value_based_on_srp_euro5) / SUM (so.sell_out_quantity)) as sellout_update
FROM doors As lg INNER REJOINT AS ON ON lg.code = so.code

now, I want to get this result:

city ​​| N man | N unisex | N woman | N Kid | ... | sold
"ACIREALE" | 3 | "3" | 9 | ** 0 ** | ...
"ALESSANDRIA" | 1 | 13 | 6 | 29 | ....

For each line, I want to count the number of occurrences for all the different values ​​and transpose them into a specific column. I think I need different sub-queries and join them. For example:

INNER JOIN (select,
COALESCE (COUNT (type.type), 0) as c_kid
FROM doors As lg INNER REJOINT AS ON ON lg.code =
WHERE so.type = & # 39; Kid & # 39;
) Like count_kid ON =

It works. (I do not know if there is a better way to get this result)
As we can see, I use the COALESCE function to get a 0 if a value does not exist, but after several attempts, I always get an empty line if it does not exist. Where am I wrong?

sharepoint online – Triggers a workflow based on the status of a column

Is it possible to trigger an approval flow based on the status of a column in a SharePoint list?

For example. If column A = Value X —> Trigger Workflow.

If column X is anything other than X, do not fire the stream.

Basically, I want to create a trigger button for the stream.

Thank you!

mysql – Replace column with LEFT OUTER join to save space

I have a table t1 with 100M line. For column A, 95% of the lines have a value NO0, the other records have values ​​between 1 and 9.

To reduce my table, I think about moving the column A at the table t2. t2 would contain only lines where A is not NO0. The "original" table would then be created by performing a OUTER EXTERNAL JOINT enter t1 and t2.


  • Is this a common approach?
  • Is there a name for this model?
  • Are there any disadvantages except that I have to manage two tables now in my application code?

(I'm using MySQL, but I guess that's not so important for this question.)

Update: As it turns out, NO was not a good choice for my example (because, according to the database engine, it might not need any storage). I have rewritten the first sentence of my question to specify what I am asking.

List View – SharePoint Online – Usage [Me] the filter for the multiline text column does not work

I am on the SP Online environment. I have a list with multiple columns. One of the columns of the multi-line text column (Approvers) has several format users below.
Approvers: User1; User2; User3; user4; User5 …..

I'm trying to create the point of view of the approver. If a user belonging to the approver column accesses this view, he should be able to see this item. I have added a filter to achieve this, that contains the approver [Me], which does not seem to work.

After digging deep, I learned that [Me] can only be applied to a user or group column (people selector).

Any other ideas to achieve it?

Thank you

list – re: Sharepoint column codes

Anyone has a cheat list for column coding is sharepoint. For example, I want to create a column that retrieves information from a column that I created and named the employee's first name and another column, the employee's last name.

Result: the column will have the first and last name of the employee

magento2 – Use the join table to display the data in the admin grid column

How to use the join table to display the data from the second table in the admin grid? The grid is created using the layout and block appropriately.

I used this link (how to create a grid without using the ui component in magento 2) as a reference.

Using the code below, I display some data

                        E-mail recipient
                        E-mail recipient
                        Comapny  Module  Block  Adminhtml  Widget  Grid  Column  Renderer  ContainerMail


But problem when searching and sorting

I use it to replace the default business module (gift card account)