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Sale – Reputation Management Company Website

Why are you selling this site?
The company has changed direction and is no longer involved in reputation management

How is it monetized?
The site is ready to sell a reputation loop or can be adapted to sell other reputation management services. It is ready for ecommerce and includes a call for action (draw), an explanation video, an online booking system (for demos), a blog and a contact form . This is a WordPress site

Is this site provided with social media accounts?
Yes, Twitter and Facebook

How long does this site take to run?
The home page displays a speed score pages of 57%. The site requires very little time to be maintained and operated, even though the activities it manages require time and dedication to attract customers.

What are the challenges of managing this site?
The buyer will probably want to establish itself as a reputation management agent using Reputation Loop, which is a great product and a great business opportunity. The site is linked to Rafflecopter for his call to action to which he should subscribe. The Twitter and Facebook social networking accounts should be taken over by the buyer, which I would help to facilitate. The product sold by the site has been improved since the last maintenance of the site. It is therefore advisable to update the list of features of the site. | Broken GDPR Policy | Stolen data and request from RANSOM MONEY | Worst experience | Fraud Company

The host is Fraud Netherlands Hosting Company from which I bought a server, which claims to be protected against DDoS attacks, the host named Maxx. First, he was friendly enough (to sell the service). Then, after the purchase, he started to give no answer if we encountered any problem, the service was not managed, but the problem was related to the hardware (the hardware support Centos 7. mentioned by him) we have waited for the relocation of centos 6,

After this incident, things went well, about a month later, he put our network out of service by saying that we had a DDoS attack, we asked him the logs with the IP addresses on which we have attacks and no data provided, then after 24 hours, everything came back online,

In the meantime, no updates or information were provided, then later that night, the network broke down, saying that we had a DDoS attack again, we checked Dstat, the incoming traffic was regular.

Then we asked him, as you claim, again and again, that we get results of DDoS attacks, please provide us with proof (I said that if you continue to do so, we will not continue from next month, this is not professional).
Listening to this, he ended my services and posted in his Discord community, claiming that he was selling our data for free if anyone wanted him, he could ping him, and he also suspended the service,

I asked for the data because we had essential customer data.
He asked me for a ransom of 250 euros to recover the data and a constant denial.

After that, my supervisor texted him and had a conversation, then he restored the services, but adding a network speed of 1 Mbps and 1 Mbps,

We could not do anything on the dedicated server. Anyway, it was like a dead service, after asking by my superior, he gave back a network of 1gbps, we took backup measures and the next day he canceled the network with IDRAC from our dedicated server saying that you were undergoing a DDoS attack.

This time he provided a screen capture of the incoming and outgoing network, which did not allow in any way to make the link with the DDoS attacks.
Then, after several shutdowns of about 48 hours, my older brother was also fed up with his behavior of not answering this question, or telling us what IP address we had, or whatever something like that He also said why, given your lack of professionalism, do not understand that we have clients to answer, he ended the services immediately.

Without even warning, he formatted the disk or not sure (he may still have the data), he changed the password of IDRAC and ssh and sold to someone else. other.
Attention, this can also happen with you.
I enclose all the evidence

blockchain – Panamanian company hopes to set up STOs in Gibraltar

I am currently a summer trainee for the food chain. This Panama-based company aims to help farmers in the production, distribution and trade of food products. Currently, the company is working to implement Blockchain and Smart Contracts to provide fair trade between farmers and buyers while increasing efficiency and transparency.

The food chain will soon be integrated and regulated in Gibraltar's jurisdiction. What are the legal obstacles to this? What should society do to be able to claim security tokens in the UK?

Need a unique domain name for the IT company

Hello ,
Could you suggest unique niche domain names for an IT company?

Thank you ..

Loan Inventory Company – – HYIPs

I am not a director / owner of the project! !!!

Date of online publication: 2019-7-10

Investment plans: 102% after 1 day, 190% after 8 days, 250% after 12 days, 450% after 20 days, 1000% after 50 days

Min expenses: $ 10

Commission of Reference: 6%

Type of withdrawal Manual

Licensed script

DDoS protection by DDOS-Guard

Accpet payment: Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Dogecoin BitcoinCash Dogecoin Prefectmoney Payer

About the project:

Loan Stocks Company is an international investment organization that trades dozens of different currency pairs and stocks in the world's largest money and financial markets.



Check the status:
? a = image & lid = 1903

Our deposit

The amount of $ 20 has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U11103431-> U20499608. Memo: Payment cart. Deposit on User Invest-analysis .. Date: 13:44 10.07.19. Lot: 271147087.

Bulk SMS, Bulk Delhi, Bulk Supplier Delhi, Bulk SMS Company Delhi- |

Hind IT Solution has been introduced in the information technology sector and provides IT solutions to small and medium businesses worldwide. We believe in principle that Hind IT Solutions can only grow if we provide customers with IT solutions that will help them grow their business.

Web Hosting + Penetration Testing Company?

Web Hosting + Penetration Testing Company? | Talk Web Hosting

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  1. Web Hosting + Penetration Testing Company?

    Are you planning to start your hosting business and offer periodic penetration testing to customers' web applications? Do you think people would be interested in such an offer "conjunction"?
    I have been working for 10 years as a system administrator in a hosting company, and now as a penetration tester, I am therefore thinking about how to combine this knowledge in a positive way. In fact, pen tests are quite expensive. My company, where I work, charges customers $ 1,400 a day, which is a minimum of 4 to 5 days. Whatever it is, for the hosting of clients, I think that should be included in the price of monthly accommodation.

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How will your company handle the cPanel price increase?

Despite the fact that there are already several leads on this, I thought it was worth asking WHT providers what strategy or what strategies they will take to deal with the change. I would appreciate that this thread can stay on the subject and that any general remark on this subject that does not address this issue comes from the heading "Massive increase in the price of cPanel [merged]"wire.

How will changing to costly billing per account affect the following services:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Host Reseller
  • VPS
  • Dedicated servers
  • Cloud hosting and other services

And when will you / your company apply the changes (that is, before September 15th or after)? For those who are still evaluating their options (or evaluating the impact of the change), say so. In addition, I noticed that a number of vendors have already posted articles on this change on their websites (or the blog on their websites). If you have already done so, share the link with the answer.

I imagine that this is an administrative nightmare for suppliers, no matter how they plan to handle the change, so thank the respondents in advance!

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