gm techniques – What are the benefits of using the X Card security tool over a simple communication?

X Card and other resources in the toolbox come with rules, whereas when groups I had once played with "direct communication", that's what happened when the content of the game triggered the interaction is that the conversation has sometimes completely failed to improve safety and sometimes aggravated the situation.

Just to quote the rule, according to the John Stavropoulos X Card documentation, when you

"Lift this card or just tap it, you do not have to explain why, no matter why."

This created an expectation in two of my gaming groups: by agreeing to use the X Card, this concept was introduced and applied by a conscientious, cooperative and responsive group.

On the other hand, the simple fact of relying on "simple communication" encouraged people to … wait … to communicate. As in, be free to bring what they want to the conversation. This included questioning the triggered person and unedited reactions, which had just created additional triggers and the badness of uninformed judgments. Not too safe. By do not do anything proactive to actively promote a safe space, some people were absolutely not prepared to show empathy and attention when a triggered person requested accommodation, which resulted in not give her what she needed and asked, because of lack of understanding or disagreement.

Now, I imagine (I'm only saying rhetorically. I did not try that.) It's certainly possible to have a conversation before the game starts on the fact that the way you are going to ensure security is to do something very similar to what the X Card protocol describes, but, now, you are no longer in the territory of "simple communication".

Given my personal experience with the two options presented in the question, X Card or nothing special, the main benefit is the X Card. comes with trainingthe more he ensures that everyone is on the same page before the game starts, to the extent that willingness to participate in a safe space at all go.

javascript – Communication between nodejs and python

I wish that a classless method be executed at each call of the static class method. This static class method will be called from another program present in another directory, every 10 seconds. The non-class method will call the python script by spawn.

I did this by calling a non-class method from a static class method. I want to know if what I'm doing is right or wrong. Or is there another good way?

home / sampath / file1 / program1.js

Class A {
constructor (name, age) { = name;
this.age = age;

static updateDate (name, age) {
be obj = new A (name, age);
callFunc (obj);

callFunc function (obj) {
// call a python script with the given object in the form of an argument;
// argument, obj.age

module.exports = A;

home / sampath / file2 / program2.js

const A = require (& # 39; ../ file1 / program1 & # 39;);

// This statement is executed every 10 seconds.
A.updateData (& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;)

Is the good coding practice that I have done better?

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sharepoint online – The child elements of the modern communication site to navigation appear on a larger grid

I have a communication site defined as a pivot site and team sites are associated with it.
I've added kids links to one of the team's site links and the screen shots below are identical.

enter the description of the image here

Flying over the operations, I see below a large banner. I've added a modern web part to the script editor, so I was wondering how to make this image smaller and more enjoyable by replacing some css classes.

enter the description of the image here

Can any one please provide with the CSS code that I can exploit.
FYI, I tried to use ms-MegaMenu-Callout root-360 and
withDivider The ms-MegaMenu-gridLayout classes and the max-width setting between 1200 px and 120 but not working for me, it works when tested with development tools by providing built-in CSS files, but adding it to the Web Part of the script editor, it does not work.

Please help, thank you in advance.

Effective communication between the web designer and the customer

Hi all, I hope you have a good day

I think that communication is one of the main factors contributing to the quality of design, to success and to maintaining cooperation. On the other hand, the lack of communication could potentially lead to unpleasant cooperation, resulting in consequences such as lower work rates, a customer trying to steer the design process or, even worse, a downgrading of your business. expertise.

Given the importance of communication, I am doing research for my studies on the communication between a designer and his clients, his process and all the factors that improve the efficiency and quality of your partnerships.

Since this place meets a large number of professional designers with vast experience, I find it very useful that some of you share their professional experience and the problems you are experiencing, which would significantly help me to understand the process and possibly to improve it. .

If you have 5 to 6 minutes to help me understand your difficulties, please kindly talk to me. :)

Sincere friendships,

Web Design – Communication and Understanding Between the Web Designer and the Customer

I think that communication is one of the main factors that contribute to an excellent design, leading to success and maintaining cooperation. For this important reason, I am doing some kind of research on the communication between a designer and his clients, his process and all the factors that improve the efficiency and quality of your partnerships.

Given that this place meets many professional designers with extensive experience, I openly ask if any of you could share some of your experience by contacting me via DM, which would significantly help me understand the process and possibly improve it.

How to architect the communication between the database and the API

In order to create my new Web API, I designed my system as follows.

I was wondering if there was a better way to do it from a general point of view.

What are the best social media for business communication?

social media for business communication

c # – Communication between a c # code and the hsp connection in raspberry pi3

My question is: I have to communicate my c # code in the raspberry terminal and, in connection with HSP, I have to write in the normal terminal and see it in the second, but when I write in mono / home / CA_fileRaspberry / CA_fileRaspberry / bin / Debug / CA_fileRaspberry.exe writes to me only in the raspberry terminal That's the C # code
that's what comes out in the terminal
that's what I see

it's a school project so i have to use c # etcetera thanks for the help

Breadcrumb Navigation in SharePoint Online for multiple modern communication sites and team sites with the help of spfx code

I'm trying to create a navigation for the communication site in SharePoint Online with the help of SPFX. However, I have several communication sites. How can we make a navigation for different communication sites? Can you help me if you have an idea or approach to get.

Thanks in advance,