image quality – Can a 1 "(one inch) sensor camera be used for stock or commercial photography?

I often use a Nikon 1 V2 with a 1 "sensor for commercial work … mostly product-type photographs.The quality of the image depends much more on other factors … and its sufficiency really depends on the requirements.

I do not sell to stock exchanges, but Adobe Stock has a minimum requirement of 4MP for photos and 1920×1080 for video; which is more than enough for most web-based needs (the other agencies are similar). And as my Nikon1 can meet / exceed these requirements, the results of 1 "sensors should be acceptable.

But real needs are not always known … the agency does not know end-uses when it accepts subsections. And often, the customer does not know what he really needs and wants as much as he can get (as little as possible). It is not uncommon for a client / client to insist that they need much more than what they actually do, and trying to fix this is usually futile.

The purpose of all that is to say; yes, 1 "sensors can be perfectly acceptable, but you will have a wider market if you use something that produces higher specification files.I also use a D850 …

image quality – 1 "(1 inch) sensor camera for commercial or commercial photography and videography

Is it possible to obtain commercially acceptable results using a 1 inch sensor camera (let me suggest here the Sony RX10M4 / Panasonic FZ1000M2)? By commercially acceptable results, I'm talking about the quality of the image for photos and videos and not the composition or any other obvious factor. Will it be accepted by actions (like Adobe) or is it rather amateur cameras for travel and family photos and videos?

I have seen quite controversial opinions here and there online, but none of them seems to me complete enough to answer the question.

privacy – Is there a list of commercial mechanics privileges by region? Is there a service that reports this information?

Have a good day.

There are many Internet services that perform lien search services for a fee. Since I am not familiar with the reputation of online businesses nor the accuracy of a given service, I can not make an informed recommendation. Nevertheless, since the data is a public document, any type of service will likely provide reports with county register information for a building in question.

This claimed, you can easily get the details yourself by means of Access the online records site of the Regional Recorder, Evaluator or Clerk. With the unusual exception of mostly rural areas, you must have the opportunity to find yourself the details of the lien on a residential property in question. Phone numbers for all offices in the US region are provided if an online search is incomplete or inaccessible.

If you have an interest in acquiring a specific property, your local real estate professional and / or securities company can certainly help you.

I wish this to be valuable and good luck.

Before choosing my commercial broker. – Discussions and help

Before choosing my broker, I checked the platform of many traders. The trader can check FPA to see the examination of different commercial brokers. FPA is the best site to see how a commercial broker is credible. The broker plays a very important role in trading Forex. Because traders should invest their money in the brokers trading platform. If a broker is secure and has all the trading facilities on his trading platform, then a trader must select these brokers.

Commercial facilities

QUOTE (Kyle Thomas @ Nov 21, 2019, 5:34 pm) *

In my opinion, if you want to lead a comfortable trading life, you must first choose the broker that does not restrict any trading technique with scalping and hedging. In my trading career, since the first day of trading, I use LQDFX, which always guarantees the best possible trading environment for all trading techniques by providing the lowest trading spreads as well as minimum margin requirements . so, my commercial life is very comfortable.

As a Forex trader, you must use risk and money management in your negotiations with the right broker. A good broker will be able to provide the right services. ForexOne is a good commercial broker. With their clients, they have good relationships. Their customers are very satisfied with their service and facilities. I have the best risk management and money in my trading. My business is going well.

Commercial Capital – – HYIPs

I am not an administrator here!

Trade – Capital is a financial organization created by a team of experienced traders and investors. Today, the level of competition on stock markets and foreign exchange markets is so high that traders are not able to make profitable foreign exchange investments themselves. Giant companies share them away from the market without leaving any chance for individual traders to have an income.

But that's where we work for you, our customers.
Trade – Capital trades traditional and crypto currency types on the world's largest financial market, the Forex. Our main objective is to obtain maximum profits and provide them to our investors using qualified risk management and developing flexible financial systems.
Investment in foreign currency is a pretty difficult activity unless you cooperate with real financial analysts and professional traders, such as Trade-Capital, who develop profitable strategies and investment plans.

Commercial Capital –

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15% – 25% per hour for 8 hours
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9.3% – 27% per hour for 16 hours
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Free bonus plan
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8 – Consolidation of Powerful Commercial Order Line Items

I need to add to the shopping cart bulk order lines to not allow the user to delete or change the amount of any of them without changing the number. 39, another also.

I can not do this with a single command line item because I need different taxes and prices per line.

Can I create a command line item type with a reference field for other command line items in order to display it grouped in the UX and disable the widget amount in case of need? I do not know if it is possible or if we have a better approximation.

[Hiring] Editors and Finance / Commercial Editors / Marketing

Hi all,

I hire editors to join my team. You must have at least three years of professional writing experience and be able to show me examples of previous work in Word Document format.

