My Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are connected to Windows 7 and an iPad: how can I prevent Windows 7 from muting the audio coming from the iPad?

My Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are connected to Windows 7 and some iPad (iPad Pro MM172LL/A): how can I prevent Windows 7 from muting the audio coming from the iPad? Even when no audio is played on Windows 7, I have to disconnect the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones from Windows 7 to be able to hear the iPad.


Prevent rigidbody2d coming side kinematic2d’s collisionarea2d godot

I have perfectly aligned sprite and colllisionarea2d in Godot even then rigidbody seams inside of kinematic body.

enter image description here

As you can see ball has penetrated inside block. Ball is rigidbody with default property and gravity.
Roadblock is kinematic body.

Here is the kinematic body

extends KinematicBody2D

var speed=100

func _physics_process(delta):

Any one any idea how to prevent it.If I set slow speed like below 50 it doesn’t penetrate.

query performance – MS SQL Server process being forever in suspended -> runnable ->suspended sates circle; never coming back to running state

I have an insert statement, extracting data through multiple inner joins from around 8 tables. It is getting into suspended state then runnable and vice versa forever; never coming back to running state.

While running the trace on this particular process, I see, it holds lock on tempdb and also on one user database but not running any statements on them. Simply its state is changing in between suspended & runnable. When I kill and re-run, it is getting executed normally. I see there are no processes or jobs conflicting with this insert statement.

I am not able to figure out why it is happening. Could you please put some light on it and advise any solutions.

GSA Coming This SER Issue

No targets to post to (Posts per account: 1, Posts per site: 1, Minutes to wait for first post: 0-5, Minutes to wait for next post: 10-1400, Minutes to wait for next signup: 10-50)

Tell Me What I do next and fix this issue….

How to protect HTTP requests coming from mobile from CORS attacks?

HTTP request coming from mobile comes from localhost domain, however White Listing localhost in backend open up chances for CORS attacks.
How to secure or filter HTTP request coming from mobile devices?

Gantt Chart View disappearing when leaving page and coming back

I created a new Gantt view in my list and after adding it, it loaded fine. When I leave and go back to the original All Items list and try to come back to the Gantt view, it just shows the list view. How do I keep the Gantt view on when I come back?

Unkown files and folder are coming on root inside the folder [closed]

I have strange issue automatically folder creating on root level like this https:// here is and this ledger folder dont know how it came and some of files name like this 60ltf4re.php

fa.functional analysis – A time dependent variational problem coming from a second order linear PDE

Fix $u_0in H^1(Omega)$ and $fin L^2(Omega)$ where $Omega$ is a sufficiently smooth bounded domain in $mathbb{R}^2$.
Consider the problem of finding $u:Omegatimes(0,T)tomathbb{R}$ satisfying the following variational equation
langle nabla u, nabla vrangle_{L^2(Omega)}+langle u,vrangle_{L^2(Omega)}=langle f,vrangle_{L^2(Omega)},;;forall vin H^1(Omega),;forall tin(0,T), \;u(cdot,0)=u_0, ;

It is clear that this variational problem comes from the equation

-Delta u+u=f, & text{ on }Omegatimes(0,T),\

I did not put boundary conditions, but any boundary condition for me works as long as $int_{partialOmega}(vec{n}cdotnabla u)v=0$ for all $v$.

Note: All of the differential operators seen above are spacial operators, they involve no derivatives in time.


  • What are appropriate function spaces to look for solutions?
  • Can we have that $u(cdot,t)in L^2((0,T))$ for all $tin(0,T)$?
  • Can we have that $text{essup}_{tin(0,T)}|u(cdot,t)|_{L^2(Omega)}leq C$ for some constant $Cinmathbb{R}$ independent of time and space?

[ Politics ] Open question: Libs, what are you going to do when you are drafted because of the coming war with China?

You've been rooted for war with Russia for quite some time now …

Let's see how you do against the South American community! Now who's here deleting comments, I wonder?

tripod – Can you film a long-term timelapse by simply remembering your settings and coming back to the same place?

However, a friend of mine challenged me that it was possible to shoot in the same place without a still camera with just the tripod settings and lenses in memory, once a week for more than 39; one year and just edit / stabilize the points in post?

It is certainly possible. The camera doesn't know or care if it has been moved or locked in place all the time, so if you have a repeatable method of positioning the camera, there is nothing to hold you back.

On the other hand … one image per week for a year gives you only 52 images, which is barely enough for 2 seconds of video. You should think about adjusting the time of day during the seasons to help maintain a similar level of lighting. Despite this, time will make it difficult to get a good amount of time. Overall, it sounds like a lot of work for a scintillating 2-second video.

Are there tripods that have an angle / tilt / guide?

Many tripod heads have markings that allow you to repeat the settings, but that won't help if you don't have a way to orient the tripod. So you will need a way to locate the tripod and orient the head. It could be as simple as using a tape to measure distances to a few fixed points (like trees). Or, if you could mark the position with a little paint, or just use an existing mark as the position for the tripod, it would work too. If this is a construction site, look for benchmarks. Another option: you can buy a relative GPS system accurate to about a centimeter for around $ 1,000.

Once the position is established, use the camera to orient the head by placing it on the tripod and centering the image on a chosen point. Adjust the head so that it indicates zero with this center point.