Magento 2, Cancels order after credit card payment complete

I’m facing an interesting issue.
When the customer pays with credit card, magento cancels the order automatically.
I have no idea how it happens tough.
Since i’m newbie, i couldn’t find out what is wrong.
Any ideas?

plugins – LearnDash LMS: replace “Next Lesson” button with “Mark Complete” button

For our LearnDash LMS we want any user who goes to the next lesson by navigating with the buttons at the bottom of the page to have the lesson marked complete. Currently there are three buttons:


current: three buttons

Ideally, we’d like to only have two:


desired: replace "Next Lesson" button with "Mark Complete" button

Clicking “Previous Lesson” behaves as desired. But we don’t want a button for moving to the next lesson without marking the current lesson complete. Is there a way to either give the “Next Lesson” the same behavior as “Mark Complete” or simple replacing it?

One approach I’ve considered is using CSS to simply hide “Next Lesson”, but I’m concerned that that will break with future updates.


  1. Is there a way within the LearnDash settings to change the behavior of the “Next Lesson” button or hide it altogether?
  2. Is there a CSS fix to hide the “Next Lesson” button that would be reasonably future proof as LearnDash releases new versions?

google chrome – Pre-cache a complete website and force offline access even when I’m online

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Is it ok to hide the full settings until initial onboarding steps are complete?

Making the settings available only after having completed an onboarding does not seem a good solution. You are afraid that users will be lost when confronted with these settings. But to force the user to complete an onboarding seems quite patronizing.

It always should be in the users choice how to proceed.

Onboarding is not always a good solution either. It might be better (maybe in addition) tho provide guidance where it is needed (interesting article on onboarding )

So what I would suggest, is an approach that hides the additional settings for example in an expander, something like “pro mode”. On showing them give the user specific guidance per setting or if necessary for a group of settings.

If you do an onboarding keep in mind that a user has to remember all the information given in the onboarding.

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complexity theory – Is the While programming language with bounded number of variables Turing complete?

In our lecture it was proven that WHILE-Programs are turing-complete. In short a WHILE-Program only allows the following:

Variables             x1,x2,...  (initially all 0 and can only be positive)
Constants c           0,1,2,3,...
Assignment            xi := c
Addition/Subtraction  xi := xj + c, xi := xj - c
while-loops           while(xi != 0) { ... }

Now we restrict the Language to k-VARIABLE-WHILE meaning that only a bounded number of variables can be used.
Is 100-VARIABLE-WHILE turing-complete? I think it isn’t but I am not quite sure which function I can construct that needs more than 100 variables.

dnd 5e – Is there a complete map of Faerun?

Is there a complete map of all known places in faerun?

Many of the top level maps don’t have all locations (Helm’s hold next to neverwinter), phandalin and generally all of the locations that are marked in the DM maps (that are not on the players maps) are also very hard to find (if you don’t know in what adventure to look for)

Is there a map with all known locations that either have an adventure taking place there or a dungeon or something similar?

For clarification: I’m looking for a spoiler heavy DM map with the hidden locations not for a player map

algorithms – Prove that PRE-WORK-POST is Turing Complete

This is a homework question and I am trying to fully understand what I have to do and how to go about it. Therefore, I don’t want full answers to the question.

The programming language PRE-WORK-POST is defined as follows:

Let P, Q, R be LOOP Programs. Then “PRE P WORK Q POST R END” is a PRE-WORK-POST program, whereby PRE-WORK-POST starts of by executing the program P, then executes program Q until $x_0 neq 0$ and then finally executes program R. Show that the program PRE-WORK-POST is Turing complete, where you have to prove that all WHILE, GOTO, Turing and $mu$-recursive functions can be simulated by a PRE-WORK-POST program. (All input values of the program are in $x_1,…, x_k$. All other variables are initialised at $0$ and the output value has to be in $x_0$.)

Here’s what I have understood. We have the programs P,Q,R and the programming language PRE-WORK-POST. We want to show that all WHILE, GOTO, Turing and $mu$-recursive functions can be simulated by a PRE-WORK-POST program. Since GOTO $equiv$ WHILE $equiv$ Turing Machine $equiv mu$– recursive, it is enough to show that any of the four can be simulated using PRE-WORK-POST. When the program starts, it first executes the program P (which is a LOOP program). It then executes Q until $x_0 neq 0$ and then finally executes R.

Since P,Q,R are all LOOP programs and all LOOP programs either assign a value to a variable, increment a variable, execute one program after another $P_1; P_2$ or LOOP $x$ DO $P$ END. This means that I have to simulate GOTO, WHILE, Turing Machine or $mu-$recursive using these four different options.

All that is clear but I’m confused about the actual execution of the program. If we don’t assign a value to a variable and start using it, that variable gets assigned the value of $0$. So if we don’t assign $x_0$ any value, it is automatically equal to $0$. So how can Q be executed?

I need help understanding how PRE-WORK-POST will work.

formal languages – Number of complete and incomplete programs generated by a grammar

Let’s suppose the following grammar:

S         → variable = math_expr
variable  → a | b | c 
math_expr → INT | function
math_expr → func_1() | func_2(INT, INT, INT, INT)
INT       → 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Since this grammar cannot generate an infinite number of programs (you should assume this for my problem), I want to know if there is some kind of formula that calculate the number of COMPLETE and INCOMPLETE programs that can be generated by a finite grammar.

In my own definition, a complete program is a program that does not have non-terminal nodes.
Examples: b = func_2(2,4,3,3), a = func_1()

An incomplete program is a program that does have non-terminal nodes.
Examples: b = func_2(2,2,INT,INT), c = math_expr, S

At the moment, I am able to know the number of complete and incomplete programs by applying a Breadth-First Search (BFS) starting from the S node.

However, because I’m working with search in program synthesis, it would be great to know the size of the domain without the need to do an exhaustive search on it.

How can I find the number of complete and incomplete programs given only the grammar?

PS.: In my original problem, I am working with program synthesis with a Domain Specific Language (DSL). I tagged CFG with the hope that the same applies, granted I’m not 100% sure.

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