We need some SEO company recommendations


We need some SEO company recommendations for our website. Any input will be helpful.

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❓ASK – What does one require require to start a Research centre and consultancy company? | NewProxyLists

We have identified 5 key areas to work on or specialize namely;1.HIV/Aids awareness,2.Prevention of early child marriages and pregnancies,3.Usage of appropriate technologies for having access to clean and safe water and sanitation,4.Offering pariative and curative care to communities and companies such as information education,community and bar condom distribution and many more social behavioural change methods,5.Offering consultancy services to companies for occupational health and safety procedures,access to basic health services within the confines of the company and usage of appropriate technology in the proper disposal of waste more focus on electronic wastes.We are currently concentrating on a specific location or catchment area.

We are also doing:
1.Online and offline market research,technology,finance,agriculture and aquaculture.


❓ASK – Will you work in a company if it hires you but having bad review. | NewProxyLists

I can work in the such company and also I may not work in the such company that has bad review. So, it depends on the situation I find my self. and as far that they will pay me well, then I can even help the company figure out its problem and shape its reputation. Because I know that there no company that will wish to have bad review.


iceland – What is a well-established, reputable day-trip tour company in Reykjavik?

I have done what you planned to do, back in September 2014.
There are/were at the time quite a few companies and at that time it was easy to book only on the day before or even the same day for a half day tour.

I did not notice any unreputable tour companies. And I looked for online reviews as well as word of mouth in the hostel I stayed.
And I did notice that I did have much more choice when booking there compared to booking online before I went (as I had checked out and decided not to do.)

As weather is rather changeable, you may indeed find it a better option to adjust your plans to the weather. Going to see a waterfall in very heavy rain is not fun.

As Travel Stack Exchange we do not do company recommendations. And I think that now, after COVID 19 the field may have changed.

Best SMTP Email service for my hosting company

Hi everyone,

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Company name change and new URL – Google showing old company name in result title

Google likes to cache pages in search results to give users the option to view the cached page in case the real site goes down.

What you can do in every page that you updated that Google still reports incorrectly is add the following HTML code between <head> and </head> of your outputted HTML code that the web browser processes:

<meta name="GOOGLEBOT" content="NOARCHIVE">

That tells google not to keep old copies of your page in its index. Do that, then in Google Webmaster tools, update website settings to make google crawl the maximum pages per second (probably 2) instead of its usual 0.3 pages per second. Next, wait a few days to see if things improve. If they don’t then change the meta tag code to this:

<meta name="GOOGLEBOT" content="NOINDEX,NOARCHIVE">

That will force google to literally clean out its database of all affected URLs. Wait about a week to make sure google complies and if not, then you’ll have to try:

<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX">

That will cause all search engines to de-index your pages. You want that to happen for about a week or so.

Once search engines have no more stale copies of info of your pages lying around then remove the meta tag you just added so that all search engines can begin indexing your new pages and Google will then cache only your new pages.

If you do this method, keep an eye on Google page indexing statistics in Webmaster tools at least once a day to see that the indexing levels are accurate.

What are your criteria for good webhosting company?

How do you choose your webhosting company?
Based on which criteria?

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website design – Company internal tool with SSO auth

I am developing on a web project for the company I work for that uses SSO to login. You can’t use the tool if you don’t log in. The app will be available to everybody(dose not require company VPN or specific settings, domain is public) but the SSO will block unwelcome people that try to enter the website.

Until now the log in page was a a normal login page with a single button. That page for me at least gave the user some “power” when it comes to making a decision. In this case when you log out you are redirected to the log in page.

The new idea is to remove that page and when you first enter on the tool’s webpage, to be redirected to the SSO provider. In this case when you log out you are redirected directly to the SSO to log in.

Which is the best practice in this case?

Thank you!

ps.: We don’t have a UI/UX designer.