Google sheets – Copy and paste queries / formulas from one column to a new column

I have a bunch of formulas in the cells of my column. I want to create a duplicate column with the same queries / formulas, and if I ever make a change in one of the cells in the column, it applies to all of the same cells on the same row in the other columns.

How can I do this?

Microsoft Excel – matching all dates highlighted in one column to those in another column

My ultimate goal is to highlight all of the dates highlighted in column P of column M. I was wondering if there was a formula so that I could choose all the values ​​highlighted only in column P and highlight the same values ​​in column M.

So I have a bunch of highlighted dates in one column, see column P. I didn't find a way to copy the highlighted dates in column M, so I had to have them copy manually, which led to the formation of column N, as I was hoping that there would be a formula to highlight all of the same values ​​in column N and column M. I could only still not find the appropriate formula to do so.

As there are several documents, it would take an extremely long time to do it by hand. Thanks to the advance picture of my document

SQL Server – T-SQL update random string value in column

I have a table that contains a file path column containing data like this.

C:DEFAAGGG Build 1 ModulesRandom123.qpp
C:DEFAAGGG Build 1 ModulesRandom456.qpp

I need to replace the file path with a generic path before the actual file name, so everything before the final must change but keep the same file names, something like that


The table has about 2000 rows and if possible I want to update in a single script. Running SQL 2008R2 and that is the first step in the final upgrade, so any help would be appreciated.

javascript – Remove items from the SharePoint list with specific values ​​in a column

I'm a bit stuck at the moment.
Using JavaScript, I wrote a function that removes an item from a list with a specific ID:

deleteItem: function() {
  let siteUrl = 'mysite';
  let clientContext = new SP.ClientContext(siteUrl);
  let oList = clientContext.get_web().get_lists().getByTitle('Statistics');
  let oListItem = oList.getItemById(parseInt(this.statisticsRecID));
  clientContext.executeQueryAsync(Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQuerySucceeded1), Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQueryFailed1));

The problem I have is that now I have to delete items from a list where I don't know the item ID. (I can search for it, but it is not what I want). This list has a column called CorrespondingListID. And I have the values ​​for this CorrespondingListID.

Is it possible to remove items from this list using their value which is written in the CorrespondingListID column? How else to solve this problem?

adminhtml – The filter for the custom column for the product grid does not work in magento2.2.6

I have created a custom column in Product gird by a module, which shows the name of the seller. It works well, but when I try to filter it, Magento says "Something went wrong with the default view processing and we restored the filter to its original state. " Error. and in exception.log the error is:

(Magento Framework Exception LocalizedException (code: 0): invalid attribute name: "nameofseller" in / var / www / html / devomahat / public_html / vendor / magento / module-eav / Model / Entity / Collection / AbstractCollection.php: 1383) "} ()

Anyone has an idea, let me know.

usability tests – Is this column view for the responses viable in a Survey type format?

I have a question about a type of question I am working on for the design of a survey. What I wanted to know was if this type of question (illustrated in the image below) was valid or not in terms of UX. How difficult is it for a user to understand this type of format and what could be a better way to display this information?

enter description of image here

Here we have an example of the type of question where we want a user to rate the lighting of their workspace in the office and at home by selecting one of the options. When you select an option, it lights up. When you have finished selecting the options for the two columns (as shown below), you will automatically be taken to the next question.

enter description of image here

Can I get advice or mentorship on whether this approach works or should it be done differently?

I would really appreciate any help you could give me.

workflow – Get an email and enter the SharePoint column

Solution 1:

You can create a workflow or Microsoft flow / power automatate to update the Email address field according to the Person or Group field.

Solution 2:

If you don't use these email address values ​​later (you don't need to save the emails in the column) and just want to display the email Email in the SharePoint list view, you can also get it using JSON column formatting.

  1. Create a single line of text column.
  2. Hide it from the lists (do it Hidden content type settings).
  3. Then use the JSON code below to format the column:
   "$schema": "",
   "elmType": "div",
   "txtContent": "($"

Or PersonGroupCol is the internal name of the person or group field.


enter description of image here

update the corresponding column value anywhere in the sqlserver database

i have assetid column in several tables of my database and resource table (main)

I want to update all occurrences of tables in all occurrences of inserts in the database assetid column where the value has 1020 at 1

Multiply a table column by another column – Microsoft Access

I am looking for a code to multiply a column by another in Microsoft Access.

I want to add a database question where I would like to multiply the Inpris column by 1 3338 and define the multiplied value in the Apris column where Artnr starts with "CAS".

For example. Inrpis = 1000, then I would like to multiply 1000 by 1338, which is equivalent to 1338.8, but only on the lines starting with CAS on artnr.

Here is an image of the table columns

query – Psycopg2 using SET value before assigning to another column

I have a table with columns like below: (id, col1, col2, col3, col4). I need to insert a new row in this table, with given data is a dict: data = {'id': 1, 'col1': 1, 'col2':1, 'col3':1, 'col4': 1} for example.

I want to use the query below to insert data into the table if the ID does not exist, or update the table if the ID did exist:

query = 
    INSERT INTO tablename (id, col1, col2, col3, col4)
    VALUES (%(id)s, %(col1)s, %(col2)s, %(col3)s, %(col4)s)
    col2 = tablename.col2 + 1;
    col3 = col2/100
result = cur.execute(query, data)

In the code above, I want to assign the value of col3 to (value of col2 calculated before) / 100. How can I do that?