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Diesel Website / Commercial Trucks / Fleet Management

Why are you selling this site?
Money. I work on other projects and I do not have time to work on it anymore.

How is it monetized?
There is an "Advertise With Us" page for Central FL trucking companies and parts stores to advertise on the site. The website attracts the right audience for these businesses and it should be easy to sell advertising space.

Is this site provided with social media accounts?
No, I was going to create social pages and start promoting, but I never got there. All we need now is a little love on social networks: I sent the source files of the logo that I will send you to allow you to create graphics and other content for social media.

How long does this site take to run?
It depends on what you want to do. You can now sell advertising, or spend time or money on it to get content.

What are the challenges of managing this site?
No. This site is super easy to manage, it is built on WordPress. There is no complicated premium theme or anything crazy to learn. Adding content on a regular basis will give you more results, just like any website.

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I literally synchronized it with Jetpack to follow the viewers and finally allowed the search engines to index the site a few days ago (I keep it hidden until the site is ready to be launched). So, I have no statistics to display, but the results will be fast, it's a local niche and the center, Florida is an important sector for the trucking industry. So there is a large audience and a multitude of businesses in the area who will pay to advertise. There is a lot of potential if you are ready.

Is it possible to see the messages from the commercial page (inbox) in Messenger?

I am the administrator of a corporate page and, during the day, I check messages on a PC by accessing the inbox of this page. Is there a way to get the inbox of the business page in my personal messenger, so that I can see customer messages with other messages without having to open two tabs, one for personal messages and one for the inbox of the professional page?

Profitable Commercial Life – Forex Training

To lead a safe and profitable trading life with investors, we must choose regulated brokers who guarantee the funds of their clients. Only a regulated commercial broker ensures the security of funds on all deposits with a wide range of trading technologies.

Commercial life

To lead a safe and profitable trading life with investors, we must choose regulated brokers who guarantee the funds of their clients. Only a regulated commercial broker ensures the security of funds on all deposits with a wide range of trading technologies.

commercial approach – Forex training

Scalpers still feel uncomfortable when this commercial approach is used in a practical way. Because most commercial brokers do not allow a business concept such as this one. By the way, I'm very comfortable with LQDFX, which guarantees at all times the lowest trading spreads starting from 0 pips, which is very encouraging to make profits with a scalping that generates profits in a short time period. so, my commercial life is very profitable.

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Commercial proposal on health and fitness in the job market and how it will reduce the number of people suffering from obesity. – Everything else

The problem of obesity in the workplace is seen as one of the many facets that hinder the company's goal of increasing growth and development. Obesity among employees is considered to have two components because it harms the interests of the employee and the company. An employee suffering from obesity is prone to other potential diseases such as high blood pressure and inactivity in this area. For these companies, obese workers are considered passive as opposed to assets because they are lazy, inactive and generally perform poorly, which affects their production.

In this commercial proposal, the fundamental objective is to establish methodologies that will be applied to the way a company operates. This is done in order to minimize the effects of obesity. Solutions such as the development of weight-related programs to provide employees with gymnastics facilities, to provide low-fat food at reduced prices, to renovate stairs and to make them attractive to employees are a few examples. one of the ways to reduce the effects of obesity on businesses. "Productivity as a whole. It should be noted that primary and secondary sources were used to confirm the timeliness of the problem while conducting the given research paper. example of occasional liability

Business Proposal on the importance of employee health and fitness initiatives to reduce obesity

The following problem was identified for the purpose of the investigation:

Is it possible for companies to effectively deploy the health and fitness strategies needed to minimize the risks of obesity in their workforce?

In order to catapult production levels, companies have identified the need to tackle the problem of stigma, in particular because it plays a vital role in determining desire, ability and willingness to work. employees. In addition, obesity is considered a problem that concerns both the individuals and the entities for which they work. Nevertheless, obesity in a company's workforce is attributed to poor eating habits and forms of contract work. In medical terms, it is described by dysfunctions of the cardiovascular organs, gallbladder and cancer-related diseases.

