i-max-clique is complete

How to prove the entire problem of the problem i-max-clicks?

iMC is defined as follows:
Given the number "i" of cliques and the size "k" of the clique, the graph will contain the cliques "i" of size "k"

Complete guide to retail analysis

In 2019, the pace and scale of retail has never been greater.

With more and more D2C brands being created every week in an attempt to capture a share of the market in your space, have you ever wondered if they are all growing so fast?

Your initial response might be "customer service" or "venture capital dollars," but this answer is incomplete.

Do you want to know the answer?
The first order of operations (after verifying that you own a product or brand that buyers buy into) is to put in place the analytical infrastructure to start measuring differentiated initiatives.

  • Nobody recruits 100 representatives of customer success without first understanding the cost structure and the expected increase in the value of the customer's lifetime.
  • No venture capital is willing to invest continuously in activities that do not achieve the expected return on the dollars spent.

Breakdown of this guide
Now that you have a rough idea of ​​the value of the retail analysis, break down the sections (feel free to jump to the most relevant sections):

  • Chapter 1: What is the analysis of detail?
  • Chapter 2: What work can analysis help retailers solve?
  • Chapter 3: Data Needed to Get Started
  • Chapter 4: Difference between Executive, Management, and Operational Dashboards
  • Chapter 5: 203 Actions for Retailers and Trademarks
  • Chapter 6: 9 measures for start-ups and small businesses should focus on
  • Chapter 7: Strengths of Operational Analysis
  • Chapter 8: Leveraging Analyzes to Ensure Long-Term Success

What is the analysis of detail?
Retail analysis involves using data to measure performance, improve decisions, and monitor results. In retail, common applications include: measuring the performance of marketing campaigns, monitoring the supply chain, inventory management and merchandising.

The current end result of the analyzes is the monitoring and monitoring of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), which are then used as proxies to measure the health of the enterprise.

Where do the data come from?
Given the proliferation of current technologies, data can come from many sources. Some include:

  • Daily transactions
  • Transactions
  • Daily operations
  • Buyer loyalty initiatives
  • Product Information
  • Marketing Attribution Tools
  • External data sets (eg, weather)

New technologies have enabled us to increase our analytical prowess by combining data sets (for example, the effectiveness of promotions from Marketing Attribution and sales data) to provide a more complete picture before making a decision.

With the proliferation of sensory technologies (for example, IoT devices) and the reduction of storage and computing costs in cloud technologies, it is now easier than ever to collect, store and analyze data.

The post goal, however, has not changed.
What should be my next action to help improve my business by helping to increase sales or reduce costs?

What analysis can help retailers solve?
TLDR: NOT everything.

You were already doing the tasks to be done before implementing the analysis. Analytics is designed to help you measure, analyze, and focus your efforts.

Example 1: Merchandising Planning

  • Before the analysis:
  • "Guess" about the product that would do well.
  • (If you had more than one sales channel, it would be too complex to handle the differences)
  • After the analysis:
  • To provide a more global estimate, use;
  • historical data,
  • product attributes,
  • price elasticity,
  • traffic forecast,
  • customer acquisition cost and
  • marketing budgets

Example 2: Rationalization of customer engagement

  • Before the analysis:
  • Send marketing emails to every 1,000,000 buyers on the list of newsletter subscribers until something happens
  • After the analysis:
  • 1st: List of segments based on opening rates (discard ones that are never open)
  • 2nd: List of segments based on the purchase history
  • 3rd: use the product affinity analysis to see which products tend to be bought together
  • 4th: send emails according to different purchase history

Example 3: Optimize Digital Marketing Expense

  • Before the analysis:
  • I know that 50% of my marketing budget is wasted. I just do not know what 50%.
  • After the analysis:
  • 1st: Monitor the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) on all advertising channels
  • 2nd: zoom in on the Google Analytics multi-channel funnel
  • 3rd: Reallocate the budget from useless channels to those who work

Two buckets
Running a business is difficult.

We do not always have time to look for the next great analytical tool. Therefore, when it comes time to invest in one, it usually falls into one or two compartments;

1. Business is incredibly good, it's time to optimize
The car seems to be working, it's time to invest wisely in the engine.

How can I convert $ 1 into $ 5?

Common questions at this stage include:

  • How to replicate this success with another product?
  • How to replicate this success with new buyers?
  • How to optimize my marketing funnel to attract new buyers?
  • What should I do to increase the lifetime value of my loyal customers?

2. Business is bad, what should I do?
The car seems out of order, why?

How can I turn the bleeding rod?

Common questions at this stage include:

Invest early
If you fall in the second bucket, I'm sorry to say, but it may be too late.

Running a business is difficult.

Why not spend a little more time early in the analysis so you do not ruin everything later?

Here is the reality:

  • If you have not collected any data, follow through NOTHING and MONITOR NOTHING.

You have no way to improve your business because you have no idea what was going on (other than that there was a fluctuation in sales during seasonal periods)

Assuming you have invested early. What can you expect from the analysis tools?
1. Increase decision making in the business
There should be less guesswork in everyday affairs.

With more data points on products, buyers and sales, you SHOULD better understand what initiatives need to be removed and in which it is worth investing.

With the same data in front of all team members, EVERYONE should be able to make the same decision (almost) of time without you having to intervene in every decision.

2. Monitor metrics and report KPIs
Gather a holistic dashboard that can be used to organize and monitor information about everything that's going on.