You must be native English speaker and have a writing experience for a mostly American audience.

Currently, my main need is editors who excel in web writing and writing business texts, such as landing pages and sales letters.

I am also looking for writers specializing in finance (including crypto and casino / igaming), business and marketing.

Other topics such as technology would also be taken into account.

If you take 5 days to respond to an email or if you disappear once a project has been assigned to you, do not waste my time and yours by applying. I am looking for serious writers looking to establish a long term relationship with someone who can send them a stable job once they have proven themselves and their reliability.

Rates start at $ 40 per 1,000 words. The exact rate will be indicated in the project description when the first project is for you.

If you tick all the boxes, do not hesitate to send me a personal message and to tell me more about yourself and your experience. If you have a degree, please mention it.

thank you,

python – Pyinstaller for commercial application: license compliance, which files are allowed / to be included?

I am thinking of selling a graphics application that I have written in Python 3.7 with the help of PySide2. The target application (for the moment) Windows as operating system. I want an executable / installer that can be sent to a client to ease the installation process and prevent the client from having to worry about installing a Python interpreter / dependency first. I have therefore started to study the use of pyinstaller.

My application uses the following external libraries (license in parentheses):

  • PySide2 (LGPL)
  • pyephem (LGPL)
  • Phidget22 (MIT)
  • pyserial (BSD)
  • numpy (BSD)
  • cryptography (BSD or Apache license, version 2.0)

I also use a number of libraries from the standard Python library (PSF license).

My plan would be to list each library name that I use in the about section and to include its license text and copyright notice. In addition, I do not modify any of the libraries above, I'm just calling them functions.
From what I understand, LGPL requires that I dynamically link the LGPL library so that a user can in the future (when publishing new versions of the library) replace an older version of the library by a new version while continuing to use my application. To my knowledge, dynamic linking would mean in this case that pyinstaller can not integrate the LGPL libraries into a single executable, but must at least keep the LGPL library files in separate .pyd files (which are essentially dll files, in my opinion).

A number of questions come to my mind:

  1. Given the above libraries (including LPGL libraries), is it allowed to pyinstaller to bundle them into a single executable using the pyinstaller --onefile argument? When the executable is started, it seems to me that many files, including .pyd files from the external library, are extracted to a temporary folder. A user can replace the .pyd files of the LGPL library in the temporary folder. But as the files are automatically extracted to a different temporary folder each time the application starts and the application starts immediately after the file is extracted, there is no chance for a user to replace and delete the files. To use a new library? Would this violate the LGPL external libraries license?

  2. Given the above libraries (including LPGL libraries), is it permissible to pyinstaller to place all files in a single directory with the help of the command pyinstaller --onedir argument? This creates a folder containing my application executable and a number of other files, including .pyd files from external libraries (also LGPL). When my application executable in this folder is launched, I think the .pyd files in this folder are now considered dynamically linked. And they can be replaced at will by the user by new versions, does this meet the LGPL license requirement?

  3. Do I have to include additional instructions in the section about how a user can compile a new .pyd library file (for LGPL)? My idea would be to mention the version of python and pyinstaller used for compilation. Is this information sufficient for a user to compile a new library and satisfy the LGPL requirement (remember that the user does not have access to the source code of my application )?

  4. Using the pyinstaller --onedir The argument causes the addition of many files to the application directory. Is there a way to know which files are needed and which ones can be deleted (I've deleted some and the application was still working properly, so that it seems like pyinstaller places libraries in the folder that are not really necessary)? Below is a screenshot of the contents of the folder:
    enter the description of the image here

  5. Referring to the screenshot above of the contents of the file (result of pyinstaller --onedir command), am I allowed to distribute all files with my commercial application? It seems that additional libraries have been added to the folder, in addition to the ones I have imported into my application. For example. I see a lot of .dll files I do not even know the license for. How can I tell if I can distribute them with my app?

  6. Should I keep something else in mind? That is to say. I'm using the pyinstaller --key command (which uses pycrypto), should I consider that pycrypto is also part of my application? Is there anything else packed by pyinstaller that I need to know?

I'm sorry for the long post, it's a new field for me. Please let me know if anything is unclear or should be changed. P.S. could unfortunately not tag pyinstaller because it requires 300 reputation points.

Commercial choices. – Discussions and help

It is safe to say that we are talking about being passionate when everything is said done or just in the trade? I think life when everything is said in fact without feelings would be extremely aimless. In any case, in the case where we talk about the place of feelings in our commercial choices, they have no place here. The review of diagrams and pointers includes scientific equations and examples that will not be influenced regardless of how we feel or think. We have to penetrate the brains of the market because it will not conform to us. To make mechanical exchanges is fundamental.