In the past, employees of a given company had to be more involved in manual work than in sedentary work because the technology was limited to only senior managers. In this case, the health and fitness problems of the employees were also extremely weak. The proposed research paper was created with the goal of supporting companies' intentions to maintain their honest track record and to determine a number of effective strategies that can be used to minimize the level of obesity through the creation of three alternative solutions targeted. achieve the above purpose.

Plan of action:

In any work staff, the health and fitness issue is considered crucial in determining productivity levels. However, companies have realized that with recent technological advances, it is impossible to maintain a complete and healthy workforce. It should be noted that obese employees are perceived more as liabilities than assets, and that companies go beyond developing strategies that are considered meaningful, useful and acceptable for dealing with disorder as a whole.

It is safe to assume that compared to obese employees, employers are directly affected by its effects, particularly because these obese employees possess attributes such as a low level of discipline, an inability to comply with the concerns of the employees. supervisors, inappropriate personal hygiene and low level of aggression. capabilities. As a result, these employees are subject to various forms of segregation within a company's operations.

Among the aforementioned discriminations, there is less prospect of promotion because managers are faced with the dilemma of recommending them for promotions. In addition, obese employees generally under-perform their new tasks and have less favorable prospects for obtaining high-level positions within a company that requires a positive public image. They are usually dismissed because of deficiencies in their respective work capacities. As a result, companies suffer huge losses because of their low levels of production and poor public image.

3.3 Solution / Action Plan:

Recent research indicates that the issue of obesity is paramount and that it is impossible to completely eliminate the effects on an organization's workforce. It is therefore incumbent upon each company to develop appropriate strategies to reduce the threat. This corresponds to the current scenario on the labor market. Statistically, the obese American workforce has resulted in 39 million lost workdays, 239 million restricted workdays and 90 million beds. In Australia, obesity in the labor market was the main reason for the absence of work.

In an effort to minimize this threat to obesity, the proposed solutions include companies that embark on activities to encourage their respective employees to use stairwells more often than lifts. To this end, the old staircases should be renovated, carpeted and filled with attractive artwork that reflects motivational messages. As a result, the company should incur certain costs that are attributed to renovations, the purchase of carpets and the costs associated with the printing of motivational works. Subsequently, weight-related programs are considered an effective method of coping with the situation.

According to the company's attempt to introduce snack vending machines that favor low-fat foods, offer gym discounts to employees who wish to engage in weight loss and hire gym instructors. methods that prove their effectiveness in combating obesity. In addition, companies may choose to provide free gym services to their employees and thereby increase participation by allowing employees to visit these gyms one hour before the end of work. Another solution involves rotating employees within departments, so that no employee is allowed to attack sedentary work for an extended period of time. Another way to discourage sedentary activities is for employers to prohibit their employees from using cars for their work, to move car parks away from the office and to set up slow elevators to encourage the use of stairwells. .

The recent interview with a human resources manager within a medium-sized company has shown that many companies discriminate against their obese employees by indirectly altering their public image. It was also discovered that companies were reluctant to invest in weight-critical programs, such as setting up gym facilities and recruiting a monitor, because of the high direct costs associated with such a service. However, it is fair to assume that some companies are aware of the importance of minimizing sedentary activities as they force their employees to participate in field activities.

Budget information:

The proposed solution involves improvements as well as the introduction of certain procedures. It is prudent to determine the costs attributed to these changes. In the event that a company decides to upgrade the stairs, the construction costs would be approximately $ 3,000, which would cover fresh paints, motivational works and expert services. Subsequently, when a company embarks on developing weight-related programs, creates a gym and hires an instructor, the costs involved can rise to $ 12,000. This money must be used to purchase modern equipment and to hire the services of a professional gym instructor. In the event that a company chooses to supply machines to suppliers who package low-fat foods, the costs incurred must be divided between the discounts offered and the replacement of inventories. These costs could rise to around $ 2,000.

Nevertheless, figures relating to the construction of a gym and, therefore, the development of weight-related programs are higher than those of others, but the solution has more weight in terms of efficiency. This form of solution is effective in the long run. However, management should consider in depth the voluntary participation of employees in physical activity, as the selection and scheduling of some employees of weight loss programs causes discrimination. In addition, employers should only allow employees who are motivated to participate in weight-related programs and provide educational programs to those who oppose the program that will be used to raise awareness of the need to promote equitable health.

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