Some basic goals that deserve to be monitored include …

  • Sales rate
  • Promotional performance
  • Basket compositions
  • Pricing effects
  • Return on marketing investments

3. Optimize opportunities
Some examples…

  • Funnel analysis to improve the number of completed transactions
  • Improve targeting of social media ad sets to reduce acquisition costs
  • Promotional mechanisms to improve the average value of orders
  • Purchase Bulletin to increase the value for life
  • Birthday vouchers to increase the frequency of purchases

Read it.
If you omitted everything else, focus on this last section.

How to start?
1. Write down the functional areas of your business. Some examples

  • Customer service
  • Digital marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Inventory Management.

2. If these areas were 10 times better than today. What would it look like?

  • Mean time of first response lower
  • Lower cost of customer acquisition
  • Higher average margins
  • Higher sales rates

3. These are your settings. Measure everything that you think can help improve these numbers. Find tools that help you improve these numbers !!!
Read the next section on data requirements.

Looking for more? Continue reading here
If you need help with detail analysis, do not hesitate to contact here.

banscore – Under what circumstances will a complete node be disconnected or

I know that a complete node will disconnect from a node if this node "behaves badly". For example, the connection of a node will be removed if it sends too many messages that do not respect the rules (which rules?) And the nodes that send many messages expired, duplicated or otherwise useless. What other reasons do the complete nodes disconnect from a peer?

For example, do full nodes disconnect from connections that do not send enough data?

dnd 5th – If my scout scout used his complete movement in turn, can he later use the reaction of the firer function to move again?

The rifleman function of the scout thief says:

You can move up to half your speed in reaction when an enemy finishes his turn within 5 feet of you. This movement does not cause any attacks of opportunity.

Note that this ability uses your reaction, not your "movement". You do not have much movement outside of your turn, normally:

In turn, you can advance to your speed. You can use as much or as little of your speed as you like, following the rules here.

There are no general rules for moving voluntarily (as opposed to being forced by someone or something else) outside of your turn. You normally have a mass of movement in turn equal to your speed and none outside of it.

The scout thief's shooter function gives them a special way out of their turn. It allows them to use their reaction when an enemy finishes his turn within a five-foot radius and specifies that the scout can move a distance of up to half his speed . It does not depend on how much (or how little) you have moved in your turn. You can use this reaction if the condition is met, whether you have moved or not.

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<div data-id=

forms – Do I hide the Continue button until the tasks are complete?

In a multistep wizard, certain steps present the user with a list of tasks to perform before proceeding to the next step.

Each task in the list opens a pop-up window in which the user completes it.

I have three possible solutions for the Continue button:

a) Show it all the time. If the user clicks on them before all the tasks are complete, information about what to do before they can continue will appear.

b) Display a disabled button, which is activated when all tasks are completed. When disabled, the button contains a generic message stating that all tasks must be completed before they can continue.

c) Hide the button and display it only when all the tasks are completed.

Are Linear Scanning Automata Complete?

Linear terminal automata are only Turing machines with finished ribbon, instead of infinite ribbon.

But that prevents them from Turing Complete? Why?

unit – Provide a complete recursive method in an update?

OK, so I have a method that calls itself because it was the only way for me to get the behavior I needed. This is a clone of tetris that I make and this method allows to check the complete lines on the X axis.

                Cancel CheckForFullLine (int starting_Y)
for (int y = y_ start; y <frozenCells.GetLength (1); y ++)
for (int x = 0; x <frozenCells.GetLength (0); x ++)
if (! frozen[x, y].is full)
CheckForFullLine (begin_Y + 1);

if (x == CELL_COUNT_X - 1)
tetrisLinesThisTick ++;
Debug.Log ("the lines of this check mark:" + tetrisLinesThisTick + "on the check mark:" + checkmark);
ClearLine (y);

but when I test the game, most of the time (more than 9/10 times) when you get multiple lines, the debug log indicates that we only have one line in this "tick".

Here is the update method where, at the top, I set tetrisLinesPerTick to 0 at the beginning of each image.

                Private update void ()
tick ++;
// reset the values ​​of tetris-lines this tick:
tetrisLinesThisTick = 0;

Clean screen ();
CheckForFullLine (0);
HandleMovementAndBlockCreation ();
DrawFallingPiece ();
DrawFrozenBricks ();

For example, if I receive two lines at once, the debug log displays the message "… linesPerTick 1" twice in a row.

Strangely, I sometimes get 2 or 3 lines and that indicates the correct amount, but it is rare and I do not know how I reproduce it for the moment.

Another very strange thing (the code in question might not be there for this part ..) … very rarely a frozen block will become gray after a fall, so I can still "use it" in the game for create more lines, but it does not disappear like the others, then do some extra lines using this gray block and it will disappear normally: S (if you want to help me with this part, it is more coded: P ):

                void ClearLine (int line)
// TODO: Add a score

// delete the complete line
for (int x = 0; x <frozenCells.GetLength (0); x ++)
frozen cells[x, line].isFilled = false;

// shifts all lines down // todo: determines if there is a multiline tetris to give better scores ...
for (int y = line; y <frozenCells.GetLength (1); y ++)
for (int x = 0; < frozenCells.GetLength(0); x++)
            if (frozenCells[x, y].isFilled)
                if (y > 0)
frozen cells[x, y].isFilled = false;
frozen cells[x, y - 1].isFilled = true;


For some reason, I have the feeling that it may be the recursive method I did and the fact that the value 'linesPerTick & # 39; either reset before the other lines are deleted (in the same move), could be completely wrong about this!

The entire project only includes a .cs file and a block texture that I created in GIMP. I could stick the whole script here if you wish to try it, thanks for letting me know. Long live any help!

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